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Volume X—Number 48 Subscription $2.00 a Year in Advance
But One Man Refuses to Climb Into Band Wagon and
Boost the Town He Makes His Living in. Power Com
pany Offers Free Factory Sites.
It is very gratifying to note
the progress beng being made
by George C. Simms, the special
writer who is handling the Tenth
Anniversary Edition of the Roa
noke Rapds Herald, indicative as
it is of the public spiritedness
and broad guaged vision of the
business men of the community
who have been approached. So
far the work has been wonder
fully successful.. One business
man has refused to give his sup- J
port,to the enterprise, but we
look on him rather as the ex- i
ceptio:. that proves the rule and
do not think he reflects a larger
section of opinion than that lo
cated under his personal head
gear. j
Of < on esc the work of getting
up the edition may be said to
have only started. Not half of
the business houses of the com-1
munity have yet been approach
ed. Mr. Simms is anxious that!
every bit of the work shall have
pis personal supervision and he
is, very properly, making haste
slowly. Everybody, of course, I
is going to be invited to partici
pate in the edition.
All indications point to the
Tenth Anniversary Edition be
ing really the biggest and broad
est thing of its kind that has
e\er been published in this sec
tion of the state. Mr. Simms is
an expert in his chosen pro
tension, is wholeheartedly enthu
over the prospects for is
f suing a record breaking edition
and may be counted on to do his
level best in maintaining a uni
form standard of excellence
throughout the edition. The
Herald and its staff, for their
part, are going to do everything
possible on the mechanical end
in order that the community may
be proud of this co-operative ef
„ ni fort to advertise nationally the
advantages of this section of the
Old North State.
As an instance of the valuable
publicity that will be contained
in the Anniversary Edition may
be cited the two page spread al
ready subscribed by the Roanoke
Rapids Power Company offering
free factory sites and residential
property to worthwhile indus
tries wishing to locate here and
se their power. All of the ad
antages of this section, both
•esent and potential, are going
be fairly and fully set forth
arid it is beyond question that an
edition of this nature, distribu
ted as this is going to be, will be
of great and lasting advantage. j
V Mr. Patterson Returns
_ i
J Mr. S. F. Patterson has return
ed home this week from Phila
delphia where he has been for
some weeks on business follow
ing a vacation tour of several
months in Europe and Florida.
The entire community will be de
lighted to learn of the great im
provement in health during his
P brief Pest and to welcome his re
turn home.
Parent-Teacher Association
The Association will have a
night meeting this month in
order that the fathers may be
able to attend. On account of a
! program at the high school next
I Tuesday night. This Association
hf will not have the meeting on
K this night the regular meeting
■ time. The program will be how
■ ever, the following Friday even
I ing, Feb. 22, at 7:30. Beside the
I program planned by the grades,
P it is expected to have a speaker
. that will interest the fathers.
All Saints Church
Re*. Lewis N. Ti|l >r, Rector
Mrs. Katheria Webster, Parish Worker
Roaao'-e Arenac
_ I
Next Sunday is Septuagesima,
(seventy days before Easter.)
Services: 7:30 A. M. Celebra-1
tion of the Holy Communion.
9:45 A. M. church school,
bible classes for adults and
children, T. W. Mullen, Supt.
Morning service and sermon at
eleven. Night service and ser
mon at seven-thirty. St. Mary’s
Guild, Tuesday 3 P. M.
Second Circle of the W. A.
Tuesday, 7:30.
Church school service.
League Monday 2:30 P. M.
Young Peoples’ Society Wednes-i
day 7:30 P. M.
Choir rehearsal Wednesday j
7:30 P. M.
Cottage meeting Friday night.
“The church with a welcome”
invites you.
Rosem cry Baptist Church
Charles J. Sheets. Pastor
10:00 A. M. Sunday school S.
D. Brown. Supt.
11:00 A. M. “The Seven Judg
ments,” will be pastor’s next
sermon in the series on Christ’s
6:30 P. M. The B. Y. P.
7:20 P. M. “The Second Death
or Eternal Misery of All Who
Died Lost," will be the eighth
sermon on future things.
