North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XVI, NO. 10
Interest of Week's Play Culminates in
Keen Final of Men's Singles
Lawrence Cowing of Cincinnati
Divide Chief Honors with It. A.
Balfe of Brooklyn
INTEREST in the third
annual Midwinter Ten
nis Tournament culmi
nated in a keen four set
final in men's singles
which Lawrence Cowing
of Cincinnati won from
R. A. Balfe of Brooklyn,
6-3, 3 6, 7 5, 60.
l"The battle was not only very fast, but
one in which endurance figured largely,
with a struggle to gain the net, which
brought forth frequent. applause; Balfe's
passing strokes and Co wing's deadly kill
ing of lobs the features. Balfe's win of
the second set urged him on to keen
effort in the third which he lost by a nar
row margin, only to go out on a love set
in the fourth, through evident fatigue as
a result of his hard morning win. f In
the semi-final, Cowing won from Norman
Johnson of New York by 57, 75, 75,
and Mr. Balfe advanced on a 64, 61
win from A. EI. Grier of Montreal. 1 In
the first round Cowing won from Henry
C. Bridgers of Tarboro, N. C, by 63,
75, Mr. Johnson defeated Howard J.
Barnett of Boston, 60, 62, Mr. Balfe
beat Isaac Adler of Genessee, 62, 62,
and Mr. Grier advanced on the default of
J. C. Watson of Fairmont, VV. Va.
In the men's doubles final Cowing
partnered with Bridgers, defeated
Messrs. Balfe and Grier, 26, 64, 61.
f Messrs. Balfe and Grier made a brilliant
start in the opening match, outdriving
and outplaying their opponents, but the
winners rallied in the second and rapid
play at the net advanced the score to four
all. Cowing and Bridgers then broke
through Grier's service for a win.
In mixed doubles, Mr. Cowing and Miss
Agnes Blancke of Essex Fells defeated
Mr. Balfe and Miss Helen Barnett of New
Haven, 61, 63. fin the semi-final,
Mr. Cowing and Miss Blancke won from
Mr. Grier and Miss Jeanne Pushee of
West Newton, by 46, 62, 62, and
Mr. Balfe and Miss Barnett from Mr. and
Mrs. John N. Huyck of Albany by 64,
63 in the final.
Miss Barnett was the winner of wom
en's singles, defeating Miss Blancke 62,
63. fin the semi-final, Miss Barnett
defeated Miss Pushee by 61, 6 3 and
M'hs Blancke won from Miss Louise Pat
terson of Plainfieldby 6 3, 61.
In women's doubles Mrs. Huyck and
Miss Pushee were victorious over the
Misses Barnett in the final, 7 5, 61.
f In the semi-final Mrs. Huyck and Miss
Pushee won from Miss Blancke and Miss
Hazel Shannon of Buffalo, 26, 61,
6 1, and the Misses Barnett advanced on
the default of Mrs. A. II. Grier of Mon
treal and Mrs. A. S. Newcomb of Bidde
ford Pool, Maine.
N. C, chairman of the tournament com
mittee, is enthusiastic about possibilities
for 1914. Mr. Bridgers believes the
Southern entry for the event will be
large, and he anticipates that in future
the tournament will draw very impor
tant representation from Norfolk, Rich
mond, Wilmington and other Southern
points, gradually increasing its scope
until it includes a national area.
"Winter tennis is coming on," says
Mr. Bridgers, " and Pinehurst is bound
' . - . . ..pi
; J 1 In V- j " '
t f 'it 1 t" C"?
Club Captain, J. G. Nicholson Ex-President, C. B. Hudson
Other events on the program include
women's singles for the Washington
birthday sterling cups, February 19, 20,
21 ; men's singles for the February cup,
February 26, 27, 28 ; and the annual Club
championship, March 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, not to mention several special and
invitation events of the coming month.
T Henry Clark Bridgers of Tarboro,
to be a leader in making it popular.
Your three years' start has given you a
national reputation which is important
capital in working for the future, f One
of the most conspicuous features in con
nection with this event is the beauty of
the trophies offered, and I can assure
you that the reputation building value
of these prizes is inestimable.
Finds Woven Wire Fence Useful in
Hide and Seek with Hounds
Pack Finally Nays JPeek-aBoo,
Uowever, and Chase Ends In Sight
II ace to Death
SOME NEW trump
card sly lteynard is con
tinually playing to en
tertain the fox-hunters,
and "tricks" are by no
means as easy as might
be imagined, f For the
week's best hunt fully a
score of riders turned
out, and the trail was found close at
hand and near the Allen place. Quickly
warming, the pack was in full cry over
as pretty a country as riders and horses
could wish. 7 Cleverly laid the maze,
however. Here and there through cover
it lead as he pursued bunny rabbit ; then
round about the open where the moles
and field-mice burrow, and on through
ravine and gully seeking out quail, and
thence by twist and turn and double to
snug retreat.
Doubtless Reynard rested content, lis
tening grimly to the music for a time,
but ere long the confident note of relent
less pursuers must have caused uneasi
ness which soon grew into realization of
imminent discovery. Swinging free,
the fox turned back for a tangle of
doubles which were of little avail, and
with the pack close up on one side, and
the hunt cutting in from the other, the
fox found no opening left but the open
hillside and the scant cover of its sedge
grass and scrub oak.
Discarding strategy and resorting as
a final resort to speed, Reynard made
a wild dash for liberty, but Master's
sight cry brought the pack snug up
and a race to the death it was, over hill
side, down a country road, in and out
through a meshed wire fence, which gave
a few minutes leeway until the pack
comprehended and dividing, took both
sides, then on to nearby peach orchard
where the race ended in victory for the
hounds with the hunt close upon them.
The list of brush winners is growing
weekly, at present including Messrs.
Dayton, Roberts, McCadden, Lattimer,
Copperthwaite, Burnham and Master
James Mundy and the Misses Elizabeth
Reed, Eleanor Reed, Browning and
Mundy andMesdames Stark and Spencer.

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