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gvlva is in town politics up to her
neck, antl those acquainted with the
.?eography of the town will admit
that she lifts some neck.
j?.ist Monday night the democrats
oi' the town met and nominated a
ticket tor the town election. The
first partizan ticket that Sylva has
over lind for town officers. W. R.
Sherrill was nominated for Mayor,
D. M. Hall, C. L. Allison, A. W.
Cope. H. E Buchanan ai^d R. C.
Allison were put on the ticket for
Mayor George W. Sutton coun
tered the move of the democrats by
calling a mass meeting of citizens of
tin' town, to meet at his office, last
Friday afternoon, at which a com
mittee was appointed ' to make re
commendations for the personel of
a "citizen's tieket," which > was to
be composed of an equal number of
democrats and republicans; and the adjourned until Monday
nislit, giving the committee until that
time to arrive at its conclusion.
On Monday night the committee
reported that . it/ had decided upon
Geo. W. Sutton for Mayor, C. W.
Penning, I)r. A. A. Nichols, Prof. R.
F. Hough, Alvin Ensle.1 and J. D.
Cowan as aldermen. The report oi
the committee was adopted an:l the
above tickoi was named to oppose
the democrat!'; ticket in the election
;o be held ou May 7.
Oi' the ticket nominated by tlie
ri i/en's nn-s in<?et.n? V.r button
Mr. Enslev >1 I #r. N'u-1 i>is are re
publicans, ?nd I'mf. !f civ' . Mr. IV11
. and Mr u? nr< .! :uj<r:its
Mrs. Sallie A. Stedman, widow of
Mr. Frank A. Stedman, died at
Hayesville on last -Monday. She was
about eighty-five years of' age and
had been in feeble health for several
Mrs. Stedman was well known here
having moved, with her family, to
Sylva, 'row Raleigh, abopt thirty
vt-uu igo, and since ihat tune havr
in? made her home ill tikis section
of the state. She is survived by two
children, Rev. C. E. ' Stedman, of
Clay county, and Mrs. Frank E.
Heam, of Eatonton, Qa., three
children, Frank, W.R. and Mrs. S.
W. Enloe having preceded her to the
{.rave several years ago.
The funeral and interment oecured
at Hayesville, 011 Tuesday.
Dear Mr. Editor: ? Will you please
give me space in your paper for n
letter to my friends in dear old
Jackson? I don't think I have ever
lived in a place that got hold of the
strings of my heart as Jackson coun
ty did. I have often thought of it&
lofty mountains and beautiful vallies,
but I have thought still more about
the noble men and women over there,
whom I am glad to call my friends,
I never knew the county tad such
a hold on my heart strings until 1
had to say good bye and leave. I
hope my friends have not forgotten
me and my little family. I want to
tell something of what I have been
doing over here : ^
The first thing, I did was to finish
the parsonage which had been built
several years ago but had never been
completed. We spent $250.0Q on this
work. This accomplished my iiext
job was to build a church. Several
preachers had mndc^yi start at it, and
would },'ct so far, and would stop.
But when I started, I made up my
mind that I was going to put the
thin" over. The contract has been
let, and as I write* this letter the
, carpenters can bo heard tearing down
the old building. The new church is
to be brick veneer with Sunday
School rooms to take care of our Sun
day School work. It is to be modern
in every respect.
1 would appreciate a letter from
??)? of my friends who may read this
- ?ote. Tell me what the church in |
doin<,', and arc the people yell u.-l
With best wishes for your paper
|>?d kindest ^regards to all rny friends
in dear old Jackson, I am,
Sincerely yours, ' t ?
The Medford Furniture Company^
bas bet,'\in excavating on their lot on
Main street, preparatory to >
' Mrs. John B. Ensley died at her
home here Sunday morning, after a
short illness, of pneumonia and. com
plications. While it was known that
she was seriously ill, the news of her
death came as a shock to many
people of the community. The funeral
was conducted Monday afternoon, at
the Baptist church by Rev. W. Ross
Yokley, Rev. Thad F. Deitz and Rev.
