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Volume X—Number 43 ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C., JANUARY 11, 1924 Subscription $2 00 a Year in Advance
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Every Patriotic Citizen Will be Interested in This Great
Campaign to Make the Name Roanoke Rapids Carry a
Magic Ring From Coast to Coast.
Prominent citizens of this section are invited to aid in telling
the manufactures and investors of the north of the advantage of
Roanoke-Rapids and vicinity, of the opportunities here and the
progress already made by this model town and its sister cities.
'Among those who have been selected and their subjects on which
they are asked to write, the list below will satisfy our readers that
the project is to be a credit:
Vital Needs of More Cotton Production—W. L. Long.
How to Make the Civic Community Beautiful—Mrs. J. A. Moore.
Progress of Our Schools— E. J. Coltrane. •
In the Heart of a System of Good Roads— C. F. Gore, Highway
Brief History of Halifax County—Sterling M. Gary, Clerk of
Halifax County Superior Court.
The Story of Cotton—Geo. Claiborne Simms.
Transportation Facilities—E. W. Eubanks.
Financial Strength of District—W. T. Council!.
The Roanoke Rapids Hospital—Dr. T. W. M. Long.
Church Life of Community—By each local pastor.
Our Tenth Birthday as a Newspaper—J. T. Stainback.
Some of the Community Needs—Frank L. Nash.
Our Wonderful Waterpower Assets— J. T. Chase.
Better Livestock Profitable—W. O. Davis, Farm Demonstration
Hogs and Corn— Geo. Claiborne Simms.
This Section Industrially—Dr. Job Taylor.
Public Welfare Work—J. B. Hall, County Welfare Officer.
Roanoke Rapids a Well Goverened City—A. L. Clark.
Noted Men Produced in This Section—W. L. Manning.
The County Bar—A. C. Zollicoffer.
What the Retail Merchant Means to a Community—L. G. Shell.
The list of the special articles will be extended to embrace
Rosemary, Enfield, Vaughan, Whitaker, Littleton, Scotland Neck,
Tillery, Seaboard and Weldon citizens on recounting of their re
spectivetowns. Many fine photographs will embellish all of
these stories. The business history of the entire community will
be graphically chronicled.
, It w»s this kind of publicity which built up Los Angeles, Cal.,
a city where 92 percent of the people were born elsewhere and at
, traded there by the advertising of Los Angeles. Remember that
P$in April, 19C6, Gary, Ind., was a wheatfield. It is now a pulsingly
busy steel city of 56,000 prosperous souls. Rosemary and Roa
noke Rapids, The Cotton Towns ’ will be nationally known soon
behind this campaign for a Bigger, Better, Busier Rosemary and
as is Grand Rapids, Mich., the Furniture Market Let’s go. Get in
Roanoke Rapids.
The Philathea Class of Rose
mary Baptist Church held its
regular monthly business meet
ing Mdnday night, January 7th,
and elected the following officers
to serve through 1924:
Mrs. T. M. Jenkins, Teacher,
Mrs. J. O. Matthews, Assistant,
teacher: Miss Ora Killian, as
sistant teacher: Mrs. W. 0. Id
dings, President: Miss Charlena
Hart, Vice President: Miss
Helen Harris, Secretary: Miss
Lelia Eury, assistant Secretary:
Mrs. C. G. Matthews Treasurer,
Miss Mary Matthews Reporter.
Stockholder* Meet
The annual stockholders meet
in of the First National Bank of
Roanoke Rapids was held on
last Tuesday afternoon at three
o’clock. A Board of Directors
for the ensuing year was elected,
composed as follows: C. A.
Wyche, W. L. Long, W. T. Coun
cill, Dr. T. W. M. Long, S'. F.
\ Patterson, J. W. Taylor, J. T
Stainback, E. W. Lehman, W.
L. Manning, Wells D. Tillery, L.
G. Shell, J. M. Jackson, and C.
R. Emry.
i Officers for the coming were
Officers for the coming year
were elected by the Board of
Directors, consisting of W. T.
Councill, President, S. F. Patter
son and Dr. T. W. M. Long, Vice
President, G. W. Eaton, Cashier,
™ and R. L. Cooper, Assistant
I take this means to express
my heartfelt thanks to the
friends and neighbors whose as
sistance and sympathy were so
freely given and whose efforts
were so untiring on the tragic
death of my son.
