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Mr. P. U. Black, of Charlotte,
was in Rosemary Tuesday.
Mr. and Mr . Dan W. APen and
childr n, of Tarboro, spent Fri
day and aturday in the home of
Mrs. Sadler.
Mr. W. S. Weeks, of Norfolk,
spent Tuesday in Rosemary.
Mr. and Mrs. McLeod, who
have been the guest of Mr. and
turnc 1 to their home in Lum
Mr. E Falkner, of Hendrson,
was in Ro ;cmc.ry Tuesday.
Sir. and Sirs. Ellis Joyner and
sen are now occupying their
new lame on Jack on Street.
TSIy cpp ic(.aDe re-hoaazpobeea
Mr. C. C. Duncan, of Murfrees.
boro, v as in Ro emary Tuesday.
Mr. and Sirs. C. E. Raiford
are o a upying the apartment iif
the ( it z. n’s Bank recently made
vacant by the removal of Sir.
and Mrs. E. H. Joyner. '
Mr, H. Herman, of Baltimore,
spent ye. terday in town.. !
SI'. G. W. Newby, of Thomas-1
ville, w as in Rosemary VVednes-1
Sir. Fred Peck, of Greensboro,
was in town yesterday.
Mr. George F. Pappeudick
spent Sunday with friends in
Youngs ville.
Mr. R. W. Bryant, of Ashe- j
ville, was a visitor in Rosemary !
Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Ruth Tran ou spent
Tuesday in Norfolk.
Mr. R. 11. Gay spent yesterday !
in Halifax.
Messrs. Edward and Len
Branch, of Enfield, were in town
M. W. C. Williams made a
business trip lo Raleigh Tuesday.'
Mr. J. D. Sandridtre, of Char
lotte, was in town Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Gay
visited friends in Cimway j
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. F. B. Hcffman, of Ashe-1
ville spent Tuesday in Rose
Mrs. Frank L. Nash and chil
dren are visiting relatives in I
Mr. S. M. Thonip on attend-j
ed the meffirg of State Conenn-;
tion of Ice Manufacturers and
Dealers in Asheville this week, j
Mr. W. H. Ward, of Winston,
was a visitor in Rosemary Wed
Mr. J. 1>. Thomas, of Rock
wood, Ga., was in town Wednes-1
Mr. E. Lynn, of Richmond,
was in town Monday. .
Mr. A. V. Hodgon, of Dedhan,
Mass., was in Rosemary Satur
Mr. M. Lowenlhal, of Wilm'nj- i
ton, spent Saturday in town..
Mi s Je..n Hewitt attended a j
Young People? Fellowship Con-j
vention held in the Episcopal j
Church of the Holy Conforter, j
Burlington, Friday and Satur-1
Mr. J. E. Taylor, .of Conway,
was in town Sunday.
Mr. Eugene Lehman spent
Wednesday in Norfolk.
Mrs. Charlena Hart left Wed
nesday to spend several daysi
with her daughter Mrs. W. Roy j
Shelton in Wadesboro.
Mr. Alfred Stern, of Atlanta,!
was in town Friday.
Mr. W. J. Macdougald, of i
Providence, R. I., was in Rose
mary Friday.
Mr. John Sale, of City Point,
spent the week-end with friends
in Rosemary.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lehman
spent Wednesday in Norfolk.
P" Mr. E. L. Singleton, of Dur
ham, was in Rosemary Monday.
Mr. R. B. Owens, of Hampton,
Va., was a visitor in town Mon
Miss Florence Bingham spent
the week-end in Raleigh.
Rev. T. B. Crown
The death occured on Feb- 2,
in Victoria, British Columbia
Canada, of Rev. T. B. Brown
father of Mr. F. M. Brown of
this city.
Board of Trustees Meet
At a meeting of the Board of
Trustees held in the High School
Building Wednesday afternoon,
in the light of crowded condi
tions which now exist and which
promise to be greater next year,
and in considering the fact that
the school system is attempting
to provide more practical educa
tion for the youth of this com
munity, it was decided to erect a
Vocational School Building.
This building will be located on
the grounds of the high school
adjacent to the present building.
This will relieve the present
crowded conditions. The
space now u ed by the Horn ■
Economics and the Manual
Training Departments can be
used for class rooms to take care
of the present overflow. About
four hundred children are at
tending school on the half day
plan and next year it is predict
ed the number will reach six hun
dred unless more room is avail
able. The new building will con
tain class rooms and with tne
extra room in the present high
school this condition can be re
The new building will be ini
two separate units One will be
devoted to Home Economics for
teaching the Sciences such as
physics chem'str.v, biology etc ,
and will contain class room-.
