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Travis' Trusty Putter Slips a Cog In
Holiday Golf Tourney Final
Rapid Traveling- Throughout With
lf-IIole Consolation Win
For Dr. Gardner
'TWAS smooth, steady,
rapid traveling through
out the Holiday golf
tourney, not in one but
all divisions j the final
round for the President 's
trophy bringing Hunter
and Travis together.
And the gallery, remem
bering the Wee Burn golfer's vic
tory last spring, was quick to grasp the
situation. Hunter broke the ice with
wins on the first two holes, Travis re
taliating by gathering in the next two.
Hunter was in the lead again, however,
on the fifth, halved the sixth, and won the
seventh; Travis squaring matters at the
turn by skilful using of his trusty putter
(which off and on slipped a cog) on the
eighth and ninth greens.
The tenth was well played and halved
in fours; an over-iron losing Travis the
eleventh. The twelfth was a halve in 4
and Hunter took the thirteenth in 3, but
lost the fourteenth in 7, aided by the
pit. A stymie or very close to one, lost
Hunter the fifteenth, his approach putt
hitting Travis' ball, but he won the six
teenth with a 4; Travis in the pit on his
second. The tee shots were even honors
on the seventeenth, Travis' putt over
running with Hunter snug up; the
Garden City player missing and the Wee
Hum golfer holing in 3 for the match
by two and one. H Applause? fYes
indeed! U The cards:
Hunter Out 44664334 539
Travis Out 55545 3 43 438
Hunter In 4 3 4 3 7 5 5 3 s
Travis In 45456464x
Hunter's semi-final was four and three
over I). L. Armstrong, but the second
round with Barber was not so easy. One
up at the turn, Hunter won the tenth
and halved the eleventh, only to lose the
twelfth where he had difficulty and
picked up. The thirteenth was even
honors, Hunter making a brilliant re
covery from a tee shot to the pit and both
balls lying twenty feet from the hole on
the seconds. The Wee Burn golfer was
away and holed with apparent satisfac
tion, only to find his opponent's ball fol
lowing suit. The fourteenth was all kinds
of trouble and a halve in 7, and the fif
teenth was 5 each, Hunter winning the
sixteenth in par, and halving the seven
teenth in a perfect 3 for the match,
by two and one. If The cards :
Hunter Out 45445455 4 40
Barber Out 55545434 641
Hunter In 43x37553x
Barber In 5 3 4 3 7 5 6 3 x
In the first round Hunter scored two
up in play with C. D. Armstrong, Jr.,
having a bit the best of it throughout.
Next in line came J. C. Parrish who
was six down and five to play, Travis
recording a season's record of seventy -thTee
If The card :
Out 34546335 437
In 4343555 3 43673
Young Wainright Thorington was next
the score three and two; the lad holding
his own to the turn which he made all
even with medal scores of forty-three and
forty-one. Halving the tenth he lost the
j )
I V 7 .
t -. f
Eh. i' "iLlv " ' 'f ' -TILL! ' X" V k
J ;; -" 'r- .7 J.Zl-'ff -i
i - ? j ,s-T -
fi-iriWiif iiiii i iiii'i.ri iTin;ii.i:iiTi,.ii. k ! ' ni m mu itJt- f f r in m iifiim ,i ,ai i 3
Tf Travis started down the bracket with
a two and one win over Beach, who two
down at the turn, squared matters on the
twelfth, lost the next three holes, won
the sixteenth, but lost the match with a
halve on the seventeenth, f The cards :
Travis Out 4355644 4 5 40
Beach Out 55446545 5 43
Travis In 5 3 5 4 5 4 6 3 x
Beach In 4 3 4 5 6 5 5 3 x
eleventh to a 3 and twelfth to a 5. Halv
ing the thirteenth in 4 he lost the four
teenth 6 8 and the fifteenth 5 6.
In the consolation Beach and Gardner
advanced to renew "previous acquain
tance ' ' in the final. All even at the turn
and never down going out, Beach zig
zagged his way homeward, gaining a
lead on the fifteenth which he held with
Continued on vage eleven
Eighth Annual Trap Shooting Handicap
Arouses Widespread Interest
Advance Inquiries and .Entrlea Cover
All Section and Include the
Pick of the Experts
sEc :x
"LOOKS like a two
hundred crowd for y
eighth annual midwinter
trap shooting handicap,
January 19 23, ' ' writes
an inter-state association
official. 1 1 Hear it
talked about everywhere
and a new feature is go
ing to be club squad attendance. ' ' The
statement is but in line with advance
entries and inquiries received by the local
Gun Club secretary. They cover all sec
tions and the list of fast ones is classy
enough to make even the premier Grand
American sit up and take notice. Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday, January
19, 20 and 21, will be devoted to sweep
stakes leading up to the Preliminary on
Friday and the Handicap on Saturday,
the 22nd and 23rd. The big attraction
continues to be the lavish added money,
exceeding $2,500.00.
Of this amount, the Handicap winners
are guaranteed six moneys $350.00,
$300.00, $250.00, $200.00, $150.00 and
$100.00, and the Preliminary winners five
moneys $150.00, $125.00, $100.00, $90.00
and $75.00. The total additional value
of the trophies offered is $600.00 and in
addition to those in Preliminary and
Handicap there are cups for the four
highest scores in as many classes made by
those who shoot the first five hundred tar
gets of the program; Preliminary and :
Handicap winners being barred.
There is also a gold medal for the high '.
amateur average and a trophy for the
average of the entire program. The
sweepstakes with regular and additional
optional entrance offer attractive oppor
tunities for winning and there are also
optional sweeps on all hundred-target
events "exclusive of Preliminary and
Handicap, Luther J. Squier will again
manage the shoot, interstate rules will
govern and the Squier money-back-system
will be in effect.
Oucil of JM.r. and itlrw. Huditon
; Mrs. Antionette Murray of Watertown
and Mr. Brewster T. Hudson of Brooklyn
are house guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
Hudson at The Dogwood.

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