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Wins The St. Valentines Tournament
Mrs. John D. Chapman Rnnner-Up
W Eleanor T. Chandler mf Pnil-
adelphia, had Won Iler Match
Ag-alnat Mr. II. I. Saxton
South Champion, who won the qualify
ing round of the St. Valentine tourna
ment for women in our last issue,
carried off the final honors on Satur
day by defeating Mrs. John D. Chap
man of Greenwich by 6 up and 4. to
The first match round played on
Tuesday, the 13th, was composed of a
number of unequal contests in the
First Eight, all of the favorites com
ing through without any particular
difficulty. Miss Kate Bomann opposed
Mrs. Hurd in this round and held her
own until the start of the homeward
trip, when Mrs. Hurd took several
holes in succession, beginning with a
fine 2 on the 11th and. brought the
match to an untimely end at the 14th.
Mrs. Hurd came home in 42, the best
9 holes played during the tournament.
In the meantime, Miss Eleanor T.
Chandler of Philadelphia, had won
her match against Mrs. H. D. Saxton
of Brooklyn by 8 and 6, and had gone
in 49-43, 92 as compared with 50-42,
92 for the North and South champion.
A comparison of cards of great inter
est at the time if of little interest in
the light of later events, showed that
Miss Chandler had a 1 hole advantage
over Mrs. Hurd in the round, and gave
promise of a great semi-final match
between the two players on the next
day. N
The semi-finals, played on Friday,
were however, disappointing from the
gallery's point of view. Mrs. Hurd
played a good round, finishing in 45
44, 89, but Miss Chandler was away off
her game, took 98 to go around and
lost by 6 down at the 14th.
The other semi-final match between
Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. F. T. Keating
of the Agawam Hunt, was also a one
sided affair, Mrs. Chapman taking tna
first four holes and holding her ad
vantage to the end, finally winning by
5 and 4.
It was reserved for the second con
solation division to produce the sen
sation of the day and the tournament.
Mrs. G. A. Magoon of Oakmont, and
Miss Winifred V. Cullen of Canoe
Brook, failed to come to a decision at
the 18th. Also at the 19th, 20th, and
21st, and having come that far they
went right on and halved the 22nd and
23rd. Mrs. Magoon finally won what
is possibly the longest match ever
played at Pinehurst, at the 24th hole !
The Finals
Of course everybody, including Mrs.
Chapman, knew that Mrs. Hurd would
defeat Mrs. Chapman in the final con
test. It is therefore all the more to
the credit of the ultimate loser that
she played the game of her life all
through the first half, going out in 46
First Eight
First round: Mrs. F. T. Keating,
Agawam Hunt, beat Mrs. J. H. Wright
Geney Farms, 5 and 4; Mrs. J. D.
Chapman, Greenwich, beat Mrs. C. S.
Waterhouse, Ardsley, 5 and 3; Miss E.
T. Chandler, Philadelphia, beat Mrs.
H. D. Saxton, Brooklyn, 8 and 6; Mrs.
J. V. Hurd, Westmoreland, beat Mis?
K. Bowman, Plainhela, 5 and 4.
Semi-finals: Mrs. Chapman beat
Mrs. Keating, 5 and 4; Mrs. Hurd
beat Miss Chandler, 6 and 5.
Final: Mrs. Hurd beat Mrs. Chap-
r 3 't
r.r.-... xfr , y
"Hi t
' r
and holding Mrs. Hurd down to a 2inian,
hole lead at the turn. Coming in,
Mrs. Chapman did not do so well and
the hand-shaking ceremony was staged
at the 14th hole. Mrs. Hurd played
her best round of the tournament in
this final match, finishing in 43-43, 86.
The second division trophy went to
Mrs. F. H. Mahan, of St. Davids, and
Miss Elsie Morgan of Englewood won
the trophy in the third eight.
6 and 4.
First Beaten Four
Semi-finals: Mrs. C. S. Waterhouse
beat Mrs. J. H. Wright, 5 and 4; Mrs.
H. D. Saxon beat Miss Bowman, 1 up
(19 holes).
Final: Mrs. Waterhouse beat Mrs.
Saxton, 3 and 2.
Second Eight
First round: Mrs. F. H. Mahan, St.
(Concluded on-page eight)'
Robert Armstrong's John Briniin,s
Jack Wins The Open
II. II. Wilkin' Covejcot JTeaC
Takes FIrat In Member'
On Friday afternoon, February 14,
1919, the Second Annual Pinehursu
Field Trial Club started its open
stake with Wastica, owned and han
dled by Jay V. Hall, and Peggy Mont r
rose, owned and handled by R. K.
Armstrong, as the first brace. Wastica
slowed up a good deal towards the end
of the heat. She pointed in a swamp
and found nothing, and did the sam
up on the hill later. She, however, did
not hold either point long. She was
fairly wide and fast, but did not have
much class, nor, apparently, much en
durance. Peggy went wide enough
for this wooded country and seemed
to be hunting all the time and was
quite fast and had a good deal more
class than Wastica. Neither dog,
however, found birds.
The next brace was Stylish Palmet
to, owned and handled by R. K. Arm
strong, and Dolly Patch, owned and
handled by C. Blow. Palmetto was a
good going dog, but not as wide as Mr.
Armstrong's other dogs. Had good
speed and a nice way of going. It
was raining pretty hard when these
dogs were down, but Dolly got out
wider than Palmetto and kept but in
good shape, but wasn't as fast. Once
or twice she messed around on a trail
for some time. Neither of the dogs
found birds.
The third brace was Dolly Peach
Blossom, owned and handled by Mr.
Hall, and John Brinkins Jack, owned
by A. P. Pou . and handled by Mr.
Armstrong. Dolly is a nice going
bitch, with good speed, but her range
is pretty narrow and she seemed to be
out of hand a good deal. She found
no birds, and after Jack had found a
covey which had been flushed she got
no singles. Jack is a very clumsy dog,
had plenty of speed and range; made
a good find at the head of a branch
and when the birds were flushed he
snapped up two singles. At the eni
of the heat he seemed to be slowing
up some, but outside of that he ran a
perfect heat, considering the country
he was handled over.
The fourth brace was Sunkist, own
ed by Jay Hall, handled by Armstrong
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