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Woman's Championship Develops Keenest
Play In History of Classic
JMrs. Harlow's Matches With Mn.
Ilurd and Airs. Faith Both
Contents of Jtany Thrills
THE women's event of
the Championship reached
an anti-climax in the
semi-final between Mrs.
Eoland H. Barlow, for
many years eastern
champion, and Mrs. J.
V. Hurd, International
champion as Dorothy
Campbell. If Surely no gallery has
surpassed in size the vast throng
which followed play with breathless inter
est, for never was there a moment when
the attention could be diverted or the
question of the final outcome removed
from the critical point of mythical
uncertainty. 1f The strain of the contest
was apparent in the contestants also, and
Mrs. Barlow 's ultimate win was not alone
the result of skill but endurance superi
ority which became a potent factor as
the match neared its close; Mrs. Ilurd 's
brilliant, 3 on the fifteenth followed
by an indifferent 7 on the sixteenth and
what might be called in the language
of golfers, "mighty hard luck" on the
decisive eighteenth.
Mrs. Barlow took the first hole in par
5 and lost an opportunity to win the
second through a shot on which she was
obliged to lose a stroke through playing
back, halving in 7. Mrs. Ilurd squared the
match with a par 4 on the third and
won the fourth with a one over bogey 5.
The next three holes were halved in 6, 4
and 7, a stymie costing Mrs. Barlow the
seventh. The Merion golfer took the
eighth in par 3 to tie, but Mrs. Ilurd won
the ninth in the same figure to make the
turn one up with a medal card 46 to 47.
Mrs. Barlow took the tenth in a par 4
through Mrs. Kurd's pulled second, and
'the eleventh was halved in bogey 5. Mrs.
Harlow's' third to the pit cost her the
twelfth, and Mrs. Hurd 's shot to the
whiskers and then to the pit, lost her
the thirteenth. The fourteenth was halved
in bogey 5, and a perfect 3 gave Mrs.
Hard the lead on the 212-yard fifteenth
here Mrs. Barlow was trapped on her
,1, ive. If On the sixteenth Mrs. Hurd
showed signs of tiring, following up a
irood drive with a short second and top
ing her third to a trap. Well out in 4
sl"' missed her fifth, was on the green in
6 and holed a 7 against a bogey 5 which
tied the score for Mrs. Barlow. On the
short seventeenth both players narrowly
escaped trouble on their drives, Mrs. Hurd
having a bit the worst of it and with an
opening to the green, but her approach was
short and she required two putts for a 4.
Mrs. Barlow's tee shot just missed the
trap and she made a fine approach which
looked good for a 3, but which she failed
to hole, halving in 4.
a pull which landed in a pit, the ball ly
ing snugly ensconsced in a heel print
which took- one stroke to get it into play
and another to get it out of thi trap, and
these two strokes gave Mrs. Hurd an 8
while Mrs. Barlow required but 6, record
ing 46 to 50 for the homeward journey,
or a total of 93 to 96 for the round:
mrs. barlow
Out 57566473 447
In ' 4 5 7 5 5 5 5 4 64693
f ' ' I
I' " I
-k':" 'J
Perhaps it was only fancy, but I
imagined Mrs. Barlow's hand trembled
perceptibly as she teed up on the eigh
teenth. Mrs. Hurd, I. felt, showed the
strain in a certain grim tenseness, but be
that as it may, both balls were beauties
well down the course. Likewise the
seconds, went straight for the-pin. and lay
with little advantage. It was' Mrs.
Hurd's third shot which lost the match,
Out 6745647 4 346
IN 5.5 6 7 5 3 7 4 85096
Thursday's final round developed ari
unexpected climax in a brilliant battle
between Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. W; Ji
Faith of, Wykagyl, with , the . crisis, once
(Continued on page three)
Strikes His Gait For Winning Score
In Tin Whistle Handicap
C. 8. McDonald and Commodore J. T.
TVewton Also Swlnjr Into Iitne
For Glass Prizes
CHABTON L. Becker,
C. S. McDonald, and
J. T. Newton were the
prize winners in Satur
day's three class Tin
Whistle handicap for
prizes presented by M. B.
Johnson, E. C. Blancko
and B. H. Marshall.
TfThe scores by rounds:
C. L. Becker 43 40 8375
W.H.Thayer - 43 44 8777
J. M. Thompson 41 42 8378
W. E. Truesdell 41 42 8378
C. B. Hudson 41 47 8878
I. S. Robeson 40 41 8182
T. H. McGraw, Jr. 48 44 9282
W. S. Van Clief 45 48 9383
T. A. Cheatham 49 45 9484
J. P. Gardner 48 51 9990
H. C. Fownes 48 49 9791
O. B. Fownes 52 52 10495
C. S. McDonald ' 41' 43 8471
A. L. Carr 42 47 8776
R.H.Hunt , 45 45 9077
H. W. Ormsbee 46 47 .9378
R. C. Shannon, 2nd 44 45 : 8978
J. H. Herring 56 42 9881
E; M. Taft '44 49 9382
J.S.Brown 52 48. 10088
C. B. Price . . 51 . 52 .10388
W. L. Milliken 49 51 10089
J. R. Towle 53 53 10690
J. L. Wyckoff. 54 53 10791
J. T. Newton 54 50 10472
Dr. Carlos MacDonald 51' 55 10672
W; L. Baldwin. 47 48 ; 9578
E. C. McCabe 49.54 ' 103-79
R. C. Blanckd 55 ' 52 10780
A. E. Lane 56 53 10982
J.D.Gallagher 50 53 10383
W. L. Hurd 54 56 11088
W. T. Stall 55 52 10789
J. D. C. Rumsey 53 56 10991
Note won tie play-off.
The Community Interests Tbem
Dr. William Hill, whose reputation as
a rural economist is national, and Dr.
J ohn G. Brooks, the author, are visitors
who find in the Community much to
interest them.

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