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ONCE in a while if you
live in a Community
where the word is passed
around from mouth to
mouth as the custom has
been in the country for
you might
information that a
mill pond is to be
drained, and if you want the time of your
life you are advised to be on hand and
join in the fishing. Some times the an
nouncement is expanded to include the
assurance that the dam has not been
opened for years and that when it is
drained it will be effusive with fish. Also
comes the further enlightenment that in
that pond is the home of all the ances
tors of the big fish of this country, and
that you will be overwhelmed and sub
merged with fish if you happen to be
around at the appointed hour. Also
a lot of other wisdom is unloaded in con
nection with the event. You know how it
is when you are figuring on going fishing.
The world is big with hope and promise
at that period in a man's life. Only an
optimist could ever be a fisherman. A
pessimist .would never catch any fish ex
cept at the fish market. A candid his
torian will confess right here that as a
rule the pessimist can guess better on a
fishing expedition than the optimist can,
but that does not justify the pessimist.
Nothing does. If a man goes fishing and
never even finds the creek he has more
fun than if he lacked enough of hope to
go at all. And all the time he hopes he
gets satisfaction out of it. May be the
pessimist has pleasure in chewing over
his gloomy cud of fearsomness, but if he
has it is a mighty singular way he takes
to show it, and his kind of pleasure is not
the kind that you can pass around and
share with your neighbors, so I still say
I put my money on the fellow who has
optimism enough to go fishing and to be
lieve that he will catch something when
he goes. He makes life worth living, and
the earth a place worth living on. Yet
as I say, honesty as a historian compels
me to confess that the pessimist in his
dolorous predictions is usually a better
prophet than the optimist, for it is the
experience of statistics that many a man
goes fishing without having to send home
for a wagon to bring his fish.
That is one reason why draining a mill
pond makes a hit with us folks around
here in the sticks. Philosophers tell you
that men like to play the game. Watch
them. You put a two-foot jack fish in a
puddle of water six inches deep where
your man can sneak up behind it and hit
it a whack over the head with a club and
kill it in three seconds of somewhat
moderate excitement, and do you suppose
he will put in half an hour trying to
catch a gamey little bug six inches long
that evades him until the last second?
Not so my brother. He will swat the big
fish and immediately get back to town
with it, and put in the balance of the
afternoon making everybody believe that
he is the original Jack Falstaff and that
he struggled with that fish all the day
before and through the night, and well
along into the forenoon, before he could
get it close enough to gaff, and take off
of his single strand line, which it had so
near worn through that he felt absolutely
certain the line would never hold out until
he landed it. When Old King David an
nounced his conclusion that in his heart
he had rated all men liars it is just possi
ble he had been down at the postoffice
when a bunch of fellows came over from
the Jordan with a string of fish and that
he stood around while they told him how
the big ones got away. This fishing busi
ness gets away with a man's accuracy of
vision frequently. Any way we like to
imagine we are going to dig the fish out
with a sawdust shovel, and if you give a
man the least encouragement to think he
can cord up around him a pile of fish as
big as a winter 's supply of wood you can
lead him down to the mill pond without
arguing the question very long.
But, jimminetty, fellers. Suppose you
pay attention to one of these announce
ments of a dam to be drawn off and go
down and see it. And think you want to
fish. Let me paint you an impressionist
word picture of what it looks like. Until
the fateful date arrives you are as kittcny
as a young pup in your effervescent en
thusiasm. Will you lug them home in a
bucket or a tow sack? Of course you
can not string them on a willow crotch.
It will bo too small, and it is too much
bother to go to all that trouble of string
ing each one separately. Got to have
something you can just dump them in
and pound right along to the next grab.
So maybe you compromise on a basket
or a box in the car, or you can throw
some papers on the bottom of the back
part of the car and fill that. A car is a
great institution for things of this sort.
I brought home three bushels of peaches
that way one day. Those in the bottom
looked as if they had nervous prostration
when we got the others out at the house,
but it saved packing and to the family
it looked like luxury to see that amount
right there where they could all put their
hands on it in a pile.
A mill pond is probably half a mile
long, some longer, and some shorter. It is
wide in proportion, and several feet deep.
There is no bluff about it having fish.
When you arrive if you come early you
come too soon. If you do not come early
you wish you had. You always see when
you go fishing how it might have been
planned differently. But come early and
get all there is coming to you. It takes
considerable time for all the water in n
big mill pond to run away. To prevent
the fish running away with the water a
screen is built at the dam where the
water is drawing away, and frequently m
that screen is a pretty good catch of fisii.
However as the water begins to draw down
the little pools around the edges begin to
drain out, and then the hunt starts. You
thought you would come with the city
equipment, with your leggins properly

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