ssm -mm THE PINEHURST OUTLOOK J6 ..I ARRIVALS AT THE CAROLINA " NEW YORK George H. Weaner, Mr. and Mrs. Norton D. Light, Fred J. Flynn, Miss Carolina B. Flynn, Mrs. William H.J. Frost, F. Frost and nurse, -Mrs. F. E. Martin,, Brooklyn ; Mrs. George W. Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Peters, Miss Frances Peters, W. A. Tilt, Mr. and Mrs. D. Fan ning, Brooklyn; Irving Wolf, L. W. Ballin, A. C. Dorsey, H. Li Walbridge, Miss N. French, Clif ford B. Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hansel and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. Finker, W. N. San ford, Miss M. Sanford, Mrs. Anne C. Papes, Miss Harriet Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Julian, Miss J. Julian, F. Small, A; L. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ehrehart,, Miss C. E. Ehre hart, Philip V. G. Carter, Miss S: Horton, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Roy croft, J. H.. Turner, W. J. Faith, A. M. Tolson, Mrs. B. Blumen-' thai, Miss K. H. Thoman, J. W. Daly, H. N. Rand, J. T. Hettinell. J. Caddan Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Laud, A. H. Sherwin, A. R. Wat son, Charles R. Gillet, G. O. Mil ler, S. B. Chapin, Jr., Philip Con nors, Donald C. Townley, C. Townley, H. B. Day, E. H. Smith, F. W. Shibley, W. D. Jay, Mrs. H. H. Vace, New York City; Mrs. E.P. Maynard, Brooklyn; Lind say Russel Stuart, Gibbany; Mrs. I. L. Robinson and family, Roch ester. NEW ENGLAND . . N. H. Black, Cambridge, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lesh, J. R. Bow ker, Mrs. L. W. Gale, the Misses Gale, Miss Giddens, Mrs. M. W. Waddell, Arthur B. Oilmore, George White, W.B. Wellen, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Treadway, Stock bridge ; Robinson Cook, Hartford ; Stuart Adams, New Haven. NEW JERSEY George Kenren, W. L. Pierce, Englewood; Joseph Hodson, Montclair; W. H. Rogers, Plain field ; Mr. and Mrs. George J. Ber ger, Haddenfield; Joseph Terry McCadden, Jr., Princeton, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Mead, Glen Ridge; W. H. Spedding, Jersey City; ' J. McLaugham, East Orange; J. E. Eudsen, Plainfield. PENNSYLVANIA N. Grey Dayton, Dr. D. H. Sum merman, Dr. and Mrs. George H. Summerman, Miss H. E. Summer- man, J. M. Thompson, James F. Fryer, Mr. and Mrs. A. Pearson and son, C. H. Pomeroy, C. H. Williams, P. A. Legge, H. C. Legge, Miss Muriel Crosby, Miss M. Palmer, Arthur Crosby, E. W. Crosby, Judge and Mrs. H. N. Welsle ; H. Ridge Langhorne, Frank S. Smith, Bethlehem; Mr. and Mrs. F. de St. Phalle, Elkins Park; Dr. and Mrs. George N. Highley, Conshokoken ; Mr.. Charles C. C. Highley, Conshoko ken; Stanley G. McCaddon, Wayne, C. L. Bradford, Pitts burgh; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Magoon and maid, Pittsburgh. CANADA John T. Small, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Leisher, Winne peg; Miss F. M. Keith, Nova Scotia; Mrs. Donald Ruele, Halifax. ' ' WASHINGTON ,F. S. Appleman, C. B. Slump, Blake ToWnsend, C. R. Townsend, Paul C. Warlenry, James Paul Warleury. WEST Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wolvin, Duluth, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Eimer, Miss Eleanor Eimer, St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Young, De troit; Mrs, W. B. Baer, Dr. F, Murcutt, California ; Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. Johnson, Cleveland ; Mr. and Mrs. F. P. R. Van Syekle, Columbus, Ohio; Y. H. Romane, French Lick, Ind. New Years on the Track The Jockey Club plans .to re peat the success of the Christmas Derby on New Years Day. They urge that this announcement be not only considered as a pro gram, but as an invitation for those that are holding their mounts for the races to bring them out on that day. The entries will include a number of new horses that have come into condi tion, and it is expected that some of the fastest mounts in the region will be sufficiently in shape to add speed and doubt to the $100 steeple chase. Thomas says that he will bet all he can rake together that he can carry Cap tain Heck over the bars ahead of Miriam H. and Captain Englin has a horse that is credited with better than anything the tho roughbreds have shown yet this time of year. Colonel Welck of the Highland Pines Stable, who brought a large party horseback over the roads Christmas Day to take in the meet, has entered the pick of his thoroughbred string, the wonder ful mare Virginia Handsome. She is slated to get away with the Hunters' Cup, and provide the colonel with an annuity. Maybe so. Our province is to relate, not to foretell. The program for New Year's as outlined Wednesday evening pre vious is: 1. Harness Specialty. For pacers and trotters. Mile heats, best two out of three. Purse to winner. 2. Ladies' Purse. mile dash. Silver trophy to winner. Guests of the village and the hotels can obtain good mounts for this event at the Pinehurst stables. 3. Guests Purse. mile dash for gentleman riders. Silver trophy. 4. Hunters' Cup. mile -flat race for thoroughbreds only. Purse to winner. 5. New Year's Steeple Chase. Full course for $100. Armstrong Leads the Field (Concluded from page four) Par 44443345 435 Armstrong 44554345 539 Carter 55443457 542 Williams 45534456 541 Par 44543453 436 Armstrong 35543464 6 10 79 Carter 745-33474 54284 Williams 54464555 54384 Summary. . Medal Play. Course Number Three. Pinehurst, Dec ember 29. D. L. Armstrong, Oakmont 39 40 79 Philip V. G. Carter, Nassau 42 4284 C. H. Williams, Aronimink 41 4384 J. W. Watson, Union Cricket 43 . 4285 Eobert Hunter, Wee Burn 44 4286 W. G. Clayton, Springhaven 43 4386 I. S. Eobeson, Oak Hill 47 4087 F. K. Eobeson, Oak Hill 44 4387 Geo. Van Keuren, Englewood 43 47 90 E. C. Shannon II, Brockport 44 4690 C. L. Becker, Woodland 45 4590 J. Hodgson, Montclair 43 48 91 W. L. Pierce, Jr., Englewood 45 46 91 Frederick Snare, Havana 44 48 92 F. N. B. Close, Baltusrol 45 4792 T. A. Kelley, So. Pines 43 5093 Spencer Waters, Apawamis 44 50 94 J. M. Thompson, Springhaven 48 46 94 F. H. Gates, Moore County 47 4794 F. S. Danforth, North Fork 46 4894 H. C. Phillips, Moore County 45 5095 N. L. Fearey, Eichmond Co. 47 48 95 W. G. Clark, Wollaston 48 4795 W. E. Truesdell, Fox Hills 45 5196 S. O. Miller, Englewood 48 4997 Eobinson Cook, Hartford 49 48 97 F.W.Gwinn, Jr., Cherry Valley 49 4998 C. I. Stephanson, North Fork 56 52 9.8 Norman Peters, Englewood 49 49 98 J as. II. Turner, Fox Hills 49 4998 W. T. Barr, Marine and Feild 50 4898 Henry B. Keepe, Onwentsia 52 46 98 Dr. J. Swain, Springhaven 49 50 99 Fred W. Shibley, Englewood 46 5399 J. E. Bowker, Woodland 51 4899 C. B. Hudson, North Fork