0. J. Jones, and interment ^was in
the Keener cemetery.
Mrs. Ensley, who was, before her
marriage to John B. Ensleyfln 1882,
Miss Mollie Queen, a daughter of
the late James Queen.
She was bom on August 23, 186:1,
and when about four-teen years of
age she was converted and joined the
Baptist church. Being a woman of
many admirable traits of character,
she was much loved among an un
usually laige circle of friends, the
church, crowded to capacity, and the
floral offering attesting the esteem in
which she was held in this, her
native section.
Mrs. Ensley is survived by her
husband, John B. Ensley, and seven
children, Mrs H. M. Hooper and
Lhester, of Akron, Ohio, Cynthia, of
Cincinnati, A. B., of Charlotte, Blain,
of Cleveland, Ohio, and Alvin rfnd
Hattie Florence, of Sylva, all of
whom were at their mouther's bed
side when tlie end came.
Raleigh, X. C, April 2ft? The
week of April 22 to 28 has been
designated as National Garden Week
in the United States. It will be ob
served in North Carolina by tin
official proclamation ol' Governor
Morrison and by efforts of extension
workers of ? the State College and
?tate Department of Agriculture to
devote more than usual attention to
the planting of gardens ar^l :he beau
tifications of the farmstead. O. C.
Matthews, chief of the i Division of
Horticulture, gives ai%the pur|? o?"
GardeiL Week, Jlje encouragement ol
the oratrly planting of vegetables,
flowers and ornamental plants. There
is now oi. foot in North Carolina n
movement to encourage the Live-at
Home idea and this takes in the
main ideas of Garden Week. There
is also a garden campaign being con
ducted at this time by the negro
farmers and this National Garden
Week comes at the same-time to aid
and further encourage the work that
the State has already begun.
Prof. Matthews says that some of
the things which may be easily doTte
this week arc: Clean up the waste
and barren places and beautify them
with" grass, flowers or vines; Start
an all-year garden so that some
vegetables may be served each day
in the year.
He gives tJ ? following plait to be
used during t;?e. week: "Clean up ?
get rid of all rubbish, broken fences
and other unsightly objects. Brighten
up ? paint the buildings, plant the
barren spots and give the farmstead
and home an air of neatness and
orderliness. Keep it up ? don't stop
when garden week is over. Make this
just a beginning^ Plant perennial
flowers and shrubs as these come
every year and get better as they get
older. Beautify the place and suc
cess will follow." > -
We wish to express our thanks
through your columns to our friends
for their many acts of kindness, as
fsistancfc and sympathy shown our
dear wife and mother during her
sickness and death.
We extend,our thanks to our many
friends, Church and Sunday School
and different Sunday School classes
for tile token of sympathy conveyed
to us by their appointed represen
The .heart of our home is gone ai\J
nothing can be said or done will fill
the vacuum, but the knowledge of
knowing we have friends who sympa
thize with us in the sad loss which
has made our home desolate, brings
a gleam of comfort in the midst of
our sorrow.
Every kind act performed, even
attention shown, every word of
sympathy expressed has found lodge
meat in our hearts and will last as
long as li?p endures.
We especially feel consoled through
tho comforting words and prayers
of Rev. Yokfcy, Deitz, Jones and
' Quoeo.
4 W & &K&&Y ?AdRiuil*
The farmers of this place hav<
boon pretty busy gettiry? their grounc
ready to plant their crops.
Mrs. W. II Jones visited Mrs. Will
Garland Monday evening.
Mrs. Rose, ^and daughter in law,
took dinner with Mrs. Philips Sun
Mr. Carl Jenkins, of< Stecoah,
visited the Sunday School at this
place last Sunday.
Mr. W. II. Jones made a business
trip to Scoln, and other places last
Thursday, returning home Sunday.
Mr. John Wilson, of Beech Creek
is very ill. Hope for him a speedy
Miss Inez Carpenter spent Monday
with her sister, Mrs. Larah Stewart.
