North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII, No. 4.
Mr. BeDjamin Thaw, Jr., and Miss
Tbeodate dough are tbe Winners.
first of ieaion'i Toornanienti Amply
Attests to Present Sewion Popu
larity of the Cranio.
IXED doubles tennis,
played with handi
caps, rounded out a full
week, occupying the at
tention of interested gal
leries, and amply attest
ing to the present season's
popularity which promises much lor the
weeks to come.
In the final round Mr. Benjamin Thaw,
Jr., of Pittsburg, and.Miss Theodate
Clough of Lynn, whose handicap was
plus half fifteen, defeated Mr. F. A.
King of, Northboro, and Mrs. Guy Met
calf of Providence, who played from
minus fifteen, 6 1, 62.
In the semi-final Mr. Thaw and Miss
Clough won from Mr. J. Vance of New
Britain, and Miss Molly Abbe of Bethle
hem ; and Mr. King and Mrs. Metcalf
advanced on the default of Mr. Spencer
Waters of New lork, and Miss Harriet
Horton of Williamsport.
Of close sets there were many, the
story of play lully told in the following
summary :
First Hound Mr. Spencer Waters,
New York, and Miss Harriet Horton,
Williamsport (0), beat Mr. and Mrs. T.
Ashley Sparks, New York (0), by de
fault ; Mr. Charlef Horton, Williamsport,
and Miss Alice J. King, Millville, Mass.,
(plus 15), drew a bye; Mr. F. A. King,
Northboro, and Mrs. Guy Metcalf, Provi
dence (owe 15), beat Mr. P. T. Acker
son, Bay Shore, and Miss Blanche Tap-
ley, Lynn (owe 15), 62, 62; Dr.
Myron W. Marr, Dorchester, and Mrs.
Leonard Tufts, Boston (0), drew a bye;
Mr. Benjamin ' Thaw, Jr., Pittsburg,
and Miss Theodate Clough, Lynn (plus
half 15), beat Mr. Guy Metcalf, Provi
dence, and Mrs. F. A. King, Northboro
(plus half 15), 64, 11 9; Mr. Philip L.
Lightbourn, Bermuda, and Miss Mary
Keller, Northboro (0), drew a bye; Mr.
Julian T. Bishop, Bridgeport, and Miss
Ethel Check, New York (owe 15), beat
Mr. Henry W. Ackergon, Brooklyn, and
Miss Margaret Clough, Lynn (0), by
default; Mr. J. Vance, New Britain,
and Mis Molly Abbe, Bethlehem (plus
15,) drew a bye.
Second IJound Mr. Waters and Miss
Horton beat Mr. Horton and Miss King,
6 t, 06, 108; Mr. King and Mrs.
Metcalf beat Dr. Marr and Mrs. Tufts,
63, 7 5 ; Mr. Thaw and Miss Clough
beat Mr. Lightbourn and Miss Keller,
63, 8 6, ; Mr. Vance and Miss Abbe
beat Mr. Bishop and Miss Check, 6 3,
Semi-final Mr. King and Mrs. Met
calf beat Mr. Waters and Miss Horton,
by default ; Mr. Thaw and Miss Clough
beat Mr. Vance and Miss Abbe, 6 1,
Final Mr. Thaw aLd Miss Clough
beat Mr. King and Mrs. Metcalf, 61,
The success of the affair was largely
due to the active committee having the
arrangements and including Mr. F. A.
King, Mr. Guy Metcalf and Miss Keller.
Prog-resslve Bridge Provldfs Delight
ful Afternoon at llollr Inn.
Mrs. Charles Todd Parks of New York,
encertained delightfully at The Holly Inn
Monday afternoon at progressive bridge,
the guests numbering twenty, with
prizes for the highest score on the pivot
system, at each table. The winners
were Mrs. William Lewis Washington,
Mrs. A. I. Creamer, Mrs. II. R. Mallin
son, Miss Blanche Tpley and Miss Theo
date Clough.
