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Wins The Spring Tournament, Defeat
ing Edward Styles in Saturday's Finals
Styles Takes the Qualifying- Medal
on the Plaj Off with
The Qualifying Bound of the Spring
Tournament, being disposed of on Mon
day and Tuesday and in the last issue
of the Outlook, the seventeen sixteens
played their first match round on Wed
nesday, the upper divisions using Num
ber Two and the lower sixteens going
over Number Three. On the same day
a new qualifying round was held
among those who had failed to qualify
within their classification and this ad
ded a handicap eight and a handicap
four to the number of division playing.
The total field then stood at 284.
Dwight L. Armstrong and Edward
Styles, who had tied for the medal,
landed in opposed brackets by the luck
of the draw. Both Avon their first
round matches handily, on Wednesday.
Armstrong played against W. II. Ful
ler, of Worcester, and won by 5 and 4.
Styles defeated Joe Bydolek of Buf
falo, by 4 and 3. The outcome of these
two matches had been discounted in ad
vance and the day, as a whole, was
singularly free from sensational con
tests or incidents. H. C. Fownes won
by a wide margin against G. M. How
ard in the second sixteen, and went
around in 80. Armstrong and Styles
both finished around the 80 mark and
if anybody did any better on Wednes
day he failed to let us know about it.
We happened to be at the tenth green
when C. L. Becker and Dr. George Par
ry came along in the second sixteen
and nonchalantly halved that par 4 hole
in threes, but as they took par 4 to
make the next hole we quit them cold
and returned to the clubhouse, where
we jotted down the following summary
on the back of an envelope.
C. F. Watson, Jr., Baltusrol, beat W.
A. Whitcomb, Worcester, 1 up. t
L. A. Hamilton, Garden City, beat
Donald Parson, Chevy Chase, 2 and 1.
L. G. Spindler, Fox Hills, beat F.H .
Gates, Moore County, 3 and 1.
Dwight L. Armstrong, Oakmont, beat
W. H. Fuller, Worcester, 5 and 4.
Edward Styles, Washington Golf, beat
Joe Bydolek, Buffalo, 4 and 3.
GeoTge A. Dixon, Jr., National, beat
H. T. Cook, Trenton, 5 and 4.
L. D. Pierce, Ekwanok, beat W. E.
Truesdell, Garden City, 1 up.
T. J. Moran, Rhode Island, beat R. A.
Stranahan, Inverness, 1 up.
E. L. Scofield, Woodway, beat S. S.
Brennan, Worcester, 1 up.
H. C. Fownes, Oakmont, beat G. M.
Howard, Halifax, 8 and 7.
C. B. Grieer, Montreal beat A. S. Hig
gins, St. Andrews, 3 and 1.
A. E. Ranney, Greenwich, beat P. S.
McLaughlin, Scarsdale, 5 and 4.
J. M. Thompson, Springhaven, beat G.
W. Carroll, Jr., Norwich, 2 and 1.
C. L. Becker, Philadelphia, N. Y., beat
Geo. Parry, Old York Eoad, 3 and 2.
J D. Chapman, Greenwich, beat C.
Van Clief, West Brighton, 1 up.
S. M. Morgan, Pttsburgh, beat E. J.
Dayton, Detrot, 3 and 1.
S. P. Bush, Scioto, beat J. C. Howe,
Brookline, 1 up.
G. W. Mead, Glen Ridge, beat P. R.
Thayer, Albemarle, by default.
J. A. Middleton, Beverley, beat S. II.
Hadley, Sharon, 3 and 2.
J. D. Armstrong, Buffalo, beat W.
C. Heath, Canoe Brook, 2 up.
M. B. Stone, Brookline, beat L. S.
Freedman, Wykagyl, 5 and 4.
II. J. Blue, Abeerdeen, beat H. IS.
Doty,H udson River, 1 up.
H. B. Lewis, Boston, beat E. S. Pear
soli, 5, and 3.
E. B. Fay, St. Louis, beat G. L. For
man, Hartford, 1 up.
Carl Fels, Woodmare, beat F. C. Page,
Aberdeen, 1 up.
N. E. Sprague, Inwood, beat Dicken
son Bishop, Dowagiac, 4 and 2.
