North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. XIX, NO. 15
Wins the Three Day Medal Play of
the Tin Whistles
W. E Trueadell Second, and II. II'
Ilackliam Lead In Ibe Wet Score
for the JFIffy-four IIoleH
THE champion of all
the Tin Whistles is P.
W. Whittemore of the
Brookline Country Club.
This was demonstrated
to everyone 's satisfac
tion in three days' hard
medal play, on the three
courses of the Country
Club in succession. He finished the fifty
four holes in 241. His score on the num
ber one course the first day was eighty,
a performance equalled also by Eobert
Hunter of Wee Burn, the title holder last
year, C. B. Hudson of North Fork and
W. H. Faust of West Field. But nobody
followed him thereafter. He made eighty
one oh the 3econd course and eighty
again on the third, without a dangerous
rival. W. E. Truesdell, who has been
pushing the leaders all season, crowded
the old champion out of second place by
one point, scoring 253 to Hunter's 254.
The prize for the best net score was
won by H. II. Kackham of Detroit.
He made a 226, ekeing out a narrow vic
tory from Walter Stall from Brockton
and T. II. Hoggsett of Cleveland who
both recorded 227. Eackham made nine
ty on course one, ninety-six on course
two, and one hundred and nine on course
three, a total of two hundred and ninety
five. His handicap aggregating sixty
nine made the final score.
There was a prize for the best
net on any course, and this developed
some good scores. J. D. Foot of Eye,
with a handicap of fourteen, came in with
a net of sixty-seven, which was tied by
the final winner, Eackham.
On number two course the second day
C. F. Lancaster of Woodland left the
field completely, and took the prize with
a 72. ' C. L. Becker, another Woodland
player, scored a victory on number three,
41 out and 44 in, a handicap of 10 and
a winning total of 75.
The scores by rounds, 1, 2 and 3
courses, gross total, total handicap and
net total:
II. II. Eackham
Walter Stall
T. II. Hoggsett
96 109295 69226
95 102287 60227
96 95 102293 66227 M. B. Johnson
Dr. Carlos MacDonald 93 102 107302 60242
111 114 112337 108229 Spencer Waters
C. L. Becker 89 91 96276 33243
87 90 85262 30232 C. B. Fownes
Dr. J. S. Brown 87 94 92273 30243
89 92 98279 45234 II. II. Buckley
J. L. Weller 92 106 108306 63243
89 93 94276 42234 G. T. Dunlap
William II. Thayer 91 97 100288 45243
81 87 96264 30234 J. M. Thompson
J. T. Newton 88 88 88264 21243
97 109 104310 75235 C. M. Eansom
W. II. Faust 82 91 92265 21244
80 84 94258 21237 Charles Fletcher
C. F. Lancaster 94 102 103299 54245
93 87 102282 45237 Danold Parson
W. E. Truesdell 86 93 96275 30245
81 85 87253 15238 II. W. Ormsbee
u h
Miss Elinor Gates, Mrs. Eoland II. Barlow, Mrs. Clarence II. Vanderbeck and
Mrs. Dorothy Campbell Hurd
W. S. Van Clief 93 110 103306 60246
88 92 98278 39239 T A. Cheatham
II. C. Fownes ' 90 92 91273 27246
81 88 94263 24239 C. S. MacDonald
T. B. Boyd 85 95 99279 33246
84 95 93272 33239 0. A. Blackburn
E. II. Hunt 102 107 110319 72247
89 90 94273 33240 C. B. Hudson
G. W. Statzell 80 94 97271 24247
92 91 96279 39240 N D. Clark
P. W. Whittemore 96 105 101302 54248
80 81 80241 0241 J m. Eobinson
P. S. McLaughlin 96 109 103-308 60248
85 94 98277 36241 D w Wing
J. II. Herring 100 107 114-321 72-249
100 97 99296 54242 IL F Lesh
P. B. O'Brien 106 97297 48249
93 98 102 293 51 242 Concluded on rage fourteen)
Famous Pianist to Play at the
Carolina Hotel
Adminlon Free to the Musical Treat
of the Tear for the Ilenetlt
ot Ilallle-Scarred IBelgJuni
AT eight-thirty P. M.
next Tuesday evening
at the Carolina Hotel
Miss Priscilla Carver
will give a piano recital
for the benefit of the
suffering millions in
Europe. It is a tangi
ble answer to the in
numerable appeals that have come from
the cataclysm recently, a very remarkable
double headed opportunity. First to hear
one of the best pianists of the day, and
secondly to satisfy that craving you have
to give some of your immodest savings
to the bewildered victims of conquest.
Miss Carver is not only a good musician
she is one of the best. She has ap
peared in solo parts with the New York
Symphony and the Thomas Orchestra of
Chicago. She is a student of Teresa Car
reno and of Harold Baner, and has been
most enthusiastically received by the
musical world.
She appears under the patronage of the
ladies of the cottage colony, including
Mrs. Frank North, Mrs. Thomas Theo
dore Watson, Mrs. F. E. May, Mrs. E. A.
Swigert, Mrs. M. B. Johnson, Mrs. George
Orvis, Mrs. Milton Eobinson, Mrs. H. W.
Priest, Mrs. Harry G. Waring, Mrs. Guy
Metcalf, Mrs. Tyler L. Eedfield, Mrs. F.
C. Abbe, Mrs. Leonard Tufts, Miss Bruce,
Mrs. John Cary Spring, Mrs. Eric Par
son, Mrs. Parker W. Whittemore, Mrs.
John Smithers, Mrs. George J. Jenks and
Mrs. Zenas Eandall Bliss.
A limited number of boxes are on sale
at ten dollars a piece. All other seats are
free of charge, and you are welcome to
come. The prettiest girls in all the Caro-
linas, with laughing eyes and fetching
pink bows, will usher you in, and later
give you an opportunity to contribute
what your purse and your heart dictate
for suffering humanity.
The Silver Foil
March 29 Medal Play Handicap for
those who have not won a prize. Prizes
for first, second and third net scores.
April 5 Choice Score. Best six holes
from each nine.
Putting competitions will be held from
time to time during the season.

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