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Regains the North and South
Championship Title and Ties
with Mrs. J. V. Hurd
for the Qualifying
Miss Sara Fownes Defeats Mrs. Hurd
in Sensational First Match Round
and Gives Mrs. Barlow a Hard
Fight for the Final Victory and the
Championship Title. Mrs. Barlow
Wins from Miss Rosenthal on the
Home Green.
Mrs. Ronald H. Barlow, who last
held the North and South title in 1916,
regained it on Wednesday by defeat
ing Miss Sara Fownes with the last
putt on the last hole of the last match
of the most exciting North and South
tournament that ever happened.
Mrs. J. V. Hurd, defeated by Miss
Fownes in the first round, won the
consolation trophy, of course, and in
cidentally turned in the best round
made by a woman player this season,
a 40-41, 81, on the championship
But, we are sorry to say, we haven't
cot down to the final matches yet and
we will not go back to the beginning
and start all over again.
Saturday's Qualifying Round.
A field of 62 took part in the qu-'A
fying round, on the Number two
course, on Saturday, with Mrs. R. 11.
Barlow. Mrs. J. V. Hurd, the NcrJi
and South champion, and Miss Elaine
Rosenthal, the Western champion, the
favorites for the medal, in the order
named, and with Mrs. Clarence H.
Vanderbeck, recently National cham
pion, as an alternate, so to speak. Mrs
Barlow had just won the Silver Foils
championship with a total of 170 for
the 36 holes, on Number One. Mrs.
Hurd had finished in 172, on that oc
casion, and had had an 82, on the
championship course, in match' play,
on the day before the qualifying
round. Miss Rosenthal had. also had
an 82, in that same match. Nobody
seemed to have much of a line on Mrs.
Vanderbeck's game, last week, but the
fact that she had taken 10 strokes
more than Mrs. Hurd or Miss Rosen
thal in that match on Friday, seemed
to count against her chances of lead
ing the field on Saturday.. Yet that is
just what happened, as follows:
Mrs. Vanderbeck's card:
Out: 5, 5, 5, 4, 5, 3, 7, 442.
In: 4,5,5,5, 5,3,6,4,6 43; 85.
Mrs. 'Barlow and Mrs. Hurd both
started out badly and came in tied for
second place, at 91, followed by Mrs.
J. R. Price, at 92, and by Miss Sara
Fownes, Mrs. John D. Chapman, Mrs.
Myra Helmer Pritchard, a former
Western champion, all three of whom
tied at 94. Miss Rosenthal and Mrs.
M. J. Scammell took 98 and would
have had to play off a tie for last place
in the championship Eight if Mrs.
Vanderbeck had not withdrawn.
The elimination of Mrs. Vanderbeck
left the award of the qualifying medal
subject to the play-off of the tie be
tween Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Hurd, at
91, a play off which has not yet taken
place as we go to press. There is one
Kate Bomann, both of whom should
have known better, qualified over the
100 mark and dropped to the second
eight in company with Mrs. J. W.
Turnbull, who had broken 90 on the
course only the day before the round.
Mrs. Turnbull, in fact, finally wound
up in the third eight, on the luck of
the draw. Mrs. Donald Parson also
went into the third eight by the same
.Seven Eights qualified for match
play, as follows :
Championship Eight.
Mrs. R. H. Barlow, Marion 48 43 91
Mrs. J. V. Hurd, Westmore
land 44 47 91
Mrs. J. R. Rice, Oakmont 47 45 92
In front: Donald Parson (left), L. D. Pierce (right).
Seated (left to right) : M. B. Johnson, C. B. Hudson, C. B. Fownes, C. L.
w C. Fownes. J. G. Nicholson.
Standing (left to right): C. S. Waterhouse, Tom McGraw, Jr., J. M.
Thompson, T. A. Kelly, J. R. Bowker, James Barber, JLDernara raner, JOnn
thing certain, and that is the ultimate
medallist will have earned her dis
tinction, for that play-off ought to be
one of the best contests staged here
for a long time past. And to have the
medal dependent on the play-off be
tween the champions of yesterday and
today is a far more satisfactory state
of affairs, for all concerned, than to
have had it go to either Mrs. Barlow
or Mrs. Hurd direct, as a sort of sec
ond hand honor.
Miss Eleanor T. Chandler and Miss
Miss Sarah Fownes, Oak
mont 45 49 94
Mrs. J. S. Pritchard, Mid
lothian 45 49 y4
Mrs. J. D. Chapman, Green
wich 46 48 94
Miss Elaine V. Rosenthal,
Ravisloe 49 49 98
Mrs. J. M. Scammell, Bal
timore 48 50 98
Second Eight
Mrs. H. C. Smith, North
(Concluded on page two)
Melos Snatches the Steeplechase
Honors from Porin in the
Last Few Yards.
Nibbs also Takes the Seven Furlong
with Molly O., Amazement, Lydia
and King Charlie First under
the Wire in Other Events.
It isn't every steeplechase that is
won by fast work over the jumps, as
was proven at the Jockey Club's raco
meeting on Wednesday. Nat Hurd's
Pori;, with Hulcoat up, had things all
his own way so long as the supply of
hurdles held out and got out on the
open track with a good lead over Geo.
Nibbs' Melos and the field, only to be
overtaken and passed by Melos in the
last few yards of the home stretch.
Drawn, ridden by Lasses, had a bad
fall at one of the hurdles and had to
be shot. The diminutive jockey es
caped without a scratch.
Nibbs carried off another first in the
seven furlong flat, winning with Molly
O. Hulcoat brought the winner un
der the wire in 1.31, closely followed
by Diamond on George Roach and
Yates on Disturber.
Thomas' King Charlie was driven
by Swinnerton to a win in both of the
mile heats in the trot and pace. Lam
bert Splane's -Lydia, with Lasses up,
took the 5 1-2 furlong flat race in
1.11 2-5.
The Guest Race, 4 1-2 furlongs, was
won by Mr. Lillianthaw, riding our
old friend Amazement, formerly own
ed by Charles Chosewood, of Atlanta,
but purchased at auction last week by
Mr. W. C. McHose, of New York.
The results:
Trot and Pace, Mile Heats.
King Charlie, Thomas, Swinnerton, 1-1
Whip Cord, Coddington, Thomas, 2-3
Direct Bell, Coddington, Yates, 3-2
Time: 2.22 4-5; 2.23 1-5.
5 1-2 Furlong Flat.
Lydia (112), Splane, Lasses, won.
Single (110), Coddington & Brown,
Diamond, second.
Cliff Field (118), Hurd, Wells, third.
Time: 1.11 2-5.
Guest Race, 4 1-2 Furlongs.
Amazement, McHose, Mr. Lillianthaw,
Half Measure, Preston, Mr. Preston,
(Concluded on page seven)

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