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franklin Press April 13. ? Last
Tuesday night local officers received
fl tip that a fleet of whiskey laden
fars wore headed this way from
Rabun County, Georgia, supposedly
carrying a cargo of liquid joy to
Asheville. Armed with search war
rants, Sheriff Alex Moore and City
Marshall, R. M. Coffey stationed
themselves at the iron bridge across
(he Little Tennessee river at Frank
lin. Along about ten o'clock the first
ear, a sevefi-passenger Buick, camc
along, hitting the hig spots toward
Asheville. Upon being halted by the
oflieers, eleven ten gallon kegs of
liquor were found neatly packed in
the rear of the car. The officers
took possession of the car and con
tents, and the two men occupants of
the front seat were lodged in the
county jail.
Returning to the bridge with the
confiscated car, the officers waited
for sonio time for the rest of the
party, but they failed to show up for
several hours. Becoming suspicious
that perhaps the ocoupants of the
other cars had been tipped off in
some way that the officers were
looking tor them, Sheriff Moore and
his party headed out the Georgia
road to see if they could find ef?y
trace of the balance of the party.
A few miles out, near the Morrison
School, they mot the first car, and
while they were searching it and
putting the occupants under arrest
the headlights of two other cars
were seen approaching at a rapid
speed. The drivers of these ear?, as
soon as they saw that the front car
had b^en halted, tuitied aroivid j;nd
beat it back up the road, taking to
side roads as they came to them.
Sheriff Moore stated that he followed
these cars, but before he eould over
take any of them, he began to meet
them coming baek, one at a tinu-.
A search failed to reveal any liquor
in any of them, but he held the oc
cupants, and following the tracks
to where they had turned around, he
found sevt|t mfcre t*fe*gaMorra
of liquor that had Keen thrown out
into the bashes.
All told, six men and one woman
were taken in custody and brought
to the conntv jail, while one other
woman occnpant of one of the cars
made good her escape. Two Buick
seven -passenger touring car's, one
Dodce touring, and a brand new
Hupp Roadster were taken, and are
now in the hands of the officers.
Brys'lh City Times, April 13. ? It is
reported that tho Mont Vale Lumber
Company with a plant at Fontana
and Main 0 cc3 in Philadelphia,
hare discovered a rich copper mine
on their holdings on Eagle Creek in'
this county and that they have al
ready started prelirr'i r.ry operation.'
toward the development of the in
dustrv. A small force of workmen
with hand drills are at work and it
is stated that they have driven a
shaft seven feet into the vein and
the deposit shows to be exceedingly
rich and that the copper is of splcn
did qnality. This outcropping is n
different locality from the famous
wfcMi ftera bM bee* so much litiga
? . > r u number oi years and goes
H prove that when the forei-tP o!
Swain county have been deauded of
their luxuriant growth of timber. val
uable <lf?pr>sits of mineral will be
found under the surfaee of these
mountains onee so rieh in hardwoods
that will add materially to the wealt?
of the natural resources of our ooun
ty. The development of this new in
1 dostry will be watched with deep in
terest and hailed with delight.
democrats name
The democrats will have a full
town ticket in the field in the munici
pal election to be held the first Mon
day in May, instead of following the
usual rule of agreeing upon a mixed
ticket, it was decided at a democratic
mass meeting at the Masonic hall,
Monday evening. After the decision
was reached to put a ticket in the
hold, the following ticket w^ nn?"
wated by the meeting: W. R. Sherrill,
Mayor, D. M. Hall, R. C. Allison, H.
K. Buchanan, C. L. Allison and A.
W. Ccj>e, aldermen.
At the time this is written, the re
publicans had taken no action, but it
is thought thatthey, also will aomt
Bite a J$ Mfe ~vrgn
It i& definitely been {nnou^iced
that plans for the erection o fa neW
, and modern hotel in Sylva have ma
tured to the extent that sufficient
capital has been assured for the pro
ject, if a small amount of stock can
be sold to the citizenship of the
Those backing the proposed hotel
state that they are not anxious to
make the investment if private in
dividuals intend to erect a modem
hotel, but that f no individuals are
going to do so, that they will put up
the major portion of the capital nec
essary to assure Sylva a new hotel
of the most modern type.