The other unit will consist of l
various shops in which indus- j
trial work for boys will be car
ried on. Elementary and ad
vanced wood-working, electrical
and sheet metal work, automo
bile mechanics, textiles, concrete, j
bricklaying, plastering and paint
ing will be taught .
Roanoke Rapids will be the
first community in the State to
establish kso complete a Voca
tional School. A certain amount
of such work is being done in
. everal places in the State, nola
ably in Charlotte. Supt Coltrane
who has just returned from Itich
mand Norfolk and Baltimore
states that this will be the most
complete school south of Balti
The following building Com
mittee has been appointed: j
Jhariman, Dr. T. W. M. Long, I
Messrs. J. A. Moore, L. S. Can
non, Lewis Grimmer and E. J.
Coltrane. Work will begin at once
and will proceed as fast as the
plans can be worked out. It is
hoped that the building will be
. eady for use the first of Septem
Dr. Perisho Speaks
Dr. E. Perisho, Extension Lec
turer lor the State As.-ociation
of Colleges, made an address in
tne auditorium of the high schuul
t'riday morning. His subject was
"the Conservation of Re
sources-” Using illustrations
irom current events he urges
the pupils of the high school to
become interested in one great
prt jvct and work and prub em
towards its attainment or resolu
tion. The students were intense
ly interested in the address and
the t ccasiun was a red letter day
in schotd calender. During the
day Dr Perisho met six different!
classes in history and civics and
discussed wit 1 them the applica
tion of the principles of history
to present day problems.
Dr. Perisho was formarL
| president of the Agricultural
i College of South Dakota. He
was an attache of the American
|delegation to the Peace Confer
ence in Pans 1919. More recenely
he has locate 1 permanently at
Guilford College.
Mr. Willie Pearson of Rocky
Mount formerly of Rosemary N.
C. and Miss Susie Smith of
Brinkleyville, N C were
quietly married at Emporia Va.,
Sunday Jan. 27, 1924. Mr. and
Mrs. Pearson will make their
future home in Rocky Mount
N. C.
Badly Decomposed, Disfigured amt
Ravaged by Time and Scaver
gers. Found by a Fisherman.
The final act of the grim
tragedy of December 28, when 1
Edward Vincent lost bis life in
the muddy waters of the Roan-,
ok" nrcured this w» k " hen hi 1
bcdy w s ditcov red on las. We
re "lav to ,Ji n Tu • i> r, a North
ampton county fisherman, on a
j sand bar of one of the innumera- ,
ble inlets that fringe the eastern
. bank of the river.
The tody was hardly recog- i
nizahle, having been frightfully
mauled in its two mile journey 1
from the scene of the drowning. I
over the 1400 foot dam of th
Roanoke Rapids Power Company
cown the rapids and acoss n
the Northampton side. Devon' I
position was present in an ad
vanced stage, both hands and the
hones in the lower p irt of tl i
face being missing.
Identification was made b.\ j
Miss Itu'h Rainey, an aunt of th. |
dead boy, based upon that paid ,
of the clothing found on the
body, the structural peculiari- |
ties of the feet, which were fair
ly well preserve:], and the far!
that the left collar bone showed ;
evidence of having been fractur
ed in the past.
Considerable surprise at the j
location of the body was expi'e. s
ed by many people familiar with
the physical contour and the cur
rents of the Roanoke. It was J
stated that current sets well |
away from the Northampton side '
at that point and the fact that a
body drowned at the spot where j
Edward Vincent apparently met j
death should have drifted to the
location where it was found i.
considered by most of those :
qualified to express an opinion
as highly improbable. It can.
only be accounted for as a vagary ;
of the river at flood stage..
Interment took place Thurs i
day afternoon in the family buri- i
al place in Northampton county, j
following funeral services at the
grave conducted by Revs. N. M. '
Harrison and It. H. Broom.
Perfect Plans for
Fight on Boll Weevil
The series of bon weevil meet
ings held in northeastern North
Carolina is but the opening gun
in the fight to be made on the
boll weevil this year, state ex
tension workers of the Stale Col
lege and Department. The work
ers in the Division of Agronomy
and the Division of Entomology
have lately prepared a definite
program giving in a condensed
from the best methods of fight
ing the weevil and this is now
being printed for wide distribu
I ion over the cotton growing
area. Only the recommendation
[embraced in this folder will ha
I workers this year in order that
a confusion of methods will not
cb given which may cause the
grower to fe 1 that none of them
is correct. This publication i.
