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d 50 the Year in Advance in the County Sylva, N. C., Wednesday, (April 27,1927 . $2.00 the Year in Advance Outside County
? ? : .. ? *
' \ ? y ' | ' *?.? . -j ?
XI,e lower house of the Tennessee
j^islatuiv Tuesday alternoon, by a
vote ot <>>' "? ;l;!' :,C('0,(lin?' to dis
-jjflii'j tm.i NnslirvilJe jwtsed tJio
Park Bfll.
fl,(< senate had pa.f-ed the moas
ulf last Thursday. ' he bill now goes
IVay. ivlui on many occasions
jj3> demon
? wment and who is ex
his friendship for
ii*i rk
lh(> It,;inii>t Mi* signature prompt
JKCtlll W *'
1>- V4ltl. tH the Tennessee? houso
tr,P bill y- <?? Kyre&en
?Tffaim- Iiayiu's of Franklin
ull\t|. uiiHioned the cause in tin
( Tin' 1,1 the Tennessee bill
Quit's a mad of approximately $4,
l)iiv in the Great Smoky
floqucai tllC dispatch said.
^The la*
assures a
!?' ?
jjjeiiiitiiiii-- <;! 'North Carolina and
t^Iiiosmh' 'national park lands to
bo added to the tract of approxl
biJjp!v SiW acres already acquired
jjv Tcaat J-vo.
Ploitfcs, totalling approximately
jl.OtKM'W -were obtained by popular
Mibscripliim l!l Tennessee and North
(.aivlina more tlian a year ago. This
I and was* increased by $2,000,000 by
3Jo:i(l i>>iic voted by the North
Carolina s.r?neral assembly during: the
nwnt se.v-irn. Then the tight swung
Mo Xaslifvilic. where a bond issue of,
.41/KW.tMHi "to match North ('aro-j
ima" was priMH sed. The amount of.
the Tennessee bond isfcue is $,r)00,000
bs than that ot North Carolina, it,
is said.- because Tennessee already t
te acij!i!r("i httci4 t ract of a ni;c- [
lens, lor the park, area. ^
Tlic etui ot this week will, see thoj
completion ot the paving work of the
tott'u ot' Syfva. The program as map
ped wit about a year ago is now
completed; but a little additional J
paving, petitione,! on 1 fail road street,
is now being: poured, and it is ex
pected that the entire job will be
over by Saturday night: ""
The pdviuu assessments and the
water and sewer assessments on each
street have been worked out by^tlie
engineers ami are on file for the in
spection ot' the interested property
owners, with Mr. B. II. Cathey, town
The aldermen of Sylya. will hold
a special session on Saturday, May
' at 10:30 o'clock for the purpose of
heariu<r a?tu>property owners who
life not satisfied with the footage
and assessments as figured by tho
engineers for the city.
C) " ?" "
Mr. Thomas* A. Cox of the Svlva
Chamber of Commerce highway com
mittee i?; Authority for the statement
that Highway 100 frorh Dick's Gap
to the Forks of the Tuckaseigec will
be a*s|>lendi(l road. The minimum
width of tliii bituminous surface will
^ 14 feet: but on all curves the
- width will be greater, going jus widtf
20 feift where it is necessary. In
jadditionthis, the road will have
^ide .stymltiers, covered with chats,
nakii if it not only good, but giving
'V a fine appearance.
TERM superior court
i_7 ? .. ?
Oscar Hi-don, W. T. Deitz, Wade
Hawkins, Lylc Wilson, J. N. Coward
T.J. Moody. II. W. Phillips, W. W.
Parker, Sam ( Jones, E. M. Hooper,
?'? E Kn-lev, A. C. Barnes, P. H
%uswi, <;. C Hooper, M. E. Shuler
G-C. CraV lord. C. \V. Parker, H. B.
Wood, Houston Blanton, John l>
Jones, W. T. Corbin, 0. B. Coward,
"?vA.' Henson, J. M. Cunningham.
SefeBiid Week?John S. Buchanan,
k-B. Chhc, T. Stewart, J. T. Bry
R- Ii Wike, M. M. Pressley, W.
?? Fisher. 11. W. Cook, H. H. Hoop
la ' ? I' Mack Ashe, R. V.
I!> K. Buchanan, L. H
ffawiord, Thad M. Deitz, T. P.
