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After Every Meai
Top oil each meal
with a bit of
sweet In the form
It satisfies the
sweet tooth and
aids digestion.
Pleasure and
benefit combined.
New Tires, Firsts, Guaranteed Hand
made and Air-Cured.
MASCOT TIRES are sold on an adjust
ment basis with a guarantee of 6. 000 miles.
Most users get much more mileage out of
them. Compare these prices with prices Of
any good tire with or without a guarantee.
Order at once to get the benefit of these
low prices.
30x3 Non-Skid $7.50
pliiH postage i
30x3, Ribbed-Tread $7.75
plus postage }
Send no money. Pay postman on arrival.
Exainlne and If not convinced that tney are
as good as tires selling at 20% to 40C? more,
return them at our expense.
Tires shipped same day order is received.
Box 257 Baltimore, Md.
For FORDSON and larger mills, we have
hundreds of Fordsons cutting 5-m. to 8-m.
per day with three to four men, some
clearing $50 per day, the owner being the
sawyer; no overhead expense. Our special
44-in. 10 gauge 28 tooth saw is recom
mended by a^ll Fordson dealers. We send
directions for operating saw and setting
mill. Any hustler can make money. Saw
mills in stock. Prompt saw repairing at
each of our three factories.
Ion Need This Book
Whether you keep a
few cows or a great
many, you wjll make
more profit with the
right equipment.
Stop waste, save ?ime.
Write for this ?
Free Catalog
Complete Line
We specialize and know
Dairymen's Supply Co.
2 N. 13th Street Richmond, Va.
oaa I
$3.50 BY MAIL
An exclusive (ounuln pen that suits the most
exacting taste, made of the latest Red Car
dinal Ilubber. Fitted with 14-karat solid
gold pen point, cold-Ailed clip, and box
lever filling device. Hand ground and
Iridium pointed. Satisfaction guaranteed.
I St Nassau Street New York City
UAIoi iLl MLLCn attracts and kills
dean, ornamental, con
venient, chemp. Lasts
all season. Mad* of
metal, can't spill or
tip over; will not sol]
I or in jura anything.
Guaranteed effective.
prepaid. |L2S,
HABOLO 80MSBS, 1M Do KaB> Am, Brooklyn, N. Y.
$1.50 AN HOUR
selling guaranteed pure silk hosiery, spare
or full time. Write for full particulars.
Street. New York City.
Mammoth Yellow Soy Beans
choice seed, new crop, even "weight bags.
$2 for less than ten bushels; $1.90 for ten
or more. Boloxl $4. "On their way, same
day." Ask for pamphlet? The Soy Bean.
Shake Into Your Shoos
And sprinkle in the foot-bath Allen's
Foot- Ease, the antiseptic, healing
powder for Painful, Swollen, Sweating
feet It prevents blisters and sore spots
and takes the sting out of corns and
bunions. Always use Allen** Foot
Ease to break in new shoes and enjoy
the bliss of feet without an ache. Those
who use Allen's Foot-Ease say that they
have solved their foot troubles. Sold
everywhere. Trial package and a Foot
Ease Walking Doll sent Free. Address
Allen's Foot-Ease, Le Roy, N. Y.
foe Sale? Porto Ktco Potato Plants; also
tomato plants. 11. SO per 1,000; 10,000 and
up, ?1.<5 per 1,000. Bermuda onion plants,
Wakefield and Succession cabbage plants,
11.00 per 1,000; 10,000 and up, 75c per 1,000
Doo'tlmor* the damm signals
of aching eras, radiTdi. blood
shot erebelle. Mitchell
Eye Sal? nmom irrita
tion. redness loflanmatko.
soothes pain.
HAIL * ttrcux.
