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also a putting competition -which was
only exceeded from a standpoint of in
terest by the championship, at which Miss
Xellie A. Hubbs and Mr. Kenneth Mc
Ctihe won first and Mrs. J. P. Williamson
a in I Mr. C. B. Hollingsworth second.
Arrivals at The Holly Inn include
jn:iiiy who come for April, among them
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Voorhees, Dudley A.
Voorliees, and the Misses Vorhees of East
Oniiige. HMr. E. H. Giles of Philadel
phia returns for a fortnight, Mr. and
Mrs. W. M. Ailing of Plainfield spent the
week here, and Miss Barbara Blatchford
of I'oughkeepsie joins her parents.
Mr. II. P. Cristy of Detroit comes for a
fortnight, Mr. E. II. Gwaltney of New
York returns for the Championship, and
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin N. Disbrow and
Miss Norma L. Wagner and Miss Jose
phine L. Disbrow of New York will re
main until well into April.
Mr. and Mrs. James Jamison of East
Orange spent the week here, Mr. and Mrs
F. L. Ghipman and Miss Laurada Chip
man of New York are making a short
visit, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mcl
Funstell and Mrs. L. II. Maxfield of Nor
folk, are rounding out the week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Chapman of Jamai
ca are spending two weeks here, and Mr
and Mrs. William L. Juhring and Miss
Mabel L. Juhring of Brooklyn come
for a fortnight.
Mr. II. M. Griest . of New Haven re
turns for several weeks, Mr. and Mrs. J.
L. Hawes of New York come for the
month, and Mr. G. D. Packer of Pitts
burg comes for a .fortnight.
Mrs. A. L. Brewster, Miss A. Brewster
and Mrs. F. L. Wanzer of Rochester
conies for April, Miss Mary Gertrude
Brownell of Providence joins her sister,
Mr. Edward S. Frith of New York comes
for a fortnight, and Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Pendreigh of Glen Ridge are here for the
coining week.
The Ilerkfthlrw Ilonaetaold
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Worthington and
their child, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Emery
and Miss Emery, Mr. and Mrs. Philo S.
Clark, Judge and Mrs. E. F. Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. William Briggs, Mrs. A. J.
Mood, Miss Lambie, Miss Long, and
Messrs. W. B. Chase, John A. Carr, J. II.
Herring, E. O. Thomas, F. E. Rogers,
F. L. Derrah, Horace F. Sise, J. H.
Miller, G. A. Betz, E. G. Wright and
Dr. Richard T. Taylor make up the con
genial household at The Berkshire. .
Gueati at Pine Crcit Inn
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Webster of
New York, Mr. and . Mrs. H. E. Lake of
Keene, N. II., Miss Ethel DeMent of
Kaleigh, and Messrs. G. D. Letcher and
3. E. Vaughn of Lexington, Va., and
Ci. R. Harvey of Hamilton, Ont., are late
arrivals at Pine Crest Inn.
Guests at The Iiexing-ton
Messrs. B. Nafis, Miss Fannie Nafis
:ind J. L. Smith of Washington, Harold
M. Ball of Philadelphia, Miss Harriet
Dean and Miss Minnie Coughlin of Provi
dence, and Mrs. L. C. Gates, Mrs. D. 0.
Johnsorfnd Mr. Howard Rapp of Boston
are late arrivals at The Lexington.
(.Concluded from page nine)
of this sort than of any other kind under
the sun. You simply get the fish log run
as they say in the woods, and you get
them. It is a right certain conclusion
that you will get fish if you go in after
them, and that you will get a big share of
what fish do not get into the channel and
hide. The uncertainty is who is to have
the enthusiasm to go in after them. Not
that here is any backwardness. You go
to a mill pond draining and you may be
sure that the crowd in the water will be
plenty big enough to make the perform
ance wortn the price of admission. The
whole length of the pond you will see a
muddy mass of men, and you never saw
more fun in your life. The fellow who
would gethot in such a place would have
to behave or be doused in the mud. You
are forced to be happy when you are in
such a good natured crowd. Of course
you do not have to fish unless you want
to, and maybe if you really want some
thing to eat you can buy your fish.
Speaking of something to eat, here is
where you see eating. People come to a
thing of this sort for miles, for they want
the fish, and they also want to share in
the fun. They come a foot, in cars, in
buggies, in wagons, and they bring feed
for themselves and for their mules and
stay two or three days. The crowd is as
interesting in its civic life while the
picnic is on as is the fishing. The hetero
genous mixture of automobiles, and every
kind of vehicle parked in the woods and
lined along the road affords a study of
character, and sometimes a study of un
tangling of traffic problems. The country
fair is not in hearing distance in some
respects. The event presents a lot ot
interesting phases, and if it cannot, be
looked upon as exactly what you would
expect from a fishing tour it has some
other features, for it is romantic if not
in line with precedure.
Going fishing in the mud of the mill
pond is not the only way of fishing in the
Pinehurst holiday belt. If you are in
clined to the other practice you can go
over to Little River around Thaggard's,
or down to Drowning Creek or over to
Deep River, and fall in with some of the
folks who know where the pools are, and
who know the language of the craft, and
you can fish and lazy around, and eat an
put door dinner, and mix with the fel
lows of the order until you are sated, for
there are fish and a lot of them, and a
lot of good places and a lot of good fish
ermen in Moore County. H Pass the
sign some morning that you want to go
fishing and you will find the infection in
the air, and shortly you will pick up
some man who will go along and snow
you all the roads to the fishing holes and
how to fish,' and before you come home
you will be loaded up with enough local
history and tradition to write an inter
pstinff volume. 11 You can fish around
here in any language, and if that does
not suit, when you have caught all the
fish in the neighborhood streams you can
go down to the sounds and hire a steam
craft to go out and catch them by the
ton. HFolKS in mis wuuw;
please and get you what you want.
Season: November 20 to April 14
'it ys
Every modern comfort and convenience, including elevator, tele
phone in every room, sun rooms, steam heat night and day, electric
lights, pure water, and a perfect sanitary system of sewerage and
The interior is a model of elegance, with appointments cal
culated to suit the most luxurious tastes.
The cuisine and table service are unsurpassed. Music hall and
excellent orchestra. Capacity 500.
H. W. PRIEST, Manager, Pinehurst, N. C.
-Jlmf '"sS",.. ?7??l'mt7v" Ui"! FJZ2Jc!t4 I
The Leading New England Coast Summer Resort.
Every facility for sport' and recreation: Golf, tennis, riding, driving,
yachting, fishing, bathing and well equipped garage under competent
supervision. Fine livery. Music by symphony players. Accommo
dates 500. Local and long distance telephone in every room.
Send today for illustrated booklet.
WENTWORTH HOTEL CO., H. W. Priest, Manager
Address Until May 1 , The Carolina, Pinehurst, N. C.
An attractive hotel with several bath
suites, adjoining the Country. Club and
centrally located. Accommodates 80.
H. A. Lewis, Owner
Address EDWAED FITZGEEALD, Mgr. The Lexington, PINEHUEST, N. C.

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