North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. IX; NO 14.
Women's Team Monkey Match Frolic
from Start to Finish.
MIh Check and Sir: Paterson Decide
Tie at Elg-lity Other Teams
Close Up.
JOLLIER company of
golfers than the twenty
four women who partici
pated in the "Monkey"
medal play team match,
has never trod the links
together. Their merry voices and laugh
ter echoed between shots, from start to
finish, and their white gowns glinted in
the sunlight, making a pretty picture in
keeping with the occasion.
And withal, there was the spirit of
friendly competition, which always goes
hand in hand with all co-operative con
tests, and in spite of the merriment there
was an effort on the part of all to play a
part and play it well.
Four teams of six each, captained by
Miss Check, Mrs. Faterson, Miss Dutton
and Mrs. Dana participated, each team
playing one ball, and players using the
club assigned by lot throughout, and in
order. The brassie came first, the cleek
second, the midiron third, the niblick
fourth, the mashie fifth and the putter
sixth, and no matter where the ball lay
the club of the player-up had to be used.
Driving with putters, niblicks and
mashies and putting with brassies or
cleeks, came as a natural consequence,
not to mention playing out of pits, bunk
ers and hazards with improper clubs.
lint this was all a part of the game and
the contestants adapted themselves to
conditions, did admirably and found no
end of enjoyment in it.
The ninth and last hole found Miss
Check and Mrs. Paterson tied for first at
eighty, with Miss Dutton a stroke away
in eighty-one, and Mrs. Dana fourth,
in eighty-nine. On an extra hole play-off
Miss Check's team won.
The popularity of monkey golf and
frolics of a like nature here, is a pleasant
indication of the good fellowship which
reigns supreme, and which gives an open
sesame to scores of pleasant acquaint
ances among both men and women.
The make-up of the teams was as fol
lows :
Miss Ethel S. Check, East Orange,
Captain, putter; Miss Carlton, Wash
ington, brassie ; Mrs. Geo. S. Hill, Mar-
blehead, cleek; Mrs. A. P. Thompson,
Honesdale, Pa., midiron; Mrs. VV.IIether
ington, Kochester, N. V., niblick ; Miss
Lucy K. Priest, Boston, mashie.
Mrs. M. D. Paterson, New York,
Captain, brassie ; Mrs. Bradford Knight,
Philadelphia, cleek; Mrs. Thomas J.
Check, East Orange, midiron; Mrs. M.
A. Crockett, Buffalo, niblick ; Miss Camp
bell, Milwaukee, mashie ; Miss Kuhnen,
Davenport, la., putter.
Miss Mary C. Dutton, Medf ord, Mass.,
Captain, midiron ; Mrs. Daniel Simonds,
New York, brassie; Miss Thompson,
the entire company
adjoining cover page.
appears on the
W. JT. Traris a Visitor.
Walter J. Travis, America's foremost
golfer, was a visitor during the week,
stopping off on his way north after win
ning new laurels in Florida. Mr. Travis
came purely to enjoy play on the local
course of which he is very fond, and
during his stay played the best ball of
J. D. Foot of Apawamis, and Allan Lard,
; ft :
Honesdale, Pa., cleek; Miss Chandlee,
Philadelphia, niblick ; Mrs. E. E. Rine
hart, Jr., Stamford, Conn., mashie; Mrs.
Herbert L. Jillson, Worcester, Mass.,
Mrs. I. C. B. Dana, Great Harrington,
Vt., Captain, niblick ; Miss Badeau, Phil
adelphia, brassie; Mrs. F.M. Zittel, New
York, cleek; Mrs. G. Lee Knight, Phila
delphia, midiron; Mrs. C. H. Eosenfeld,
New York, mashie ; Miss Shanley, New
ark, putter.
Note A photographic reproduction of
of Columbia, in a thirty-six match play
Not only Mr. Travis but Mr. Lard as
well, were decidedly off their games and
Mr. Foot had matters pretty much his
own way, defeating the ex-British cham
pion six and five in the morning and six
and four in the afternoon. Mr. Foot was
playing consistent and steady golf
throughout, doing eighty-one in the
morning and eighty in the afternoon,
while Mr. Travis and Mr. Lard were well
up in the eighties.
Tin Whistle Mixed Fonrsomes Draw
Record Breaking Field.
Jlr. Harry Dutton and Mrs. CJ. JLee
Knight JLead Field lj .Margin
of Single Stroke.
HE Tin Whistles second
annual medal play mixed
foursomes tourney was
the most successful and
enjoyable event of its
character ever held here.
Twenty-six couples participated ' and a
single stroke gave the cups to the win
ning couple, with the balance of the field
close up, thirteen finishing in one hun
dred and under.
Mr. Harry Dutton, Boston, and Mrs.
G. Lee Knight, Philadelphia, playing with
a handicap of seventeen, were the win
ners, scoring ninety-one net. A stroke
away, at ninety-two, were Mr. C. L.
liecker of Hoston, and Miss Ethel Check,
of East Orange, who played from scratch,
and made 92, the best-gross score of the
afternoon by eleven strokes.
Mr. Charles E. Harrison and Mrs. II.
G. Marvin, (18) ; Mr. G. W. Brown and
Mrs. C. S. Waterhouse, (32), and Mr. G.
Lee Knight and Mrs. Frank M. Zittel,
(19), tied for third at ninety-three each;
eight other couples making one hundred
or better.
the scores:
Mr. Harry Dutton,
Mrs. G. Lee Knight,
Mr. C. L. Becker,
Miss Ethel Check,
Mr. Charles E. Harrison,
Mrs. II. G. Marvin,
Mr. G. W. Brown,
Mrs. C. S. Waterhouse,
Mr. G. Lee Knight,
Mrs. F. M. Zittel,
Mr. G. II. Converse, J
Mrs. Converse, (
Mr. T. J. Royce, )
Miss C. Campbell,
Mr. C. II. Rosenfeld
Mrs. Rosenftld, j
Mr. L. E. Wardwell,
Miss Shanley
Mr. A. I. CreAmAr
Mrs. W.lletherington,
Mr. C. E. Cameron, )
Miss Chandlee,
Mai. S. R. Smith. )
Mrs. Helen Leslie,
Mr. P. L. Lightbourn, J
Airs. ai. A.urockett,
Mr. R. R. Perkins, j
Miss Mary C. Dutton, j
Mr. L. D. Pierce, )
Mrs. M. D. Paterson
Mr. G. O. Russell,
Mrs. K.E Rinehart.Jr
Mr. A. P. Thorn nann.
Mrs. Bradford Knight,
Mr. C. II. Sawyer, )
Mrs. Donald Ross,
(Concluded on
Out. In.
45 63
44 48
56 65
60 65
56 56
53 55
48 61
51 C3
56 62
51 60
57 64
59 65
55 69
55 52
47 66
66 67
63 66
60 W
page eleven
Gr. Up. N
108 17 91
92 00 92
111 18 93
125 32 93
112 19 93
108 14 94
109 14 95
114 18 9C
118 22 96
111 13 98
.121 22 99
124 24 100
124 24 100
107 5 102
103 00 103
133 30 103
129 26 103
126 22 104

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