Tuesday, 7:30 P. M. Aid
Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. Prayer
Saturday afternoon and night.
Re?. Robert H. Broom, Postor
Mr. W. V. W odroof S. S Supt.
Min Vivin Edaouds. Pianist
Mr. K. L. !sw», teacher of Baraca Class.
Prof. K. L. Elaore, Pres Epworth League
9:45 A. M. Sunday school
11:00 A. M. preaching.
6:45 P. M. Epworth League.
7:30 P. M. preaching.
“We are journeying unto the
place of which the Lord said, I
will give it to you: come
thou with us and we
will do thee good: for
the Lord hath spoken good con
cerning Israel.”—Num. 19:29.
Junior-senior high school
Fifth Grade: Mary Anderson,
Sixth Grade: Mary Moore,
Jane Stainback and Rachel
Priscilla Mullen, Pearlie Istrieka,
and Mary B. Newton
Seventh Grade: Gladys Brig
man, Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins,
Duval Murry, Ruth Killebrew
and William Batton.
Eighth Grade: Gaynelle Green,
Agatha Moore, Mary Belle Mc
Ninth Grade: Arnie Lewter,
Ivey Crouch and Leola Vaughan.
Tenth Grade: Helen Jenkins
and Odell Smith.
Eleventh Grade: Grace Brown,
Dorothy Dunning, Evelyn Gen
try, Florine Holt, Earl Rook an^
i Verona Topping.
| Twelfth Grade: Hazel Cobb,
IAlma Jackson and Louise Jack
Mr. E. L. Bracy, of Brooklyn.
N. Y. was in Rosemary Mon
Mr. C. F. Stranberg, Jr., of
Baltimore, Md., spent Saturday
irt town.
Dr. Walter B. Reynolds, of
Olean, N. Y„ is spending several
days in Rosemary with Mr. and
Mrs. B. P. Cooper.
Mr. W. C. Shinnick.of Charles
ton, W. Va., was in Rosemary
Miss Esther Marshall spent
several days in Norfolk this
Mr. Jas.C. Matthews, of Rich
mond, was in town Monday and
Mr. George Goebel, of Balti
more, was in Rosemary Wednes
day and Thursday.
Miss Eva Sadler, who is at
tending Massey Business College,
Richmond, Va., spent the week
end with her mother, Mrs.
Mary Sadler.
Mr. L. C. Atkinson, of Greens
boro, was in town Tuesday.
Messrs. P. H. and S. Kea. of
Norfolk, spent Monday in Rose
Work on the Baptist Church
is progressing very rapidly.
Mr. W. S. Banta, of Richmond,
Va., was in Rosemary Wednes
Mr. C. A. Easterling, of Dur
ham, was in town Wednesday.
Mr. H. D. Powder, of Hender
son, spent Wednesday in town.
Mr. Emmett W. Wright who for
the past several months has been
in a government hospital, has re
turned to Rosemary much im
proved in health.
Mr. B. J. Dunning spent Wed
nesday in Richmond on business.
The two stores on Roanoke
Avenue near Tenth Street which
Mr. J. W. Smoot is building for
the Roanoke Hardware Company
are fast nearing completion and
will probably be occupied this
Mr. J. E. Carrigan, of Burling
ton, was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. G. D. Shell is spending
several days in northern cities
buying spring goods.
Mr. B. Hawkins, of Raleigh,
was in Rosemary Wednesday.
Mr. Dan W. Allen, of Tarboro,
spent yesterday in town.
Mr. G. W. Adams, of Hender
son, was in Rosemary Wednes
The Younv Peoples’ Society of
All Saints’ Episcopal Church
held a very enjoyable Valen'ine
Fair in the parish hall of the
Church Wednesday night. A
large number of people were
present and enjoyed the occa
Mr. A. S. Johnson, of Vidalia,
Ga., was a visitor in Rosemary
Mr. W. V. Wheeler has ac
cepted a position with the Rose
mary Supply Company.
Mr. Edwin Branch of Enfield,
was the guest of Mr. Wm. Wil
liams several days this week.
