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jr*/-' ^ , ■..• ]
Charlie Bueeell has returned to
Chapel Mil.
Holland Smith has returned to
“Chanel Hill. '
Doom of oa live to learn—men
. Waia to live.
R. O. Briggs, of Durham, ia vis
iting C. W. Worley.
y«h will amr get ahead by
7. following the crowd.
The better a man think* be is the
mom foolish he acta. -
The demand for sincerity is in
mc of the supply.
Defeat is education—the first
step to something better.
^ lindo Brigman returned to
Chapel Hill last Monday.
Mias Minnie Htansill has re
turned t> Ureensboro Female
{sum Patrick has been making
aaveral saccemful business tripe
A pleasant call from Rev. W.
R. Copped ge m an incident of
Aleck Painter has retarded
from a viaii. to hia family in Or
angeburg, 8. C.
RobC F. Gaitiy, of Mangam,
wait beta Tuesday. Bob is one of
oar bast young man.
J. A. McAlister spent hia Holi
days with hia sister, Mia. B. B.
Redwine, at Monroe.
: Mr. and Mrs. O. L, Kinney are
visiting Mr. J. K. 8mith and fam
ily at Fort Mill, 8. C.
.The editor regrets, hie absence
from tlia_ offloe vrhen Rev. P. R.
Law favored ,ua with a call.
- ' >. wa.
also a pleasant cellar, and ha too,
left a redtembrstfoe of tha asms.
• Mr, and Mrs. Gregory, of
Btateavilto, ward hare Monday, to
attand the funeral of Mrs. Qanip
. W* ' ' -
’ Ralph Terry, recently of Lau
retta, 8. 0., is visiting his family
and friends .ham. Welcome
, J. A. Hutchinson, of Covington,
was a pleasant caller last Friday,
and left a pleasant ratnem be ranee
‘ of the same.
Mias Pattis Monro# aUanded
’ the Coviugtou-Capel marriage at
Tray, calling by Biseoe, to vieit
friends them.
It is hard to imagine anything
mors contemptible than the man
who howto beoauea ha is hasten at
waiter 8. Thomas has returned
from Hanford, whim be accom
panied Mr. and Mm. 0. Thom
as to their home.
“Goblsr” made us a pleasant
«Mt 00 Friday. He says the
gnttillm smsnn will soon be ou.
Item out for Mm.
We aright toll you as some
other paper will do, that are baas
hem hefiag cold weather, but
yue kaow this already.
Hot X'pay made a passing
salt Thanfilsy sod we ragmt that
sieknesrhspt os at home, and
esa^el as to arias Me visit.
ft yea want a flaesaitof oletb
iag for a email mm Blacker Bsoa. |
am tsaomodats you. Sea their
ad and go for them at mas.
S. L. Ifaariee has opened ap a
stosh af goods ia Ihs eld Maurice
stead at ths depot, mesotly Ta
tar astasaesd Mead, /. Me.
of Leave! Hill, wee
ei*)tba abort,
''fel'f’’'-®?11'- >«> jr'K
r • • /
Miss Anna Roberta, of Lower
Wolf Pit, spent a part of last
week with relatives in Rocking
A tan pound ba by-boy was in
troduced into the happy famiitj of
J 8. Buggan at Cordorg-lhia since
our correspondent made his re
Our clever friend, Mr. Hardin,
of Liltertr, who hns l>eeu here for
several dnya, left for hit home to
day. Ha has a number of friends
1 here.
Messrs. J. P. Little, jr., D. A.
Bruton, J. A. Ingram. 8. H. In
gram and C. P. Capel, of Steele’s,
and Black Jack towuehips, were
here Monday.
Edward E. Ingram made us a
pleasant call yesterday, en
route to Morveu school. Of course,
he arranged for the weekly visits
of the Headlight.
W. 8. Watson, of Texas, one
ofonrold Richmond citizens,' is
here on a visit to friends. Of
coarse, he will have the Headlight
to follow him home. '
We are informed that nur
youug friend Auatin. non of Rev.
J. H. Auatin, killed 85 black
birds a few days ago at one shot
and nine at another shot. Good
■porting that.
Attention ia called to the notice
of the meeting of the Richmond
and Scotland Fire Associrtion,
which ia to bo held at Lauainburg
on the 14th inetant* The notice
la short. Don’t fail to attend if
you are interested.