With the burning of the Com
mercial Hotel, last week, the necessity
for a hotel for Sylva has become
imperative, and there is no doubt
that a modern hotel, backed by the
citizenship of Sylva would prove to
be a great asset to the town and to
the county.
The annual Spring music festival
bfcgins next Wednesday evening, and
concludes Saturday evening. The
festival is imder direction of the
Piedmont Lyceum Circuit, and in
cludes four exceptionally good pro
grams, beginning Wednesday evening
with Vierr's Hawaiian Singers ami
Players, a feature that will doubtless
please all music lovers. On Thursday
cve'ning The Toolcv Comic Opera
Company will present the .Japanese
Opera "The Mikado". Friday The
Kendree Concert Company, a trio of
artists, will present a broad rcpei
toiro including Violin, Vocal, Piano
and Bag-pipe ducts, solos anil!en
seinble number. The fourth eveninr
Saturday, the Galgano Duo Company
will entertain with the harp, guitar,
readings and harpologues.
The dates are April 25 to 28.
Season tickets are now on sale.
? i o
DAILY BUS LINE * ? -v-v , ^
The Jackson County Bus Line has
purchased two Hudson touring cars,
and has inaugrated daily schedules
from Cullowhee, Sylva and Dillsboro
to Asheville and return, which will
doubtless prove of great value to the
people of Jackson County, having
business in Asheville and intermedi
ate points, and wishing to make con
nections with Southern railway trains
out of Asheville, to points, South,
East and West.
"They shall be arrayed in white".
\To tl)oSo tv -tyIs refer to s"methi;ng
entirely different. But what else
Uu i.v iv liwmgly express what id
in mind!
Here i" the circumstance: When
von are in t!>e most attractive part of
SvJvi and vour attention is attracted
by the newly-painted house just
wuth of the Methodist Church, take
notice that that house is a parsonage
where a very happvMethodist preach
er's family resides. Yes, verily it is
a parsonage, : I id a preacher lives
there. If he should appear a little
"'ic^tv walking about remember
'there's a reason'.
That is the fact that shows, but
there is a story back of it. Mr. Ford
King decidcd that a dingy wcathcy
beaten house was no place for a
preacher to live, r.nd said to the
ladies "Get some paint and I'll put
>n". Mrs. M. Buchanan and Mrs.
Carrie 'McKee sr. id "We'll get the
paint". Afid the kind-heart ed folks
who popped, looked and loosened
know how thev got the paiht. And the
preacher's family had nothing to d<
know how they got the paint. An-'
but smile while the whole houso was
getting white right over their head
But they ask that it be made pub' V
through this note that they feel the
church has done a beautiful and ""ery
much neededi thing. They want it
said that they tliank every one who
gave time, labor or motney to dress
the parsonage in white.
Tt should have been said in tb?*
Journal last week, but was overlook
???} that the Methodist congregation
Ji Sylva at tfteir meeting Sunday,
April 8th by a rising vote expressed
their admiration for the work of the
fire eompany in combatting the
flames at Sylva 's recent fire. . By
the same vote they expressed their
sympathies for those who were losoi'a
?' \ i?s i,
Raleigh, N". C. April 26. ? " A hen is
always i?n a laying condition when
she goos broody and if this con
dition is broken up at oace she will
almost immediately go back to lay
ing. If she is allowed to remain on
the nest for several days, however,
the ovary and oviduct will gradually
recede to a dormant condition and
several weeks of production by this
htyi will be lost at a time when eggs
are most needed. One should begin
breaking up the broody condition at
onee by placing the hen in a specially
constructed broody eoop, says Dr. B,
F. Kaupp, in chargo of poultry In
vestigations for the Stato College and
Experiment Station.
Dr. Kaupp states that a good
broody eoop can be made from laths
Blatted on all sides including the bot
tom. This eoop can either be placed
on legs or hung from a tree. By
placing the hen in such a coop jusr
as soon as she begins to cluck, and
remain on the jnest, and by watering
and feeding her grain and laying
masli, Dr. Kaupp finds that she will
start to lay again within three or
four days. She can than be returned !
to the la j ling house. , !