W. A. Barker, Jr., Ekwanok C. C. Highley, Plymouth J. D. Armstrong, Buffalo O. C. Hoyt, Sleepy Hollow G. W. Mead, Glen Eidge T. A. Cheatham, Pinehurst James W. Daly, New York Percy A. Legge, Philadelphia C. F. Lancaster, Woodland Howard Eand, Essex County Lee Page W. E. Eakin, Baltusrol S.A.IIennessee, Cooperstown J. C. McLaughlin, Yauntakah I N. W. James, Fox Hills Eobert Fields, New Orleans F. C. Baldy, Southborough E. H. Thurston, Westhampton A. T. Treadway, Stockbridge H. W. Ormsbee, South Shore W. M. Sanford, Glen Eidge L. C. Cummings, Portland J. D. C. Eumsey, Brooklyn Frank Page, Moore County . J.T.McCaddon, Jr., Princeton Jay Hall, Lansing Chas. Hansel, Baltusrol Com. J. T. Newton, Tuxedo C. E. Gillett, Wykagyle Col. E. A. Swigert, Palmetto II. C. Legge, Philadelphia L. W. Batten, Baltusrol H.W.Waldron, Agawam Hunt, F. B. Gott, Westwood Edward Legge, Wellesly H. F. Lesh, Brae Burn II. T. Frost, Glen Eidge C. L. Bradford, Stanton E. A. Vosburgh, Olympia Victor A. Seggerman Fred J. Flynn, Flushing S. H. Spedding, Yountakah A. E. Watson, Garden City E. D. Merritt, Detroit II. Fayer, Montclair Walter Hochschild, Eagle Nest James Barber, Englewood E. W. Page, Moore County W. V. KeUen, Oakley A. L. Eeed, Garden City H. Weatherbey, Englewood D. N. Jewett, Skaneateles A. H. Sherwin, Woodmere II. B. Day, Englewood John T. Hettrill, Dunwoodie Dr. G. II. Simmerman, Lu Lu John A. Stopkwell, Woodland W. L. Verlenden, Lansdowne C. S. McDonald, Lambton S G. McCaddon, St. Davids David W. Jewett, Pawling II. A. Evans, Baltimore A. T. Dorsey, Hackensack H. S. Cummings, Woodland E. II. Jewett, Skaneateles S. G. Gibboney, Cherry Valley Calvert Townley, Scarsdale M. II. Ormsbee, South Shore W.A.Sandford, St. Augustine G. A. Magoon, Oakmont, John B. Moore, New York S. F. Eothschild, South Shore W. .L. Cummings, Woodland Geo. N. Highley, Plymouth Frank S. Smith, Northampton G. C. Aberle, North Hills James F. Fryer, North Hills L. F. Newman, Oakwood John T. Small, Toronto H. F. Eothschild, South Shore H. S. Houston, Mt. Tom Frank P. Van Syckel, Scioto 52 52 49 52 50 49 48 4,8 54 50 49 50 47 50 52 53 50 54 52 51 56 54 51 52 52 55 47 52 54 51 46 53 55 55 56 51 51 53 50 54 56 55 56 54 56 54 49 53 53 52 55 61 61 56 55 56 57 57' 56 55 53 59 59 55 56 60 58 56 61 60 61 59 56 61' 60 61 59: 61 59 61 62 64 69 48-48-51-49-51-52-53-53-48-52-53-52-55-52-51-50-53-49-51-53-48-50-53-52-52-50-58-54-52-55-60-54-52-52-51-57-57-56-59-56-54-55-54-57-55-57-63-59-59-60-57-52-52-57-59-58-57-57-59-60-63-57-'58-62-61-58-60-62-58-60-59-62-65-60-63-62-65-.64-67-65-68-66-62- -100 -100 -100 -101 -101 -101 -101 -101 -102 -102 -102 -102 -102 -102 -103 -103 -103 -103 -103 -104 -104 -104 -104' -101 -104 -105 -105 -106 -106 -106 -106 -107 -107 -107 -107 -10S -108 -109 -109 -110 -110 -110 -110 -111 -111 -111 -112 -112 -112 -112 -112 -113 -113 -113 -114 -114 -114 -114 -115 -115 -116 -116 -117 -117 -117 -118 -118 -118 -119 -120 -120 -121 -121 -121 -123 -123 -124 -125 -126 -126 -130 -130 -131 To Build for an Investment Mr. C. B. Hudson of New Suf folk has purchased a house site adjoining his own residence, the Dogwood Cottage, upon which he intends to build an attractive house to help out in the shortage of cottages in the colony, which has been experienced for a num ber of years.

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