Buchanan, (?. E. Campbell, A. R
(^Hly Davis, cptshier of the I
'ockasee_;(.(. Bank has returned from
itiehitist, where lie has been at
^nding the meeting olf the State
"tankers association. Mrs. Davis ac
' Co?panied Mi-.. Davis to Pinehnrst,
and while there they motored down!
1? Wilmington aril th? eout.
Tuesday afternoon Chief of Police
Allen Sutton searched the premises
of Edith Burch, in the Tannery sec
tion of Sylva and found about a gal
lon and a half of liquor buried. Lat
er in the day the Chief of Police re
turned, with Sheriff Cannon and
further search revealed 5 more fruit
jars of liquor, some 40 or 45 gallons
of beer and the worm and thumb
head of a still. /' ; <?
Edith Buvch, Luther Crowe, Newt
Mace and Delos Burch were lake.i
into custody on charges of violating
the prohibition laws, and officers be
lieve that ono of the most fruitful
sourcds of liquor in dnd around Syl
va has been brokrti up.
Last week the butterfat in ?oo<
cream that was' sold to Carolina
Creanuyy, on Wednesday mornin;
and Saturday aiteinoon, at this
cream station in back of Freeze an<
Flee man 's store at Sylva, brouglr
our fanners 49 cents per pontijd. For
the past six montlis Carolina Crean;
ery has boon paying from 48 to 51
cents per pound for butterfat in
cream not over four days old.
Under this new system of our fatfn.
ei-s selling dircct to the Carolina
Creamery/the cream business is ^ pav
ing the farmers at least one third)
more than under the old system oi'
lo. iii'r a lot of money from the col
letting and handling bv a middle man
Here is what the' farmers ,t>av abo?;t
it: ./ ??
Speedwell, Mrs. Dora Watson re
ceived a little less than two dollar*
for a five galon can of cream coi
lected by the truck 'old way). Tin'
next week the same amount of cream
from the same cows.was brought t;>
Sylva and sold to Carolina Creamery
aud it brought her over fodr dollars.
Mis. Watson has ordered cream cans
ai\d sends the cream into Sylva and
says it is paying well.
Qualla: Mr. Paul Ferguson says<
cream sales to Carolina Creamejy
are paying better thau the old way.
The cream from two good cows ho
sides supplying the family is now
paying a dollar a day or 30 dollars
a month and he says that cream sell
ing pays well. >
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ferguson con
vinced themselves last year under,
the old system of selling cream tint
it didn't pay them very well. Since
the checks have begun to come in
for cream sold at the Carolina Cream
ery Station they arc well enough
sure of cream paying until they arj
buying more cows and ordering a
cream separator. " '.l
Mr. C. It. Moody of Sylva got re
turns on his first can of cream to
the new station last Saturday and
his 4 gallons of good rich cream
testing 25 per Ipent butterfat brought:
him $4.06 .and a smile of satisfaj
tio?. He says our farmers certainly
should have 5 cows and a sej arator
and they will.make at lest $60.00 per
montlh i
Presiding Elder P. W. Tucker wi?l
occupy the pulpit at the Methodic,
church, Sunday morning, in the ab
sence of tlu pastor, who is visiting
in the central part of the state.
There will be no preaching service
at the Methodist church Sunday eve
ning, the members of the Methodist
congregation will worship with ^he
Baptists, and have an opportunity
of hearing the new pastor of tiio
First Baptist Church.
% ? ;{ f j
Murphy Scout April 22.
Logan Owcnby twenty .two years
old met instant death when he was
thrown from a truck to the pavement
while the truck was rounding th'?
curve at the Southern Depot last
Friday afternoon. The truck was
loaded with radiators being hauled
from the cars to the court hoiVe foi
installation and Logan was assisting
irj^the work. When the truck round
ed the curve at an unusually high
speed according to witnesses Lcgan
was thrown from the truck hea(] fore
most upon the pavement and a radia
tor said to weigh about 500 pounds
was also thrown to the ground and
landed on top of him. His skull and
body was crushed death resulting in
Weaver Swayngim is being held
under hnn^ in the sum of $900.00, ac
cording to the sheriff's department,
| following an alleged shooting on
Caney Fork, Tuesday afternoon. It
is reported that Swayngim and Hal
Stevens engaged in an altercation in
the road near the store of Elihu Cow
ard, and that Swayngim drew ~ his
pistol and fired several shots at
Stevens, none of which took effect
in his body; but it is stated that one
bullet passed through Stevens' cloi.ii
A hearing will be given Mr. Swayn
gini at the recorder's court, the sec
ond Monday in May.
