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    ?150 the Yew in Advance in the County
$2.00 the Year in Advance Outside County
The body of Charlie W. Haynie,
well k!l0W"u horse tra<*er> was dia
c0Vered Thursday morning, near his
home, at Franklin. A short time af
terward a Macon oonnty automobile
containing Haynie's hat and marked
ffitb Wood-stains, was found parked
in front of\? Sylva hotel, and Harry
Shepherd, Miss Blake Addington, of
Clayton Oa.. and DeWitt Sutton, of
Franklin, were arrested and held for
the Macon county authorities. They
were later released following an in
stigation by a coroner'a jury, at
ftwjiin. ';
Haynie'a body was found stretched
across tho sidewalk near his home
within 200 yards of the Macon county
courthouse. Wood covered his face,
hands and trousers. The trio of prison
apprehended in Sylva with
an ' automobile gmeared \ with
blood which yielded the dead man's
This evidence waa .explained by
Sutton and his fellow prisoners be
fore the coroner's jury Friday after
noon. The prist of their testimony j
waa that Haynie, intoxicated, j had
been riding with them Thursday
nufht; and that he had lunged for
ward in the car, striking his
which bled profusely and receiving
minor scratches. Later the trio let
Haynie out of the ear near his home
and near where the body was found,
they testified.
Nn evidence of any blow suffi
<ient to have caused death waa found
j by the jury, ,which declared) that
Haynie came to his death as the re
sult, either of excessive drinking or
from accidental poisoning resulting
from drinking and long exposure in
the night. v ??'
Discovery of the gory remains at
fi:30 o'clock Thursday morning by
E. B. DeHart, post office employe on
his way to work, threw Franklin into
an uproar and sent officers scurry
ing on the trail of what appeared
certain murder. Preliminary^ exam
ination showed the horse trader's
loave Franklin in a car with two
with minor lacerations but no wound
oould be found which appeared to
have caused death. Near the spot
were freshly made tracks of an auto
Recollecting having seen ,Kaynie
leave town in a car with two youug
men the night before, officers im
mediately sought men answering Shep
herd's and Sutton's descriptions and
found then in Sylva.
The men, with Miss Addington,
appeared at a Sylva hotel at 2:30
o'clock in the morning. Despite their
gory automobile, and the hat which
a Sylva merchant declared he had
"old to Haynie, the trio refused to
talk except to identify themselves.
Officers believe the girl had joinel
'tie other prisoners only the night
Wore, asserting that Shepherd and
Sutton had made a trip over the
Georgia line before returning to
Franklin and picking up Haynie.
The sou of Mark Haynie, a Geor
sisn. he is survived by his widow
wd a daughter.
The dead man is well known in
Sylva and Jackson bounty, having
?ade his home here for a long time,
Pfior to moving to Macon county.
The Sylva Parent-Teacher Asso
fiation will hold an organization
feting for the boy's and girl's gar
kn contest, that is being promoted
? ^ association, on Monday after
D0?n at 3:30.
contest will be staged between
. toys and girls, the boys compoa
|no one team and the girls another.
' is planned to secure a number of
e vacant lots in Sylva, and to
autify the town, as one object of
the wmpaigu.
officials of the association re
vMl the co-operation and attend
c< at the meeting of the business
*n of the town, the chamber of
jamercc officials, owners of va?aut
the boys and girls, and all other
tfwtcd citizens of the town.
a .13 exPected that at the meeting
} ,campaigu wUl ^ h0
' C ' c
Raleigh, N. C., April 12.?It's
rather difficult to get eolored people
whose time is already filled with la
bor to turn their eyes to their homes
and to take steps to improve them
or add conveniences.
"But Emma McQougald, our home
agent in Wayne County went about
it in the right way," says Mrs. Jane
S. MoKimmon, assistant director
of extension at State College. "Emma
found her first opportunity in the
rural church congregations. When
the pastor had finished his sermon,
she told him that he had been preach
ing the gospel of good hmes and hap
py families and she wanted to te!l
the people of her mission among
them. She did. It was easy for her
then to meet the various community!