H. L. Tenney, Greenwich, beat W. L.
Milliken, Hyannisport, 3 and 1.
F. W. de John, Sleepy Hollow, beat B.
F. Cutler, Brookline, 3 and 1.
J. S.. Brown, Montclair, beat W. S.
Van Clief, Richmond County, 5 and 4.
L. M. Greer, Garden City, beat E. J.
Daehler, Portsmouth, 3 and 2.
W. H. Nichols, Jr., Piping Rock, beat
E. J. Barber, Englewood, 4 and 3.
G. W. Statzell, Arorinimk, beat L. P.
Goodspeed, Yountatake, 4 and 3.
S. O. Miller, Aurora, beat M. B. John
son, Jr., Cleveland, 4 and 3.
H. J. Russell, Manchester, beat G. P.
Hart, Monnoosnock, 1 up (21 holes).
B. J. Breed, Swamscott, beat G. F.
Brown, Huntngton Valleey, 2 and 1.
F. P. Lee, Framingham, beat R. B.
Buckins, Frankford, 4 and 3.
J. L. Weller, St. Catherines, beat W.
B. Merrill, Brookline, 6 and 5.
C. H. Stevick, Flushing, beat II. B.
Jones, Brooklins, 5 and 4.
C. B. Keen, Pine Valley, beat S. Y.
Eamage, Wanago, 1 up.
George VanKeuren, Englewood, beat
Lincoln Grant, Greenwich, 6 and 5.
P. B. O'Brien, Detroit, beat R. T.
Hall, Oakmont, 7 and 6.
W. M. Briggs, Portsmouth, beat W. A.
Cheel, Ridgewood, 1 up.
W. H. Rogers, Oakmont, beat D. D.
Dwyer, Beaconsfield, 3 and 2.
W. W. Windle, Worcester, beat H. W.
Ormsbee, South Shore 2 and 1.
S. A. Hennessee, Cooperstown, beat
Geo. Graham, Englewood, 3 and 2.
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Miss Carolyn Bogart and C. F Watson.
Jr. Win the Woman's and Hen's Singles
Itogrer Ward and U. A. Ilose alao
among1 those present at the
Distribution of Trophies
A small but determined field took
part in tho Pinehurst Championship
Tennis Tournament this week, and dis
posed of a total of 226 games, exclusive
of sets that went by default in the
course of four days' play.
Miss Carolyn Bogart, who seems to
have established herself as tho annual
winner of the women's trophy in this
event, came through to tho final as us
ual without any great difficulty, dispos
ing in succession of Miss Billo Bun
ton and Miss Esther Tufts, and winning
against Miss Judith Jenks, in the fin
al, in two straight sets.
Miss Bogart gathered in a second
trophy, in the mixed doubles, where she
played in partnership with N. A. Rose,
the Longwood expert. In the final,
playing against Miss Mabel S. Eice and
Roger Ward, Miss Bogart and Rose
were "doAvn" at the start but rallied
and forced the set to deuce, finally tak
ing it by 8-6. The second and deciding
set was finished very quickly, Miss Rice
and Ward losing it by 1-6.
C. F. Watson, Jr., of the Westchester
Country Club, won every one of his
sets in tho men's singles, defeating
Raymond Dalfer of South Shore, II. T.
Dana of Pinehurst, and Roger Ward.
The final, Watson versus Ward, went to
the Westchester player in 6-3, 6-1, 6-2.
Mr. Ward had his revenge in the
men's doubles, where he and N. A. Rose
played against Watson and Major Ran
ney. This was the hardest fought con
test of the tournament, and although
Ward and Rose won in the final analy
sis they had to fight an uphill battle in
every set except the fourth and last.
The final went their way by 7-5, 6-4, 4-6
and 6-1.
First round: Roger Ward, Montreal,
beat N. A. Rose, Longwood, 6-1, 6-2 ; C.
F. Watson, Jr., Westchester, beat Ray
mond Balfe, South Shore, 6-1, default.
Semi-finals: Roger Ward beat Ma
jor A. E. Ranney, West Side, 6-0, 6-2;
C. F. Watson, Jr., beat II. T. Dana, of
Moore county, 6-2, 6-5.
Final: Watson beat Ward 6-3, 6-1,
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