?y ?
|e time Dei*
case against
Only one rr<ad sentence was tm
posed by Recorder leo. W. Sutton,
at the term of his coiirt, Mondav.
I %
John Farley, eunvicted of transpon
ing and ]>osscssion wa?s sentenced to
serve 3 months. ?'
Deck Nicholson, already under sus
pended sentence of the court, for
violations of the, prohibition law,
pleadi guilty to manufacturing, and
implicate,] Weaver Swayngim, an>i
anothei; man, who lirts not been taken,
in the operation of (he 'still. Swayn
gim, after the . evidence admitted
that he had been somewhat implicat
ed; but made a speech to the court,
stating that he had''sold liquor only
to substantial citizens, and had never
solfj any to boys or men who wo-ild
become intoxieatcd. He stated thar
he was through with the business,
an,) threw himself upon the mercy
of the court. In the oases of' both
Swayngim and Nichlofon, the court
continued prayer for judgment for
tw;o weeks. Davis Nicholson, t>'e
father of Deck was charged wi'Ji
possession, as some liquor was found
on his property, at tl
was arrested; but the
him was nol prossed.
Mount ry Dillard was' convicted oSj
forcible trespass, and 'judgment Sus
pended upon payment of the oosta.
Bufrell Zactiary, caijrying a con
cealed pistol, $50.00 a
Another case agaii&t
an assault, was nol prossed
Hebe Bryson, drunk
the costs.
Gladys Dorscy, colurcd, assault
prayer for judgment
two weeks.
Clayton Higgins, larceny, sentenc
ed to serve 3 months
Daily'Dyer, drunk, 1510.00 and the
costs. f. ?? ?
Luther Robinson, drunk, not guilty
Geo. Spiathers, Sr., drunk, judg
ment suspended. -
George Smathers, Jr., drank, nol
John D. Broom, sedq
Curt Smith, transpo
session, $100.00 and
Harley Sims, assauli, judgment sus
pended upon payment of the costs.
Seaman Hopper, transporting and
possession, 4 mollis sentence sus
pended upon payment of $50.00 fine
and the costs, and the car in which
the liquor was foundj was ordered
sold. 'vL.' : n ";*V
jid the costs
liiin, charging
$20.00 and
?jl, assault
continued for
cenv, sentenc
on the county
iction, nol pros
ting and pos-1
he cdsts.
Cullowhee, N- 0.,'^Vpri! 25.?Mrs.
Eddie/W. Wilson, of! Cullowhee, has
been accorded the poetry cup offered
by , the North Carolina Federation
of Women's Clubs for the best poem
written by a,, member of the club
"A Prayer" is the name of Mrs. Wil
son 's poem. I ?
1 The cup will be presented at the
Washington Duke Hotel/in Durban
fin the morning of May 4th, at which
time Mi's. Wilson will read her poein
j before the members of the Federation.
Owing to the fact that the Separk
| cup has had all of the names on it
I that it could well hold,a new cup has,
I recently been presented to the Fe
| erati'on, the gift of Mr. Albert I. j
j Berry, Hiid to be known as the Berr>
I eup. Mrs. Wilson will be the fir.;t
f woman to have her name engraved
on the new cup. \
Ben Dewey Green to Miss Gracie
Hampton Hall to Iris Bryson
Ei^gene W. Wright, of Henderson
county lo Julia Mae Breedlove.
X board of appraisers consisting
oi! 45 citizens of the county, has been
appointed to revalue tbe reaL estate
and Kst the personal property of the
county, beginning on Monday, May
second, and continuing until tha
wort is completed. It is hoped to
finish the task, within thirty days.
Mr/ S. C. Cogdill, chairman of the
boar^ of commissioners is ex-officio,
county assessor, and the work will
be doiie under his direction. A meet
ing; of the appraisers was held on
Monday in the office of Mr. Cogdill,
at which the work to be done was
thoroughly discussed and all mem
bens informed of their duties.