Others present included Mesdames
John Bassett Moore, T. Ashley Sparks,
C. B. Hudson, E. A. Guthrie, P. T. Ack
erson, W. A. Sandford, C. S. Horton,
M. L. Bishop, Guy Metcalf, Fred A.
King and V. It. Lansingh ; Misses Har
riet Horton, Ethel Gibbs, and Margaret
I AM thinking of you to-day because it is Christmas
and I wish you Happiness. And tomorrow because
it will be the day after Christmas, I shall still wish
you Happiness ; and so on clear through the year.
I may not be able to tell you about it every day,
but that makes no difference ; the thought and the
wish will be here just the same. Whenever Joy or
Success comes to you it will make me Glad And this
is my Christmas wish for you.
Henry Van Dyke.
Afternoon tea was served at the close
of play.
Thus early plans are making for a simi
lar contest in the immediate future.
Tbe Carolina Opening-.
The unusual demand for accommoda
tions will make it necessary for manager
H. W. Priest, of The Carolina, to provide
means for a few friends somewhat in
advance of the formal opening date;
Saturday January 8. Early bookings
are record breaking and a "houseful" of
guests assured for the entire season.
Big- JFox Hunt Planned.
Preserves Manager G. Dan Morgan
is planning a big fox hunt by combining
the local pack with the Pine Knot farm
hounds. Among the late arrivals are
many who enjoyed the sport last year
among them Mr. J. S. Walker of Orange,
Ky., and Miss Blanche Tapley of Lynn.
Firtt of Saddle Picnic.
The first of the " saddle picnics "
which are such a pleasant feature of the
winter, was enjoyed Saturday, the group
including Mr. and Mrs.T. Ashley Sparks,
Mrs. C. S. Horton, Mrs. Robert Cate
Wilson, Mrs. Leonard Tufts, Mrs. Her
bert L. Jillson, Misses Harriet Horton
and Lucy K. Priest, Messrs. Spencer
Waters, Wilbur C. Johnson and Dr.
Myron W. Marr.
Children's Golf Tonrncj.
The first of The Outlook's golf tour
naments for its youthful readers is
booked for the immediate future, an
eighteen-hole stroke competition with
prizes for the best net scores. Entries
should be sent to the editor not later
than Saturday of the coming week.
Christmas Tournament Immediately
Precedes Midwinter Contest.
Record Entrance List Annred for
One of .Busiest and Merriest
Weeks of the Entire Winter.
HE annual Holiday
week golf tournament
scheduled for Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thurs
day of the coming week,
sets the golf season in full
swing, immediately pre
ceding as it does, the annual Midwinter
contest booked for January 10, 11 and
12, and the annual Advertising men's
contest which rounds out the week.
Starting with a large and promising
field seven years ago, this event has
grown in size and importance until it
now occupies front rank with the lead
ing American matches, its entry list for
several years past establishing new
records for American golf.
Six divisions are provided for this
year with a special division for those
who fail to qualify ; the Pinehurst sys
tem of qualification to decide who will
fight it out in the match play rounds for
the wealth of attractive trophies offered.
These include a gold medal for the best
qualifaction score, and the President's,
Governor's, Secretary's, Treasurer's,Cap
tain's and Club cups to match play divis
ion winners, with sterling cups for the
division runuers-up and the winners of
the consolation divisions.
The field promises not only to be very
large but extremely fast as is evinced by
advance entries and inquiries; all sec
tions of the country represented, with
the New York delegation in the
In all ways the week will be one of
the busiest and merriest of the season,
for many delightful social affairs are be
ing planned in honor of the visitors, not
to mention quail hunting, trap shooting,
fox hunting, riding, driving, tennis and
other outdoor diversions.
Thomas J. Check Wins Handicap.
Thomas J. Check of New York, play
ing with a handicap of fourteen, captured
Saturday's medal play handicap with a
low net card of seventy-seven, leading
P. T. Ackerson of liay Shore, whose
allowance was twelve, but a single
stroke; H. W. Ormsbee of Fitchbnrg
(12) third, in eighty-two.

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