A large crowd enjpyed a very nice
sinking at the Baptist Church Sun
day evening.
Miss Edna Jones took dinner with
Miss Inez Carpenter, Sunday.
Mts. J. II. Hyde is very sick.
Miss Vola Buchanan took dinner
with Miss Dollic Garland, Sunday.
Mr. Dock Stewart and Herbert
Carpenter contracted Mr. Jone's
lumber hauling.
There was preaching at the Bap
tist Church here last Saturday and
Sunday byKev. Oscar Crisp the
The Sunday School at this place
is progressing nicely.
They arc going to reorganize the
B. Y. P I*, next Sunday.
Mr. Dave Garland and Leon Bar
-thm. <>i 111-.-; .place, a yd' some others
.tin1 t;> Topton fox-hunting Satur
Bom to Mr. and Mi's. Arthur Car
rin^er, a son
Miss Viola Jones spent Sunday I
with her friends, Misses Stella and
I<ola Hyde.
Mr. John Orr, of Buft'alo, visited
his parents Monday.
? o
Wo have been having sonic very
rainy weather I'oi the past few days.
A. Edwards is apflftdin^ a
few d-.ys with her molh-H', Mrs. D.
C. Picklesinier. %
Jlr Harry 1 1 ilK passed through
here I-';t:iday
Mr. Daniel Edwards motored to |
Cashiers Sunday.
'Mrs. E. 0. Lombard spoilt Sun- 1
day with her mother. Mrs. T. If. |
Bryson. ' *
Miss Canty Bryson spent Satur
day with her sister, Mrs. E. 0. Lom
bard. ,
The young folks of Whiteside on- 1
joyed an et*g hunt given at ' the |
homo of Mr. and Aire. H. B. Pickle
sinier 's. Easter.
Mr. C. JCdwarjls and Will Watson I
visite'd ,it Mrs. E. B. Norton's, at j
Shortnff, Sunday with Miss Cloo |
Miss Coral Loo Picfdcsimer spent]
Sunday with Miss Cleo Edwards.
Mr. Luna Watson motored to|
Cashiers Sunday.
Mr. 4?bb Bumgarnor was in White- 1
side, Sunday.
Mrs. C. E. Pidwards spent Sunday
afternoon with , Mrs. S. I. Lombard.
Our Sunday j\hooI was reorganiz
ed oil April first. Hope Jo see a large
at ton deuce.
Mr.| D. C. Picklesimor made a 1
business trip to Lake Toxawayj
Mr. Fred Edwards was in White- 1
side, Sunday.
Misses Ruth and Dorothy Lombard
visited their grand-mother, Mrs. S.
I Lombard, Saturday.
Mr. Ehric Cash has gone to Wal
halla, S. C., on business.
Messrs. Troy and Trui Edwards'
were in Whiteside, Sunday.
The folks had a community day at |
tlie Middlesex school in Nash County
recently when the men pulled off
their coats and plowed, dug and haul
ed nil day while the children cleaned
np t Ik* grounds. The Home Agent
arid Landscape Specialist of the
State Collie and State Department
of Agriculture made plaus for im-j
proving tile grounds Seven . other
school^ we^e also helped in the same|
war. ,1 4
The farmer who doesn't . worry I
much todaj is the one who- has a
monthly incpnie check from chickens, I
cows, hogs and a big check when
his cash crtjp is srfd.
? 7* ' ?
"And congressmen take off their
hats, V 1
Acknowledging its power. ' '
SM9 JW kwe Jtrwa
! Our school is preparing for Cora
1 mencement exercises to take place
the twenty sixth and twenty^ aeyenth.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno.\. Hyatt, j*?r.
Luther Hoyle and Mr. Lonnie Crisp
, ^ined at Rev. W.-A. Anthony's Sun
.day. *
-Mr. and Mrs. J. ML Bird of Brysou
City, were guests at Mr. C. A.
Bird's, Sunday.
. ' "N
Mrs. R. E. Owen, of Waynesville
is visiting her father, Mr. J. M.
