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VOL. XIX, NO. 16
Wins Tie From Mrs. Barlow by One
Stroke Added to Mrs. Hard's Laurels
Hfra. Bwhrend a Cloae Competitor
and Winner of the Prize for
the Bent Xet Score
EXCEPT for the law
of chances, which never
allows anything on
earth to remain constant
for a long time, it is
quite certain that Mrs.
Dorothy Campbell Hurd
and Mrs. Roland Hi
Barlow would spend the
rest of their lives trying to determine
which was the better player. For they
are as nearly equal on the golf course as
two human beings can possibly be. This
was demonstrated in three days' play
for the championship of the Silver Foils
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday last.
The championship was determined by
thirty-six holes of medal play on number
one course, and there were prizes in addi
tion to the best net scores. On the first
day Mrs. Hurd led the field, and Mrs.
Barlow by three strokes, returning a
card of 89 against Mrs. Barlow's 92.
The next day the tide turned as evenly
as the pendulum swings. Mrs. Barlow
made the eighteen holes in 93 and Mrs
Hurd in 96. So they tied at 185 apiece.
The play-off demonstrated how even they
are. The first four holes were tied. Mrs.
Hurd got the best of the fifth by two
strokes, but Mrs. Barlow won the sixth
and the ninth both by one stroke, and
the ninth hole found them all even again
at 45 apiece. This was the best golf so
far seen in the tournament, but not as
good as that to come in the struggle for
the trophy. Mrs. Hurd came in with five
fives and four fours, and a total of 41,
just exactly one stroke ahead of last
year's champion, who had 42. Eighty
six to eighty-seven. And had it been
match play, even up. It was a magnifi
cent finish, and worthy of the distin
guished record of both players.
Their cards showed:
56555545 545
54554545 44186
565574 45 4 45 v
65445546 34287
None the less noteworthy was the ex
ceedingly close race given the leaders
for the championship by Mrs. E. H.
Behrend of Erie. Her 's was the best
score made by anyone on the second day,
a ninety-one. And her gross for the
thirty-six holes was 186, only a single
stroke behind Mrs. Hurd and Mrs. Bar
low. She won the prize for the best net
score by a safe margin from Mrs. H. H.
Van Cleef of Poughkeepsie with 162. Mrs.
Van Cleef, with a handicap of 36 and
a gross score of 100 105 205, finished
with a 69, seven ahead of Mrs. Channing
Wells of Southbridge.
Miss Louise Elkins, with 198, made
the fourth best gross score of the tourna
ment. The scores for each day's play,
the gross total, gross handicap and total
net are shown below:
Mrs- E. H. Behrend 95 91-186-24-162
Mrs.H.H. Van Cleef 100 105-205-36-169
Mrs. Channing Wells 110 106-216-40-176
Mrs. T. E. Palmer 110 102-212-32-180
Mrs. J. D. Chapman 102 107-209-28-181
Miss P. BeaU 116 102-237-46-183
Mrs. C. Eunyon 109 106-215-30-185
Mrs. II. H. Rackham 121
Mrs. C. B. Lawrence 112
Mrs. M. D. Rae 121
Mrs. L. E. Beall 116
Mrs. Guy Metcalf 112
Mrs. E. H. Barlow . 92
Mrs. J. V. Hurd 89
Miss Louise Elkins 96
Mrs- J. R. Price 101
Mrs. J. T. Newton 130
Miss E. M. Brien 111
Mrs. R. S. Hooker 125
Mrs.W.C.Fownes Jr. 115
Mrs. E. P. Muntz 141
Mrs. J. D. Hathaway 127
Mrs. E. C. Blancke 143
Mrs. J. H. Eedfield 121
Mrs. S. Waters 109
Mrs. F. T. Ellison 139
Mrs. F. S. Danforth 123
Miss E. Gates 118
114- 235-46-189
93-185 8-193
96-185 8-193
101- 198- 2-196
102- 203- 6-197
115- 226-22-204
100-218 2-220
Motor Bridg-e Parly
Mrs. G. T. Dunlap of Column Lodge,
entertained a motor bridge party at the
Three Oaks Tea Eoom at Lakeview Thurs
day afternoon. Mrs. J. G. Nicholson,
Mrs. Walter T. Stall, Mrs. A. S. New
comb and Mrs. H. W. Priest carried off
the honors. Others of the party were
Mrs. H. H. Bliss, Mrs. E. C. Blancke,
Mrs. C. B. Hudson, Mrs. Arthur Terry,
Mrs. J. S. Brown, Mrs. J. D. C. Rumsey,
Mrs. W. A. Sanf ord.
John C. Spring:
shooting against the veterans, Parker W.
Whittemore and George M. Howard of
Halifax, won the weekly shoot at the
Gun Club Monday and secured the tro
phy with a score of 95. Whittemore and
Howard shooting from scratch broke 91
and 89 targets respectively. Frank But
let, also shooting from scratch, made a 90.
A Spectacular Finish by Gladiator and
Polly in the Hardies
Herbert Cameron IVIna the Gueata'
Purae and IttUa Maltland the
Ladlea' Event in Trotting 7f eet
had reason to be proud
and happy driving home
in his chaize through the
winds on Wednesday
evening. For now hardly
a month old, the Racing
Association, child of his
fancy, had come forth
into a full fledged m&et, and provided a
spectacle of jumping and racing, of
limousines parked along the course, and
pretty figures ahorseback that might have
done credit to the Meadow Brook. The
polo field was briliant with the waiting
riders, and inspecting experts, excited
cousins and fair damsels, all anxious for
the event-
The gong rings, drivers bring their
eager charges to the mark, and the trot
ting race is on. The old thrill, which is
always new, runs through the crowd, and
holds it breathless as the horses take the
turn and swing into the stretch. Mr.
McCauley's Red wonder is in the lead,
and Are Am Bee, rigged like a frigate
working like clockwork, scarce a length
behind. On they came like a whirlwind,
a scene dear to the hearts of men since
the days of Ben Hur, and the dramatic
soul of the populace is satisfied to see
the famous horse nose the victory, travel
(Concluded on page fourteen)

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