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Carter Has It All His Own
L,adM th Jflertal Play and li tht
Favorite for lb reldnt'i
Trophy End of the Second
IN A BLAZE of sun
shine and under perfect
golfing conditions seventy-two
champions enter
ed the lists for the an
nual Midwinter tourna
ment Monday morning,
January 4th. As had
been anticipated Philip
V. G. Carter, the junior metropolitan
champion led the field home in the quali
fying round with a card of 73. W. E.
Truesdell, Fox Hills, came second with 86,
and F. S. Danforth third in 89. Parker
W. Whittemore of Brookline, who con
tested the honors with the Nassau player
in the Holiday Tournament, was unfor
tunately obliged to withdraw his card at
the last moment, making the result less
in doubt than it would otherwise have
Carter's play was consistent through
out, and the very best of golf. The
match was played on number two course,
and he finished only two points above par,
with fourteen fours, two fives and a three
a very consistent performance.
Out '" 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 437
In 44444354 43673
R. C. Shannon of Brockport headed the
second division, C. B. Hudson, North
Fork the third division and A. C. Penn,
Plainfield the fourth division.
Carter started his inevitable progress
towards the President's trophy in the
match play on Tuesday. He was pitted
against S. A. Hennessee, the Cooperstown
player, and won handily five up and
three to play.
He repeated the score in his match with
J. H. Clapp of Chevy Chase on Wednes
day, in the second round. The end seems
inevitable, but we are wary of predic
tions. It is almost an axium of the golf
ing world that the winner of the medal
play seldom can run through the field he
leads. Last year Bobeson, who won the
United North and South, was the only
winner of a major tournament who turned
both tricks the medal play and the match
play in the same contest. The field re
maining to challenge his progress has
considerable danger in it. It includes S.
Y. Ramage, Wanango; E. T. Manspn,
Framingham; and W. A. Patterson, Mt.
The second division at the end of the
second round finds R. C. Shannon, 2d;
T. A. Cheatham, Pittsburgh; T. A.
Kelley, Southern Pines, and H. C. Small
of Toronto still in the lists, and going
We go to press in this suspense. The
go, 91; C. S. Macdonald, Lambton, 92;
C. L. Becker, Woodland, 93; W. A. Wil
son, Montreal, 95; T. A. Boyd, St. Louis,
95 ; E. T. Manson, Framingham, 95 ; R. S.
Hawthorne, Wyantenuck, 96; C. W. Har
mon, Wykagyl, . 96 ; W. A. Patterson,
Siwanoy, 96; II. B. Kennedy, Racebrook,
97; J. L. Weller, St. Catherine's, 97.
Second division R. C. Shannon, 2d,
J. f "U 1 - -tin i:
4 fe.K'.- a -
Among those present: Mrs. N. W. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Gibbony, Mrs. B. A. Alley, Mr. and
Mr. T. Sternfeld, Mr. and Mrs. Purdy, Mr. Joseph McCaddon and Joseph, Jr., Miss Lillian
Gilette, Miss Frances Peters, Mr. Stanley McCaddon, Mr. G. J. Alley, Mr. A. A. Watson.
totals of the medal and the match play
up to Thursday evening were as follows:
First division Philip Carter, Nassau,
73; W. E. Truesdell, Fox Hills, 86; F. S.
Danforth, North Fork, 89; J. H. Clapp,
Chevy Chase, 90; S. A. Hennessee,
Cooperstown, 90; S. Y. Ramage, Wanan-
Brockport, 97.; the Rev. T. A. Cheatham,
Pinehurst, 98; W. T. Barr, Shelter Island,
99; Dr. G. C. Fahy, Racebrook, 100; J.
D.Barnhill, Fox Hills, 100; W. S. Van
Clief, Richmond County, 100; R. H.
Bacon, Oakland, 102; II. F. Lesh, Brae
Burn, 103; H. C. Small, North Fork, 103;
T. A. Kelley, Southern Pines, 103; C. R.
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Tbe Sandhill Hunt Follows the Drag
Hounds on Sew Year's Day
Gala Gathering Sandhill Citizen lor
Breakfant at the IBojd Knfatv In
aufuratri lh Community limit
MERRY it is
When the mavis and
merle are singing,
When the deer sweep by
and the hounds aro
in cry,
And the hunter 's horn
is ringing.
(The Outlook desires to express its obli
gations to Sir Walter Scott, Bart, and
to M. Clyde L. Davis, P. A. B. T., for
this sketch of the New Tear's hunt at
Weymouth Estate.)
The hunt breakfast given at Weymouth
Estate on New Year's Day was, without
question, one of the happiest events
that the Sandhill Section has ever
seen. The plan was ingenious, the
arrangements were right, and the con
duct of the frolic was without the sem
blance of a bungle. From the soup to
the finish, nothing intruded and nothing
was wanting, and he whole affair proved
to be one of rare interest, .pleasure, and
The morning threatened. . The sun
failed to appear and rain fell. However,
about eleven the clouds rifted and shat
tered, the mercury came to a stand at a
satisfactory altitude, and when the guests
arrived at Weymouth better weather could
scarce have been desired.
Wasn't it Thackaray who stated that
all sorts and condition of men can fra
ternize and enjoy eachother at a feast as
nowhere else? If so, it would have been
gratifying indeed to him to have been at
the Weymouth Breakfast and observed his
theory working out perfectly when put to
the test. The planter, the merchant, the
banker, the baker, the teacher and tho
farmer, the journalist and jeweler all
caught the contagion of good fellowship
and each was soon doing his bit in the
medley of conversation. The lawyer for-,
got his humdrum wisdom and discovered
that he was still human. The doctor for
once got interested in people who were
normal and well. .Even the undertaker
found himself itfadvertantly rejoicing
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