* ? ?
groups later and to get them inter- ?
ested in home improvement."
Mrs. McKimmon states that though
this Negro agent was a stranger to
the Wayne County colored folks,
she soon made herself known for her
burning zeal and her friendly anil
sympathetic efforts. She persuaded;
many women to enter the kitchcn
campaign. At first an inventory wasj
made to find out the good and bad
points in the kitchen and to score
them as they were. There followed
the cleaning ont of old rubbish, the
accumulation of years, then came
plans for more convenient arrange
ments of working equipments, for
more window^ for finishing walls
and floors and for building such
things as were laekitig.
When the campaign was over,
Ursula Jones had won first prize
of a kitchen cabinet, but the best
prize was the clean, Improved kit
chens found among the Negro homes
of the county. One husband said he
would rather have the pretty kitchen
than all the prizos and he wap deter
mined now to make the remainder
of the house look as nice as the
kitchen did.
Colored preachers, doctors, high
school teachers and rural teachers all
contributed liberally in time and
money to make the campaign a suc
cess and many prizes were offered.
White friends were aty> geneUous
and each woman who made an effort
to raise her standard of living was
Harry E. Buchanan has been elect
ed as the president of the Sylva
Chamber of Commerce, for the next
year, succeeding John B. Ensley. Mr.
Buchanan, a young man, has been
one of the organizers and one of the'
most active supporters of the Cham-1
ber since its inception, about two
years ago. Geo. W. Sutton was elect
ed vice-president, A. J. Dills, secre
tary, and J. W. Keener, treasurer.
The new board of directors is com
posed of Thomas A. Cox, A. M. Sim
ons, I. H. Powell, P. E. Moody and
John B. Ensley.
The election was held yesterday,
Tuesday, afternoon, and the new of
ficers assumed their duties at the
close of the annual meeting, last eve
A rising vote of appreciation of
the old officers for their faithful
work during the past year was moved
and prevailed, as did a motion of
appreciation of the work of the worn-1
en of the town for their co-operation I
with the Chamber. \
The auditing committee reported
more than $400.00 in the treasury at
the close of the year; and there was
raised in subscriptions and pledges,
more than $800.00 at the meeting.
The Chamber plans doing some
active advertising during the year,
and it is expected that many addi
tional subscriptions and member
ships will swell the funds to a con
siderable extent, enabling the cham
ber to make a really creditable show
ing in advertising,., frfrm which1 it
is expected to get big results.
- Harry Shepherd and Miss Blake
Addington were released upon pay
ment of the costs, in the recorder's
court, Monday, on a charge of reg
istering at a Sylva hotel as man and
wife. It was shown to the court that
the couple was married, in Georgia,
after the ehaige wu pUeed ag*?st
/ "V 1
Cullowhee, N. C., April 12.?Music {
lovers in Jackson County will be afc
forded an unusual entertainment
next Monday evening, April 18th,.
when Miss Helen Pugh, Asheville's.
noted 18-years-old pianist, will ap-j
pear at Cullowhee State Normal
School in what is expected to be her
last concert in this part of the state
before making her formal debut in
New York and the larger musical
Miss Helen Pugh is an artist of
rare ability, a prodigy, a miraci'*.
When only two years old, she used to
play on the piano, chords and me!o-|
dies correctly harmonized. When
she was tjirec she had set pieces of
her own. At the age of six she played
Clementi Sonatinas, Heller's ^'Aval
anche, and other famous compositions.
Soon after this she played for Josof
Hofmann, who declared: "To hear
the little girl play with the greatest
ease and understanding difficult
pieces of Chopin, Grieg, Schubert,
The Western North Carolina Bap
tist Ministers' Cc#fercnce began it's
session, at Sylva Col legate Institute
Assembly Hall, yesterday morning,
at 10:40, with devotional exorcises
conducted by Mr. Paul Lovingood.
A number of ministers from various
towns in the Western end of the
state are in attendance upon the meet
i?g- ;
On Tuesday evening a strong ser
mon was delivered at the First Bap
tist church, by Dr. R. L. Creal, of
Bryson City.
