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The Holly Inn is one of the most comfortable, attractive and popular hotels in
Hie OOULU, aCCOulUllHiaiulg Willi Its auucAcs, uc:ia. xnc liiucnur, WIllCiljllJit
been thoroughly renovated and refurnished since last season, is cheerful and home
like, no effort having been spared in putting the rooms and furnishings in first-class
condition. There are a number of rooms connected with private baths which are
let singly or en suite. The hotel is heated throughout by steam and there are open
fires in the foyer and parlors. A large music room where daily concerts and
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dancing are enjoyeu, lugeuier witu iuc aiuuvc juluu luuuiauu me uunai u iuum,
provide appreciated social features. The excellent cuisine and service for which
the hotel is noted,, will be maintained and patrons will find the Holly Inn a most
comfortable home from January to May.
F C OBE, Manager, Pinehurst. N. C.
The Harvard,
A homelike hotel, modern in every respect, having
electric lights, steam heat and several suites with bath, and with its cottage annex,
accommodating seventy-five guests run in connection with The Berkshire.
J. M. ROBINSON, Manager.
Atlantic City, N. J.
Village Club Card Party at Carolina
Inaugurates Winter's Series
Week's Hotel Arrivals Push Mouse
Counts Upward and Visitors Live
5Iuch in the Open Air
THE FIRST of the Vil
lage Club card parties,
so generally enjoyed
last season, was held at
The Carolina on Friday
under the direction of
Miss Gwendolyn Cum
mings and Miss Lucy K.
Priest. Mrs. George D.
Allison of Detroit was the winner of the
prize contributed by Mrs. Tyler L. Red-
field of Greenwich, and tea was served
following the play. Among those pres
ent were Mesdames Hell, Alley, Price,
Robeson, Shannon, Pushee, Allison,
Clark, Hutchinson, Northwood, Worden,
Jillson, Redfield, Crockett, Chilton, Pat
terson, Massey, Davis and Priest and the
Misses Pushee, Chapman, Shannon and
Patterson, f At the first of the whist
parties at The Inn, Mrs. W. R. Bauer
smith of Pittsburgh, Mrs. R. C. Blancke
of Essex Fells, Mr. Albert J. Leitch of
Cleveland and Mr. F. H. Crary of Cran
ford were the prize winners. Others
present were Mr. W. R. Bauersmith, Mr.
R. C. Blancke, Mrs. F. H. Crary, Mrs.
C. A. Burnham, Mrs. Seymour Perkins,
Mrs. W. W. Northwood, Mrs. J. F.
Home, the Misses Jane Finney, Grace
Franklin, Agnes Blancke, Mr. William
L. Ames and Mr. J. M. Briggs. f A
musicale arranged by Manager and Mrs.
J. Milton Robinson was an enjoyable
feature of the week at The Berkshire,
Mrs. B. S. Blaisdell accompanying on
the piano for old time songs in which
the entire household ioined. 1 Arrivals
at the hotels are pushing house counts
rapidly upward to the high water mark
and there will be little change until April.
At The Carolina
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Westgard are here
for the month, Mr. Westgard coming as
field representative of the American Auto
mobile Association for the purpose of co
operating with Mr. Leonard Tufts in
making a special road map of the section
covering a fifty mile radius.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Crocker of Fitchburg
are welcomed back by many old friends.
Mrs. Harry Baife and Mr. Raymond Balfe of
Brooklyn return for their usual visit. Miss
Gladys O'Brien is their guest.
Mr. Walter S. Laird, Miss Gertrude Laird and
Mr.W. M. Laird of Pittsburgh return.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hood of Boston are again
here for February.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford II. Steele of New York
are greeted by many old friends.
Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Ash of New York are
spending a fortnight here. .
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clark Bridgers of Tar
boro, N. C, will remain some time. :
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Eager of New York are
spending a fortnight here.