Mrs. J. F. Vincent,
It is learned that a complaint
has been filed with Hon. W. N.
Everett, Secretary of State,
Raleigh, relative to the two nar
row bridges over branches of
the Roanoke River, Northamp
ton county, as being deadly dLan
gerous, approached by curves
and steep inclines and passable
for but one vehicle at a time.
Mr. Everett has promised to
have the matter fully looked
into by the State.
' It is Postmaster W. S. Saun
ders now, he having succeeded
G. N. Taylor on January 1st as
Uncle Sam’s custodian of the
mails here. He has been roundly
congratulated and entered the
office with the well wishes of a
host of friends. He made the
simple statement that he would
“do my best.”
Special Music at All Saints
Next Sunday morning special
music appropriate to the Epith
any Season of the churh year
will be rendered by the choir of
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, as
Professional— Hymn. From
the Eastern Mountains. Valour,
Gloria Patri-Robinson.
Te Deum Laudamus -.Farmer.
Jubilate Deo - Woodard. ,
Hymn—Brighest and Best of |
the Sons of the Morning, Morn
ing Star—Harding.
Offertory—Old Hundredth.
Fourfold Amen - Newkomme.
Has Many an Ancisnt City, Has
sler Stuttgard.
The public is most cordially
Mrs. W. A. Simpson Director.
Miss Ruth Transou, Organist.
load Tahiti Found In North Carolina Tello of
Loat Jamaatown Colour Doing Tahtn Can
utes hy Powhatan.
A lead tablet 14 inches wide
and 6 inches deep was found
three feet under ground at
Washington, North Carolina.
Saturday, by Howard Kaufman
while digging in his backyard.
Mr. Kaufman cleaned it off and
found roughly engraven the in
scription :
“Virginia Dare
Captif Powhatan
Edward R-”
The last name of signature
was damaged. The find was at
once reported to the Smithsonian
Institute at Washington, D. C.,
and government experts detail
ed to the scene to authenticate
the genuineness of the find.
This may solve the mystery
! of the missing Jamestown colony
| of Roanoke Island and little Vir
ginia Dare, first white child
born in America. She was born
in 1587 or three years before
the date on the tablet.
Excavations may be made to
learn if the grave of Virginia
Dare was on the spot of the find
ing of the plate of lead, which
was evidently engraved by one j
of the colonist to record her i
burying place and to tell of the ;
fate of the little band having i
been carried off by the wily!
Chief Powhatan and his savages. |
Roanoke Rapids
Defeats Henderson
One of the finest basketball
games ever played on the local
gymnasium floor was staged
Tuesday night, when Henderson
Highs, fresh from a victory over
Oxford, met defeat at the hands
ox Roanoke Rapids by the score
of 37 to 26, The game was very
fast and exciting throughout. At
the end of the first half the visi
tors were ahead, leading by the
close score of 18 to 17.
The locals, with Loyd Allen at
center, Willie Glover and Fred
Vaughan, guards, Lewis Taylor
and Richard Brown, forwards,
played fine ball throughout the
contest, the particular star being
Fred Vaughan, who alone scored
twenty three points: -shooting
eleven field goals and making one
successful throw from the foul i
line. For Henderson Riggan
starred. The Henderson team
lined up as follows: Moore,
center, B. Upton and Riggan
guards, G. Upton and Porter for
wards. They were accempanied
by Coach Garrison, who umpired
the game. Eaton was refree.
Another good scrap is expected
tonight when Rocky Mount will
be met. This bid's fair to be an
eepecially thrilling contest as
Rocky Mount was the quint
which eliminated Roanoke Rap
ids from the State Championship
race last winter. The game will
be called at eight o’clock.
. # I
■ Mias Anna J. Upton
Died at the residents of her
■sister, Mrs. W. C. Cherry, on
Hamilton Street, last Tuesday
morning, Miss Anna J. Upton,
age sixty two, after an illness of
six months duration.
Miss Upton had been a resi
dence of Roanoke Rapids for
many years and was universally
liked and admired. She was a
woman of engaging personality
and leaves many friends who
sincerely mourn her loss.
The funeral services were con
ducted at the home on Wednes
day afternoon by Rev. R. H.
Broom of the First Methodist
i Church and interment took place
in Cedarwood Cemetery.
