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The Holly Inn is one of the most comfortable, attractive and popular hotels in
the South, caring for with its annexes 200 guests. The lobby has been en
larged since last season contributing greatly to the comfort of the guests.
There are a number of rooms connected with private baths which are let singly
or en suite. The hotel is heated throughout by steam and there are open fires in
the foyer and parlors. A large music room where daily concerts and dancing
are enjoyed, together with the attractive Dutch room and the billiard room, provide
appreciated social features. The excellent cuisine and service for which the hotel
is noted, will be maintained and patrons will find the Holly Inn a most comfortable
home from January to May.
F. C. ABBE, Manager, Pinehurst, N. C.
The Berkshire
The Berkshire is a modern hotel, delightfully located with all conveniences for
health and comfort; bath rooms, steam heat, open fires, electric lights and sanitary
plumbing. The guests' apartments are comfortable and home-like and the public
rooms large and attractive. The cuisine and service is of a high standard. A billiard
room and barber shop are appreciated by the guests.
J. M. ROBINSON, Manager.
A homelike hotel, modern in every respect, having electric lights, steam heat
and several suites with bath, and with its cottage annex, providing for seventy-five
guests, and run in connection with The Berkshire.
J. M. ROBINSON, Manager.
The .average golfer waste? one to three strokes a hole. The player who
takp nV urse comes in a winner. Cultivate your latent power Train for
Golf Accuracy.
Mail Oflice -
P.O. liox.384, Beverly, Mass
C. Adelbert Sampson
Correspondence Solicited
Golf Professional.
Montserrat Country Club
Carolina Card Partle ami ouniry
Club Tea Contribute to Pleas
ure of Iluny Week
"WHAT'S the news?"
IfEcad The Outlook!
The next best means of
ascertaining what is go
ing on is to attend the
Monday morning card
parties at The Carolina,
but this affair is limited
to the ladies! There are
still, however, the Saturday afternoon
Country Club teas for which the invita
tion is all-inclusive. Both contributed
important parts to a busy week of early
midseason social activities; Mesdames
Murrich, Kobeson, Franks and Pierce and
Miss Houston the prize winners. The
usual Wednesday and Saturday dances
also continue to claim the attention of
the entire colony, and Sunday evening
concerts are enjoyed by many, with few
open dates upon the social calendar in the
months which lie before.
Late January arrivals are filling the
big hotel to its comfortable capacity,
many of those here having formerly
wintered abroad. If Messrs. W. G. Shack
ley, John A. Weeks, C. Ledyard Blair,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Blair, Jr., and Mr. John
B. Dennis of New York are leaving after
a short visit, coming in Mr. Shackley 's
private car. Former Director of Public
Works, William C. Haddock of Philadel
phia and Mrs. Haddock spent the week
here joining Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D.
Williams. IfProminent among those who
came tor tne tennis tournament were
Messrs. Thomas W. Hall, E. S. Glassco,
Walter H. Goldstein and C. W. B. Dineen
of Toronto, Dr. and Mrs. Bertram F.
Drake, C. M. Bull of New York, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. E. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Ingraham, Mrs. Eobert Treat and Miss
Treat, Messrs. II. A. MacKinney and Fred
A. Otis of Providence, Irvine Wrisrht
of Boston.
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Janeway of
New York spent the week here and Mr.
I. B. Eoberts of New York returns for
his third visit this season.
Mrs. Dudley D. Eoberts and Miss Helen
Eoberts of Brooklyn join Mr. and Mrs.
Sanford II. Steele, and Messrs. S. O.
Miller and E. C. Striffler of New York
return for golf.
Messrs. II. V. Whipple and W. H. Ham
ilton of New Haven are here for a fort
night, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lewis and
Mrs. Waldo Grosse of New York are
completing a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Eobeson and Stacey
B. Eobeson of Eochester return for the
season, greeted by many friends, and Mr.
and Mrs. John V. Beekman of Plainfield
are back for February.
Mr. and Mrs. William Beadenkoff of
Wilmington, Del., are here for a month,
Mr. John C. Welton of Boston comes for
a fortnight, and Mr. O. W. Brewer of
Chicago returns.
Messrs. George Clarke of New York,
March Turner of Garden City, II. B.
Smithers of Great Neck and Austin P.
Palmer of New York, H. C. Morse and
George Motley of Eochester, and I. E.
'rentiss of Philadelphia rejoin the golfers.
Mr. W. M. Whaley and Miss Dolly
Whaley of Norfolk spent the week here,
and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Preston
of Boston are making an indefinite
stay. Mr. Preston is president of the
United Fruit Company.
Mr. William D. Lentz of Philadelphia
returns for January, and Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. McMerrick of Oswego are wel
comed back for their usual visit.
Messrs. F. G. Achelis and G. T. H.
King of New York are spending a fort
night here, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S.
Cooney of Greenwich return for their
annual visit.
Mr. James C. Parrish, Jr., of New York
joins the golfers, and Mr. and Mrs. Gil
bert II. Grosvenor and Melville B. Gros
venor of Washington spent a portion of
the week here. Mr. Grosvenor is the
editor of The National Geographical
Mrs. George W. Statzell of Lansdowne
jions Mr. Statzell, and Messrs. Dudley
Eoberts and Henry Steele of Brooklyn,
George Franklin Brown of Philadelphia
and II. M. Weaver of London join
the golfers.
At The Holly Inn
Wednesday evening's entertainment in
aid of the Belgian Eed Cross and Belief
Funds was most enjoyable, the net results
nearly $30 added to a worthy fund.
If Arrangements were in the hands of
Mesdames W. II. Weller and F. S. Pearce,
the program including recitations by
Messrs. G. II. Hodge and William McCre
han, following which there was a potato
race, tape walking contest, peanut race,
doughnut contest and donkey party in
which Miss Pearl Emery, Mr. C. S. Mc
Donald, Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Warren
II. Frizzell were the prize winners. 1f Not
the least interesting feature of the even
ing was the 1 ' International tug-o-war ' ' in
which the Canadians, headed by W. II.
Weller, pulled America, led by Herbert
J. Kelly, across the line. Eefreshments
followed the entertainment and dancing
throughout the evening. If Mrs. E. C.
Blancke and Mrs. Pearce were the prize
winners at the first of the season's card
parties, held Monday evening. The week
adds many new faces to the congenial
household which is anticipating the
week to come.
Mr. John Bassett Moore, the eminent
authority on international law, returns
for a fortnight's rest and will, for a
time, forget the world's affairs in golf
and walking of which he is very fond.
Other late arrivals include Mr. and
Mrs. II. II. Eackham of Detroit, who
are back for their usual visit, and Mr.
and Mrs. J. II. Ingersoll of St. Catherines,
who will remain several weeks.
Mrs. II. L. Johnson and Master John
son of Lestershire, N. Y., will make a
long sojourn, and Miss A. E. Stewart of
Baltimore plans an extended visit.
Mr. Edward Bradford of Springfield,
Mass., comes for shooting and Mr. Stan-

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