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Walter J. Travis Heads Fast Field in
Annual Spring Golf Tourney
Jenuv P. Guilford In Conitolation
Ntar and Ten Other Vln
In Am 71 any lllvialonn
Iteenth, failing to score the eighteenth
with a putt which positively refused to
go down. The cards:
Out 544564 4-34 39
In 6 6 5 4 5 4 4 3 4 41 80
Out 6 5 5 6 5.3 5 3 341
In 446 55342 53879
Note Stymied.
YES, stranger, Walter
J. Travis, onetime inter
national champion and
many years national title
holder, is still in the
running. If Eleventh an
nual Spring golf tourna
ment was pretty much
his verv special, only
own; four match rounds with a medal
average of seventy-five and a half, and
no match which carried him further than
the fourteenth green. Gold medallist,
also, with a margin of five strokes over a
field of two hundred contestants, and some
of 'em with some speed. 1f Surely golfers
may come and golfers may go, but Travis
goes on forever! If Straight down the
alley, straight for the pin, straight for
the cup; just playing his own best ball
with sublime, subsconscious, preoccupied
concentration, all of which goes to show
that ' ' temperament ' ' is the stuff that
makes champions; the infinite capacity
for detail which is always the surest indi
cation of "genius."
Down the bracket the veteran golfer
skiied, W. E. Truesdell, W. W. Powers,
I. M. Thompson, and I. S. Robeson the
pacemakers in the order given. If Not a
path strewn with roses was it for Robe
son, however, who contended every
match from first hole to last and left
three good men by the wayside; Henry
(1. Fownes, Robert Hunter, and J. 0.
Parrish, Jr., in the order given; all of
them in the running until the trusty putt
ers were sheathed on the eighteenth green.
I'ownes was the first victim who, one
down at the turn, won the eleventh for
the lead which he lost on the thirteenth
:"d regained on the fourteenth, only to
retire before 4's which wTon the sixteenth
:,"d eighteenth and halved the seven
teenth, f The cards:
Out 5 5445354 439
1 56545444 44180
Out 55446463 340
,x 4 5 5 5 4 4 5 4 54181
Next in line Hunter who two down at
the turn squared the match on the
twelfth, lost the next two hole3, and was
:U square again with a 2 on the seven-
Out 5 5 4 4 5 3 6 4 440
In 5 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 5 44 S4
Parrish advanced on a two and one win
from Dr. G. T. Gregg who dropped Jesse
Guilford into the consolation to the tune of
five and three. All even the pair made the
turn, halving the tenth and eleventh. Par
rish gained a lead on the twelfth which
he lost on the thirteenth and regained on
'I 0
i ,is, J I
''If ST
Then the crucial semi-final test with
Parrish who turned homeward one up,
halved the tenth and lost the eleventh for
a tie, with four 5 's and a 4 for halves on
the next five holes, Robeson gaining the
lead on the seventeenth and winning the
match through a halve on the eighteenth.
If The cards:
Out 65444373 541
lN 5 4 5 5 5 5 4 3 54081
the fourteenth, clinching the match with
a winning 3 on the seventeenth and halv
ing the eighteenth in 5. If Hunter found
John II. Clapp a worthy foe in opening
play who was in the game until the seven
teenth hole was played, where A. L. Carr
also retired to Thompson ; C. M. Ransom,
Thompson's second round opponent, win-
nino- from C S. McDonald on the
home green.
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Tin Whistle Annual Combines Pleasant
Memory and Joyous Anticipation
Good Fellowship llelg-na With .Never
Hull moment from Greeting
To Auld liang- Syne
YOU may bring me half
a dozen grains of oat
meal, Mary without
cream, please! Tom
can't you handle that
silver with a little less
noise and for heaven's
sake open a window
two windows ! If But.
say, Billy, old top, it sure was some
party! If Tobacco smoke as thick as Lon
don fog, eats 'till one felt like Broadway
on election night, and drinks until you
fancied yourself the Atlantic squadron
on dress parade! If Roar, rattle, bang;
song, laughter, voices; wit, sally, mirth;
with always the consciousness of good
fellowship tingling your elbow tips.
Make it coffee, black coffee, and hot,
Mary; never mind the oatmeal!
No indeed, there never was a Tin
Whistle dinner like it; never any dinner
to beat it ! 1f Country Club house the
place, Tuesday night the time, in attend
ance each and every honorable member
within striking distance of the Land of
Promise; journeying hither joyously from
frozen north, sunny south, golden west,
and starry east. If President John G.
Nicholson, Toastmaster Robert Hunter,
Leonard Tufts, E. G. Chandlee, A. S.
Newcomb, I. S. Robeson, II. W. Ormsbee,
C. B. Hudson, II. C. Fownes, C. B. Fownes,
"W. L. Milliken, C. L. Becker, Edwin Hen
derson, and Rev T. A. Cheatham at the
big round table at the head of the hall.
These members and guests in congenial
groups within speaking distance: II. W.
Priest, J. D. C. Rumsey, T. A. Kelley, W.
S. Van Clief, C. D. Chandlee, A. E. Lane,
A. L. Carr, C. M. Wells, W. T. Stall, J. II.
Herring, George Barber, T. B. Boyd, J.
P. Gardner, Dr. J. S. Brown, J. P. Bow
man, John. C. Spring, P. W. Whittemore,
W. L. Baldwin, John Barclay, R. II.
Hunt, R. C. Blancke, II. II. Rackham, C.
M. Ransom, W. W. Powers, W. II. Faust,
W. S. Morse, Donald Ross, Alexander
Ross, James MacNab, R. C. Shannon, II,
J. M. Thompson, Donald Parson, C. L.
Jones, Thomas McGraw, Jr., Dr. G. T.
Gregg, II. W. Croft, W. II. Thayer, W. L.
Hurd, Tyler L. Redfield, Judd II. Red
field, C. S. McDonald, J. R. Towle, J. M.
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