Miss Bernice Decker left this
week to spend a few days in
Mr. J. Hunter Norman, of
Halifax spent Wednesday in
Rosemary assisting in the in
come tax report work.
Mr. F. B. Parkar, of Rocky
Mount, spent Wednesday in
Mr. Joe Cox spent the week
end in Winston-Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. John Braswell
and daughter, of Rehoboth,
were visitors in town Friday.
Mr. W. C. Williams attended
the funeral of Mr. John P.
Johnston in Littleton Sunday.
Miss Lillian McCaskey return,
ed to her home in Greenville this
Mr. R. W. Rawls, of Rocky
Mount, was a visitor in town
Miss Bertha Cox spent the
week-end in Winston-Salem.
Mr. B. H. Woodlief, of Raleigh,
was in town Tuesday.
Judge J. M. Mullen, of Peters
burg, Va., was the guest of Mr.
! Grave Opened and Remains Identi
fied by Twin Brothers. Had Been
Hviwmitlng Fish Near Danville
When Killed by Blast.
Buried on last Thursday afer
noon as Edward Vincent the
bo ' found last week on the
Northampton shore of the Roa
noke i; er about a mile up
stream from the bridge was dis
interred on Saturday morning,
identified as the body of Edward
Vasser, of near Danville, and
carried to Vasser’s home in Vir
ginia for its second and final in
The identification hingeing
mainly on the belt found on the
body was practically absolute.
The description of the belt, an
unusual one, given by Vasser’s
twin brothers who arrived here
Friday night, agreed in every
detail with that taken from the
body. It was described as having
had a buckle inlaid with pearl
which had been broken off some
t'me ago, leaving a recess in the
front of the buck'e and the rivet
in the center which had held the
The Vasser brothers stated
that their brother had been kill
ed by an explosion of dynamite
on November 2(>, 1923, while en
gaged in dynamiting fish on the
Staunton river, a tributary of
the Roanoke, near Danville. This
fact accounted for the frightful
ly mutilated condition of the
body, and the date of the death
for its advanced state of decom
position. They also stated that
the deceased Vasser had been
operated on for appendicitis.
Edward had not. Upon exhuma
tion of the body by Undertaker
E. Lb Glover, with the consent
of Mrs. J. F. Vincent, mother of
Edward Vincent, an examination
by Dr. T. W. M. Long revealed
the scar ot an appendicitis
operation, also the fact that the
collar bone of the body had been
broken and reknitted as stated
by Coroner Rowe, of Weldon,
and on which the identification
ol' the body as that of Edward
Vincent had been chiefly based.
Vasser was described by his
brothers as a man six feet two
inches weight around 185 lbs.,
and thirty three years of age.
Vasser is survived by a wife
and two children and the finding
of his body will make much
easier their collection of his
msurance, settlement of which
had been held up for absolute
proof of death.
The identification of the body
as that of Vasser bears out the
statements of all who were ac
quainted with the intricacies of
the Roanoke that Vincent’s body
could never have floated to the
point where this body was found.
It still leaves the location of
Vincent’s body and the circum
stances of his untimely death a
mystery as unexplainable as
1 take means of thanking my
friends for their many acts of
love and kindness during the
sickness and death of my dear
Mrs. Thomas T. Shell.
England’s Diving Thrush.
The English brook-hunting dipper la
an oddity—a thrush which hns become
a waterblrd. Deeper nnd deeper It
thrust Its head into the water seeking
for aquatic beetles nnd other Insects,
aa.vs an authority. At length It came
to disappear altogether, and became
1 a diver. Still It hns not acquired eves
yet any of the characteristics of the
true diving birds. Its feet are u»
webbed. It Is still a thrush.
Why Pawnbrokers Are "Unciea.*'
The original pawnbrokers were ths
bankers, and the epithet “uncle” la
■aid to be from the Larin uncus, a
hook on which the brokers hung tholr
| and Mrs. T. W. Mullen, Tuesday,
| Mrs. R. H. Gay spent several
days in Baltimore this week.
- j
Messrs. T. F. Gaddy and Wil
liam Wafford have returned
after spending several days in
' lotte.