Among the relatives from out j
of town who attended the
funeral were Mr. Walter Cherry, I
of Washington, D. C., Mrs. W.,
|L. Bryan, of Portsmouth, Va., |
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Klugel, of i
Emporia, Va., and Mrs. C. C.
Payne an daughter of Ashland,
Va. |
Littleton Dusky Cltizers Arrested for
Selling Cotton Stolen From Local
Gins. Dthers to be Arrested.
Haywood Williams, colored, J
is under arrest at Littleton, j
charged with selling cotton and j
cotton seed stolen from the gin :
of E. E. Wollett. He is also
charged with buying seed cotton
stolen from Willie Hicks.
Jim Fogg is also under arrest
on the same charge and two
other negroes, along with Fogg
are said to have stolen the cot
ton and cotton seed on the night
of Oct. 25th. The other negroes
are Willie Brown and llay I
But Vcstrr Hold! Hutting ami Becltles to He -
build at Onto. I.oivuc.itlnn to Occur In
Baptlit Church.
The Trinity Episcopal church
in Scotland Neck was destroyed
by fire last Sunday afternoon.
The edifice is to be rebuilt at
once, according to announcement
of the vestry after a meeting on
Gracious offers of use of other!
churches were forth-coming at
once to the Trnity congregation.
Inasmuch as the Episcopal con
vocation was to meet in Trinity
church on January 22. the offer
of the use of the Baptist church
for the occasion was accepted,
rather than select another meet
ing place.
All morning services of the!
congregation will be held in old!
Trinity church. The evening!
services will alternate between i
the Methodist and Baptist |
churches, with Sunday school
in the school building.
In Boulevard cemetery, Balti
more, Md., on Thursday, Jan. 10,
was unveiled a handsome monu
ment to the memory of the late
popular B. Marks, of Roanoke
Rapids, who met so untimch a
demise about a year ago in an
automobile mishap.
Amonr members of the family
witnessing the ceremonial were
Mrs. B. Marks and daughters,
Fleeta and Marcella, from here;
Daughter Fannie, of Westhamp
ton college; son Sammy of Black
stone Military Academy; the !
mother, brothers and sisters and 1
other relatives of the deceased
from Baltimore and other cities.
Elaborate mention of the rites
were made in the Baltimore and
Philadelphia newspapers. Mr,
Marks was oneof the best known ,
business men of this part of the i
South and of a family noted in j
commercial circles. Roanoke
Rapids had no more esteemed
citizen, who was known as every
body’s friend and enthusiastic in
his belief of a much greater t'u !
tute for this community in both
manufacturing and retail busivl
Women’s Club Work
The first regular meeting of
The Woman’s Club for the New
Year was held in the high school
auditorium with a good attend
ance. After the short business
session the club members were
invited to the Home Economic’s
department where refreshments
were served by the Misses Strib
ling’s and one of the classes.
The Rosemary Roanoke Rap
ids Club was organized with one
purpose in view; that of helping
to make the town* of Roanoke
Rapids a cleaner more health
ful, more beautiful place in
which to live.
| Every woman who is interest
| ed in their town should join the
Womans Club immediately.
Regular meeting first Monday in
jevery month.
1 Finn Traa (dim, Ntnr Scotland Ni*eh, filing
MailK .! Big ling, Gkickdit null Gum Raising
IiiIhi jnlm liy Smith Bins, Buy flue Bull.
Halifax county once mem sets
her best foot forward agricul
turally. Messrs. Charles H.
Smith and John . Smith haw
launched a mammoth live'lock
enterprise on their Pine Tree
'Farm, near Scotland Neck. T'liw
week they unloaded a carload of;
registered Guernsey cow-. pur
i based at Jiocky Mount, and an j
bounce that they haw secured |
the best Guernsey bull in ail
Old North State.
J in* Smith broth* rs haw gone
into the hog. chicken and dairy j
business on a wholesale b:t i .
They will ship cw am to dnirle-w
Milk-fed poultry and guaran
teed fresh eggs will be a spt»rdo
ty. along with 'nine blood'd
They further state that tiny
expect to eventually abandon
cotton activities.
Mrs. B. Marks is spending
some time in northern citit o
Miss Thelma Tippett has re
turned to her home in Norfolk
after spending some time her'
with Misses Mabel and Pella
Mr. C. K. Matthews was c alled
to Patterson Springs on arc-nii
of the illness of hi- little son.
