North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XVI, NO. 19
Harold J. Topping Wins Pinehurst's
Classic in Brilliant 37-Hole Final
JFaat 11 a j and Uncertainty of Out
' come IIoldM Silent Gallery Tense
In Easrernemi Throng-bout
HAROLD J. Topping
is the name to be cast
in bronze for the Coun
try Club tablet which
perpetuates the winners
of the classic United
North and South Ama
teur Golf Champion
ship. History also ranks
his linal victory in the thirteenth annual
high among: the contests which have
given this event International promi
nence. Sharing honors with the Green
wich Country Club player in the decid
ing round was Hamilton K. Kerr of Ek-
wanok, a battle royal one of many
sensational thrills. If Brilliant through
out, the superb long game of the pair
was the most fascinating feature of play
with uncertainty to add the spice of ex
jitement which makes for the silent gal
lery, tense with eagerness, ever specu
lating on the outcome.
Halving the first hole on the morning
round in 5, Kerr captured the second and
third in 4's, but lost the fourth and fifth
in the same figures and the lead, 3 i, on
the sixth, to tie on the seventh, 56,
win the eighth in 3 for the lead and
halve the ninth in 4. 1 Topping squared
matters on the tenth with a win in 4, and
he gained the lead on the eleventh in the
same figure, halved the twelfth, in 5, lost
the thirteenth and fourteenth to 5 and 4,
Kerr maintained the lead thus gained
with halves on the fifteenth and six
teenth in 4 and 5, becoming 2 up with a
4 on the seventeenth and halving the
eighteenth in 4. 1 This lead he main
tained on the first five holes of the after
noon round, increasing it to three up on
the twenty-fourth (the short sixth)
where he recorded a 3. Halving the
twenty-fifth in 5, Kerr lost the twenty
sixth and twenty-seventh to 3's, making
the seeond turn 1 up. If Halving the
twenty-eighth in 5, Kerr was 2 up again
on the twenty-ninth, laying his approach
dead for a 3. A trap cost Kerr the thir
tieth which Topping won in 3, and the
thirty-first was halved in 5 (both players
trapped) and likewise the thirty-second
in the same figure, the crisis coming on
the thirty-third where 'Topping recorded
a par 3, Kerr's sliced drive costing him
two strokes. Maintaining the advantage
gained, Topping halved the thirty-fourth
in par 4 and gained the lead on the
thirty-fifth with a perfect 3 ; a tee shot
to the ti ap guarding the green at the
right costing Kerr a stroke.'
Straight down the course Topping
sent his drive on the thirty-sixth, and
his seeond was hole high at the left of
and at the very edge of the green. Kerr
pulled his drive far off into the rough at
Kerr, with his last hope at stake, sent
the ball down for the hole and a tie.
T Kerr with the honor on the extra hole,
was some ten yards short of Topping's
drive, a mighty good one, and his second
was short of the green, while Topping
made the sand. Kerr's third went past
the cup and across the green to the far
ther edge, while Topping pushed his ball
snug up to the pin. Kerr's long putt
was short and Topping went down in 4.
Cd K V ; -- :L U
the left and his second was still farther
awav on the fair green of the first hole
of No. 1 course, but his third was a mag
nificent recovery which laid the ball
dangerously close to the cup. Surely it
was enough to fatigue any player, and it
mav have been responsible for the ap
proach putt which Topping made on his
third and which was some nine or ten
feet short. Away, he missed a 4 and
Topping out 55544364 440
KERR out 54455453 439
TOPPING in 44565455 44282
KERR in 55554454 441-80
Topping out 55445553 3 39
KERR out 55445354 439
TOPPING in 5 5 3 5 5 3 4 3 53877159
Kerr in 53555544 440-79-159
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Novelties in Program Offered by
National Body for Revolver Shots
Four Event In AW for Much Prized
Anioclaiion Medal April ltf 21
Inclusive, the Date
Championship United
States Revolver Asso
ciation tournament is
scheduled for April
19-27 inclusive, and
Pinehurst, as usual, has
been selected for the
North Carolina contest.
f Four events are announced: A, any re
volver ; B, any pistol ; F, pocket revol
ver ; G, novice re-entry match. There
are two novelties on the program which
should appeal here ; the pocket revolver
match and the novice re-entry event,
f The prizes are Association medals, and
full details concerning the shoot will be
found in the schedule of conditions out
lined by the executive committee of the
National Association, f In this connec
tion it is well to note that membership in
the Association reduces the entrance fee
$2.00 in each event. Applications for
membership may be sent with entries,
thereby entitling the entrant to this re
duction. The contest will be in charge
of Secretary Herbert L. Jillson of the
Pinehurst Country Club, to whom in
quiries may be addressed or entries sent.
The conditions :
Entrance fee $3.00, covering both na
tional and state championships, to mem
bers of the U. S. R. A. not in arrears
for dues. To all other persons $5.00.
Score : Fifty shots in ten strings of five
shots each, fired within one hour from
the time of the first shot. Only five
shots may be fired at a target.
Weapon : Any revolver.
Maximum length of barrel, including
cylinder : Ten inches.
Minimum trigger-pull: Two and one
half pounds applied three-eighths of an
inch from the end of the trigger.
Sights : Open, in front of the hammer,
and not more than ten inches apart.
Ammunition : Any.
Loading: The weapon may not be
used us a single-loader, but must be
charged with five rounds.
Cleaning: Weapons may be cleaned
in this match, but no time allowance
may be given for it.
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