Mrs. J. C. Johnsoiy'dined at Mr.
G. T. Cooper's, Sunday. ?
Prof. W. R. Henry, of Proctor,
spent the week end with Mr. J. 0.
Mr. P. H. Ferguson and family at- 1
tended Epworth League at Wliittier,
Sunday night.
Mrs. G .C. Wiggins and Miss Lucy
Wiggins dined at Mr. J. K. Terrell's,
? Mrs. J. A. Moore made a trip to
Bryson City, Saturday.
Prof, and Mrs. C. R. Bird dined at
Mr. J. H. Hughes', Sunday.
Mr,* K. Ilowell and Mr. Rans
Mathews, were guests at Mr. S. M.
Crisp's, Sunday.
Mr. D. A. Martin, of Cherokee,
called at Mr. W. C. Martin's, Run
Mrs. A. M. Gibson called at Mr.
W. P. House's, Sunday.
Messrs. Golman Kinsland and
Claude Terrell attended a musical at
Wliittier, Wednesday, night.
Miss Mary Emma Ferguson visit
ed Misses Moselle and Phyllis Moody
! Sunday.
Mr. James Freeman has moved to
Ducktown. -
Sunday was a liue day. The Sun
day Schools wfo'e well attended also
a goodly number at the afternoon
o ? ?
Rev. TIia?l Wat, on preached an
interesting sermon at# tlio Baptist
Church Sunday. v
Mi1. Dewey McKay of Ha/.elwood,
spent the week end with relatives
here. .
9 #
.Misses Bessie Sellers, Cora Gib
son, Messrs. .Tuliiis Watson and John
Queen went kodoking Sunday a fter
uoon. ; ,
.Mr. McKihley Farley is spending
a tew days with home folks.
Misses Xannie M. Nation and
Xellie Sutton of Barker's Creek at
tended services here Sunday,
i- Mr. Jesse Farley made a business
trip to Canton Saturday.
,Mrs. Walter Raby was the guest
of Mp. Lon Revis, Monday.
Miss Bessie Sellers called at the
Misses Brown's Monday.
Mi's. Cook visited her daughter,
Mrs. Iva Lee Nation, Sunday,
Mr. Fred Bradley and family hftvc
tnoved to the Dee Denton place.
Mrs. Alma Watson dined at Mrs.
J. T. Revis', Sunday.
Little Ferry Lee Revis spent thv>
week end with her aunt, Mrs. J. R.
Bumgarner. '
Bessie Farlev and little son, Wil
lard, spent Saturday night with Mrs.
Dee Denton. " ? ? ,
Lfttlc Klanor Ward, of Barker's
Creek, spent a few days with her
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R
, Mrs. Roy Blanton visited her
brother, Mr. Bedford Bradley, Thurs
Mr. Dewey 'Beck, of Barker's Creek
returned Sunday to his work hen?.
Mr. JIarrv Johnson visited at Mr.
R. B. Ward's, Sunday.
Mr. Talmage Sherrill was in town
Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis a;id
family have been sj>ending a few
days with his father, Mr. Turner
Lewis, of Whittier.
Rev. Thad Watson spent Saturday
night with Mr. Thomas Gibson.
Mr. Ellis Patterson has gone back
, to Rav^nsford, where he will stay
for a while.
Mrs.Sophronin Harris spent Satur
day with Mrs. Tom Farley.
Mrs. Ida Gibson- was in town Fri
day. ? ? ;
Miss leona Dills and Mrs. Raynor
were in town Saturday. ;
Misses NeTiie and Bonnie Bum
. garner attended services here Sun
day. ?
- _(
I). G. Bryson is contemplating
erecting a brick business building on
the lot now occupied, by A. F.C'louse
and Company's store, to be used by
illAfc firm.
I i ?
~ A sccond jury, in the*"ribordcr'n
i court, trying Mayme Ensley and Ru
fus Robinson, on a charge of F. & A.
again failed to rcacli an agreement,
and for a second time a mistrial was
ordered in the case, in which a mis
trial was ordered a month ago.
