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Hunter Goes off With the Cup. Hennessee
Wins the Governors' Trophy
Sclmjler Phillip, JT. IS. Goodall,
E. JT. Cornell and J. A. Allen
Come in for lloiiorit
the old guard assembled
again, the lists were
opened, and new fair
ways given their maiden
try-out. Let friendship
cease and the play begin.
.We that only stand and
wait watched the cham
pions whang into the the dim distance
from the first tee, and lingered with sus
ponded interest and pencil for the scores
to develop.
Forty-two aspirants for the President's
trophy started on the perilous journey
against bogey and the cup. 75 38 out
and 37 in is no mean performance for
the first qualifying round of the season.
This was Hunter's record. R. C. Shannon
2d of Brockport waltzed in second with
83, and Donald Parson 3d in S9.
Hunter walked away with the first
division. J. A. Allen went down, 5 and
-1. George F. Brown, from Huntingdon
Valley, met the same fate. Tom Kelley
from over the way improved on this to
the extent of surviving to the sixteenth
Schuyler Phillips of Saegkill, who was
runner-up in the contest, having succes
sively disposed of II. A. Waldron, the
hunter, C. L. Becker and R. C. Shannon
-1, found he was no match for the cham
pion. The final round found Hunter win
ner six up and five to play.
governors' trophy
The second division was more closely
contested. In the second round S. A.
Hennessee, who finally carried off the
honors, defeated II. G. Phillips from
Southern Pines, 2 and 1. He took the
mial round with the same score from J.
K- Goodall of Bellerieve.
The Consolation round in the first
division was taken handily by J. A.
Allen after the closest possible match
with F. D. Wilkerson in the first round.
Allen finally got away with this, 1 up,
nineteen holes. E. J. Cornelis, Ardsley,
decamped with the consolation prize in
the second division.
The next tournament will find this in
valuable paper represented on the links
by a clairvoyant and a hard critic of the
game, whose business it will be to rejoice
in the innumerable errors displayed in
the course of the battle, and to render a
little discriminating half praise to those
that show nerve and surpassing- skill in
critical or pretty positions. For the
present the disappointed public will be
glad to be let off with the scores,
which follow:
Robert Hunter, Wee Burn 38 37 75
R.C.Shannon, II, Brockport 45 38 83
Donald Parson, Youngstown 45 44 89
L. W. Smith, Oneida 50 46 96
E. J. Cornelis, Ardsley 45 51 96
J. Stambaugh, Youngstown 46 51 97
T. W. Brewer, Montclair 46 51 97
S. A. Hennessee, Cooperstown 46 51 97
J. R. Goodall, Bellerieve 50 48 98
W. L. Milliken, Hyannisport 50 48 98
C. F. Cribb, Toledo 52 48100
J. G.Nicholson, New Bedford 51 50101
James Barber, Englewood 55 46 101
R. C. Steese, Youngstown 50 52 102
Gathered for First Try-out November
II. A. Swlg-ert of Palmetto 11 an Ilea
Selected Score for Twelve Holes
At Pineliumt
H. G. Phillips, So. Pines 55 48103
E. Carpentier, Missquamicut 54 49 103
R. R. Scott, Inverness 54 50 104
V. J. Frank, Sunningdale 54 50 104
G. W. Statzell, Aronimink 55 50105
First round Phillips beat Waldron,
3 and 2; Becker beat Parson, 1 up; Hud
son beat Russell, 7 and 5; Shannon beat
Jones, 1 up, (19 holes); Howard beat
Bullock, 4 and 3 ; Kelly beat Hurst, 4 and
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C. L. Becker, Woodland 47 43 90
Schuyler Phillips, Saegkill 45 45 90
T. A. Kelly, So. Pines 46 46 92
G. F. Brown, Huntingdon 48 45 93
C. B. Hudson, North Fork 54 40 94
R. II. Hunt, Worcester 47 47 94
C. T. Russell, Ardsley 48 46 94
F. D. Wilkerson, Youngstown 46 49 95
G. M. Howard, Halifax 52 43 95
S. L. Jones, Plymouth 48 47 95
Calvin Bullock, Denver 50 46 96
J.A.Allen 47 43 90
H. A. Waldron 48 44 92
A GOLF game is a
frolic, isn't it? And if
played for the innate
sport of the thing and a
silver memento under the
pleasing traditions of
the eleventh hole and the
potent whistle, it might
almost be called a festi
val. The hosts gathered at the shrine for
the first try-out on November 22d, in
Match Play against Bogey, and a reward
in the shape of an almond set of seven
pieces, the gift of Mr. C. II. Lay of Oil
We are astonished to relate that Mr.
H. A. Waldron beat old Mr. Bogey by
the slight margin of 9 up. This has sel
dom been done, even in the ancient an
nals of the Tin Whistle. The explana
tion must be that Bogey gave Waldron
some nominal handicap.
On the 29th the frolic was resumed in
Medal Play for a trophy supplied by Mr.
H. W. Priest. There were two classes of
14 each in an entry of 28. This resulted
in a close and bitter contest between R.
C. Shannon 2d and C. L. Becker who came
into the finish dead heat with net scores of
71 apiece. Shannon won the play-off
by reason of two to spare in the handicap,
demonstrated as follows:
First round Shannon 82 11 71
Becker 80 9 71
Play off Shannon 87 11 76
Becker 87 9 78
J. R. Goodall, Bellerieve, won the sec
ond class, and the prize given by Mr.
F. C. Abbey, with a net score of 76.
The third round in the season's pro
gress was a triumph for Colonel R. A.
Swigert. It was a medal play, best
selected twelve holes, six from each nine,
for prizes presented by E. M. Taft and
the club. His net score was 43. T. A.
Kelly, the humorist, from Southern
Pines, and R. H. Hunt, Worcester, tied
for second honors with 44. The totals
follow :
R. C. Shannon 2d, Brockport 8211 71
C. L. Becker, Woodland 80 9 71
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