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And Was It One Glorious Week?
It Certainly Was!
Here' the Story and It Ainu Only
To Sugrg-ent Touch the
Illg-h Spots
INTEEEST in the Ad
vertising Golf Tourna
ment the most success
ful in the series which
cover a period of twelve
years centered in Satur
day 's thirty-six hole final
for championship honors
between Ernest T. Man-
son of the Framingham Country Club and
George C. Dutton of Belmont Springs;
both from the old Bay State. History
records the score as four and two in Man
son 's favor, but in this case brevity will
be misleading for the contest was "even
money' ' to the thirtieth green, and with
plenty of opportunity to speculate on the
outcome until the last putt was made.
Manson made the turn three up on the
morning round, aided by a mashie ap
proach which he holed for a winning 4 on
the third ; Dutton winning only the fourth
in 4 and the ninth in 3. A stymie on the
tenth saved the hole for Dutton in a
halved 6 and honors were easy in 5 on the
eleventh. Par 4's won the twelfth and
thirteenth for Dutton, and a one under
par 4 on the 432-yard fourteenth tied the
score. The next two holes were halved in
3 's and 5 's ; Dutton saving the seven
teenth for a halve in 3 by laying a niblick
from the pit guarding the green dead to
the hole, and Manson returning the com
pliment on the eighteenth with a similar
shot for a halve in 5. If The first hole of
the afternoon round was a halve in 5;
Manson gaining the lead on the second
with a 5. Dutton came back for winning
5 's on the next two holes, Manson retali
ating with wins in 5 and 3 on the fifth
and sixth. The seventh was an indiffer
ent halve in a like number; Dutton squar
ing the match by holing a long putt for a
winning 3 on the eighth, and saving the
ninth for a halve in 4 by a fine recovery
from trouble.
All even, Dutton 's poor tee shot cost
him the tenth, but he played the eleventh
perfectly and won in 4 to once more tie.
Dutton sent a beauty thirty yards farther
down the course than Manson on the
twelfth, but he topped his second to a pit
and was badly out. The fourth was a
fine approach putt but he missed for a 5
and went down in 6. Manson recovered
from his short drive by an approach
which was short of the trap and he laid
his third on the green going down in two
putts for a winning 5. IfBoth tee shots
on the thirteenth were screamers, travell
ing two hundred yards down the same
air grooves and lying on the green not
two yards apart. Likewise the irons of
both players went straight towards the
pin; Dutton just across the green, Man
son just short. Dutton was away and his
putt was weak, a dozen feet short. He
advantage on the short fifteenth and he
pushed his second close to the pin, miss
ing a try for a putt and going down in 4.
Dutton pulled to the left and into the
rough, but he was well out near the edge
of the green, and his brilliant try for a
winning 3 rimmed the cup and another
stab for a halve in 4 hung on its very
lip, recording a losing 5. If Three down
and with but three holes to play, Dutton
sent a screaming drive straight across the
dangerous pit towards the green, gaining
' .
wV 'v-- n ?; - K---r- i
"trap number 4 11 44 : course number three'
missed his 4 by a narrow margin and was
down in 5, while Manson pushed his ball
up dead in 3 and went down in 4 to
become two up.
Likewise on the fourteenth, there were
two superb tee shots, two splendid irons
both of which just missed the trap, and
thirds which made the green. Manson 's
approach putt was short, but Dutton
made a fine try for a win which he missed
by a hair, halving in 5. Manson had the
what seemed to be a stroke after Man
son's tee shot to the safety plot at the
right. Manson sent a beauty brassie away
down near the green and Dutton failed
to make good by two indifferent irons,
lying alongside of Manson" in 3. Man
son's three was well on the green, but it
was not a sure putt by any means, and
once more Dutton stabbed for a 4 and all
but made it ; Manson, bracing, and holing
(Continued on page eight)
Eighth Annnal Midwinter Handicap
Attracts Representative Field
Wek' Progrrani Conclude With
Today' Premiere Tent, the
Clasaic Handicap
71 ZEPPELINS beware
Americans are a race of
sharpshooters ! If The at
tention of the doubtful
is called to today's con
clusion of the eighth an
nual Midwinter Handi
cap which rounds out
the week for the experts
gathered for this classic event from all
four points of the compass, if Champions
and ex-champions there are by the score,
among them Ralph L. Spotts of the New
York Athletic Club, amateur champion . of
America; S. A. Huntley of Omaha, ama
teur champion on doubles; F. S. Wright
of South Wales, the New York State
champion; A. B. Richardson of Dover,
the Delaware State champion; George
L. Lyon of Durham, N. C, the
new Long Island champion; B. M. Hig
ginson of Newburgh, amateur champion
in 1913; and Charles II. Newcomb of
Philadelphia, the Handicap title holder.
John Philip Sousa is a conspicuous fig
ure on the firing line; the list of pro
fessionals including : Joslyn, Huff,
Le Compte and Phellis of Du Ponts;
Hammond and Daniel of Hercules; Des
Portes and Hawkins of Winchester ; Gibbs
of U. M. C; Dickey of United States;
Goodrich of Dead Shot; Storr of Peters.
If Luther Squier, Charles North and John
Todd make up an office equipment that
' ' can 't be beat. ' '
Ladies in the party include: Mesdames
Ralph L. Spotts, B. V. Covert, James
Craig, A. B. Richardson, W. H. Keats,
J. D. Piatt, Jr., G. W. Lambeck, F. A.
Seibert, John Ebberts. For their enter
tainment several informal affairs were ar
ranged. If Next week 's Outlook will tell
the full story of the tourney. If Order it !
j&dvertiHlng- Golfer Elect Officer
At its annual meeting the Winter Golf
League of Advertising Interests elected
the following officers : President, A. C. G.
Hammersfahr of Colliers; Vice President,
B. D. Butler of the Prairie Farmer; Sec
retary, F, L. E. Gauss of the Leslie-Judge
Co.; Treasurer, Col. H. H. Treadwell
of Tiffany's.

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