Dr. Kaupp advises that as soon as ;
the hen is placed in the broody coon, 1
she should be fed at once so as to
have a chance to absorb the yolks
that are developing in the ovary. By
having the bottom of the coop slat
ted the hen cannot hover and soon
gives up the tendency to broodi.ness.
If the hen is left on the nest or if
she is not fed properly she will re
absorb the eggs which are already
developed so that the care, water
ing and feeding must be done right.
Throwing the hen off the nest, dip
ping her in cold water, or not feed
ing her, is abuse only and will not
broak her up, says Dr. Kaupp. This
will often cause trouble. With the
assistance of the broody coop and
plenty of feed, the hen begins to lay
even before she is removed from the
coop. A financial loss will thus be
: i
\ ? >
Several of our people have been
hun rw.tly in the wood and log
ging business. Mr. E. M. Smathere
badly hurt near East La Porte.
M - ' .v ud Hyatt and Mr. Rick
Coward wore hurt by logs rolling
r- ; r ?'(?< ? :. However, all are improv
F ie Zaehary,ofCanton was
>? J::\!sr?nr. last week.
Mr. ,snd Mrs. E. W. Kent, of New
P rt, R. I., who wintered in Port
range. Fla., arrived in Baltam Fri
day of last week and are occupying
their eottage here.
' i Smathers ?r>d little
Mvrtle, Fr^at the wer>\- end ? in
Mf ndav seemed to be rioving day
in Balsam. Mr. W. S. Dills and
family moved to Asheville where he
will have charge of Dr. Briggs' farm.
Mrs. Mary Henry moved tr Willets.
Mrs. John Moore and family moved
firm Dark Ridge to Bal^m. Mr. J.
B. Queen has moved the p-stofficc.
Postmaster for the office here to fill ;
the vacancy caused by the death oil
W. B. Farwell, Post Master. Mrs. j
D. T. Knight, who was Mr. Farwell 's
assistant, has had charge of the
office. A civil servicc examination, to
supply the vacancy here, was held in
Waynesville February, 17th at which
only' two applicants appeared. Mrs.
D. T. Knight and C. R. Jones, Jr.
Both passed the examination but
Mrs. Knight made highest grade. No.
postmaster has yet been appointed.
Mrs.Lettie Reed has returned from
Hazelwood, where she wa is mder
treatement of several Doctors. VV?
are glad to say she seems to be im
.prbving. , ;.
I? Master Francis Jones accompian
ed his father, Rev. Otho J. Jones,
of Sylva to Balsam Sunday after
Mrs. T. S. Nations has been very .
fll with flu
A very interesting sermon was
I preached at the Baptist Chm? h
Sunday by Rev. Mr. Cook.
Mrs. S. C. Allison called on Mr.
W. W. Jc:nes Saturday afternoon.
Mis. James Sitton visited relatives
I here Thursday.
Mrs. James Pangle and little son,
J. C. Called at Mre^D. 6. Sutton's
Mr. Claude Jones made a business
trip to Sylva Saturday.
Mr. Lawrence Gates has moved to
the Revis saw mill to take chargc
of the lodging camps.
Mr. General Jones made a business
trip to Sylva Wednesday.
We are glad to say Mrs. W. W.
Jones and Mrs. R. M. Fisher are
improving after serious illnesses of
Mrs. L. B. Nations and Mrs. Bes
sie Henson were the guests of Mi's.
Joe Brooks, Monday.
Mr. Johnson Thomas has returned
to his work on Alarka, after spending
a week with home folks.
Mr. Charlie Brooks made a bus
iness trip to Whittier Wednesday.
Mr. T. C. Jnnes, of BiyBon City,
visited his daughter, Mis. Lee
Bradley, Friday.
Mr. Tom Segle, of Wilmot ' spent
the week end with his son.
! Mr. Jno. Davis is ill with flu.
Mr. and Mr#. John Brown, of Dix
Creek made a brief stay here Sun
day. .
Mr. Hyman Sutton went to Dills,
boro, Saturday, shopping.
Miss Selma Jones made a trip to
Dix Creek, Saturday.
Mr. Dewey Green passed through
onr section Si>nday.
Misses Gladys and Maire Fisher
left Wednesday for Tennessee where
they will spend the summer.
Mi's. Etta Bradley and daughters,
Helen and Naomi called at Mrs.