? it
Almost the whole of the time o!'
ithe court, on Monday and Tuesday
was taken up with the trial of this
case in which more than twehty
witnesses for the state were examin
Robert Cabe was found guilty of
obstructing a public road, which ran
through his place, and judgement
was suspended upon payment of the
costs. The question that arose was
as to whether the road through Mr.
Gabc's property was a private or a
public road, and after the decision
of the court the parties agreed tliat
the road should be used by the
public until a public cart way can be
laid out and constructed.
Ras Extinc was fined $5.00 and ihe
costs for failure to work the roads.
Don Alexander and Rose Alexan
der were charged with F. & A. and a
of the costs by the male defendant,
judgement suspended upon payment
nol pros was taken as to Rose and
Floyd .Tones, (leo. Smathers ami
Rufus, .Tone.-; nil plead guilty to
drunkenness and judgement was sus
pended upon payment of the costs.
(ieo. ^lathis was found guilty of
an.assualt with a ydeudiy weapon np
on .Matt Collins, was fined $50.ty0 and
costs and took an appeal to the mi
perior court.
(Continued on j page .">)
' ' '
Drs. McCtiirc, it is announced wiJI
immediately begin the erection of a
business and office building ai l!i?
present site of their dental ofl'ce.
The entertainment and box 'supper
here Saturday evening ^were quite a
success. , Tli ere. were .only twelve
boSes and all sold at a good Jirice
hut Mi-.s. (I M eh alley's was sold
at the highest, which was A
box oi' <vndy was voted to tile "uu
lies!" mail v h;eh saused much !:i ? j*i ! .
tor. This w:;s voted to Rev. A.
Bryson who sold the boxes. A cake
was voted to the prettiest girl wl:ic|i
was presented to Miss Grace Mehaf
fey. There were quite a number oi'
l>eople from Wayne ;vi lie, Ha/.ehvoed.
^aunook and Willets. We wish to
thank one and idl lor their liberality..
The total proceeds amounted 'to ^4'
which will be used toward paintim*
the Baptist and Methodist Churches.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miiis
Friday, Aj>ril 20th, a boy.
Mr. and All's. T. M. Rickaids have
returned from Florida. There dawrli
ter, Miss Kate, who has been in
Columbia, S. l\, for some time re
turn vd with tlirni.
M ? If. I'. Fnsley, Mr. and Mix
Kuir; :ie Ensley, Mrs. Mary Woody
and Messrs Hubert and Odell Eils!e\ |
mot- ; ed to Franklin, Sunday.
Mr. and Mi's'. E. I). Wright, o.
Wil'^ts visited Mrs. W. B. Farwci!
and Mrs. I). T. Knight, Sunday after
Mr. .1. K. Kenney, of Asheville, i ;
visiting in Balsam.
Mrs. K. L. Cope went to Asheville,
Monday. >
Mrs. Mary Robinson of Wille's
visited. her d.:i: , liter, Mrs. Ildllowe:!,
Sunday. |
Miss 'Km ma McKay, of I laze' '
wood, who has been visit ilwr friends
in Balsam, returned home Momlay. j
Anion,';- thos^,vh') went to Syly.i
Monday, were Me. -. Fd Middleiri;,
A. C. Bryson and ."'.?"Kenney.
Misses Grace and i.' ir Meliaffey,
Messrs Odell and Ilubc,; Eyslrv mid1
i *
Coy Hedrick motored t.< /elwood.
Sunday evening and attc:;'?i. ' the re
vival conducted by Rev. >rd
Jenkins. j
Mrs.Carrie Belle Sprinkle of A<i,!
visited in Balsam last week.
Mrs. Sara Bryson, who has been
teaching near Candler is in Bal.saiu
for a short while.
On Saturday evening. May otli, at
eight o'clock there will be a get
together meeting of all former stud
ents and graduates of SylvaCollegiatc
Institute. The meeting will be held
in the administration building; ami
al! frrmer students and trustees nv
uivred to be present. Coijie and me: t
< your ^>ld class i nates on the Hill
? again lor tii^ -arc going tlicro.
