North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. XVI, NO. 13
Complimentary Washington's Birthday
Cotillion Splendid Success
Program of Novelty .Entertain and
Old Time Dances Contraitt Strange
lj with modern Product
THE ONLY regret con
nectea witn tne com
plimentary Washing
ton's Birthday Cotillion
tendered by the Hotel
Carolina was that the
music hall wasn't "the
hippodrome." Over
sixty couples participa-
ed in the dancing and as for the on
lookers, they were numberless in spite of
the definite announcement of the com
mittee that the limited capacity of the
hall made it impossible to provide for
them, f "Didn't vou read the invita
tion?" asked one of the committee in
response to request for seats which there
were not. 1" Yes, and that is just why
I wanted to come ! " f And here you
have it; the continual yearning of a
human race for the unattainable ! f The
"crush," however, was but of brief dura
tion, for those who came early gave way
to others in waiting and the program
throughout was replete with its novelty.
Flag March
Two Step
Favor Two Step (1)
Favor Two Step (2)
Virginia Reel
Waltz (1)
Waltz (2)
Cake Walk Up To Date
Two Step
Stars and Stripes
Paul Jones Circle
The Fruit of The Tree
The Original Hatchet
Do You Recall It?
Will You Chance It?
Please Don't Hurry
Be Very Careful
Rag Time Medley
Have You This Card?
Two. Step
Favor Waltz (1)
Favor Waltz (2)
Portland Fancy
Favor Waltz
Suit Yourself Bunny
Two Step (1)
Two Step (2)
Favor Waltz
Paul Jones Circle
We'll Merry He
In Noisy Glee
You Have Danced It?
May I Play? Pray Do!
Rag Time Medley
Bells on Her Fingers
Rings on Her Toes
Home Sweet Home
In the opening march led by Mr. and
Mrs. Robert E. Stone of Boston, the si'k
American flags carried by the dnncers
gave bright color and suggested the
character of the day, and the same idea
was carried out in the favors which in
cluded clusters of cherries, hatchet fans,
three cornered tri-colored chapeaux,
beribboned bonnets and the cardbojid
hatchets which indicated the seats of the
dancers. An innovation of the evening
was the introduction of the old time
Virginia reel, schottische and Portland
fancy; with the turkey trot of 1912
listed as the C4ke walk up to date and
suit yourself bunny. The potato and
egg racs were merry scrambler, Paul
Jones circles created uo end of fun and
the selection of partners in the tlig
figure by the bells on her fingers and
rings on her toes as popu'ar as ever.
Many Tie lu fcilver JPoiU Play
In Silver Foils competition Miss
Louise Elkins, the watch contest and
Miss J. A. Brown whose allowance was
thirty, lied for firsr, at fifty-two, while
Mrs. J. D. Baile ('20) liuMied eecoud in
fifty-four with ties h!o for third aud
fourth in fifty-six and fifty-seven, f The
scores: Miss DavU, 53; Mrs. Rtndall and
?P sis
i - - r-..t--r: . gj
1 r ,: ;,, -"tf;t ,.- .K, , &
i - - Va. t ,
4 . 4 &
" ' ' I a
l 1 1 1
Covet not the trophy when you meet him at either match or medal play, until
the wiuning putt is down.
l3tCCCCCtC3C3C33C3 C3 CJ 3 C3 C3 CJ C3 C3 C3 CJ
Souvenir post cards also made the selec
tion of partners uncertain and playing
cards were used in the same way with
good effect, the program concluding
with a picturesque confetti ami serpen
tine shower, f Over seventy enjoyed
the dining room supper served at eleven
thirty which concluded an evening long
to be remembered, f For the immediate
future the annual spring subscription
cotillion is planned.
Mrs. Price, 56; Mrs. P. M. Shannon,
Miss Blancke aid Mrs. Simonds, 57;
Mrs. Jillson and Mrs. R. C. Shannon, II.,
58 ; Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. Vanderbeck
and Miss Cummings, 59; Miss Priest,
Miss Damon and Mrs. Ormsbee, 60 ; Mrs.
Robeson, Gl ; Mrs. Brinton, Mrs. Trues
dell and Miss Barnett, 62; Mrs. Worth,
Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Ridgway and Miss
Hutchinson, 63; Miss Lippim-ott, 64;
Mrs. Metcalf, 65, and Mrs. Rae, 66.
Forty-one Couples Participate in
Annual Invitaton Mixed Foursomes
Striking Evidence of folf' Poiu
larity in lie Vlllag-e where the
Game Iteigrnw Supreme
SOCIALLY the mixed
foursome here is not
unlike the hunt ball at
Meadowbrook. As a
natural result the an
nual invitation tourna
ment of the Tin Whis
tles is anticipated from
year to year ; the record
entrance of forty-one couples for Mon
day's event striking proof of the pop
ularity of golf in this the Village where
the game permeUes the very atmos
phere. Distinctly it was ladies' day
from preliminary anticipation and prep
aration on through the excitement of
play to afternoon tea and the even
ing's "nineteenth hole explanations'
1 Three prizes were oftVred for the best
net scores; IJev. T. A. Cheatham of
Salisbury, N. C, and Miss Gwendolyn
Cummings of Brookline, whose handicap
was eighteen, leading with eighty. Sec
ond in eighty-two were Mr. F. A. Sedg
wick of Hartford and Mrs. J. N. Iluyck
of Albany, whose allowance was eight
een. For third prize a tie resulted be
tween the two best gross scores of the
day ; Mr. Henry C. Fovvnes of Oakmont
and Mrs. C. II. Vanderbeck of Philadel
phia (3) and Mr. I. S. Robeson of Roch
ter and Mrs. Herbert L. Jillson of Beth
lehem, N. II., (6) who recorded eighty
three. Numerous ties made up the list
which ended with only two cards above
the hundred mark. The scores :
Rev. T. A. Cheatham, Salisbury and
Miss G. Cummings, Brookline
F. A. Sedgwick, Hartford and
Mrs. J. N. Iluyck, Albany
II. C. Fownes, Oakmont and
Mrs. C. II. Vanderbeck, rhila.
I. S. Robeson, Oak Hill and
Mrs. II. L. Jillson, Bethlehem
C. It. Fownes, Oakmont and
Miss Louise Elkins, Oakmont
W. L. Hurd, Pittsburgh and
Miss Helen Barnett, New Haven
J. G. Nicholson, New Bedford and
Miss Dorothy Hutchinson, Detroit
Dr. M. W". Marr. Dorchester and
Miss Lucy K. Priest, Portsmouth
J. V. Hurd, Pittsburgh and
Mrs. J. V. Hurd, Pittt burgh
W. T. Stall, Brockton and
Mra. C. S. Waterhouse, New York
(Concluded on page three)
93 18 80
100 18 82
86 3 83
89 6 83
91 7 84
107 23 84
95 10 85
98 13 85
91 6 85
106 20 86

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