Johnson Thomas' Friday.
Miss Birdell Sutton was the guest
of Miss Myrtle Thomas, Thursday.
Miss Bessie Brooks went to Wil
mot Tuesday, shopping.
Mr. Lee Bradley made a busViess
trip to Dillsboro, Sunday.
Misses Nell and Myrtle Thomas
and Bessie Brooks were the guests
of Miss Leona Dills Wednesday.
| 4 ft*
Thomas home, Sunday.
Mr. Joe Sutton from Dillsboro.
visited relatives at this place Sim
Mrs. Joe Messer and little da* ? 'li
ter, Pauline, were the guests of .M rs.
Johnson Thomas Sunday.
Mi*. J. C. Jones, of VVhittier,v was
the guest of Mr. General Jones, Sun
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sution call
ed at Mr. J. C. Pangle's, Sitndax
afternoon. ,
"?* ? 0
Two interesting scfiiuons were
preached Sunday by Rev.M?L.GarreLi
of Bryson City.
Misses Annie and Maggie Work*;,
went to Sylva Monday, .shopping. . ,?
Mr. Dewey Greeii, of Barker'.
Creek was in town Monday.
Mr. and Mi's. Henry Raby and
little grand son, Lawrence called at
Mrs. Rebecca Parker's Sunday after
Miss Lucy Ward was in town
Monday, shopping. I
Mr. and Mrs. Billie Nation dined
nt Mr. Tom Farley's Sunday.
Misses Cleo Brown and Nellie
Nations went to Barker's Creek
Thursday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoi^ge Ensley, Inez
and Robert Ward passed throuim
here Sunday in a new Ford.
Mr. and Mra. S. A. Ashe, of Whit
tier attended services hero Sunday
afternoon. '
Mrs. J. T. Revis went to Whittici
Wednesday, shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Raby, Boss!.
Farl y and little son, Willard went
ear riding Sunday.
Airs. Baxter Lewis, of Whittle;
spent Friday night with Mr.- Job..
Mrs. Bedford Bradley and ckihire
visited, at Mrs. Roy Sntlieii:yiv',
Sunday ril'ieruoon.
Rev. .-Jr. Brindle dined at -M .
Nath Buni"4. nier's Sunday.
Mr. Jo!m Lewis made a bnsiiK'
trip to Sylva Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Me:;ser atte::d
cd services here Sunday.
Mrs. Manly Gibsru visited her son
Fred Gibson, Monday.
Eveiy one renic rber, Sunday t!:<
twenty-second. Re-.. Thad Watsoi
will preach at the Ba >;:sf Church.
Rev. J. R. Church. < f Qualla, i
holding a revival at the t. II. Chine
Every one is invited to come and
t?ke part. \
Mr. Ellis Patterson is spr;,-:
few da}s with home folks.
Mrs. Walter Rogers, of Canton 1
spending a few days here with lie
Shuford Jenkins will conduct ::
series of meetings at Hazelwood, he
ginning Sunday, April 22. Mr. Jen
kins is well remembered here, having,
conducted a series of meetings
Sylva, last fall, that stirred the en
tire town and county.
The world over, the most enlight
encd and progressive agriculture'
districts are found where livesioe!.
provides one of the chief sources or
Mr. II. Keener <liod on Min
gua* Cisk Friday 14th. His remains
wore Iir>u:rl'i to the home of his
father, Mr: K. S. Keener on Satur
day a flemoUi. Funeral services wert
hold in tli<> Methodist Church, con
ducted by lie v. J.R. Church and Prof.
.1. !U (ii )li>. mi Sunday afternoon,
and his. In dy laid to rest in the
cemetery Shoal Creek. He wns
qui* imiasirious, honest, truthful
and it; ?. ? ':i. Beside.* his parentc h*
leave# .Ciree brothers, three sisters^
a host ?f relatives and friends who
mourn I):' cause he has been taken
| . i:.
A !;? rvov ;1 attended the fun
vv . ? . : r lhe Visitors, were Mr. A.
I. !::r ;?nd family of Bryson
I .. i id Mrs. R. .T. Roane, Mr.
V.. Varner, Mr. a'nd Mrs.