Mr. Julian Allsbrook, of |
Chapel Hill spent the week-end1
here with his parents
Mr. W. T. Everington, of j
Kinston, hits accepted a position
[with the Herald Publishing Co.
Miss Cammie Vaughan, of
Halifax, spent the week-end here, i
with her parents.
Mr. Marion Saunders, of Chape! i
Hill spent the week-end here
with with his parents.
Mrs. Gordon Council! and lit-1
Ue daughter are visiting rela
ties in Agusta Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ross, of
Goldsboro, spent the week-end
here in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. T. Glover
Mr. F. M. Coburn has return- j
ed after an extended visit to j
northern markets. j'
Miss Alma Lassiter spent the
week-end out of town.
Miss Ellen Fields is visiting!
friends in Scotland Neck. !
Miss Martha Bowers spent
the week-end at her home near ,
Littleton. ^
Miss Sallie Foster spent the .
week-end in Wilson. .
Mr. J. T. Barnes spent the }
week-end at his home in Kenlv, ,
N.C. ji
Mesdames W. H. Jones and |
P. VV. Ray and Mr. George Fore- j
man, spent Wednesday in Rocky l
Mount. !,
-— . i
The Roanoke Rapids Basket , i
Ball team won a twenty nine to j
twenty three victory over the']
Scotland Neck High quint on the ;
floor of the high school gymna-: i
sium Friday night. There were ]
no particular shining stars,: j
every man on the local team
showing a good brand of team j
work. The line-up was as follws: i;
Bi own and Taylor, forwards, ] i
Allen, center, Vaughan and i
Edmondson, guards. Scotland 11
Neck, Holiday H., and Holiday I:
1). V„ forwards, White, center,
Bennett, Moore and Allsbrook, ;
The same night the girls team,! 1
with Louise Jackson, starring';
and the other members of the !
team playing fine ball, Rocky i
Mount’s team of girls met de-!
feat by having the score doubled ;
on them, twenty three to ';
thirteen. The locals lined up as ’
the following, Louise Jackson. |,
Leola Vaughan, Edna Wofford, i
forwards, Maude Vaughan, ceil-;;
ter, Mildred Taylor and Iva Pitt, ]
guards. The visitors’ team was i
composed of, H. Gordon, B. Joy
ner, and E. Brinkley, forwards, i
Herring, center, H. Blake, M.
Burnett and S. Eason, guards.
Next Monday night the Boys’
team journeys to Oxfrd for a
second game with the Oxford
In the first basket ball game
of the series for the State)
ftiampionship Roanoke Rapids
defeated Norlina in the local'
gym last night, winning by the
score of twenty eight to twenty
I May Develope Crop of
Big Return Value
Discovering that the sandy
soil on the other side of the river
is almost identical in nature and
moisture retaining properties
with that of the "big onion”
i belt of Texas, I. A. Phelps is
I making a test this year of one
!acre of the mammoth Sftanish
! onions that grow from two to
! six pounds each and retail at ten
| cents per pound and upwards.
I Several Texas counties that were
(starved out three successive
i years by the boll weevil now
| raise these onions instead of cot
:ton and make triple the profits
of cotton.
Taylor & Collier’s Store Which Was Destroyed by Fire Wednesday Morning
Popular Firm Loses Heavily in Blaze of Unknown Origin.
Safe which Held Accounts Withstood the Inferno of
Heat. Firm Makes Temporary Plans to Handle Trade.
beautiful Memorial
Service* At Halifax
One of the most beautiful
nemorial services ever present- ]
d to the people of Halifax coun-1
y was solemnized at Halifax
ourt House yesterday afrernoon
t three-thirty o’clock to the
ate lamented and beloved VVood
ow Wilson, when every member
>f the legal body present, which
ncludes some of the most bril
iant minds in the state, took
iart in the ceremony.
Mr. Raymond Dunn was in
harge of tjie program and pre
ided in that masterly manner
leculiar to the able Enfield law
•er, and he was assisted by the
earned judge and the leading
nembers of the bar.
Auer a neautitui and appro-j
iriate prayer by the Kev. Mr. |
.lidyette of Halifax, the follotv
ng able lawyers and statesmen
laid glowing tributes to the
rreat and noble dead man.
