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    VOL. XVI, NO. 14
They Afford Yariety of Play for tie
Silver Foils and Tin Whistles
Henry C,Fowiicand Ilh on,Charl(ii
IB., Iligr Field with Net Card
of Seventy-Two
THE season's novelty
on the Silver Foils pro
gram was the team
nin teh, two classes of
six players each quali
fying at medal play for
one match round for
six cups presented by
Mrs. ltupert C. King of
New Canaan, Conn. ln the match
rounds of Class A, Mrs. J. V. Ilurd
(plus 3) beat Miss Dorothy llutchin-on
(8), three and two; Mrs. C. II. Vander
beck (0) beat Miss Louise El kins (0),
four and three; and Mrs. Guy Metcalf
(10) won on the default of Mrs. Herbert
L. Jillson (5). In (.'lass B, Mrs. T. It.
Palmer (20) defeat d Miss Hazel Shan
non (12) one up; Miss Lucy K. Priest
(12) beat Miss C. Doris Small (25), live
and three; and Mrs. I. S. Itobeson (20)
won from Miss Agnes Blaucke (12), by
four and three.
In qualification, Mrs. Ilurd (nee
Dorothy Campbell) led with a card of
01; Mrs. Vanderbeek second in 98 and
Mrs. Jillson third in 103. M Other scores
were: Mrs. Metcalf, 111; Miss Elkin,
112; Miss Shannon, 113; Mrs. It. T.
Palmer, and Miss Priest, 114; Miss
Hutchinson, 110; Mrs. Itobeson and Miss
Blancke, 120; Mrs. J. II. Price, 121; Mis
Small, 123; Miss Edith Harnett, 124;
Mrs. Edward Worth, 125; Mrs. It. C.
Shannon, II., 120; Mrs. Harry Bui rage,
127; Miss Gwendolyn Cummiugs and
Mrs. D.J. It ss,12S; Mrs. J. P. William
son, 131; Miss Jeanne Brown, 132; Mis.
J. D. Climo, 134; Miss Maijorie Lippin
cottaudMis. E. J. Bidgway, 135; Mrs.
W. K. Truesdell, Mrs. II. W. Ormsbee
and Mrs. C. C. Brinton, 130; Mrs. C. S.
Waterhoue, 137; Mrs. J. 1ST. Huyck,
138; Mrs. T. J. Check, 130 and Mrs.
G. D. Mutton, 140.
Mrs. Williamson the winner of the
consolation bogey competition and a
prize presented by Miss Brown, finishing
three up, with Miss Harnett second, one
down. Mrs. Waterhoiise and Mrs. Shan
non were each two down ; Miss Cum
mings, four down; Mrs. Check and Mrs.
Worth, six down; Mrs. Itidgway and
Mrs. Brinton, seven down; Mrs. Brown
concluding the list eight down.
Two Hull FoumomcN for Tin Wliitls
Two-ball fuursomes rounded out the
past week for the Tin Whistles, Henry C.
F'ownes and his son, Charles B. Fownes,
of Pittsburgh, who plajed with a handi
cap of nine, leading with a net of
seventy-two. For second place a tie re
sulted between W. E. Truesdell of Fox
Hills and Robert Hunter of Wee Burn
(whose allowance was 7), and W. L.
Ilurd of Pittsburgh and E. M. Slayton of
Manchester (22) at 73.
0?3 0?0 ? 0?3 0?0 0?0 0?3 0?3 0?3 0?0 C?0 0?0
(10), Foot and Micou (12), 85; Kumsey
and Ormsbee (10), Hawkins and Morse
(14), 86; Towle and Hunt, (15), 87;
Mackenzie and Fink (22). 90; Milliken
and Lightbourn (13), 91.
OuktM of IHIm Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. Parker W. Whittemore,
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Spring, Mrs.
Emma Sirclair, Miss Marie Sinclair and
Mr. N. S. Ilurd were guests at dinner at
The Highland Pines Inn Tuesday even-
i i
' - - ;Tv 1 ) J f J. va
t-L -f A-' 1 5J v - JZ-f-J:' V- --1
An anuiial visitor who is warmly welcomed to the rapidly increasing list of
cottage owners.
W. C. Fownes, Jr., and Gregg (5),
made 74; Shannon, II and Iioyd (11,)
75; Nicholson and Becker (9), 77; Itobe
son and Beach (5), 78; Taft, and Water
house (1G), Stall and Mabbett (13), 79;
Johnson and McGraw (10), 80; Worden
and Cheatham (13), 81 ; Croft, and Mac
laughlin (10), Kellogg and Fletcher (15),
N. S. Ilurd and J. V. Ilurd (13), 82;
Thompson and Thayer (9), Abbe and
Pottle (24), 83; Wyckoft' and Brown
ing. 1 The hotel promises to be a pop
ular destination point for Pinehurst vis
itors, accessible as it is by good roads
and but six miles distant.
To JIet Mr. 3. V. Ilurd
Mrs. William L.. Hard of Pittsburgh
entertained at The Pines on Thursday at
afternoon tea in honor of her daughter
in law, Mrs. J. V. Ilurd (nee Dorothy
One Hundred and Fifty-four Wins Gold
Medal in Spring Golf Tourney i
William C. Fohiim, Jr.. I Second
in 157, and Walter ,T. Travln
Third In 1.W Entrain t Im
B. W. Cork ran was the;
gold medallist in Tues
day's second round of
thirty-six hole qualifica
tion in the ninth annual
Spring golf tournament
with a card of one hun-
d red 'fifty-four. William'
C. Fownes, Jr., former
national champion, finished second in
one hundred and fifty-seven, one stroke
better than Walter J. Travis, who
dropped into third place at one hun--dred
and flfty-eight. The variation in
scores due to combined play on both the
No. 2 and No. 3 courses was most inter
esting, and while the bogey lor both is
eighty, the latter is one hundred and"
fifty yards longer. The average increase1
of scores in the first division figures No.
2 as two and one-half strokes haider
than No. 2, but Cork ran found it two
strokes easier, Travis six strokes harder,.
Fownes five. So there you are ! 1 The"
cards are interesting :
OUT 5 4 3 5 5 4 5 3 2-36
IN 74445644 3-40 76
OUT 354 34355 436
IN 55463554 5-4278-154
OUT 54445354 337
IN 55454344 5-3976
OUT 5 5 5 4 4 3 5 4 439
IN 55444574 442-81-157
OUT 44546464 340
IS 44445344 43676
OUT . 55453445 439
IS 54554465 51382-158
Henry C. Fownes was fourth in 161;
Hunter, Kerr, Whittemore, Beach, Ty
son, Becker, Scott,, Stagg, Gregg, Por
ter, Bass and Williamson completing the
first division with the limit of admission
at 173 and no ties, f Ten divisions qual
ified under the Pinehurst class system,
and there are special divisions for the
overflow. Match play continues through
today, f Two hundred and twenty-two
cards were returnefrora a revised en
trance of two hund'jed ajid twenty-six";
some twenty entries discarded as- "not.
yet heard from' f Finalt match rounds
are in progress as The OutLook goes
to press. 1

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