The tentative program, which is
being followed as nearly as possible
10:40 A. M. Devotional, Mr. Paul
11:00 A. M. The Financial Condition
of our Missioy Boards, and the
Perilous State of Their Fields of
Operation Caused by Our Re
trenchment, Rev. A. V. Joynor.
11:30 A. M. The Most Effective Or
ganization and Methods in the
Local Church for the Support of
Our Mission Work, Rev. W. H.
12:00 M. Dinner in the Dining Hall.
1:00 P. M. Devotional, Rev. R. 0.
1:30 P. M. Baptist Schools and Their
Needs, Rev. J. W. O'Hara.
2:00 P. M. Why Should Parents Sen!
Schools? Rev. I. K. Stafford.
2:30 P. M. Are Christian Schools an
Asset or a Liability to the De
nomination? Prof. P. A. Roberts.
3:00 P. M. The Church as a Teach
ing Agency, Rev. G. A. Martin
3:30 P. M. Adjournment.
7:30 P. M. Sermon, Rev. R. L. Crenl. [
Wednesday, April 13, 1927
9:30 A. M. Prayer and Praise Service |
Rev. John Hoglen.
10:00 A. M. The Person of the Holy|
Spirit, Rev. Geo. C. Steed.
10:30 A. M. The Holy Spirit in the
Individual, Rev. L. H. Crawford.
11:00 A. M. The Holy Spirit in the
Church, Rev. R. P. McCracken.
11:30 A. M. The Holy Spirit in the |
Word, Rev. T.r L. Sasser.
12:00 M. Dinner in the Dining Hall.
1:00 P. M. Devotional, Mr. Robert
Sisk. " .
1:15 P. M. Soul Winning, a General]
Discussion Led by Rev. R. N.
Deitz. ?- ? '
Following the publication of the
5000 big circulars, by the Jackson
County Journal, and their circulation
through this trade territory by the
Sylva Supply Company, a tremendous
crowd of shoppers thronged into Syl
va, this morning for the opening of
the Sylva Supply Company's Pre
Easter Sale. y
Mr. D. M. Hall, the manager of
the big department store secured tho
services of the T. K. Sayles System,
of Minneapolis, to conduct the sale
and it is in charge of Mr. L. J. A.
There are many interesting feat
ures, each day, including the giving
of free goods, the afternoon auction
sales, at .4 o'clock, and other attrac
tions,, that keep the people interested.
The sale will close Saturday even
ing, of next week, April 19.
lasohn is truly wonderful,
in the audience were
'if. her technique and inter
preting*-In 1921 at the age of thir
teen,* she; thrilled Asheville audiences
by competently appearing in the lime
light ?g Soloist with the Philadelphia
Orehesta* at the second Asheville
Musical festival.
Helen Pugh was born in AshcvjUe
and t)T behooves us, as people who
have Jived close to her, to make the
Monthly night concert at Cullowhee
a distinct ovation to the genions of!
this great North Carolinian. Tickets
may bfc ^purchased in Sylva at the
Sylva Pharmacy, or if notice is sent
to the office at Cullowhee, tickets
will be reserved there. Reservation
should be made at once, for the space
is limited, and only about 76 people
outside the school will be able to
secure tickets. The price will be 75
ccnts. The recital will take place in
the Moore B":i ling, and \H11 start
at 8 jf. M.
Porry Duncan was convicted, in re
corder's court, Monday, of driving an
automobile while intoxicated and was1
sentenced to serve 6 months. He ap
pealed to the superior court, under
bond. '.C
ftufus Jones, intoxication, $25.00
and the oosts, Lebo Wood, same of
fense, $20.00 and oosts. Tom Parris,
$25.00 and costs.
Bascomb McCarty, manufacturing,
4 months and prayer for judgment
continued for 12 months on good be
havior.^, ?
EarlyfcWood, driving iritbout
the ?ijSS?4?r
Tom Amtnons, manufauctring, six
months 7m the road, and prayer for
judgment continued for 12 months, on
good behavior.