I>. ii. ; -i.ji, Airs. .1. (!. Varner,
M.n at:d McHan, Mr. and
\l . ( Uusilies, Mr. Glenn Stal
. 'i li-js. Barrett, Mr. < and
'.1 . "i. Zachary, of Whittier, 1! r.
and Ju*s. A, 1). Parker, Mr. Loral
ar.ii Mr. 1). U. Owen of
Mi*. ( . T. (S'noper made a business
i r:j? .i A lieVille, Wednesday.
. . . I;, llaltie left Thursday for
I.e.- Ai. ? ' Calif.
' . P. Bird, of Sylva callcd at
M i . A. Bird's Wednesday.
ir. 1 Mrs. Perce McLaughlin
i> ? v. ? . end at Mr. K.
liov, etl
L.'he House is spending a
?Vv -i . i\ii Mrs. ('. M. Hughes at
H " ? * ' .
n. i
Iloyle and Miss
'lire.* llni." vi:dted ::t Mr. S. M.
Cri V- V. . ?
i' v. i 1 V|?. J. 1?. Church and
Mr.-. ' W'i'rrins dined at Mr. W.
.T. Tuntins Sunday.
Mr.V^I. Miches visited Mr. J.
O. Terrell Sunday.
Mr. !!. (J. Bird andjtfiv Arley Mc
( !i. e. i ; Sylva in. tared to Shoal
Cre; -: Sunday afternoon.
'ir. Bir-I of i Jry soil CiLv visit
-ed relames Tuesday.
Mr. Je.ij-jlli Kuslev, of Beta, has
hee ; ii; .di,: ? a lev." days with his
daiHiUr' M :si Freeman. -
visited tchool
T!t:n ? ??
.Mi*. I \v,*ry 'Iri.sley spent Wednes
day I with Mr. Claude Hughes.
Mr. and 'Mi's. .1. E. Iloyle spent
the v . . uid( with Mr. 11. I*. Queen,
at Sylva.
i ' Sir:';* Mathews called at Iter.
W. \. Anthony's Thursday.
Air. and Mrs. Olus Howell spent
tin* wi- , end at Mr. A. C. Hojde's.
Mis.-; Maud Cooper spent Sundaji^__
nhl i with Misses Gertrude and Ruth 1 *iT
-i *
Mis. Wiii. and Mrs. Rufus Oxjfier
spent Tm day with Mrs. Troy Tur- k
Mr . ! . (iibson r.nd Miss Nor*
Wrrd ted at Mr. 1>. L. Oxner's
Business house
. :!. al'ndes hns begun tearing
r! . t .!? ?<! :I building} on his lol
? ! ') r !?? t ' i ?. p^ofiice, preparatory
-ill' ni store building.
Tli.- .:< \v building, that is to ta!?
(l.c place oL t lio old oik* will bo erec -
<-d. is .-'Km as flic removal oi' tho old,
; in! r.w iuious arc completed.
Vhe i !?! building that is being r.'
. '1 tl.?* !ir.-t business
(?? ??;? built in Sylva, and ;<?
.sun' building in town.
.!.'T?l'?od that the new build
: i " buyer (hor of' it, will !>?
i <? ?. t!:e City Csl'e, wbv-h
;? ,:i has temporary quart' n?
!i i ,? ''"heater building.
' ?'? ' \f; >? fiiU* of Co lf'/e, &
y > * ? i : fanner of Nash (bounty insd*
? ('r-.',r I:! i ye;>r on a rented
V . . .' } Miev iii Sampson County
? <ln enough money to purchase ami
HHMiive apairy worth
,.<i Mill Mioilicr in I'endcr
? i ?:-!:? ?17.r;0 net from hi*
j. ; ? are above the $360
y ? m :c of college train
get better :i* they
? ! f ?!/?' I
. rAs a limmti' legume Jir soybean?
!> C tO i:: *l(! S i'ij" < XtTU'li' f;l
wo; *cf ,\s ? ill! bidding cr p it
is eve; U-t ! a:.?! it lakes good pa?
t?!ie ft,-/ c::i tb', ? i ' ;p and hogs.
jl;;':." tirovi- ion for a good aerea ?
t" ?lin,!ier ' 'giirres advise; Colic/#
and Department of Agriculture
workers. More fertile soils will re
suit. _

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