Extensin Folder 14, “North
Carolina Boll Weevil Program
For 1924” and may be had on ap
plication to the extension divi
sion, State College, Raleigh. N
In addition to this folder, the ^
exten ion service plans to issue
a poster for distribution by
ounty farm agents.
The Live-At-Home campaign
will bo conducted again this yea:
and all he activities of the ex
ten ion forces will be correlated
with the tight on the boll weevil.
The extension service believes
that only best cultural methods
should be used in growing cot
ton this year and that pre-square
poisoning should be practiced.
This poisoning can be done by
simply dusting a little calcium
arsenate in the cotton bud just
before squares form or by usin
the molasses mixture and daub
jing it on with a mop. This,
| Die widely expressed doubts
i . ' i the identity of the terribly
mutilated body found last Wed
nes lay morning and supposed
to be that of Edward Vincent
ere brightened upcn the le
u t of a t dephonic ccmmuni
Cat» a this afternoon from Dan
ville, Va., by Mr. J. T. Chase
stating that the Danville au
thorities had been looking for a
d wned body dressed in cor
duroy pants and long underwear
and socks, badly mutilated and
corresponding in size to that
found here. The Danvile mes
sage stated that a hand of the
bodv drowned there had been
recovered and that ; allies fiom
Danville were on the way lu re
to examine and att m; t id; ntifi
j interred yesterday afternoon as
j that of Edward Vincent.
The complete tally as to
c!( t mg, the fact that the body
was identified by relatives of
V iro n* w ith some mi'givings,
coupled with the positive state
ments cl pudically nil who
know the river that t is a phy
sical lmpos.'ihiity for Vincent s
body to have drifted from the
sp< t where it was sr; posed to
have drowned to the point
where it was found raises a
strong presurnpt on. a terribly
unfortunate i intake lias been
made and that the Rearo’ie has
not yit given up the body of
■ - --- - -
“Nay, Nay, Pauline'’
One local business man when
.pprom 'ic J by Mr. Simms re-,
pird’ng the forthcoming Tenth
Anniversary edition of Ih Herald
'.o nationally advertise “The |
'otton Towns’’—-Rosemary and
Roanoke Rapids, asked if it is j
o get more subscribers and if
11 is a contest.
No. it certainly is not a sub
icrip ion contest, nor anything
like it. We are not giving away
ny diamond stood d t ot
rushes with safety guards and
'.emountable rims or any books
n the origin of Mali Jong in
i'hina or other baubles to get
.'oiks to take the Herald.
File Your Stale
income Tax Re: urns
l will bo in Rosemary ac the
otel on February 13th, 1924.;
;t Ro smoko Rapids, February!
4th, at Littleton at Hotel Feb l
5th, at Halifax Feb. 16th, 1924 J
,o aid anyone who wishes me to
:<> so in making out State Income
i’ax Returns for 1923.
J. H. Norman,
Deputy Com. of Rev.
Low Cunning
If Is a spec tr.ok »*■' !"\v cunnlr,-.: j
in «r|tieezc cui K11• • w11■ 11 if• * from a j
modest man who is eminent in an> i
science, and then to use it ns !e- dt\ j
acquired, nnd p;>-< the s.uirre in total |
silence - Ilornce Walpole.
weetened mixture calls for 1
ound of arsenate, 1 gallon of j
•lola ses and 1 gallon of water j
o be applied within 24 hour
fter being made up. A little
utt cost less and ma\ 1 eappliei
ust as easily, however.
Where Cits Thrive.
Rats are abs at from the eldest
parts of the world ami are' most nu
merous !n th« eastern tropics. They
are characteristically trop'cal. In rath
I er cold cllmu'e such us that of Can
adn, some species have acquired a
habit of migration, going south to some
extent In the autumn, as the northern
- inters are too long t*» he survived
in a stuta of uninterrupted hiberna
All Saints Church
> Episcopal I
Rev. Lewis N. Taylor, Rector
Mrc. Kalherin ■ Webster, Parish Worker
Roino'ce Avenue
vou Next Sunday is the fifth
Sunday after Epihany.
Services as follows: 7:30 A. M.
Celebration of the Holy Com.
9:45 church school, bible classes
fiir adults and children, T. W.
Mullen, Supt.
M rning service and sermon at
Night service and sermon at
Church School Service League
Mondav 2:30 P. M.
St. Mary's Guild Tuesday 3 P.
Valentine Social and Fair for
the young peaple Wednesday
night in the parish hall.
''The Church with a Welcome.” §
Rev Robert H. Broom, Pastor
Mr. W. V. W« odroof S. S Supr. ,
Miss Vivitn Edmonds. Pianist
Mr. K. L. 'owe, teacher of Raraca Class,
Prof. K L. Elnure, Pres Epwurth League
9:45 A. M. Sunday school.