Messrs. Lippe . and Boggnn
spent several days in Scotland
county last week, and inade quite
a success of selling the Lipps fer
tilise*. They aaj the . Headlight
is very papular over there, and
that many said they read their
ad in the Headlight. Where ia it
the Headlight doee’nt go?
Hamlet Academy.
B. F. Reynolds and Mias Lula
Whitaker have taken charge of
the Hamlet Aoedemy and have
opened up uuder favorable auspi
ciee. Both teachers enjoy a well
merited reputation fairly won,
and it is hoped, that they will re
ceive the hearty co-operation of
the community.
Paruitn’ Sut« Association.
This body will meet in Raleigh
January 14th and every county
should be represented. If there
ever was a time when farmers
should h4 organised this is the
time. The farmers in every
county should hold a meeting and
•end delegatee, bat if there
is not time for eadh action, let
all who cau attend the meeting,
examine into ite objects ami
workings, and if satisfactory,
come home and organised, for
until they are, they will belong
to other ctaaeee which* are organ
Mrs* Jennie Campbell.
Mrs. Jennie Campbell, nee
Long, the beloved wife of Dr. I
Iks Cempbsl, of Wades boro, died
at her home on the Alb, and her
remains vers interred at Rock
ingham on the A*h instant, in
the presence of a large concourse
of friends.
She was tbs daughter of Mr.
and Mm. W. F. Long. She wss
raised in tho town sad having
taught school for several years
la oar midst was fsasrsly known
and quits popular. Them has
passed away A devoted child,
loving wife, Mid aa affectionate
young mother.
FOB 8ALX—Prions, a Jersey
ball, with a pedigree unsurpassed.
Par farther information, ess
County Couiiiiiwxinucrw.
The Board eovened in regtdar
session last Monday, and transac
ted its usual routine business, and
issued liquor license to one house
in Rockingham, one in Hoffman
and fonriu Hamlet.
D. \V. Sedbery, who hna g:ven
great satisfaction to the board,
was re-elected superintendent of
the County Home. The letting
out flie county fen«» was deferred
to the February meeting. The
settlement with tlio sheriff will
bo I lad next Monday.
Tint urn.sues ok thk Jl'BT.
I. U Reynold*,
K 3 Ste.n,
J P MiUou.'
Klin* Union,
E K Maywood,
A. Hrwaen.
A'H McDonald,
L A Mall,
li F Porter,
\V A Caudle,
Jnu. K. Jam il.
Kobt. L. Steele,
B F Bander*,
Jantca Blue
L W McNeill,
Jno B Covington,
Stephen C Mibaou,
B H LeUrand,
J r Jenkins.
J A Meil»i:a.
C C Taylor
J W Him*.
J D 1’ond.
J B Li Ira.
li F Stntta.
W A Dana.
J 11 LoCirand.
Charlie Terry.
J L Baldwin.
Jno. ii. Dawkins,
J A Ingram. j
'O T (ioodwin.
J A Ingram, Jr.
• B F Stein,
Frank Hart.
A 8 Oriuaby.
Mm. TIioimhn* School.
At our request «qje of our nicest
young men prepared an excellent
write-up of the entertainment
recently given by Mre. Thomas'
school, it was impossible
t<> publish it last weeek—now it is
too late.
Lcdbtter School.
Trucy Worley has been employ
ed to teach the Ledbetter school
and will open next Monday. Mr.
Worley is u bright young men
with commendable aspirations to
make his mark as a teucher, and
we trust that he will receive the
united support of the people.
Wb TVB Dltl’ut Write up tb^
The above haa been asked, and
we reply -as follows: A clever
young gentleman, Skilled in this
branch of the science, assured us
i he would hand us a uics, type
written, elaborate report of said
'"German” on the following Mon
day morning,. Another proposed
to do this for us, but depending
upon the assurance given us by
the former, we declined the Utter.
Is the fault nura7 We might
have written it this week, but
town news two weeks old is, in
our opinion rather stale tor oun
eolamr.s, hdwever important it
may be.
Hed Kaolin.
Mr. A. T. White has left with
us a sample of Red Kaolin which
i* abundant upon hi* lands, and
which will, at no distant day,
be a source of revenue to him.
The Red, and the white kaolin
can be found in almost inexhaust
ible auantities in the Mountain
Creek country in the vicinity of
Boetick’a Mill. We trust that
some person or company will
build a railroad, or tram road
from Rockingham to this section.
