North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. XVI, NO. 11
Pinehnrst the Starting Point for Motor
Tonrs to Far South Resorts
W. W. Meek with Finds Moore County
Itoade Good .Enough for Sixty
mile an Hour Average
THE speediest thing in the line of
automobiles that has been attracted
to Pinehurst by Moore County good
roads is the "National" racing car in
which Mr. W. W. Beckwith of Burling
ton, Iowa, explored the territory round
about. Mr. Beckwith left enthusiastic
age running time was between forty and
sixty miles per hour. To be more
specific, Cheraw, sixty-five miles distant,
was an easy forenoon's trip, and a visit
to Columbia (over one hundred and fifty
miles) and return possible in a day.
Another jaunt included a trip to High
Point and back in a single day, eighty
five miles each way, and Mr. Beckwith
in leaving for the South, emphasized
the fact which is being generally recog
nized, that Pinehurst is the starting point
for the journey Southward, for the ship
ping of cars here is comparatively simple.
Sand If ill Farming: Association
Preliminary steps were taken on
Thursday which will undoubtedly lead
to the formation J of-the " Sand Hills
Farming Association ;" its object to col
lect and disseminate agricultural imfor-
A Da j in the Open
M. F. II. and Mrs. J. T. T witty were
hosts on a merry equestrian picnic early
in the week ; Uncle Nat's campfire lunch
eon a spread long to be remembered. In
the party were Mrs. Herman Hegeler,
Messrs. F. II. Coe, S. W. Wilkinson,
Herman Hegeler, Master James Mundy
and the Misses Reed, Clara Reed, Elea
nor Reed and Whitman.
Annual Tin Whistle Dinner
Elaborate plans are making for the
annual team match and dinner of the
Tin Whistles which is scheduled for
Monday evening, March 10th, at The
Carolina. President, Henry C. Fownes,
Club Captain, J. G. Nicholson and C. L.
Becker of the Board of Governors, have
the program in hand.
Its Mission to Establish Reservations
Along Public Highways
Annual Meeting; Shown Prosperous
Condition of Alfa In and Im
portant Work In Hand
THE FIRST annual meeting of the
Moore County Park Association at
Carthage was well attended, and reports
of accomplishment during the year past
point to a future of usefulness which
commends icself to visitors, f Briefly
the purpose is to acquire and hold for
,, tf.
--"V- , i O- , mrn,rxr I . , Jt JP W it f Vv ' K -1 V . . .
, rSIiT V:iV'T 1
over the accomplishment of five years
and confident the number who will
gather here almost wholly for the en
joyment of winter automobiling purely
from its recreation standpoint, will in
crease from year to year until this
clientele becomes an important factor.
Mr. Beckwith's car is about as clean
cut a model as clever designer can
fashion, set low down with heavy wheel
base, and every line indicating speed.
Some idea of what might be expected of
it may be gained from the fact that it
has a record of an average of eighty
seven and a half miles per hour on a five
hundred mile run, which means that
during the test it must, at times, have
made better than one hundred miles.
. In trips round about here, Mr. Beck
with found no difficulty in taking the
turns at a fifty mile speed, and his aver-
mation among its members, which will
include the entire Sand Hills section.
Sufficient money has been subscribed
to employ a secretary who will be
located at Pinehurst and devote his
entire time to the work.
The idea and the life of it are due to
the interest of Mr. Roger A. Derby of
Jackson Springs, one of the several
young men who are developing the farm
ing resources of the section in a big
way, and it is one of the . most progres
sive that has come as the direct result of
good roads, northern capital and energy,
and its benefit to the section is ines
timable. Previous to the meeting Messrs. Derby,
Frank Page of Hoffman, R. W. Pompelly
of Samarcand and George Leach of
Aberdeen were guests of Mr. Leonard
Tufts at luncheon at The Carolina.
Mr. Whittemore Win at Traps
Parker W. Whittemore of Brookline
was the winner of the weekly hundred
target trap shooting handicap, scoring
ninety-one with an allowance of eight
targets. W. R. Delehanty (12) was sec
ond in eighty-five and J. F. Shanley,
Jr., (0) thiid in eighty-three.
TenniM Tourney for Little Folks
A tennis tournament for the little
folks is being arranged by Miss " Olive
Hutchinson, the entrance including Mas
ters Herman Hegeler, Stacey Robeson,
James Tufts and James Mundy, and
Misses Louise Hegeler, Sarah Smith and
Grace Franklin.
The first of the usual golf tournaments
for the boys is also being planned and
there will doubtless be putting competi
tions which will include all the children.
the exclusive benefit of the public, land
suitable for maintaining public parks.
Residents of the County have respond
ed liberally from the first as is shown by
the ready support which was given in
laying out the Pinehurst-Jackson Springs
boulevard. When completed this will
give a right of way of one hundred and
twenty feet in width.
"The possibilities for the Association
are limitless," says Mr. Warren H.
Manning,' a landscape architect of inter
national prominence, "and even in a
simple way, remarkable results may be
accomplished. Take for instance, the
removal of a single tree which opens up
a vista, or clearing away to bring into
prominence a distinctive group of trees.
If And this same idea may be carried out
in almost endless variation and always
with telling effect."

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