Lambert Melton, assault \with a
deadly weapon, probable cause found
and bound to the superior court.
Dan Ridley, assault, $100.00 and
the oosts. Same defendant, d-runk,
nol pros.
Ed. Jumper, drunk, and assault',
$50.00 and the costs of the action.,
Fancy Mills, larceny of chickens, j
nol pros.
Jule Barker, larceny of chickens,
3 months on the roads, and prayer
for judgment continued.
Carl Teems, abandonment, 6
months suspended sentence, u'pon
good behavior, and he providing for
his family.
Mounty Woods, false pretense, nol
pros. j
Wade Hampton and Mary Kitchen,
a statuatory charge, nol pros.
Our teachers, accompanied by the
student body, attended the County
Commencement at Sylva, Friday.
Quite a number of parents and other
friends of the school attended from
this section. They report a very inter-,
esting occasion. A
Born on April 6, to Mr. and Mis.!
Bill Howell?u. son.
Miss Clem Hall of Asheville Nor
mal is spending a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hughes and
son 'Winfred of Asheville are visit
ing among relatives.
Miss Vinnie Martini is visiting:
Miss Jessie Martin at Cherokee.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Crisp called at
Mr. D. M. Shuler's
Mr. Thos. Moore of Hayesville
stopped at Mr. H. G. Ferguson's.
Mr. J. L. Wiggins has returned
from Asheville hospital where he had
been for treatment.
Rev. H. C. Crist and Mr. Rose of
Whittier and Misses Jessie Martin
and Vinnie Martin were guests at
Mr. H. D. Turpin's.
Misses Alpha Dickenson, Bertha
Buchanan and Louise Haigler and
Messrs S. P. Hyatt and Wayne Battle
called at Mr. J. C. Johnson's.
Rev. J. T. Carson of Beta and Mr.
and Mrs. B. B. Henson of Whittier
were dinner guests at Mr. J. K. Ter
rell's Sunday.
Mrs. W. H. Oxner and Mr. Ed Ox
ner visited among relatives.
Mrs, P. C. Bhelton visited lira.
C /
Graham County News, April 12.
Now that better weather has set in,
the work on the new highway, lead
ing to Knoxville is being advanced
rapidly, and will be completed in a
few months.
The lower half of this road has
already been completed and we are
informed that a bridge will be con
structed across the Tennessee River,
at Rymer's Ferry, to connect with
the highway now under construction
in Swain county, lending to the state
This road will give us a direct
outlet to Knoxville, opening up a
large territory that has heretofore
been inaccessible except on horse
back. It follows along the shores of
the large lake for eight miles from
Robbinsville to the dam; and when
completed will furnish one of the
most beautiful drive-ways in Western
North Carolina.
The power company is also getting
ready to begin work on the road
leading to Santeetlah and the Snow
Bird section. This road will skirt
along the lake ts entire length, pene
trating a section that has long been
known for its fine hunting and fish
The highway leading to Knoxville
will make a connecting link for the
Dixie Highway to No. 16, completing
the most direct route from the North
Central States to all southern points.
The people of Sylva and vicinity
will have a treat in store for them
when Bert Melville brings his Asso
ciated players to Sylva for a few
days engagement under the auspices
of the local schools. Their big tent
will be erected at the graded school
be the first time that
^fiaer appeared in Sylva.
This company is rated as one of the
largest on the road. It has played
in every city in North Carolina in
the past ten years. It is coming here
direct from a ten weeks engagement
at the Victoria Theatre in Wilming
ton N. C. The Unwanted Child will
be the first offering in addition to
five acts of big time vaudeville.
In presenting the Unwanted Child
as the opening attraction the Melville
Players will have an opportunity to
display their versatility and at the
88me time give one of their best
plays in their repertoire.
A change of plays will be made
nightly. One of the feature plays
that will be presented during the
week will be Peter B. Kyne's grea
play "Cappy Ricks." The schools
will receive a reasonable part of the
receipts of every performance.
