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Climax of Match Play Final, Repetition
Of Week's Sensational Play
Young1 nobeion Divide Tournament
Honor With Topping-, Guilford
Ilnnter and Sullivan
PINEHURST has seen
many a day, but never
a day to equal the first
round of match play in
the United Champion
ship with the climax and
anti-climax, sensations,
thrills, and surprises.
If Advancing on an un
expected win " from Amateur Champion
Ouimet, Jesse Guilford went down be
fore young Fillmore K. Robeson, the
medallist, in a match which was carried
to the twentieth green. 1f Kobert Hunter
trimmed Walter J. Travis and T. W.
Case, and J. II. Sullivan, Jr., disposed of
R. S. Worthington, -the title holder and
"Phil" Carter, generally regarded as
Ouimet 's most dangerous rival; young
Robeson V morning win from Hamilton
K. Kerr on the nineteenth green. If And
semi-final and final rounds were much
the same, young Robeson advancing with
a brilliant two and one win over Hunter,
for the premier test of the final with
II. J. Topping, who won an equally fast
match from Sullivan. 1f So here goes for
the story straight off the bat!
Robeson's victory over Topping in the
thirty-six hole final, unquestionably goes
on record as the fastest match in the his
tory of this classic annual; the score of
four and two misleading, for there never
was a time during afternoon play, when
Topping was not a dangerous factor until
he pulled his ball off the course into an
impossible position for recovery on the
thirty-fourth hole. , If The sensation of the
day was Robeson's morning round, a con
servative approximated seventy, and by
many estimated at sixty-eight. If Making
the turn in thirty-four, two under
par, he raced home in thirty-six,
equalling par; Topping's forty-one
out finding him four down at the
turn, and his thirty-six in, holding
the score at the same disadvantage. 1f In
afternoon play Robeson won five, lost
five and halved six of the sixteen holes
played, making the turn in forty-three to
The story of the morning round is
mainly a record of Robeson's perfection.
1f On the first, a long drive was followed
by a dead approach and a winning 3,
where Topping was in trouble and con
ceded 6. On the second hole the new
champion made the edge of the green in
2 for a winning 4; Topping over on his
third and missing a putt for a halve.
Robeson's second made the trap on the
third, but his brilliant recovery laid the
ball dead for a 4, and Topping who drove
to the rough, made an equally good re
onrflTv for a halve. Robeson missed a
mitt for a loosing 5 on the fourth which
ToDDinff won on a fine approach. The
fifth was halved in one under par 4 and
Robeson laid his approach dead for a 3
on the sixth where Topping, trapped on
his drive, lost a stroke in recovering.
On the seventh, Robeson made the green
in three perfect shots, and was given an
approximated 5, with Topping out oi h
with n. drive to the rough, a lost shot
in recovery, a topped third, a short
fourth, and a fifth which failed to make
the green. Robeson's drive was hole high
on the eighth, and his second dead for a
3 which Topping duplicated with a splen
did putt. Robeson drove the green for a
3 on the short ninth, where Topping was
beyond and required 4.
Robeson's second was hole high on the
tenth and he missed a 3, halving in 4;
with Topping short on both his second
and third, but saving the hole with a
long putt for a. halve in 4. Robeson's
pulled tee shot to the rough on the
eleventh, was followed by a fine recovery
and the third which made an easy 4 possi
ble; Topping hole high on his second, and
dead for a halve on his third. Robeson
laid his second snug up to the pin on the
twelfth and was given an approximated
4 where he might have made a 3 ; Top
ping's tee shot to the rough followed by a
cross-course shot, and a short third.
Robeson won the thirteenth in a perfect
4 where Topping was in trouble again,
making the green on his fourth. On the
fourteenth, Robeson missed his first tee
shot, but he was well up on his second,
his third rolled away from the cup and
he missed a 4 for a. halve; Topping lay
ing his third dead. Once again on the
fifteenth, Robeson 's drive went astray,
but he made a fine second which availed
nothing, as Topping holed a putt from off
the green for 2. Both tee shots on the
sixteenth were in trouble, but the recover
ies were good and the hole was halved
in a par 4. Topping was fortunate to
halve the short seventeenth in 3 through
a fine shot from one of the traps near
the green, which he laid dead to the hole.
The eighteenth was a halve in 5; Topp
ing " topping" his drive and laying his
third on the green, with Robeson's ball
hanging in the grass on the edge of a pit
near the green from which he made a fine
third and missed a winning 4, retiring
for luncheon four up. H The cards:
Her Six Up Score Best In Sifter Foils
Bogy Handicap Tourney
Mrs. Gardner and Min Evan AUo
Win JVIdal Play Wfcr
Score II un Close
n m
344543 5 3
(Continued on page four)
MISS Florence Croft of
Pittsburgh was the win
ner of the last of the
Silver Foils "Tourna
ments, a match play
handicap against bogy,
recording two duplicate
rounds of 48 for a 96
gross and a 6 up win,
her handicap 9. Mrs. J. V. Hurd also
of Pittsburgh,' who made 45 42 87, was
second 5 up, her handicap. plus 5. Mrs.
William West of Camden, 5052102,
finished third, 2 up, her handicap 6. ;
Mrs. F. T. Ellison of Rochester (34,
Mrs. John Tyler Newton of Brooklyn
(34) Mrs. J. P. Williamsport of Will
iamsport (9) and Mrs.1 W. S. Morse of
Rochester (23) were others who defeated
the invincible Colonel, each one up.
Mrs. n. II. Van Citjf of Toughkeepsie
(12) and Mrs. Guy Metcalf of Provi
dence (7), were both 3 down, and Mrs.
Irving S. Robeson of Rochester (14),
Mrs. J. P. Gardner of Chicago (9) and
Miss Blanche Farrington of West New
ton (14), were all 6 down.
Mrs. J. P. Gardner of Chicago, was the
winner of a medal play handicap with a
card of 1091891, with Miss Sarah
Evans of Tedesco second in 101 893.
Miss Croft also won Tuesday's putting
competition, and Mrs. Kurd's 75 leads
in the all season, selected score trophy.
1f Several special events are planned.
I -
1 1

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