Miss Jessie Jones rein nice!
last Wednesday from Sanford
where she spent several days,
with jfiss Annie Belie William.-. I
Mr. I), fl. Davis has resigned
his position with W. G. Lynch
and has reurned lo his home
in Plymouh.
Mrs. (’. E. Mallhws and litfI.
son ar spending some time at
her home in Patterson Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. IP us
spent a few days here last week
with Mrs. Hardy's parents.
Mr. Clyde-Martin, of Green
ville, N. C., i- visiting relati. -
•Mr. ( '. ('. Payne, of Ashland, j
Va., was called here on accoum
n!’ the death of Miss Jack Upton,
returned to Halifax after spend
ing the holidays here.
Mrs. W. P. Vaughan, Misse
Alma and Otelia sepnt a .
days last week in Greenville.
Mr. Clifton Harper has re
turned to Hopewell, Va.. after!
spending several days here wirh
Mr. John Sale, of City Point,
Va., spent the week-end here
with friends.
Mrs. Edna Moses and daugh
ter Ann, have returned to their
home in Groton Conn., after
spending some time in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Grmmer.
Mrs. Virginia Wadhom, of
Groton, Conn., is visiting her
daughter .Airs. C. L. Grimmer.
Messrs. John Philips and Bill
Harder, of Graham spent the
week-end in the home of Mr.,
and Mrs. AA'. P. A’aughan.
Three carloads of sweet pota
toes have been shipped within
the last week from this county'
to the north and the growers
state that prices are three time
as good as at this time last year.
On Mojtday the County Com
j missioners named R. 11. Alsop.
' of Eiifleld as Register of Deeds
to succeed R. L. Dickens, resign
ed. Mr. Dickens becomes as
Isociated with N. L. Steadman
& Co., at Halifax, in a responsi
ble berth.
l ound Inconclmis and Nearly Frozen
•H Halilav on Sunday Morning. At
lirsi Fnnld Net Hemember Who he
Was, but Is K«::uveriiii|.
Nearly frozen to death, un
. ontoious from .suffering, a man
was found at Halifax early Sun
May morning who had been an
lovei'.-“i,s veteran and been badly
iw»itfjfled in service. He was
1 -and al the A. ('. 1.. depot by R.
|b- lMckeie" and l.onnie Apple
| white, who took him to a hotel
j and called medical aid.
At first the man could not re
call who he was and kept mutter
in"' about “Black Mountain”.
A letter in his pocket was ad-1
dressed to Rev. W. E. Robert
son, Baptist minister. Richmond,;
■ a., and the signature!
bloyil Wai in, which proved to j
be his name.
The \ etrean’s Bureau at i
■ i- motif was comtpunicaied j
wit h and they took him in
charge to care for.
■ __
-_ -i
Mr. Alfred S. Niles, ,Jr., of;
Dayton. Ohio, was in Rosemary!
Mr. W. N. Jarvis, of Swan-'j
tluartor. spent Sunday and .Mom
day in town.
j Mrs. Alfred Martin has re
turned from a visit with her
mother, Mrs. J. P. Hewitt, in:
Mr. .3. \V. Lundy, of Raleigh. '
spent the week-end in Rose-1
Mis. W. Roy .Shelton and |
children, who have been the
guest oi Mr . < ’harlena Hat t,
returned in their home in :
Wadestioro VVedhes lay night.
Mr. J. P. Smith, of Greens- .
boro, was in town Monday.*
Mm. F. II. Steele* of Rich-'
niond, was in Ro >emary Mon- ;
Mr. VV. X. Kirkland, of Nor-1
folk, was in town Monday.
Mrs. 11. Ben Hardy, of Jack- i
son spent Wednesday in Rose-I'
The Triple K. Grocery Com-j
pany are now occupying their |
new quarters opp.cite Smith’s!.
Garage. Mr. C o. X. Taylor is
manager of the company.
Mr. I. Sillen, of New York
City. Was in Rosemary Monday.
Mrs. Jack r
turned home, aher spending two i
weeks with relatives in Haiti-!
more. •
Mr. R. \. Collier, of Richmond.
Va., was in town Tuesday.
Dr. W. I,. Davis, eye specialist i
of Plymouth, spent yesterday in
St. Mai j '• ■ ruild, of All Saints’
Episcopal church met with Miss]
I Esther Marshall at Rosemary j
Lodge Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. E. C. Hendrick, of New
i'Cork City, was in Re emarx
j Wednesday.
