North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. XIX, NO. 18
Guilford and Bellamy Second In Qualifi
cation of the United North and South
They IBolli Ileal Carter by a Stroke.
Til Fafet Field Ever Entered
in the Claanic Tournament
of Lake Forest, Illinois,
and the Woods Hole
Club, paired with Phil
Carter of Nassau, hith
erto without a peer on
the Pinehurst links this
season, electrified the
club by returning: a
card of 73 in the qualifying round of the
United North and South Championship
tournament, beating the invincible by
five strokes, and winning the medal. Not
only that, but he was a clear four strokes
ahead of Jessie Guilford, the famous
driver who last year trimmed Ouimet in
five out of his seven tournament matches
with him, eight ahead of Rodney Brown
and eleven better than Bill Chick of
redoubtable memory. Up to the four
teenth hole on this round he displayed a
brand of golf that is practically unbeat
able, being two strokes ahead of par at
that point. He lost a stroke on par on
each of the last four holes and still
finished in seventy-three.
Carter, whose play was watched with
so much interest by a concourse who have
come to believe him infallible and in
passing it may be remarked that he may
still be, his long suit being matches and
not medal play spoiled his usual con
sistent game at the very beginning, tak
ing twelve strokes on the first two holes
where many a hopeful opponent has seen
him make two fours without any appar
ent effort.
Jesse Guilford was second in the con
test, tied with C. J. Bellamy, a formida
ble player from Springfield whose edging
ahead of Carter was also a surprise. W.
M. Paul of Mecklenburg and Ned Beall
of Uniontown tied with C. E. VanVleck,
Jr., the Baltusrol expert with eighty each.
F. W. Dyer of Montclair, regarded as
one of the most dangerous of the entries,
had to be content with an 83, and
William Chick of Brookline, famous
throughout the golfing world, returned a
card of 84. This was equalled by C. L.
Becker and Donald Parson, members of
the local club and permanent figures on
the Pinehurst links.
The standard of play in the tournament
surpasses that of any previous year, wit
nessed by the fact that more than a hun
dred cards below one hundred were
turned in. The Summary:
Charles Skehens, Woods Hole 353873
Jesse Guilford, Woodland 3938 77
C. J. Bellamy, Springfield 413677
Phillip V. Carter, Nassau 413778
W. M. Paul, Mecklenburg 384280
E. C. Beall, Uniontown 413980
C.E.Van Vleck, Jr., Baltusrol 39 41 80
Rodney Brown, Brookline 40 41 81
W. R. Simons, Garden City 443781
J. M. WeUs, Kenilworth 404282
H. S. Cummings, Wee Burn 41 4283
F. W. Dyer, Montclair 394483
W. C. Chick, Brookline 404484
C. L. Becker, Woodland 414384
Donald Parson, Youngstown 41 43 84
E. L. Scofield, Jr., Wee Burn 414384
S. A. Ilennessee, Cooperstown 49 11 90
J. D. Foot, Rye 46 -11 90
T. A. Cheatham, Pittsburgh 474491
J. A. Dempsey, Aronimink 43 48 91
G. H. Milliken, Nassau 43 4891
W. Catchens, Fox Hills 46 4591
F. S. Danforth, North Fork 47 4491
Robert Wilson, Wannamoisett 45 46 91
H. T. Curtiss, Springfield 44 4791
Jeffrey Cuddy, Cleveland 474491
C. S. MacDonald, Toronto 48 4391
Dr. J. S. Brown, Montclair 42 49 91
Charles Hathaway, Essex 48 43 91
George Webster, Marquette 43 49 92
D. L. Leahy, Deal 48 4492
John Heydler, New York 46 46 92
H. P. Hotchkiss, New Haven 49 43 92
G. W. StatzeU, Aronimink 454792
J. M. Thompson, Springhaven 49 43 92
' "1
r - if
Winner of the Ladies' Purse in the Trotting Meet receiving the cup at the
Judges ' Stand
H. G. Welborn, Ridgewood 424284
J. W. Watson, Merion 42 4385
W. S. Van Clief, Richmond 434285
T. E. Jacobs. Wollaston 41 11 -85
T. H. McGraw, Jr., Oakmont 43 43 86
Chisholm Beach, Fox Hills 404686
P. S. MacLaughlin, Ekwanok 41 45 86
C. M. Ransom, Buffalo 444387
F. H. Hyatt, Jr., Eidgewood 464187
W. H. C. Mussen, Royal 444488
C. B. Fownes, Oakmont
TV- W. Case. Owasco 45 44 y
Horton Pushee, Brae Burn 45 4489
. B. Hudson, North Fork 45 45 yu
R. Y. Morris, Sounds Beach 474390
Fred O'Connell, Alpine 43 47 yu
AMp.Cormick. N. Brunswick 474390
W. N. Nevins, Springfield 454590
F. E. Aiken, Dunwoodie 44 4892
A. W. Brand, St. Andrews 514192
J. L. Wyckoff, Mt. Tom 444892
J. L. Weller, St. Catherines 474592
J.P.Williamson, Wilkes Barre 474693
Tom Morrison, Oakmont 49 44 93
J. H. Dinwildie, Wykagyl 494493
R. C. Shannon, II, Brockport 484593
C. H. Hart, Dunwoodie 444993
Dr. C. S. Carter, Shinnilcock 484593
J. J. Madson 93
M. Forest, Lawrence 49 45 94
A. W. Smith, Buffalo 494894
J. C. Taylor, Lakewood 47 4794
W. N. Hacket, Merion 46 4894
J. J. Young, Frankford 45 4994
Henry Holt, Jr., Wanbanakee 445094
C. A. Hartwell, Brookline 46 4894
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Atlantic Beach Professional Wins the
Open Championship
Hackney Makes the Coarse In to,
Equalling- the Itecord and Dividing
Second Place With Kerrigan
LINED up for that his
toric contest, the An
nual North and South
Open Championship
on Saturday was an
array of champions.
Recounting them calls to
mind the memorable
occasion when Grecian
Helen pointed out the heroes to old
Priam from the walls of Troy. Every
man was a host in himself, and the battle
scarred veteran of many victories. Fore
most there was Gil Nichols, Metropolitan
open champion, favorite of the prophets,
master of golf. Then there came the
Western cpen champion, the famous pro
fessional Tom McNamara, and Walter
Hagan confident of leading this field as
he led in the Panama-Pacific Tourna
ment. And with no less assurance others
were backing Alex Ross, conversant with
every hole and hollow on the Pinehurst
course, holder of the title last year, and
a man no human being could play with
a certainty of winning. Not so embroid
ered with titles, but equally strong on
the links were Jim Barnes, teacher of
the game at Atlantic Beach, and Tom
Kerrigan, headliner in the golfing col
umn of the metropolitan press, and
Clarence Hackney, destined to make the
best round of the event.
Pitted against these were these lead
ing amateurs: Phil Carter, yet to meet
defeat this season in match play, holder
of a charm, almost become a tradition for
victory; Jesse Guilford, groomed for
final honors; F. W. Dyer of Mnotclair
and Chick the Springfield veteran, whose
trophies are innummerable.
Of all these Carter was held to have
the best chance and Gil Nichols and Alex
Ross good second money. But when a
field as fast as this enters in close com
petition the prophet is out of his element.
There is not a man named there but on
occasion might beat Vardon himself, or
Apollo Stymie at the game. The golf
ing fans followed their hopes through
the eighteen holes, and gathered in anx
ious concourse around the score board as
the champions came rolling home.
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