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The Junior Metropolitan Champion
Adds to his Booty
Atlucbe the CoIl tlfdal in tli
lu1if lug- Hound of 1 lie Annual
Holiday Wwk Tournament
AS A general rule "We
heave a big sigh of
relief when the last Out
look proof for the week
has been corrected with
accustomed infalli
accuracy, and we
indulge in rejoicing
when the rumble of the
printing presses comes to our ears across
the Village Green, but this week we wish
we could have risked postponing publica
tion. It would have given us a chance to
see the Final Round of the Holiday Week
Tournament and to say something about
it in this issue. Next week the events of
the New Year's Day will have been
passed into history and earned a place
among the Echoes from Antiquity with
which Clyde Davis has been favoring us
of late. But we can 't risk it. The people
of this Sovereign Nation are awaiting the
appearance of the Outlook on its accus
tomed appearance day and all we can do
is to risk a guess at the ultimate winner
of the great tournament in the hope of
being able to say next week that we told
you so. On second thought we won ;t even
do that. Editorial omniscience is all very
well and very useful but there's no use
rubbing it in. If we told you now who is
going to win out (and more important
still, win in) on Saturday we would be
hurting the attendance at the links and
depriving our readers of the pleasure of
figuring out the result in advance on their
own account.
We have read somewhere or other that
there are Federal Laws aimed at monopo
lies and trusts. Possibly they do not ex
tend to this section of North Carolina but
it seems to us that something or other
really ought to be done in the case of
Philip Carter. He comes down here
takes a look at Number One course,
knocks the existing record of 75 to pieces
and puts a new record in his pocket, in 73.
A day or two later he finds a few idle
minutes hanging heavily on his hands and
appropriates another one, in 72 on
Course Number Three this time. Then he
walks off with the finals in the Annual
St. Thomas Tennis Tournament, just by
way of variety. That 73 on Course One
has lost the charm of novelty by that
time so he does the Course in 70 a record
that bids fair to stand for a few days to
come. And now, with the desire of ac
cumulation mounting inordinately with
possession, he has attached the Gold
Medal in the Qualifying Round of the
Annual Holiday Week Tournament. The
authorities all agree that he had a hard
fight on his hands to get it but ultimate
results are the things that seem to count
most in this life and the concrete fact
that calls for our gentle and ineffective
protest is that Carter's got it. Tieing
with his redoubtable opponent, H. V. Seg
german, of the Englewood Country Club,
in the first qualifying round on Tuesday
41 out and 40 in as against Segger
man's 40 out and 41 in he took a long
breath (there being nothing else lying
around loose to take at the moment) and
"of posterity, the printer's devil coldly
informed us that we had only a few
inches of space still at our disposal.
We fill them witli our apologies and a
list of the players who qualified for
the First Division- As follows:
Philip V. G. Cartei
Xassau Country Club 41 40 SI
H. V. Seggerman,
Englewood Country Club 41 40 81
C IT. Gardner,
Agawam Hunt 43 39 S2
F. S. Danforth
North Fork 40 15 85
P. W. Whittemore
Brookline 42 15 87
G. M. Howard
Halifax 45 1388
J. M. Thompson
Springhaven 44 45 89
B Iff: .
Taken at the Shooting Exhibition at the Pinehurst Gun Club.
landed the gold medal safely when the tie
was played off Wednesday, finishing in 79
as against 83 for his opponent. As an
anti-climax we will drag in the facts that
Carter won his match on the morning of
the same day, by 8 up and 7 to play,
against J. M. Thompson, Springhaven.
Also on Thursday, 7 up and 6 to play,
against C. L. Becker, Woodland Golf Club.
There were 110 entries for the Holiday
Tournament the greatest field that Pine
hurst has ever seen for this annual event.
With infinite care and our accustomed
assiduity we compiled a complete list
of the contestants with their respective
scores from day to day; but just as
we had congratulated ourselves on hav
ing achieved an accurate record of the
first three days' play for the enlight
enment of our readers and the benefit
John Bredemus
New York Golf Club 44 4589
C. L. Becker
Woodland Golf Club 424890
T. A. Kelley
Southern Pines ' 43 1790
C S. MacDonald
Lambton Country Club 44 4892
T. B. Boyd
St. Louis Country Club 43 4992
F. H. Gates
Hoffman 474693
Rev. T. A. Cheatham
Pittsburgh 45 4994
W. E. Truesdell
Fox Hills Golf Club 524395
S. A. Hennessee
Cooperstown 46 49 95
A Noted Trio Sings in Pinehurst for
the Benefit of the Farm
Life School
THE greatest assem
blage that has gath
ered at the Carolina
this season greeted the
appearance of Madame
Lyska, Wassily Besekir
sky and George Harris,
Jr., on Wednesday
evening. We have all
been reading a good deal about
these artists in the papers of late and
expectation ran high; but the realization
surpassed even the most sanguine antici
pation. The Farm Life School, for the
benefit of which the concert was arranged
and given, is to be congratulated on the
very substantial box-office receipts at
this writing the curtain has, metaphori
cally speaking, just descended, the final
applause just died away, and the com
plete returns cannot be ascertained in
time to include them in this apology for
an appreciation, but we can safely "say
that there will be rejoicing at Eureka
when the shekels have been counted. We,
here in Pinehurst and for a long distance
all around Pinehurst for we did not have
this good thing all to ourselves by any
means are to be congratulated on a rare
treat, whose only drawback was that it
was over all too early. The three artists
are to be congratulated on having an
audience that understands and appreciates
good music and that was not backward in
showing its appreciation. So, taking it
altogether, we think everybody should be
happy and satisfied-
The Outlook, in its Christmas Number,
gave a brief sketch of the career of
Madame Lyska and of Wassily Besekirsky
and printed a few selections taken at ran
dom from the numerous enthusiastic press
notices that have recently appeared in the
New York and Boston papers concerning
these two artists. Our thanks are ten
dered to Mr. Roger Derby for having
secured at the last" moment the co-opera
tion of Mr. George Harris, Jr., the Ameri
can tenor, who has been touring with
Madame Gadski and with Isadora Duncan
and who is almost as well known in the
Middle West and in California as he is
in the musical circles of New York and
the East. That little gem of Massenet's,
'Oh si les Fleurg' was sung by Mr. Har
ris with great delicacy and fine artistic
(.Concluded on page ten)

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