Miss Jean Hewitt lias return
led home after a visit with her I
I mother in Asheville,
j Mr. G. H. Randall. of Nor
I folk, was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. J. U. Lofton, of Alhe-1
'marie, a former resident of
Rosemary, is the guest of Mrs.
|Thos. M. Jenkins.
Mr. Lynn, of Richmond. Va.,
i was a visitor in town Wednes
i Mr. J. C. Hood, of Petersburg.
, Va.. spent Tuesday, Wednesday
!and yesterday in Rosemary.
Mr. Gale Hill yard, of the
[Strouse, Company, Baltimore,]
i Mrs. McLeod, of Lumb rton.
.is the guest of her daughter
|Mrs. Frank L. Nash,
i Rev. Francis Joyner, of Li -
Itlet.on, spent Wednesday in town.
Mr. Ben Hardy, of Jackson, is
in the Roanoke Rapids Hospital,
Mr. E. Faulkner, of Hender
son was in Rosemary Wednes
j Mr. Russell Buxton has re
] moved his furniture business
Pastor (If Roanoke Rapids Baptist
Church Hopes All Pastors of Coun
ty Will Co-Operate in stressing
Cains of Churches in Membership
and Moral Influence !n the Com
Rev. T. S. Crutchfield, pastor
of the Roanoke Rapids Baptist
church, called on the ediotor
this week and said:
“1 have read with interest
your announcement of your com.
uu Ijiy special edition to com
memorate your tenth birthday
and belive it a good idea. 1 note
your gracious offer to review the
prngre of local churches and I
hope all the churches in the coun
will 1 ... represented in it and
-row the people what a wonder- *
i ni work is being done in active
religious life in the community.
1 he Herald has my congratula
tion' upon its enterprise dhd its
spirit of hewing to the line in
those things which are for the
public welfare.”
suivd that we shall not be sting$-"
K< v. T. S. Crutchfield was as
s' to space alloted churches in
tu big souvenir pictorial edition
; ud what we want every pastor
in file county to write- a brief
sketch of his church from jts
he. ption and to supply us, if pos.
il>! . with a photograph of bis
i hureh and himself.
' iter several years of baffling
i 1 "lice ami detectives, in which
a s ore or more of victims were
1 i' !tally .-lain by a mysterious
axe wielder, who left no tangi
ai" due, the Birmingham, Ala.,
police have run down and proved
up a case on five negroes and
are seeking three others who
were members of the axe mur
der ring. By use of a drug the
-•uspecis were led while under
iis influence to admit the kill
ings and confronts d when nov
eal ■ min admitted the entire »■
fiendish details.
!'■ . he old post office building
in Roanolo Rapids to the store
formerly occupied by Alex A.
Ail • Katharine Allen, of
Thelma. v as a visitor in town
Mr. M. M. Alorgon. of Win.
mi •idem, spi ill Wednesday in
Mr. and Airs. W. D. Pruden
spv up Sunday in with relatives,
in Seaboard.
Air. J. A. Sutton, of Charlotte,
"as in Rosemary Wednesday.
Mr. H. Goodman, of Peters
burg, Va„ was in town several
days this week.
Mrs. Lina R. Beck, of Sea
board. was a visitor in Rose
Alarv Wednesday.
Mr. W. A. Williams, of Rich
mond. Va., spent Alonday in
Air. J. B. Hall, County Wel
fare' Officer, of Scotland Neck,
spent Wednesday in town.
Airs. .1. AI. Ramsey left Wed
nesday to spend several days in
Mr. .1. A. Taylor, of Oxford,
v as in Rosemary Alonday.
Mr. Robert Gay, of Jackson,
'pent yesterday with friends in
Air.-.. F M. Wrightmeyer is
the guest of Mrs. Threewitts in
Mr. and Airs. P. W. Ray moved
into their new home on Monroe
Street Tuesday.
Ale- is F. I’. Barnes and W.
J. Gay, of Jackson, were in Rose
mary yesterday.
Mr. T. M. Dobson, of South
Richmond, was in town Wednes
Kenneth C. Sheets, son of Rev.
and Mrs. C. J. Sheets returned
Monday to Fork Union Military
Academy to resume his studies
in eventual preparation for the

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