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    VOL. XVI, NO. 9
Representation and Class Characterize
Sixth Annual Trap Tournament
J. E. Jennlng-s of Toronto and IB. V.
Covert of Buffalo Divide Honors
in Handicap and Preliminary
ere Handicap of the
sixth annual Midwinter
Handicap rounded out
a remarkable week,
which takes its place
among the leading
American contests and
is a significant prophecy
for the trapshooting season of nineteen
thirteen which it inaugurates. Never in
the history of these events have as many
shooters been gathered or such a wide
extent of territory represented, and
as for class, fully three-fourths of the
field were the pick of the country's best.
1 Heading the Metropolitan delegation
were C W. Billings of Glen Ridge, who
captained the American Olympic team
on its visit to Sweden, Dr. D. L. Culver,
Fred A. llodgman and Ralph L. Spotts,
with Charles II. Newcomb from Phila
delphia (G. S. McCarty being detained
at the last moment). C. P. Blinn and
Dr. W. F. Clarke of Boston, Walter D.
Hinds of Portland, who is responsible
for the annual Handicap in the Range
ley Lake region, F. S. Wright of the
Audubon Club, Buffalo, B. Maynard
Higginson of Newburgh, J. E. Jennings
of Todmorden, OntM and others equally
prominent from North, South, East and
West, including : A. M. Pressinger, S. M.
Stevenson and II. II. Shannon of New
York, II. B. Blackmer and John Ebberts
of Buffalo, B. V. Covert of Lockport,
John N. Huyck of Albany, F. Daniel
Kelsey of East Aurora, M. L. Welling of
Mechanicsville, R. L. Shepard of War
wick, J. C. Bitterling and Allen Hell of
Allentown, W. L. Foster of State Col
lege, C. C. Irwin and L. J. Squier of
Pittsburgh, J. G. Martin and L. B. Wor
den of Harrisburg, E. B. Springer of
Philadelphia, A. II. Sundrobouch of Wil
liamsburg, Noah L. Clark of Doyles
town, Homer Clark of Alton, James R.
Graham of Ingleside, C. E. Goodrich of
Belvidere, Frank Campbell of Waukee,
Fred Gilbert of Spirit Lake, W. S. Hoon
of Jewell, Roy II. Bruns of Brookville,
B. S. Donnelley of Chicago, C. D. Co
burn of Mechanicsburgh, Sam Leever of
Goshen, William II. Smith of Detroit,
F. G. Fuller of Mukwonago, Homer
Clark of, St. Louis.
E. A. Randall of Portland, Me., 0. R.
Dickey and P. W. Whittemore of Bos
ton, Robert N. Burns of Cambridge, Dr.
William C. Newton of Revere, S. W.
Putnam of Fitchburg, M. R. Baldwin of
Orange, II. B. Cook, Fred Plum and
Hemy Powers of Atlantic City, II. II.
Stevens of Roselle Park, T. E. Doremus
of Wilmington, P. J. Stubener of Bla
densburg, D. A. Edwards and II. D.
Gibbs of Union City, Edgar W. Ford and
Frank II. Huseman of Washington, J. D.
Allen, Brad Timms and W. J. Tiinms of
Atlanta, G. H. Waddell of Columbus,
Ga., J. A. Blunt of Gainsboro, Walter
Huff and W. II. Jones of Macon, James
Craig of Waynesboro, Edward M. Dan
iel, George Owen Fisher and T. Herbert
Fox of Lynchburg, Richard Gerstell of
Grafton, C. W. Phellis of Huntington,
E. II. Storr of Richmond, Clayton Grant
of Wilmington, N. C, Charles Nuchols
of Charlotte, N. W. Walker of Goff, E. S.
Richards of Raleigh, Dr. G. deF. Wilson
and Isaac Andrews of Spartansburg and
E. H. Eubanks of St. Petersburg, Fla.
Naturally the tournament was one of
sensations and surprises, and the pace
was fast enough to hold the attention of
big crowds from opening practice to the
final climax of the Handicap, in which
J. E. Jennings of the Dominion Athletic
Association of Toronto pulled through a
winner, with ninety-five to his credit
from the twenty-yard mark, one target
in the lead of S. W. Putnam of Fitch
burg, Mass., who scored ninety-four at
eighteen yards. Tied at ninety-three
were C. D. Coburn of Mechanicsburg,
Ohio (19 yards) and Allen Heil of Allen
town, Pa. (22 yards), with the field close
up, bunched in numerous ties and many
of them in the running until the last
string had been shot.
Ninety-five and a tie between B. V.
Covert of the Audubon Gun Club, Buf
falo, and Allen Heil, who shot from the
eighteen and twenty-one yard marks,
respectively, gave a spectacular finish to
the Preliminary. In the shoot-off Mr.
Covert, who voluntarily advanced to the
twenty-yard mark, scored twenty-five
straight, while Mr. Heil recorded but
twenty-one, losing the thirteenth, fif
teenth, twenty-first and twenty-third
targets. Ninety-three found Dr. D. L.
Culver of Jersey City (19 yards), Brad
ford Timms of Atlanta (16 yards) and
N. W. Walker of Goff, N. C. (18 yards)
bunched in a triple tie with a squad of
five snug up and going fast in ninety-two.
The race for the high general average
gold medal offered for the six-hundred
targets exclusive of the handicaps (16
yards) was a pretty one, F. S. Wright of
the Audubon ' Club leading with 572.
At 566, L. B. Worden of Harrisburg and
C. H. Newcomb of Philadelphia tied for
the silver medal and second position,
Mr. Newcomb winning the shoot-off
twenty-five to twenty-three. F. G. Fuller
of Mukwonago was fourth in 562. For
the full eight hundred targets of the
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They Provide Program of Unusual
Interest and Variety
JVHss Blancke and Mr. ltohesou are
Winners of Prizes Presented by
Mrs. Truesdvll and Mrs. lard
573 THE VARIED tourna
ments of the Silver Foils
are providing a program
of unusual interest, the
week's novelty an elim
ination contest for tro
phies presented by Mrs.
Allan Lard of Washing
ton and Mrs. W. E.
Truesdell of Brooklyn; Miss Agnes
Blancke of Essex Fells and Mrs. Irving
S. Robeson of Rochester, the trophy win
ners, t Mrs. R. C. Shannon lost on the
fourth hole, Mrs. A. C. Aborn on the
fifth, Miss Hazel Shannon on the sixth,
Mrs. II. W. Ormsbee on the seventh,
Miss Lucy K. Priest on the eighth, Mrs.
Donald J. Ross on the ninth, Mrs. Trues
dell on the tenth, Mrs. T. J. Check on
the eleventh, Mrs. George D. Allison on
the twelfth, Miss Gwendolyn Cummings
on the thirteenth, Miss Dorothy Hutchin
son on the fourteenth, Mrs. Guy Metcalf
on the fifteenth, Mrs. Herbert L. Jillson
on the sixteenth, and Miss Edith Barnett
on the seventeenth, leaving the winners
to play the eighteenth hole where Miss
Blancke won, 49.
In a putting competition for a prize
presented by Miss Myra Bradwell Helmer
of Chicago, Mrs. A. C. Aborn was first
in twenty-five, while Miss Barnett and
Miss Cummings tied for second at twenty
six ; a dozen others competing.
,ln! 'Hi ,

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