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Tin Whistles Cotillion Leads as Occa
sion of Mirth and Fun.
IKuMtic CJarlt, Novel Fig-ureti and At
tractive IfavorN IVIake the Scene
u llrilliant One.
THE rustic cotillion given by the Tin
Whistles at The Holly Jnn, Satur
day evening, was an occasion of un
bounded mirth and fun, surpassing any
similar event of the season in its spirit of
animation and keen enjoyment. Never
was there a merrier dance, never a scene
more varied and lively.
The participants met the requirements
fully as to rustic costumes, with every
conceivable variety of attire, combining
to lend to the occasion a delightful un
conventional charm.
The favors were thoroughly in accord
with the idea of the evening and took
the form of big red apples, sticks of
chocolate, bags of hickory nuts, and
monster paper sun flowers and cabbages.
The special favors were lace and scarf
pins of gold. In the closing figures, tin
whistles, the emblem of the Club, were
given to each dancer, and with these a
wonderful stimulous was given to Di
rector Munroe's orchestra:
Can we golf and can we sing
Can we make the echoes ring !
Well, we rather think we can;
For the rest just "Ask the Man."
Doughnuts, cheese and milk were
served at intermission.
The patronesses were Mrs. Arthur C.
Ketchain of New York, Mrs. Edward
O'Brien of Chicago, 111., and Mrs. A. I.
Creamer, and to their efforts much of the
success of the evening was due.
Mr, Marshall C. Parshall of Warren,
Pa., and Miss Hudson of New Haven,
Conn., led.
Mr. M. C. Parshall, Warren, Pa., and Miss
Jlodsou, New Haven, Conn.
Mr. A. G. Warren, Rochester, X. Y., and
Mrs. F. J. Bailey, Chicago, III.
Mr. A. I. Creamer, Boston, Mass., and
Miss Ainbia Harris, Rochester, N. Y.
Mr. J. C. Furst, Bellfontaine, Pa., and
Miss Edna O'Brien, Chicago, 111.
Mr. II. S. Cordon, New York, and Mrs.
Gordon, New York.
Mr. J. A. Baker, Montana, and Mrs. Carl
Gildersleeve, "Warren, Pa.
Mr. N. S. Hurd, Pittsburg, Pa., and Miss
Bertha Eddy, Boston, Mass.
Mr. C. A. Lockwood, New York, and Mrs.
Lockwood, New York.
Mr. II. A. Crary, Warren, Pa., and Miss
Ethel Check, East Orange, X. J.
Mr. Carl Gildersleeve, Warren, Pa., and
Mrs. II. A. Crary, Warren, Pa.
Mr. J. L. Ramsey, St. Louis, Mo., and Miss
Nellie Upson, Bridgeport, Conn.
Mr. A. D. Lawrie, Salem, Mass.., and Miss
Kate Van Ostrand, Watertown, N. Y.
Mr. C. II." Wheeler, and Mrs. Wheeler,
Short Hills, N. J.
Mr. J. Ilollister Wilson, and Mrs. Wilson,
Montreal, Canada.
Mr. George McNcely, New York, and Miss
Gertrude Chandlee, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mr. C. F. Hopewell, Brooklyn, X. Y., and
Miss N. C. Baker, Boston, Mass.
Mr. G. F. Parrish, Wilkesbarre, Pa., and
Miss Harley, Fall River, Mass.
Mr. A. II. Ide, Troy, N. Y., and Miss Ma
rian Edwards, Bridgeport, Conn.
Mr. B. II. Edwards, Bridgeport, Conn.,
and Miss Marion Eddy, Boston, Mass.
Mr. N. L. McCutcheon, Greenwich, Conn.,
and Miss Elizabeth Eddy, Boston, Mass.
Dr. A. Carleton Potter, Boston, Mass., and
Mrs. M. D. Paterson, New York.
and apron.
Miss Ethel Check, blue and white, green
Mrs. Gildersleeve, strolling player, white
and red costume.
Mrs. Crary, purple skirt, shirt waist
trimmed with gold watch.
Mrs. Wheeler, white sailor suit, pink rib
bons, straw sun hat.
Miss Marion Eddy, white dress, lavender
trimmings, sun hat.
Miss Cutler, white, pink ribbons, white sun
bonnet, and "her midnight hair was hanging
down her back."
Mrs. Gordon, dairy costume, yellow check,
white poke bonnet.
Miss Bertha Eddy, pink dress "watteau."
Miss Upson, pink shirt waist suit, white
Mrs. Paterson, white shirt waist suit.
Mrs. St. John Smith, white shirt waist suit.
Mrs. Wilson, black and yellow peasant
Miss Edwards, white suit, sun hat.
t J JS w H 1 I
Mr. P. R. Babcock, Chicago, 111., and Miss
S. A. Cutler, Newton, Mass.
Mr. A. A. Reynolds, New York, and Miss
Louise ltines, Bangor, Maine.