Mr. M. B. Johnson of Cleveland returns and
will be joined soon by. Mrs. JohhBon.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Johnson of New.York
comafor the tennis tournament.
j Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Lewis of New York spent
the week here.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McGregor of Boston
are welcomed back for their annual visit.
Mr. C. T. Bloomer of Newark, N. Y.. returns
for the third visit of the season, bringing Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs, F. A. Petrie Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Bedford and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Binger of
New York are late arrivals.
Messrs. John S. Rlegel and Edgar G. Barrett
of New York are enjoying a fortnight's golf.
Captain J. O.Von Schmid of New York returns
for his usual visit.
Mrs. H. M. Hepburn and Miss I. C. Linton
of Montreal return for the winter.
Mr. E. M. Slayton of Manchester is again here
for February.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Grier and Mr. C. B. Grier
of Montreal are spending a fortnight here.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Spencer of Suffleld, Conn.,
will remain through the month.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Foster of New York spent
the week here.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Addley of Rochester are
completing a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Parker W. Whittemore of Boston
are welcomed back for the winter.
Messrs: Howard J. Barnett of Boston, Edward
W. Inman, W. J. Corcoran and Joseph Dough
erty of Cambridge join the golfers.
Mr. Walter L. Milllken of Indianapolis returns
for his usual visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Sawyer and Mr. Henry
B. Sawyer, Jr., of Boston will remain several
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Boyd and son of New
York are here for February.
Mr. E. G. Lamberton of New York is a late
Mrs. A. C. Wilcox, Mrs. Erman Filton and
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. F. Randolph of Westfleld,
N. J., will remain some time.
Mr. II. D. Cashman, sporting editor of The
Xew York Sun, is here for golf, delighted with
Pinehurst and its equipment.
Mr. and Mrs. William Childs, Jr , of New
York, are spending the month here.
Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Reeve of Philadelphia
come for February.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Holmes of Mystic are late
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sistro of Brooklyn spent the
week here.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schalter of New York
are making a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Terorger and Mr. and
Mrs. William II. Rich, Jr., ofRidgewood will
remain several weeks.
Mrs. John D. Baile of Montreal joins her fam
ily. Miss Alice Presbrey of New York is spending
a fortnight here with Mies Lucy Priest.
Mr. Joseph Hour Allen and Miss Madeline
Hour Allen of South Orange are making a short
visit as guests of Mr. William A. Slater, Jr., of
Hoffman, N. C.
Messrs. James W. Escher of Englewood, C. J.
Spencer and Paul Starrett of New York, return
for golf.
At The IIollv Inn
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Dunlap and
Master George T. Dunlap, Jr., of New
York return for their annual visit.
Captain Gustav Kaemmerling of the U. S. N.
of Washington, D. C, comes for a fortnight.
Mr. George F. Brown of Philadelphia returns
for golf.
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L, Leibell of New York
spent a part of the week here.
Mrs. A. Thompson and Miss Thompson of
Philadelphia will remain indefinitely.
Mr. A. M. Zabriskee of Plalnfleld joins Mrs.
Mr. E. W. Irwin of Grand Rapids returns.
Mrs. Walter Franc and son and Mrs. J. Marks
of Columbus come for February.
Mr. S. C. Prentiss of Elyria joins the golfers.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vitsack and Mr. and Mrs.
O. J. Vitsack and Miss Vitsack of Pittsburgh are
spending several weeks here.
Mr. Frank J. Moriarty of Boston returns for
golf with Mr. G. W. Mailman.
Mr. S. W. Wilkinson of New York is spending
a fortnight here.
Mrs. E. J. Stevens of Boston and Mrs. A. Rus
sell Gaushe and child of Riverton will remain
several weeks.
Mrs. A. T. Watson and A. T. Watson, Jr., of
Fairmont are here for a long sojourn. ,
Mr. Robert H. Hunt of Worcester returns for
his annual visit. i

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