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Fox Hunters Live Thrilling Honrs Once
Again in Carolina Lobby
Local Season Swings Wide Open and
llest of All, the Months
Ue Before
b i n
m fl 11L-.U
NO, that's not the
1 ' nineteenth green ' '
the group at the right
of the desk in The Caro
lina lobby. If Looks like
it? If Possibly, but those
are fox hunters. In
most sports it 's the ' ' big
un you lost'' and the
"putt you missed," but over yonder
you'll find 'em telling about well the
conversation 's different.
i ' The gray fox is clever, ' ' the elderly
man is saying, "but the red's got the
endurance, speed and resourcefulness, if
not the cunning. " " We 've got 'em
both," says Mars' T witty, "and some
of 'cm are surely the real thing. Makes
a mighty fine hunting combination the
two and we've struck most everything
from river swimming and running be
hind the pack, to tree climbing. If And,
say, talking about endurance, some of
'em have carried us fifty miles from
strike to kill."
' ' That reminds me, ' ' continued the
first speaker, "of my first catch, in boy
hood days; a crafty old red that had
played tag with hounds and hunters for
years. Again and again I had tried my
best to run him down but always the sly
old rascal sniffed danger in advance and
left only a complex running trail which
never seemed to end. If As a final resort
I assembled the hounds of the vicinity
into one big pack and with a crowd of
young friends spent the night in an old
log cabin close to the red's range.
"Clear as crystal the morning broke
with a heavy white frost and no wind,
conditions as nearly ideal as the hunter
may hope to find. At the break of day
we hurried to an adjoining thicket where
we cast the hounds off and shortly after
the race wTas on at full cry for the pack
had taken the old fellow unawares and
fairly tumbled upon him in his snug bed.
1f The first dash was a three-mile run
down an old road with a counter play in
a turn along a creek and a wide circle to
the right which led back to the head
quarters thicket, and what he didn't think
of on the way isn't worth mentioning.
"Hot pressed, however, the fox found
only time for a few doubles before he
was obliged to strike free and so close
were the hounds that this move was
checkmated and he turned back as a last
resort to deep cover with the dogs close
upon his heels. Out they routed him
shortly after and it was a neck-and-neck
race in a two -mile circle and back to
the thicket again into which I saw him
vanish with the hounds only a few yards
behind, mad at sight of failing quarry.
"We boys were close up and just as
we dashed in the music ceased in the
death gurgle. Old red had made his last
run. If And I was a chesty youngster ! ' '
' ' Our Wednesday run was some hunt, ' '
continued Master Twitty. "Found a
clean-cut trail two miles out, and half an
hour later had two fast ones going. Five
dosrs struck off for Aberdeen and wTe let
'em go, following the remaining fifteen
who were beating the wind in a race
towards Jackson Springs.
' ' Clever chap he was and fast, too
Took a hillside, walked the railroad, and
tried the nearby sand road, but no use;
hounds right on his heels. Then a dash
to a swale from which he was soon routed,
a sight race back to cover and it was
all over but the shouting.
"Little Miss Joy Hansel first in and is
the proud possessor of the brush. Messrs.
Eothschild and Jones next, who tossed for
honors; Messrs. James Boyd, Jack Boyd,
Pyle, McLachlin, Dickson, Bell, Gordon,
Armstrong and des Jardin, and Misses
Katherine Edwards, Belle Dickson and
Burd Dickson all close up. If Mrs. C. E.
Dickson and Masters George and Bruce
Dickson drove and heard the music.
1 1 We '11 try the one that got away next
and give him a run for his money! Glad
to know where he's located. Three
hunts a week, everybody welcome. Re
cruit or volunteer, it's all the same when
the music's clear. If Everybody happy?
If Ask those who follow ! ' '
The Why and the Wherefore!
T. B. Boyd of Bellerive recorded a
seventy-nine, with rheumatism in his
shoulder, the day after his arrival.' Very
naturally the "local affliction" disap
peared, but Mr. Boyd's score has jumped
upward several strokes. Now the ques
tion is: "Does rheumatism improve
golf or does golf improve rheumatism ? ' '
Beach and Barber Head Fast Field in
Holiday Golf Qualification
Gardner and Travis Are Next in Une
With "the Hunch" Snug: Up
And Coming- Fast
.Eig-hty-Six Yean Young-
Eighty-six years young in March Mr.
D. N. Clark of Woodbridge, Conn., is
awaiting the opening of The Holly Inn
on January tenth; anticipating also his
daily round of golf.
sixty, gentle breeze from
the southwest, blue skies,
yellow sunshine
Let's see; was it rainy
7 4ft, ' Tuesday and the day
before that? If We for
get. . "Ye Gods,
1 yffi what a day ! "
And the golfers "forgot" also, eighty
two of them who participated in Wednes
day 's qualification round of the eleventh
annual Holiday golf tourney!
Eighty was the best score and that fig
ure found Chisholm Beach and William
A. Barber, Jr., tied, but mark there
were two eights in those cards; one on
the fourteenth for Beach, another on the
eighteenth for Barber; surely three or
four more strokes than there should be in
each total. Dr. Charles H. Gardner got
under the wire at eighty-one and Walter
J. Travis required one stroke more:
4 5 4 5 4
3 3 5 8 5
5 5 4 4 3
3 3 4 6 4
4 4 5-
5 3 4-
5 4 539
5 3 84180
Concluded on page three)
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