Mr. George C. Dutton, Boston, Mass., and
Mrs. St. John Smith, Portland, Maine.
Mr. G. II. French, North Attleboro, Mass.,
and Mrs. W. C. Eaton, Portland, Maine.
The Tin Whistles furnish the fol
lowing description of the costumes:
Miss Hodson wore a gown of -white em
broidered linen, and a pretty poke bonnet.
Mrs. Bailey, milk maid costume, white
with blue checked apron and white cap.
Miss Harris, shepardess pink figured lawn
with sunbonnet.
Miss Harley, white shirt waist suit.
Miss Chandlee, white figured muslin with
pink ribbons and sun hat.
Miss O'Brien, Dutch costume, red and
white check with a quaint bonnet of same
material, red slippers with gold buckles.
Mrs. Lockwood, white with lavender cap
Miss Baker, white with pink scoop bonnet.
Miss Rines, green and white muslin suit.
Miss Van Ostrand, white with green over
dress, hat, a la Ilorlicks Malted Milk maid.
Miss Bessie Eddy, white dotted blue swiss
with very becoming hat.
Mrs. Eaton, white costume.
Mr. Parshall, as chore boy was a sight.
Mr. Warren, considerably overdressed as
to pants and neck-tie, a palpable fit.
Manager Creamer in blue jeans looked like
a "transom worker."
Mr. Furst, delegate from plasterers Union,
No. 897. .-
Mr. Lockwood, as slave driver in "Under
the Bamboo Tree."
Mr. Crary appeared and acted like the Vil
lage cut-up.
Mr. Baker as "Keno Bill" was a natural fit.
Mr. Gildersleeve as a Hocking Valley
miner, washed up for a Saturday night spree.
Dr. A. Potter, Tuxedo coat, ice cream
pants, debonaire.
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Young People at Carolina Dance In
Honor of Departing Guest.
Occasion 1m the loitt llrilliant and
Enjoyable of the tteason
IHany Exqulaite Toilette.
THE Invitation German at The Caro
lina Friday evening, given as a
good-bye to Mrs. St. John Smith of
Portland, Maine, who is leaving after a
long sojourn here, proved the most
brilliant of the winter's series.
Many exquisite gowns were worn and
the figures were arranged with a special
regard to making the scene upon the
floor a beautiful one.
The patronesses were Mrs. A. L. Ware
of Milton, Mass., and Mrs. G. N. McMil-.
Ian of Detroit, Michigan.
Miss Fanny lletielrluger of Minneapo
lis, Minn., and Miss Ford of Detroit,
Mich., were at the lavor tables.
Dr. A. Carleton . Potter of Boston,
Mass, and Mrs. St. Johu Smith, led.
Dr. A. Carleton Potter, Boston, Mass., and
Mrs. St. John Smith, Portland, Maine.
Mr. II. A. Crary, Warren, Pa., and , Miss
Florence Bradbury, Providence, It. I.
Mr. B. II. Edward, Bridgeport, Conn.,
and Miss Eddy, Boston, Mass.
Mr. N. L. McCutcheon, Greenwich, Conn.,
and Miss Burnett, New Haven, Conn.
Mr. J. G.. Thorpe, Boston, Mass., and Mrs.
Cora Dutton Little, Boston, Mass.
Mr. M. C. Parshall, Warren, Pa., and Miss
Harley, Full Itiver, Mass.
Mr. LaFayette Lentz, Jr., Mauch Chunk,
Pa., and Miss Lucy K. Priest, Francouia,
N. II.
Mr. George C. Dutton, Boston, Mass., and
Mrs. M. D. Paterson, New York.
Mr. G. F. Parish, New York, and Mrs. II.
D. Priest, Boston, Mass.
Mr. G. 11. French, North Attleboro, Mass.,
and Mrs. W. C. Eaton, Portland, Muine.
Mr. J. II. Blackburn,' Pittsburg, Pa., and
Miss Marguerite Osborn, Newark, N. J.
Mr. II. A. North, Chicago, 111., and Miss .
Eleanor Freeman, Montclair, N. J.,
Mr. George 11. McNeely, Philadelphia, Pa.,
and Miss Helen Burnett, New Haven, conn.
Mr. N. S. Hurd, Pittsburg, Pa., and Miss
Butler, New York.
Mr. J. A. Ramsey, St. Louis, Mo., and Miss
Ramsey, St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. Charles A. Cass, New York .anI .MJU3S
Cass, New York", ' '
Mr. P. It. Babcock, Chicago, 111., and Mrs.
Thomas de Q. Richardson, Germantown, Pa.
Early Episcopal Service.
A communion service will be held in
the chapel at the Village Hall on Sunday
at 8 A. M., llev. John A. Staunton, Phil
adelphia, Pa., will officiate.
Volume VII; No. 17. Saturday, March 19, 1904.
Price Five Cents.

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