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    VOL. XVI, NO. 18
Interest of Women's Tourney Centers
in Miss Hyde and Mrs. Hard
Ilrllllant Qualification core JLead
to Metropolitan Title Holders
Victory In the Final
INTEREST throughout
the women's event of
the thirteenth annual
United North and South
Golf Championship cen
tered in the play of Miss
Lillian B. Hyde, metro
politan champion, and
Mrs. J. V. Hurd, former
International champion; their brilliant
qualification scores followed by easy
wins and the climax of the final. f Five
hundred people followed the contest
tense with interest, and Miss Hyde's
four and two victory was one which
might easily have been made an extra
hole match at any one of several critical
stages. The strain of play was apparent
not alone in medal scores, ten strokes
higher than qualification, but in a certain
cautiousness which added brilliancy by
way of contrast. 1 The first hole was
saved for a halve' in 5 by Miss Hyde
through brilliant recovery from the trap
at the right of the green to make good
Mrs. Hurd's perfect play. The second
was well played with a 56 win for Mrs.
Hurd. The third was halved in 6, and
the fourth in 4 where a fine approach by
Mrs. Hurd came within an ace of going
down. Miss Hyde won the fifth, 45,
by holing a sensational sixty-yard run-ning-up
approach after a good drive, a
flubbed brassey and a topped third. The
short sixth was an indifferent halve in 5,
and on the seventh the metropolitan
player got into numerous kinds of diffi
culties and picked up after playing seven
shots, while Mrs. Hurd went down in 6.
Miss Hyde recovered for a win in bogey
4 on the eighth, but lost the ninth to a
bogey 3 for Mrs. Hurd, who turned home
one up with a medal score of forty-four
to forty-nine for her opponent.
Miss Hyde evened the score on the
tenth with.a clean-cut 4, and likewise on
the 415-yard eleventh she went down in
the same score and one under bogey, to
a poor 7, through a sliced drive for Mrs.
Hurd which the wind caught and placed
badly. Another 4, one below bogey,
gave Miss Hyde a lead of two up on the
twelfth, and the crisis of the match, for
Mrs. Hurd made the trap at the right on
her drive, and got well out only to make
a second trap from which she made the
green in 5 and required two putts. Miss
Hyde made a 5 and one under bogey on
the thirteenth,. while Mrs. Hurd took an
extra stroke as a result of a penalty by
being trapped on her second and making
a good out only to lie badly. Mrs. Hurd
came back for a win on the 432-yard
fourteenth with a one under bogey 4, to
7 for Miss Hyde who pulled her tee shot
into the rough and recovered well, only
to top her iron, overrun on her fourth
holes, Mrs. Hurd won the seventeenth,
3 5, and the eighteenth, 5 7, recording
a forty-seven to a forty-three for Miss
Hyde coming hi. If The cards :
Miss Hyde out 566445 10 4 549
MRS. IIUKD out 556455 65 344
MISS Hide in 444573 45 74392
MRS. Hurd in 577644 63 54791
Miss Hyde's semi-final was five and
four from Mrs. J. Raymond Price of
Oakmont, the title-holder, and her first
round six and five from Mrs. C. F.
Ubelacker of Hackensack. Mrs. Hurd
lJO?JCOt?10?J ?00?JC&?0 0?00?lt?30?Jt?JO?ll3 tl?CC?lC?3?JC?l?lC3
l ... -r.
and take two putts, while with 3Irs.
Hurd a dead approach recorded a 4.
The fifteenth was beautifully played,
Miss Hyde winning, 34. On the six
teenth, a tee shot to the pond cost Mrs.
Hurd two strokes from which she failed
to recover, although her third was a
beauty straight down the course and her
fourth made the green. Miss . Hyde re
quired a drive, a brassey and two putts
for a 4 and the match, f On the bye
won by seven and five from Miss Louise
B. Elkins of Oakmont, once winner of
the United, in the first round and by the
same score from Miss Myra B. Helmer
of Midlothian in the semi-final, t Other
division winners were Miss Agnes
Blancke of Montclair, Mrs. J. II. Horner
of Oakmont, and Miss Priscilla Beall of
Uniontown. I" Keen matches of the
event were Miss Blancke's 19-hole win
(Concluded on page three)
Fownes and Lagerblade, Worthington
and Ross, Lead in Four-Ball Match
Tout McHamara I Four Stroke to
Good In Open Keen Plaj
llunclie Fait Field
forty-four and a tie be
tween Henry C. Fownes
of Oakmont, playing
with professional Her
bert C. Lagerblade of the
local and the Younjgs-'
town clubs, aDd R.: S.
Worthington of Shaw
nee, partnered with Directing Superin
tendent Donald J. Koss of Pinehurst and
Essex County, gave zest to the four-ball,
best-ball, amateur professional match of
the-" United" Championship; a snappy
afternoon sixty-seven and by three
strokes the best round of the day, doing
the trick for Fownes and Lagerblade.
The morning seventy-seven of the pair
was not low enough to attract much at
tention with two seventy-threes, one
seventy-four and three seventy-fives on
the score board, but the combined scores
equalled the seventy-three and seventy
one made by Worthington and Ross.
Walter Fairbanks, the Denver County
Club and Florida veteran, and profes
sional M. J. Brady of Wollaston, re
corded seventy in the afternoon for a
total of one hundred forty-fiv0, two
strokes in the lead of Walter J. Travis of
Garden City and Chisholm Beach of Fox
Hills (the only amateur pair in the field
by the way) who tied with J. M. Thomp
son of Springhaven and professional
Robert J. MacDonald of Cincinnati for
fourth position, f J. P. Gardner of Mid
lothian and professional Herbert Strong
of Inwood who made seventy-three, and
R. F. Kelton of Holyoke and E. F.
Wogan of Essex who finished in seventy
four, were very much in the running at
the end of the morning round, but an
afternoon's seventy-five for the former
pair made their total one hundred forty
eight, while the latter through an eighty
one, dropped far down the list wih a
total of one hundred fifty-five. IScores :
Henry C. Fownes, Oakmont and
Herbert C. Lagerblade, Youngstown 77 67 144
R. S. Worthington. Shawnee and
Donald J. Ross, PinehurBt 73 71 144
Walter Fairbanks, Denver and
M. J. Brady, Wollaston 75 70 145
y alter .f . Travis, Garden City and
Chisholm Beach, Fox Hills 75 72 147
I Concluded on page two)

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