Judge Connor, the presiding
urist; Hon. K. L. Travis, Sr.,
ormer chairman of the Corpora
ion Commission; Hon. S. M.
Cary, Clerk of Court and juve
lile judge; Dr. Guy Suiter, who
poke in behalf of the American
region ; Hon. Garland Midyette, I
Solicitor for the Second Judicial
District; Mr. Ashby Dunn, a I
eading lawyer of Scotland Neck; |
he Presbyterian minister ofj
toanoke Rapids, and Mr. Geo. C.!
Creen, a prominent and able at-!
orney of Weldon.
The eulogies were most beauti
u! and appropriate. The court j
lad adjourned for the occasion
ind the bnilding was packed to
iverflowing, but so tiuiet, re
ipectful and orderly was the
arge congregation that a pin
ould have been heard to fall
ipon the floor.—Scotland Neck
Commonwealth. I
Drder of Music at All Saints
Episcopal Church
11: A. M.
Processional, Alleluia, Sing to
Gloria Patri—Woodard.
Te Deum Laudamus—Boskirk.
Jubilate Deo—Woodard
Hymn, Praise to the Holiest
in the Height—Dykes.
Offertory Sentence, All things
Come of Thee—Anon
Recessional Hymn, 0 Savior,
Precious Savior—Anon.
Four-Fold Amen—Newkom
Choir director, Mrs. Walter
Organist—Miss Ruth Transou.
The public is most cordially
;> A Mllllanalra.
Tr ba a mllllanalra In tha Unltad
States a roan must have $1,000,000;
In England, $1,000,000; In Prance,
1,004.000 franca In hla own oountrj
s si* must possess a million la tha
ill Manor to ha unud
it '
Fire of unknown origin break
ing out in the early morning
hours of last Thursday, com
pletely wiped out the two story,
two store brick building of
Messrs. Taylor & Collier, located
on the corner of Roanoke Avenue
and First Street.
Many citizens were not
awaken by the alarms given by
the town tire bell and the morn
ing bell of the Roanoke Mills
Company, and a comparatively
small crowd gathered at that
early hour. The water pressure
was so low as to be useless in
lighting the fire, proving insuffi
cient to extinguish an awning
which caught fire on an adjoin
ing building, but most of those
who witnessed the conflagration
dated that the fire had made
such headway before its dis
covery that it would have been
it with any pressure.
The loss amounts to about
thirty thousand dollars, a cor
tiderable portion being covered
ay insurance. Tt is interesting
to note in connection with the
ire that a steel Underwriters'
Label safe, situated in the build
ng, carried its contents, in
truding about thirteen thousai 1
iollars of accounts receivable,
through the fire is al
most in perfect condition,
rhis is the first tesl
been subjected in the com
Messrs. Taylor & Collier have
made arrangements to handle
their trade through their Rose
mary store, the Taylor Grocery
Company, until they can erect
a temporary building on lots
across the street offerer them
by Mr. J. T. Chase, of the Roa
nokt- Rapids Power Company.
They expect to rebuild at their
old location as soon as possible
and plans are now under way
for a modern store building com
plete in every particular.
First Grade: Sam Baird, Hat
tie Mitchell, Margaret Long and
Louise Clary.
Second Grade: Charlie Dow
nes, Frances Hines, Virginia
Conner, Lois Hux, Ruby Lee,
Jesse Jenkins and Charlie Tew.
Third Grade: Lillie May Mat
thews, Mildred Tutor, Edith El
more, Louise Hux, Virginia Bell
Vincent, Wilma Edwards and
Virginia Akers.
Fourth Grade: Dorothy
Crutchfield, Rosa Heath Long,
Mary Perkinson and Hilda
An Appeal For Help
The Social Service Committee
of the Woman’s Club appeals to
the town for help in behalf of the
two families who were burned
out at the Taylor & Collier fire.
Clothing has been supplied,
but money for replacing house
hold utensils and furniture iis
sorely in need.
Mrs. E. J. Coltrane, Chairman.

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