The county commissioners are hav
ing a number of improvements made
on the county property, at the court
house. ' ^
The connecting link between Court
Street and Ridgeway street, recently
paved by the city, has been put down,
in concrete, and commodious parking
space about the court house has .been
paved with water bound macadam,
adding greatly to the appearance of
the county's property, and making
access to the (jourt house much eas
ier and more convenient, and at the
same time connecting two of the
streets within the town. ?
The entire inside of the court
bouse is being given a renovation.
The plaster has been patched in the
court room, and halls, where it had
cracked, and a coat of calsomine is
being applied to all the walls of the
The Shay method of feeding hogs
is paying many farmers in North
Carolina. The man with extra corn
should try this meathod this yer.
R. F. Hall. '
Misses Oma Gass and Mary Battle'
were visitors at Mr. J. M. Hughes.'
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Howell and
Mrs James Sitton were callers at
Mrs. A. C. Hoyles.
Mr. Sebe Hyatt of Olivet called
at Mr. J. C. Johnson's.
Miss Geneva Turpin called on Miss
Ollie Hall.
Terry Johnson visited bis eousin
Jf?rry Marti*.
Deck Nicholson and another man
together with a 65 gallon fliatilliwg
outfit, 6 gallons of liquor and a
small qtiantity of beer were captured,
on Caney Fork, by officers from the
sheriff's department, yesterday mora
ing. Young Nicholson was tried on
a charge of violating the prohibition
laws, early in January, and was given
a suspended sentence and ordered to
appear periodically before the court
and show good behavior. On Monday
he appeared, and failing to make a
very creditable showing, Recorder
Sutton warned him that he must
have better e^tdenee at the next
term of the court. On Tuesday he
was captured and charged with again
violating the prohibition laws of the
On Monday a 5 gallon still was
taken, by the officers, on Scott's
Creek, but no men were with the
plant .at the time.
According to Sheriff Cannon from
2000 to 2500 gallons of beer have
been taken and destroyed within the
past week, by officers of his depart
Mr. J. W. Dixon of the State Fish
eries Commission was here Monday
and appointed Mr. J. J. Wilde of
Webster as Fish Warden for Jack
son County. Mr. Wilde has already
assumed his duties and the law is
that every person who fishes in the
streams of Jackson County regard
less of age shall first procure a lic
The County license will be $1.10.
The State wide license which means
that you may fish in any County in
the State will be $2.10 and the Non
resident license will be $3110 the
10 cents going to the person who
issues the license.
Your license may be had from the
Clerk of Superior Court or from the
Jackson Hdwe. Co., or from Mr.
Wilde and at various places through
out the County.
We have a great County for fish
ing and we have a very fine hatch
ery next door to us and we hare
planned thousands of fish in our
County so let's all get together and
abide by the law and we will have a
chance to get a few fish during the
If you see a person fishing with
out a license oi Ashing out of season
or with more than hia allotment of
Ash then it is your duty to let it
be known.
The fishing season opens on April
15 for trout and for Bass June h
You are not allowed to take a Brook
or Mountain trout less than 6 inches
long or a Rainbow trout less than 8
inches. You are only allowed) 25
Brook or Rainbow trout in one day,
or 200 during any one season.
There was a time when any one
might catch all the fish that he
wanted but now there are too many
people for any thing like that and
we will have to all join hands and
hefp to protect in every way that w<
can, if we have plenty of fish, and if
we will do this then we will have
fish, and it will be a great thing for
the whole county, if we can *have
our streams full of fish, it will bring
many a person here with money and
that is what most of us are interested
in?more money.
If you have a stream that has not
been stocked write the North Caro
lina Fisheries Commission at Mbore
head City, N. C., for application
blanks and fill out same and return
and you will get some fish from our
Hatchery at Balsam.
At Sylva Methodist chnrch Sunday
morning at the 11 o'clock service,
there will be a reception of new mem
bers, a short talk on the Resurrec
tion, followed by the sacrament *rt
the Lord's supper.
The service will be featured
throughout by special Easter music,
lead by the members of the Epworth
You are cordially invited. Dbnt
fail to be on hand, if possible.
W. M.

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