Riohipond has untold mineral
and other resources awaiting de
Willie Capl, eon of C. C.Capl,
of,Rowland, greeted ua with a most
welcome vieit Wedneaday. Call
Tor the next M> days wt will sell sll
nor Cloth lug, Ovsmnais, Oeots
Forstshtngs. ete., at a reduction
from 10 to 80 per sent.
1 to boy a tae salt, or oversea* at
half the regular prise. We. thank
all oar Meads for their libera)
' *n *
Eandford Building.
County Correspondence.
4‘4*4*4*4‘4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4»4*4*4*4*4*4*4* itiA
Commissioner E. C. Terry and
wife werv visitor* at T. C. McKay,*
Saturday. Mr. Terry w*a inspect
ing the n«w bridge* between here
aud Buckingham.
Janie* Gaddy ha* had a force of
hand* working th* rua* between
here and Buckingham. The new
bridge* are complete and travel
Itegtin the old way and Billy Pat
terson has recovered from being
We are iufomied by one of the
invited gueata, that ther* wa* a
big colored wedding near here last
Wednesday night and after the
ceremony the bridegroom got on a
regular jag, and like the sheep
that wanderv-d from the ninety
and nine, lie wandered into the
highway* and hedge*, end while
th<> bride had oil in her lamp and
it trimmed aud burning, lie tarried
and slept—he had succumbed to
the influence old Kentucky bour
bon aud did not go home till
Please say to Scotland that we
would like to meet the Sneadtown
Debating club in the cup contest,
but we are factory boys and can't
armngeto get there aa we have no
horses and no evenin trains, but
if they will come to Rockingham
we will meet them. They have
hone* and evening trains. We
are ready to make such arrange
Died oh Deo. the 81st, of heart
f|*!ure, Mrs. Lula Register, be
hoved wife of Dr. Frank M. R| lis
ter. in the 28th year of her Ifie.
This good lady was taken severely
ill on Monday and skilled physi
cians were culled, but she sank
rapidly until the end. Her broth
ers, Messrs. Wilt Maurer, of Aber
deen and John Maurer ■ and wife,
of Troy, were ot her bedside. Also
the Misses Register, sisters of Dr.
Register,, from Sand ford, and R.
J. Register, from McBee, 8. C.
Her body was embalmed by Un
dertaker Powell, Southern Pines,
and on Thursday morning, accom
panied by the grief-stricken hus
band and brothers, her body was
carried to her home, Ashland, Pa.,
and she was buried in the soil of
native 8tate. She waa kind, clev
er lady and hod a host of friends.
The doctor has the sympathy of
all in bis deep afflction.
Mi mm Ora Mehane and Stella
Baldwin begun school again Mon
day morning with a large atten
Misses Baldwin and Mebane
were ^presented with beantiful
prevents at the close of their last
term. TMy were presented by
Messrs. Hall and. Webb, of the
committee. X-Ray.
[pot lock]
The beet wishM of tbs new year
to you, Mr. Editor. .
The apostil* of onr olever P. Mf.
is still good.
Miss BeMie Covington has been
visiting friends in Rockingham
returning yMterday.
J. W. O’Brien is still at the
hammer and tongs—he’s Doming.
Laarel Hill is still booming.
Tha population is increasing, and
not a failure bars this year.
The Public school of Scotland
county seams to be making splen
did program. Our teachers are
awake to their important posi
tions. .
Bar. C. 0. Durant (111*4 kit ap
pointment at Sneeds Orove last
Sunday, and wee greeted with a
full house.
Madame Rumour says that cu
pid has been getting in some fine
work in thie section lately—listen
We are pleated to tee with the
arival of the ‘new year, the
Headlight of your literary; train
on the main line safely pulling its
loud of houest opinions, thought
and news into mure and more
hoiuee each seek; running on s
self-acting, constitutional right
system—thus avoiding all invit
ing side tracts and head on oolis
ions. Let 'er mil.
Fair Ground.
Mra. Fannie Lasiter and child
ren, of Spring Hill, apent Sunday
and Sunday night, at the horn* of
A. D. Spivey’s. l
Messrs. I. \V. and Roberdel Lov
in. of Red Rprinvs, are visiting
their uncle \V. F. Lovin.