11:00 A. M. Young People’s j
(1:45 P. M. Epworth League,'
led hy I’rof K. L. Elmore Pres.
7:30 P. M. Preaching.
The citizens of this favoed
ommunity would dro well to
! ponder and act more Frederic!
'Harrison’s recently sta’ed
reed:" 1 believe that before all
. hings needful, beyond all else,
true religion.”
R osem *ry Baptist ( hurch
Charles J Sheets, Pastor
10:00 A. ,M. Sunday school
278 last Sunday (82 percent).
11:00 A. M. “Church-anity on
the earth in the period after the
Lord Jesus has taken up Ilia
saints or 'wise virgins’, will be
i he fifth in the pastor's series
on Christ’s Second Coming.
2:30 1’. II. Sunbeam Band.
0:30 P. M. The B. V. P. Unions
7:30 P. M. “Utopia or the
Millennium (after God secures
Ilia ‘foot-stool)”. Sixth sermon
on Christ’s return.
Wednesday, 7:30 P- M.
Prayer meeting.
Mr. Joe Mack, Pastor
Mr. Ned Manning, S. S. Snpt.
Miss Myrtle Bla e, Organist.
Sunday School at ten o’clock.
Morning service at eleven:
o’clock, conducted by Mr. Joe
Mack of the Union Theological j
Seminary at Richmond. Va.
Evening services at 7:30 P. M.!
Local Boy Proves
To Be Good Wrestler
The University of North
Carolina’s Wrestling Team is
lighting its way across the state
of Virginia in an effort to wrest
he mat title of the Smith A'lan
tic states from the Virginia eol
egfs where it has rested fori
nany years.
It is of interest to the com- j
I "minify that a Roanoke Rapids
Hi product is proving to be the;
'utstanding star of the Tar Heel
j earn, Jonnie Vick, son of Mr.
•nd Mrs. M. R. Vick, was promi
lently mentioned in dispatches
concerning the U. N. C. - U Va.
match held in Charlottsville
; .tonday night. His bout with
; "ritzer, of Va., which lasted the
mited time, was the feature of
his teams 13-3 victory over the
Cavaliers. After a hot struggle
with the Virginia star, Vick
pinned his shoulders to the mat
i ust as the timer’s whistle sound
The Carolina Grapplers having
lisposed of U. \ra. will take on
V. P. I., Washington and Lee
,nd V. M. I. during the remain
r of hte weak.
Memorial to Edward Vincent
A very impressive memorial
service was held in the High
School Auditorium Sunday after
noon at three o’clock by the
school authorities in memory of
the late Edward Vincent.
The exercise were opened with
the singing of “MyFaith Looks
up to Thee-” Prof. B. J. Col
trane made the opening remarks
and led in the Invocation. .The
Rev. R. H. Broom read selections
from, the Holy Bible and the Rev.
Lewis N. Taylor offered a prayer.
A quartette sang.
Prof. Chas. VV. .Davis, princi
pal of the high school made the
! first address in which he stated
that the pupils and faculty of
the high school looked upon the
school as one lug family, th cir
■ •'e which had been broken by
the passing of their beloved
member. He said in reviewing
the scholastic records of Edward
Vincent he found no outstanding
grades but as he continued to re
! view further he found something
else unconciously making its way
in the lives of the pupils, a spirit
i of devotion, unselfishness, loyal
tv. "I find Edward Vincent at
the top.” He then read resolu
tions of the High school as drawn
up by the committe as follows:
In behalf of :he school there are
a few things we wish to say
! about our fellew student.
The Roanoke Rapids High
j school has lost one of her finest,
most promising, and ioval sons.
He was a leader, with a leader’s
: power to touch the lives of others.
He was an athlete, with an ath
lete’s love of good sportsmanship
and lair play. He was a friend,
such that those who knew him
best were proud of his friendship.
He was a good citizen with the
welrare of the school at heart.
: 1 he seventeen years of his life
were full of the joy of living. Le‘
| us not grieve for him too much.
But be comforted with the
I thought that now his spirit is
free, and courageously follows
the Greatest of Captains.
In behalf of the school we say
these few words of appreciation
and offer to those who loved him
best our sincerest sympathy. I*
| is with pride that we say, "He
| was ours and we are the richer
i for it.”
Prof. K. L. Elmore, as one of
his teachers, spoke of his physi
cal and moral strength and of
the effect he had upon the mem
bers of his class as a leader and
of his influence as still carrying
ion living in the hearts and lives
lot' his associates.