1M Wararly FI? Sew Y?sh
ewer. 8?r? to aae as water. ,??u(
afaia. At sH good druggists. 78 cents, or direct
(rota HX8UO ELLU. Chemists. Memphis. Teau
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 17-1933
color your hail
oaslly, quick lj
and safely bj
using Q-Bat
Hair Color Ho
Safe to ? s ae water. Makss you look youni
Inauguration of Governor Towner of Porto Rico
This illustration shows the Immense throng thai greeted Horace M. Towner In San Juan on the occa
sion of his inauguration as governor of Porto Itleo, and, inserted. Governor Towner delivering his address.
Lay Claim to Part of New York City
Fort Sheridan Post Gets New Colors
Thfc Whitehall building, Trinity church and a number of skyscrapers are
a portion of what Warren Edwards, a Cincinnati policeman, and George Spicer
claim as their property. They are descendants of Robert Edwards who was
rewarded by King George III with a IGO-acre farm, comprising what now is a
part of the financial district, for bravery in Indian wars.
Alvin XI. Owsley, national com
mander of the American Legion, and
other well-known legionnaires partici
pated in the cereirtonies attendant on
the presentation of colors to the Fort
0 Sheridan post by the legion. The
photograph shows Owsley saluting the
colors after presentation.
High Compliment to General Allen
On his last (lay of active duty in the United States aruiy, Maj; Gen. Henry
T, Allen, who commanded the American army of occupation In Germany
following the armistice, reviewed a dress parade of all troops in the District
of Columbia cn the Monument grounds. The troops were paraded as a special
compliment to the retiring general. "
/ o
Thomaston, Conn., doesn't under
stand Milton Grimshaw. He Is "too
sensitive" and has none of the coarse
ways of this world. Milton has at
tained six feet and two inches of height
and 140 pounds of weight during his
twenty years of existence; but, as
his mother says, "He's too gentle for
the boys and there aren't any girls that
lie likes down in the cloekshop where
he works." Milton Just loves to knit
and, says Mother Grimshaw, "he is
fond of designing women's clothes and
making dolls and artistic things like
that." So Milton put an ad in a New
York paper, asking that some rich fam
ily adopt him. He wants to travel and
educate himself.
Robert 1. Aitken noted sculptor,
putting the tinal touches on his great
work, called "Detail," which is the
base for the obelisk to be erected at
Camp Merritt, Tenafly, N. J., as a
memorial to the 1,500,000 troops who
passed through there on their way to
French battlefields. The work Is one
of the exhibits shown by the National
Sculpture society in New York.
W. T. Brinson of Waycross, Ga., wh<
weighs an even 000 pounds, Is the larg
est Elk in the world. Mr. Brimson Ii
going to attend the Elks' conventloi
to be held this summer at Atlanta.
? 37 t j ? v "/ , ? ?*>; !?'
Sam Raisin Food? Raisin Week? April 23 to 29
Have You Tried Them
from your modern bakers' ovens?
?These big, brown loaves of
"old-fashioned" full-fruited
raisin bread ?
Note the raisin flavor that
permeates these loaves.
Count the big, plump, ten
der, juicy raisins in each slice.
It's real raisin bread ? the
kind you're looking for.
Ready-baked to save bak
ing at home. Delicious and
convenient ? and economical
in cost ?
/ We've arranged with bak
ers in almost every town and
city, to bake this full-fruited
raisin bread.
Order from your grocer or
a neighborhood bake shop.
Say you want the ^brcad
that's made with Sun-Maid
Good raisin bread is a rare
combination of the benefits of
nutritious cereal and fruit ? both
good and good for you, so serve
it at least twice a week.
Use more raisins in your cakes,
puddings, etc.
You may be offered other
brands that you know less well
than' Sun-Maids, but the kind
you want is the kind you know
IS good. Insist, therefore, on
Sun-Maid brand. They cost no
more than ordinary raisins.
Mail coupon for free book of
Jested Sun-Maid recipes.
The Supreme Bread Raisin
Sun-Maid Raisins are grown and packed in California by
Sun-Maid Raisin Growers, a co-operative organization com
prising 14,000 grower members.
Sun-Maid Raisin Growers,
Fresno, California
Please send me copy of your free book,
"Recipes with Raisins."