The following account, taken from
the Fayetteville Observer,. April IS,
wiil be of interest to readers of the
Journal is Sylva,' where Herbert
Hatcher, son of Air. and Mrs. R. L.
Hatcher, lived until a few years ago,
when he joined the United . States
Fort Bragg, April 18. ? With the
arcest. of two colored men of Fay
ettevillc last night, a possible solu
tion of the shoting of Private Her
bert Hatcher, Q. M. C., may be reach
ed. It will be remembered by a few
that the soldier was shot in the
mouth by an unknown assailant at
9 o'clock Thursday nigjit, Mafeh 15,
on the Wilmington road, about a
quarter mile from Person street.
The matter was not made public ands
tiie careful, secret inquiry being pur- .
sued by the Fort Bragg provost mar
shal's Oi'liee was' materially assisted
by the Fayetteville police force. The
result is that Finest and Paul Car
ver, ncgraes* and brothers, will be
brought be ton1 the Recorder Friday
morning accused of the shooting.
The negroes are lodged in the city
/ . . . f
jail in Fayetteville, after their ar
r>'t by the city police.
Private Hatcher was on pass in
l-ayetteville on the day of the shoot
ing and drove a car to a soft-drink
sirnd on the Wilmington road, leav
ing his companion, a young lady, in
the car at the roadside. Coming oat
of the soft-drink stand after a few
nor.tents, Hatcher was greeted by a
iiillet, Iroin a .'52-cal. pistol, the bail
striking his jaw in two places. Tho
shot came from tin' Shadows and no
[race of the soldier':; assailant could
be foetid.
Mystery akin to the usual Black
Hand shooting js|hrou< vd ihe cas?:
for a long time. Hatcher liadl no
enemies, his visit to the placc was
to nii'ke a legitimate purchase, ne
;roe; living in the neighborhood
of the shooting could ^ throw no
1 iv lit on the identity of the assail
?rr"s. It became apparent "?"that the
word had been passed to keep
m .iiths clo. eil in that neighborhood,
'i ii>' |.:':)\o.sf i'ti:::".-:iial 's o ce took
up the c o at once and the chase
v.'ii.- <?n.
Fntiring effort along the lines of
persistent in<|iiinJ1 among the Jie
gr.ies el the district in which tho
shoot in.* occured, finally produced a
sli'.ht clue. Two days after Hatcher
was mysteriously shot, Paul Carver,
a young negro living near the scene,
had trouble with his wife and it be
came known thai his brother, Earnest
fled th'- city, fearing the arrival of
the police in the 'marital disturbance
c.'.-c. This action on the part of
Ernest directed suspicion toward
him and a witness was found who
saw Paul hand a pistol to his
Inother outside the soft-drink stand
i ? t b. i'ore the shooting of the
The Carver home was watched
am! Ernest's return waited for. Y4r
terday, over a month after the shoot
ing, Enie-t came back and was
:>r.. mpl!y arrested along with his
I;;- iher and brought to jail. Tl.o are jointly accused of the et
on Private Hatcher. It was said
at die I ' jvost marshal's office that
much evidence is in hand against tue
two accused negroes.
Assisted bv '
fit 1 1) A V, MAY 4, 1023, 8:00 P. M.
' >T iwii Humorist....; Riley
. iiliiim McDaniel Fowler
- .r'ssoijs Oco. W. Bai??
Lsiwson Allen
Vioii". ? Ellen Wright
?i! ; !)<(' Irene Wliitaker
Wantftl-A *?'.? /Werner
Williiuu T :>w!er
Snir,' .\ier !Ie!ssolii?
Humphrey Marsh::!!
Willie ami II is Oirl Worner
Williaiti Lav- son Allen
Pianolo^uc ? Very Dark .R')senbcr^
William .^IcDaniel Fowler
Springtime Alfred Wooler
- Mahc i Irene Wliitaker
On the Road to ManHulay... Kipling
Everybody is cordially invited.

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