Mr. Walter bimpson, atheleticl
director'said: “As 1 review my
experiences with several hun- j
dred boys, over a period of more;
than twenty years, I most natur- |
ally select a few of them to be
classed by themselves: because
they possess something more
than atheletic fitness and ability.
I'his something according to my
personal analysis, is a spirit.
This great spirit, so necessary in
the make-up of genuine man
hood, is composed of several ele
ments, frankness, f-irness,
| generosity, honor, humor and
the “will-to-do!” Pictured in my
memory these all time champions
, of fitness and spirit, 1 feel pinna
cled in the group F.dward Vin
cent.” He read the following re
Whereas, we are convinced
that, on the afternoon of Decem
ber 28th, 1923, in the Roanoke
i River, near Roanoke Rapids, N.
| C., Edward Vincent was taken
j from us by sau accident, during
| an effort to save himself, and ren
tier assistance to a comraae,
SOLVED: First, that, in the:
death of Edward Vincent, the;
Athletic Association of Roanoke
Rapids High school has suffered
the loss of its finest exponent of
true sportsmanship, one of its
most valuable members of all
major athletic teams, and one
whose influence upon comrades
and student body as a whole will
be missed in great measure.
Second, that the earnest
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Duffee, of
Seaboard .-pent Sunday in town.
Mr. and Mrs. BruceTillery and
1 little son, spent Sunday in Scot
land Neck.
Mr. Abe Norinsky is spending
I some time in New York and
I Baltimore on business.
Miss Florence Yates, of Sea
I board, is spending some time
! here in the home of Mrs. J, R.
I Brown.
Mr. R. L. Martin and son Dick,
■pent Sunday in Danville.
I Miss Cammie Vaughan, of
: Halifax, spent the week end here
I with her parents..
Mr. M. M. Faison spent Sun
| day in Danville.
Miss Nell Jones, of Potecasi,
i spent the week-end here.
Miss Charles Cheatham, of
|Henderson, spent the week-end
j in town.
Mrs. B. Marks and daughter
| Fleeta, spent Monday in Raleigh.
Mrs. .J. E. Wesson is spending
I some time at her home in Al
lerta, Va.
Miss Alice Wicker, of Lilling
ton, spent the week-end here in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus
Mr. Jack Green, of Richmond,
spent the week-end in town.
Mrs. Frank Williams is visit
ing at her home in Massie Mill
Miss Ruth Jones, of Murfres
boro, spent the week-end here.
Miss Rosalie Corbitt has
accepted a position in Kinston
Mr. F. M. Coburn left Tues
day to visit Northern markets.
Mr. Wiley Brown, of Green
ville, spent a few days in town
this week on business.
Mr. Harry Johnston, of Nor
folk; spent the week-end her.
visiting Miss Bernice Peele.
Mrs. Viola Collier has return
ed from a visit to Jackson.
Mrs. Blanch Morgan, of Haw
River, spent the week-end here
in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Rufus Collier.
Mrs. W. T. Councill and chil
dren are visiting in Hickory.
N. C.
Mr. K. C. Towe left this week
for New York where he has :;c
j cepted a position.
Don’t Miss it
There will lie a “Dramatic
Dialogue’' at the High School
Auditorium on Monday night.
February 11, at 7:30 1\ M.
“Deacon" Keen and “Sheriff’’
Keener will be locked in a most
interesting debate. No Admis
sion charge.
Services at County Home
The County Heme service Sun
day afternoon at3:00 o’clock will
be conducted by the Pastor of lh
M. E. church, Rev. R. H. Broom
While these services are for the
benefit of the inmates of the
home, they are also open to the
genera! public.
sympathy of each member of the
Athletic Association be expressed
in these reo!utio;.s to his mother,
members of his family, and to the
Lastly, that copies of these re
solutions he furnished his mother,
the Roanoke Rapids Herald, and
the permanent files of the Roa
noke Rapids High school.
Signed: Athletic Association,
Rtatioke Rapids High school.
W. A Simpson, William Glov
er, Hal Bain, and Fred Vaughan;
Two of his school mates. Miss
Helen Jenkins and Wilbur An
derson gave short address show
ing the esteem in which he was
held as a school mate.
Prof. Coltrane spoke of his
home life, of his devotion to his
mother and of conversations
with him which revealed his
character. Mr. Coltrane then
stated that opporounity would be
given for anyone in the audience
to speak. Two short tributes of
fered. The School Glee Club
sang. ‘‘0 Come Ye Disconso
late” and Rev. E. N. Harrison
pronounced the benediction.

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