Prof. Summers has returned to
take charge of hia school at Kller
lie Springs.
Oscar J. Spivey, of Philadel
phia, Pa., haa returned home.
Henry Covington and J. N. Mc
Donald. of Blackjack, wers visit
ing in our village last Sunday.
A. D. Spivey lost hia horse Inst
Sunday night. Y.
W. F. Lovin, of Brightaville,
S. C., visited his father, W. F.
Louin Christinas.
Dave Meacham and son, Joseph,
of Lowell, who haa been here on a
fox hunt left for home Wednesday •
W. F. Lovin cams very near
losing hia dwelling house lkat Sat
urday morning by fire.
Mrs. C. B. Tarry visited Mra.
U. A. Lovin last week.
Tom Gibson, of Roberdel, was a
visited here last Sunday and
Mouday, Sweet Marie.
Miss Eliza Chisholm is home
on a visit from Albemarle school.
Zeb Ridenhour and family loft
last Saturday night for Charlotte,
to take a position in the Louise
cotton mill.
C. C. Reynolds and family will
occupy the house vacated by Mr.
Mr*. W. T. Tally, «f Sandfnrd,
is visitiug relatives and friends
at this place.
Miss Genie Bowles is on the
sick list.
Miss Minnie Persons, we are
glad to learn, is improving.
R. W. Rainwaters, of Roberdel,
use a pleasant visitor hers lsst
Mr. Fowlkes spent laat Sunday
evsning with his old friend, W.
T. Rainwatsrs, aud they spent a
very pleasant afternoon talking
of by-gone days.
Rst. Mr. Brown, of BennetU
ville, ii in our village.
Rev. N. H. Ouyton filled his
usual appointment hate last Sun
Rev. W. R. Coppedge p rear, hud
an exosl lent sermon last'Sunday
night at the ebapel.
Mr. Hswia McLean ia visiting
bis parents at this place.
■lack JMk.
The weather hes been very
cold fot several days and
there are a good many peo
ple tick with oolds.
John C. Covington .bee
| been sick but is getting bettor
Miss Anna Covington is
sick with cold. ‘
Miss Elizabeth Dockery
was not able to teach her
school two duys last week,
but is now some better.
M. J. Thrower is suffering
with rheumatism
Dan McKiilzie was at R.
B. Holt’s Saturday night.
Mrs. Bettie Dockery is
complaining of Bheumatisni.
Eddy Wilson and J. D.
Covington spent Saturday
night at A. J. Harrington’s.
Z B. Covington and W. J.
Harris were at Hampton Cov
ington’s Sunday.
Miss Hattie Davis was at
the party Saturday night at
A. J. Harringtou’s.
Miss Beulah Covington ‘
'has boon visiting her aunt,
!Mi*. Z. O. Ellerho.
Miss Lily Dockery was vis
iting Mrs. Sarah Covington,
last week.
James Meacham, of Rober
del, is to move this week to
the big brick house on H. C.
Dockery's farm.
Well, Christmas is gone
and we think rabbit hunting
ought to gi ve way to work on
the farm—it would pay bet
Tha young people had a
singing at R. B. Holt's San
ly enjoyed.
Mias Holon Covington was
visiting at J. H. Covington's
Sunday evening.
Miss Hattie Davis, the
popular school teacher at
Haywood's school house, was
visiting Mrs. WalterOoving
ton Sunday. • C.
[Cumberland County.)
The merchants of our town
report a fine trade during
Mias Johnson, of Southern
Pinos, and her sister, Miss
Ella, of Aberdeen, visited
Misses Lizzie and Kate Uc
Duflflo last week. . . '
The young ladies of Rae
ford, gave a reception Christ
mas evening for the young
men of the town, at the resi
dence of J. W. MoLauchlin.
Music and refreshments.
Chaperones-Mrs. J. C.
Adams and Mrs. J. W. Moore
B. F. Reynolds, of Rock
ingham, was a welcome guest
at the home of A. Auma'n
man during Xmas.
R. D. Dickson returned to
Davidson College Thursday.
Miss Mattie Keith left
Monday to enter school at
Mrs. Laniont has returned
home after a very pleasant
stay of about fifteen months
with her daughter, Mm. Dr.
Harrell, of Hot Springs, Ar
Sohool opened Tuesday,
Deo. 21st, with a good num
ber present, about 110. Prof.
MoLood is a An* U sober. We

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