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    VOL. XVII, NO. 3
Unique Program Rounds Out Full
Week from January 12th to 17th
Events for M en and Women, Both
Special and II egnlar Forty-Seven
Trophies in All
FROM ANY viewpoint
the annual winter golf
tournament of the Ad
vertising men, now the
"Winter Golf League of
Advertising Interests,"
is easily the most enter
taining and unique of
the long series; events
for men aDd women, both special and
regular, rounding out a full week.
1 The prizes will be even more attractive
than usual; their display at The Caro
lina an event anticipated by the entire
Village. If The full program follows :
Monday, January 12th Qualifying
Round 18 holes men and women.
Men's Prizes : Best gross score in Class A.
Best net score in Class A.
Best gross score in Class B.
Best net score in Class B.
In Class A Handicaps run from scratch
to 15.
In Class B Handicaps run from 16 up
wards. Women's Prizes : Best gross score.
First net score.
Second net score.
The men will qualify for place in six
divisions, designated as follows :
1. President's division Three prizes
to be competed for: Winner of
tournament the runner-up the
winner of the consolation.
(The winner of Tournament will have
possession of the Rodman Wanamaker
gold cup for one year.)
2. Vice-President's division Two
prizes: Winner of first eight and
winner of second eight.
Secretary's division Two prizes:
Winner of first eight and winner
of second eight.
Treasurer's division
Two prizes :
Winner of first eight and winner of
second eight.
Director's division Two prizes:
Winner of first eight and winner of
second eight.
Pinehurst division Two prizes:
Winner of first eight and winner of
second eight.
These six divisions provide for ninety
six men players. If enough more play
to complete another division of sixteen,
they will compete under "Nineteen-four-teen
Division" for two prizes: Winner
and consolation, f Fhe total prizes for
six divisions, thirteen. Two more prizes
will be added for each extra division,
f All of the prizes in all divisions will
be of equal value. The women will
qualify for two divisions and will be
designated respectively :
First division, jn which there will be
three prizes: Winner runner-up consolation.
be played on handicap.
Wednesday, January 14th Second
round at match play men and women
Note: Wednesday's match round
will have eliminated eight men play
ers from each division. For them
will be provided a four-ball foursome
event divided into two classes, A
and B. One prize net in duplicate
will be played for in each class.
Thursday, January 15th Third
round at match play men and women.
rS fc ' .-n I v' ,
& : - s r' iy f -J
& V f O 33 - J? 1
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I FJ'rJ Wj " I
"-: " 'Qk. J
: 1 a I 1 ;
rS7 f "- v'' f ' ' " C
fS? r f- '-; j "'r '
,o ri,- - . .r;. -i.--.;'. - - '"n . ' , i
Second division Two prizes: Winner
and consolation.
Tuesday, January 13th First round
at match play men and women.
All men's match play rounds will be
played on handicap strokes being con
ceded in all divisions except the presi
dent's. In the president's division all
matches will be played from scratch.
All women's match play rounds will
Note: On Thursday twelve men
players will have been eliminated
from each division. For them on
Friday will be provided a foursome
event divided into two classes, A and
and B. One prize net in duplicate
will be played for in each class.
Friday, January 16th Fourth and
final round at match play 36 holes in
(.Concluded on page three) ,
Good Roads and the Automobile Double
Extent of Plnehurst's Game Preserves
Qnail Abundant, with Doves and
Ilahblis Plenty and an Occasional
Woodcock to Give Variety
the automobile have
doubled the extent of
your game preserves,"
remarked J. H. Wesson
of Springfield, who left
last week after his an
nual visit, bringing his
car with him. "Mak
ing all points easy of access, they en
hance the pleasure of the sport and make
Pinehurst unique in this, an age when
hunting territory is becoming more and
more restricted." In a month's shootinsr
Mr, Wesson and his son, D. B. Wesson,
rarely missed a day with average bags
of twenty. Mrs. Wesson freauentlv
motored out with them to enjoy the noon
day lunch. Among other women who
have followed the hunters but who have
not shot, were Mrs. Bascom Little and
Mrs. Benedict Crowell of Cleveland.
Their husbands hunted every other day
with good success.
High guns for the opening of the sea
son were Messrs. E. R. Johnson and
B. G. Royal of Philadelphia, their kills
including one string of twenty-six quail,
a woodcock, a dove, a squirrel, and a
rabbit; two bags of twenty-three, sev
eral of twenty and none under sixteen.
The Stambaugh party of Youngstown
have recorded several strings of twenty.
David Gregg, Jr., of Brooklyn has se
cured the limit allowed by law on eight
occasions, and Parker W. Whittemore of
Brookline has been equally successful.
Dr. Myers and Mr. Allen are among
old friends booked for the immediate
future. The presence of numerous deer
not far distant is arousing the interest of
sportsmen. Several flocks of turkeys have
also been seen, doves are abundant, a
woodcock is found now and then.
Adams Is TVInety.CJght Up
Herbert M. Adams and J. H. Ottley
are just beginning their second yearly
golf contest. List season Mr. Adams
finished 98 up, and he is 34 to the good
on the second test, f "Used to just
about hold him," says Mr. Ottley, " but
he got in four months' practice here last
winter and since then has had things
pretty much his own way."

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