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National Doubles Champion Heads Fast
Field in Midwinter Tourney
Piatt Wins Preliminary (tuadruple
Tie and Claim TropIiivM Ar
Widely Distributed
I Craig, Waynesboro, Va.; E. M. Daniel,
Lynchburg, Va.; W. R. Delahanty, New
York; G. V. Dering, Columbus, Wis.; 0.
R. Dickey, Boston; T. J. Donald, Felicity,
Ohio; J. H. Dreher, Wilmington, N. C;
John Ebberts, Buffalo; F. M. Edwards,
Columbus; G. N. Fish, Lyndonville, N.
Y.; W. M. Foord, Wilmington) Del.;
C. L. Frantz, Seneca Falls; H. D. Gibbs,
Union City, Tenn.; C. E. Goodrich, At
lanta; L. Clayton Grant, Wilmington, N.
C; R. J. Gumbert, Pittsburgh; R. A.
Hall, Fishersville, Va.; W. M. Hammond,
S. A. HUNTLEY, the
National doubles cham
pion, was the bright and
particular star of the
Eighth Annual Midwin
ter Handicap. Not
only did he capture the
chief trophy but he also
tied for the Preliminary
and he won both the high average for the
eight hundred targets of the entire pro
gram, totaling seven hundred and fifty
nine, and the medal for the six hundred
of the 16-yard sweepstakes with five hun
dred and seventy-five. J. D. Piatt, Jr.,
was the Preliminary winner in a tie shoot
off with not only Huntley but H. W.
Heikes and G. N. Fish. If Huntley also
landed in the class event of the Prelimin
ary for the leading prize, A. E. Ranney
winning B Class, D. W. Baker C Class
and Vincnt Oliver D Class. If In a
similar event in connection with the
Handicap, J. B. Lallance, Jr., C. W. Bill
ings, David Wardsworth and Isaac An
drews captured the trophies, all in all an
event which continues to take front rank
among America's classic meets.
Some class to the field? Yes, some!
Ralph L. Spotts of the New York Athletic
Club, amateur champion of America; S. A.
Huntley of Omaha, amateur champion on
doubles; F. S. Wright of South Wales,
the New York State champion; A. B.
Richardson of Dover, the Delaware State
champion; George L. Lyon of Durham,
N. C, the new Long Island champion,
B. M. Higginson of Newburgh, amateur
champion in 1913; Charles H. Newcomb
of Philadelphia, the 1914 Handicap win
ner; John Philip Sousa, the bandmaster;
and the following from here, there and
everywhere, arranged in alphabetical
order for the convenience of reference:
J. D. Allan, Atlanta; Isaac Andrews,
Spartanburg, S. C; D. W. Baker, Pitts
burgh; C. W. Billings, Oceanport, N. J.;
J. C. Bitterling, Allentown, Pa.; J. I.
Brandenburg, Dayton; J. W. Broderick,
Niagara Falls; J. E. Cain, Dayton; J. I.
Chipley, Greenwood, S. C; A. W. Church,
Port Chester; W. F. Clarke, Boston; C.
D. Coburn and F. J. Coburn, Mechanics
burg; B. V. Covert, Lockport; James
Asheville, N. C; Sam Leever, Goshen,
Ohio; G. W. Lembeck, New York;
W. H. Lyon, Bridgeport ; D. F. McMahan,
New York; F. H. Mallon, Pittsburgh;
T. L. MacMillan, Atlanta; Vincent
Oliver, Phila.; W. H. Patterson, Buffalo;
C. W. Phellis, Huntingdon, W. Va.; J. D.
Piatt, Jr., Dayton; H. Powers, Atlantic
City; S. W. Putnam, Fitchburg; A. E.
Ranney, New York; E. E. Reed, Man
chester, N. H.; F. A. Seibert, New York;
Robert Shelor, Sumter, S. C; J. L. Snow,
Boston; E. G. Southey, Bridgeport; J. H.
C?JC?)t?Jl?Jl?Il?Jl?J 0??Ot?Jt?JO? CC?Jt?J(?I7)C?It?J?J 0?JO?t?Jt?JO?Jt?
(J 1 J
.-.4 . . i I . A. I Jl&, 4
Wilmington, Del.; J. Mowell Hawkins,
Baltimore; H. W. Heikes, Dayton; Allen
Heil, Allentown; F. A. Hodgman, Tuck
ahoe, N. Y.; M. S. Hootman, Nicksville,
Ohio; G. M. Howard, Halifax; Walter
Huff, Macon; S. A. Huntley, Omaha;
W. H. Jones, Macon; W. A. Joslyn, Wil
mington Del.; F. D. Kelsey, East Aurora;
W. H. Kivitts, Terre Haute; J. B.
Lallance, Jr., Huntingdon, W. Va.;
W. T. Lawson, Niagara Falls; D.
T. Leahy, New York; C. 0. LeCompte,
Staples, Charleston, S. C; W. J. Timins
and Bead Timins, Atlanta; E. H. Storr,
Richmond, Va.; C. W. Vanstone, Bridge
port; T. R. Varick, Manchester; David
Wardsworth, 3rd, Auburn, N. Y.j P. W.
Whittemore, Boston, and Dr. J. C.
Wright, Atlanta.
Huntley's tie for the Preliminary tro
phy resulted in his being moved back
from the twenty-two yard mark to the
(Concluded on page four)
They Capture Chief Trophies in Novel
Three-Ball Tin Whistle Tourney
Wine Trio Qualify for Match
Round) With Mix Points
Won on Each Ilole
THE annual three-ball
tourney of the Tin Whis
tles provided a novel
competition ; R. C.
Blancke winning the
qualification medal and
T. B. Boyd the match
play final. Nine trios
qualified for play on the
six point system which provides for a
total of six points on each hole, divisible in
varying combinations. If The summary :
R. C. Blancke 108 30 78
J. M. Robinson 107 26 81
J. L. Toppin 95 14 81
G. C. Dutton 89 7 82
H. W. Ormsbee 100 18 82
R. C. Shannon, II 93 11 82
II. O. Smith 99 16 83
Robert Hunter 84 1 83
F. C. Abbe 109 26 83
Rev. T. A. Cheatham 93 10 83
J. R. Towle 99 15 84
C. L. Becker 91 7 84
J. T. Newton 117 32 85
G. T. Dunlap 97 12 85
P. S. McLaughlin 95 10 85
A. C. Aborn 94 9 85
C. B. Hudson 95 9 86
A. Bryan Alley 111 25 86
T. B. Boyd 96 10 86
W. L. Hurd 104 18 86
C. S. McDonald 99 12 87
P. L. Lightbourn 100 12 88
M. W. Marr 104 14 90
W. G. Clark 99 9 90
E. B. Pratt 117 24 93
J. D. C. Rumsey 111 17 94
C. W. Middleton 113 19 94
First trio Dr. M. W. Marr scored 51;
A. C. Aborn, 29; A. B. Alley, 28.
Second trio E. B. Pratt, 37; R. C.
Blancke, 36; J. D. C. Rumsey, 35.
Third trio T. B. Boyd, 47; J. R.
Towle, 31 ; J. T. Newton, 30.
Fourth trio J. M. Robinson,' 44; P.
S. Maclaughlin, 43; F. C. Abbe, 21.
Fifth trio R. C. Shannon, 2nd, 40;
G. T. Dunlap, 40; J. L. Toppin, 28.
Sixth trio W. G. Clark, 41; H. W.
Ormsbee, 41; C. B. Hudson, 26.
Seventh trio C. L. Becker, 40; C. S.
(Concluded on page eleven)

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