Blue Package
Every year yon plant Irish Potatoes.
Every year you have Potato Bugs.
EVery year you should use
Irish Potato Bug Killer
Guaranteed to destroy the bug. without damage to the plant
Also destroys all leaf eating insects on cabbage, cucumber,
cantaloupe, squash and tomato vines. Ap
81y lightly. Cost low. Applicaton easy,
lesults sure.
For Sale by Drue, Seed
and General Stores
Westminster, - ? - 8. C.
Some Girl! Some Girl! 1
Exchange ? The bride is a woman
of wonderful fascination and a re
markable attractiveness, for with
manner as enchanting as the wand
of a siren and disposition as sweet as
the odor of flowers, and spirit as
joyous as the caroling of birds and
mind as brilliant as those glittering
tresses that adorn the brow of winter
and with heart as pure as the dew
drops trembling in a coronet of vio
lets, she will make the home of her
husband a paradise of enchantment,
where the heaven-tuned harp of mar
riage shall send forth those strains of
felicity that thrill the senses with the
rhythmic pulsing of ecstatic rapture.
? Boston Transcript.
We Believe Him.
A university professor declares that
the money spent for cosmetics and
perfumes last year was 50 per cent
more than the endowments of all uni
versities and- colleges. And judging
from (the number of times the dear
things have to make up their faces
every day we believe him.
Odd Cause for Rejoicing.
Nothing tickles us as much as hav
; lng Opportunity knock at a woman's
! door when she's away somewhere play
{ lng bridge. ? Buffalo Evening Times.
Taught England to Smoke.
The first man to make cigarettes for
the benefit of these islands was Mr.
Nicholas Coundouris, a Greek who be
came an American citizen. It was in
1STj8 that he brought ten bales of Turk
ish tobacco to England and started to
make cigarettes, which were then un
"At first," Mr. Coundouris told me,
"only a few people adopted the new
habit; they included the then Prince
of Wales and Lady Mordaunt. It took
much patjehce and perseverance be
fore cigarette smoking became popu
Mr. Coundouris, who is one of the
most picturesque figures in London, is
eighty-seven, and is able to speak 20
languages. ? London Tit-Bits.
Individual 6ictionary.
Leonidas W. Van Quentin is going
to write a letter of protest to the
maker of his dictionary. 'The dic
tionary is always careful to dellne
'cat,' 'dog,' 'house' and the other
words everybody knows. But when I
come to look up a new word I rarely
find It. Why doesn't somebody get
out a dictionary with the words I
want to know and leave out the words
that not even a child In the first grade
would have to look up?" ? Kansas
City Star.
What to Eat and Why
Making a Big Word an Easy Part of Your Diet
Car-bo-hy-d rates make tip about
60 per cent of the average - diet.
They/ produce heat and energy.
They are largely secured from the
grain and vegetable starches.
In the long, slow baking by
which Grape-Nats is produced
from wheat and malted barley, the
grain starches are partially pre
digested. They are changed to
"dextrine" and "maltose" ? forms
of Carbohydrates so easy to di
gest that they form the^ basis of
the most successful baby foods.
Many people have digestive
trouble caused by the food-stalrch
in its original form, but Grape
Nuts has been famous for a quar
ter-century for its exceptional ea$e
?f digestion, and assimilation, and
,/l> -??? J) ... ?;4 , ,
its splendid, building nourishment.
It is a food for strength and en
ergy. delightfully crisp and appe
tizing, made today by the same
formula which first brought this
charm for taste and aid to health
to the world's dining table. Grape
Nuts contains the iron, phosphorus
and the essential vitamin, so *bf
ten lacking in modern, "refined"
Many servings of real food
value in a package of this eco
nomical food. At your grocer's to
day ? ready to serve with cream
or milk. Grape-Nuts ? the Body
Builder. "There's a Reason." Made
by Postum Cereal Co* Inc* Battl*
Creek, Mich.
? > 'LI ? V l> <.?

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