The appraisers as appointed by
Mr. Cogdill, are:
Caney Fork: Finley Arrington,|
Ransom Hooper, Lawrence Lovedahl.
ip Canada: Cleve Wood, J%M.-0wen, |
Joe Mathis.
River: June Hooper, John A. |
Hooper, Johty E. Tritt.
Cashier's Valley: Alex Bryson,I
Tom Dillard, Frank Wike.
Hamburg: Hayes Hooper, S. L
McGoire, Jr., W. A. Henson.
Mountain ? W.. F. Moody, John|
Stewart, A. 0. Watson.
Callowhec: Z. V. Watson, W. D
Wike, Oscar Eiiisley.
Savannah: Herschel Cabe, R. B.|
Hyatt, J. J. Cowan,
Webster: A. C. Queen, W. C. Cag-|
le, J; W. Henderson.
Green's Creek: John Reed, Wes.
Grr-e?, Estes Green.
S)1va: B. 0. Painter, D. L. Bryson. |
A. J. Dills. *
Scott's Creek: S. Jerome Phil
lips, J. B. Cogdill, L. W. Crawford
Backer's Creek: Estes Parris, Ver
ion Nation, Ben Jones.
Dillsboro: F. E. Parker, L. L.
Sutton, S. W. Enloe.
Qitalla: W. F. Battle, Paul Fer
gusop, Dave Wjorley.
The week of April 24th to May 1
will tte observed throughout America
as Better Homes Week. This Nation
al educational movement in whieii
Secretary Hoover is so keenly inter
ested has been growing since its in
ception in 1923 at a rate which
proves its importance as a social and
civic force. There is every indication
that the 1027 Better Home Camjwign
will be the most extensive ever held
Mrs. Ramsey Buchanan who h-is
been appointed local chairman by the
National organization has brought
this work to the attention of the local
clubs and is cooperating with the
committees which have been app int
ed by these clubs in arranging suv;
able programs for observing Better]
Homes Week.
The object of this campaign is tho
building up of a better citizenship
by making convenient, attractive and
wholesome homes accessible to all
American families.
An immense amount of money has
been expended upon the state high
ways in Jackson county, up to the
present time. Mr. Thomas A. Cox,
read the figures to the chamber of
commerce Tuesday evening, and it
was stated that upon the grading,
surfacing, engineering, structures anj
other expenditures upon Highway No.
10, Highway 285 and Highway 10o,
up to the present date, the state and
county have paid out $2,441,524.29.
It was impossible to obtain the fig
ures by roads and projects, Mr. Cox
stated. : . , .' !
Rev. J. GP Murray, new pastor of
the Sylva Baptist church, arrived,
the first of the week, with his family.
Mr. Mnrray will fill the pulpit at
the Baptist church next Sunday, at
both the morning and evening services
Perhaps the happiest young lady in
Jackson county, Saturday afternoon,
was Mi-s. Stanford of Scott's Creek
township; when she was presented
at the close of the Sylva Supply
Company's Sale, with a beautiful
dinner set, a set of Rogers Brothers
silverware, a set of tablecloth and
napkins and other dining room and
kitchen utensil*.
The standing committees for the
Chamber of Commerce as made by the
president and confirmed by the board
was a:inounced at a dinner meeting
of the chamber, Tuesday evening by
the President, Harry E. Buchanan.
The Committees follow:
Civics, Billy Davis, chairman, J.
F. Freeze,- Secretary, D. D. Hopper,
Geo. W. Sutton, J. C. Allison.
Transportation and Roads: Thomas
A. Co::, chairman, H. T. Hunter, sec
retary, D. G. Bryson, E. L. McKee,
P. E. Moody.
Indistijes and Commerce: M. D.
Cowan, chairman, A. J. Dills, secre
tary, T. C.' Bryson, E. P. Stillwell,
I. H. Powell. . ,
Advertising and Publicity: Dan
Tompkins, chairman, J. R. Buchan
an, secretary, A. A. Nichols, A. M.
Simon.;, E. E. Brown. a
Agriculture and Rural Development
D. G. Bryson, chairman, J. R. Jones,
secretary, D. M. Ilall,, C. R. Moody,
S. C. Cogdili.
Membership: J. F. Freeze, chair,
man, Ben Queen, secretary, W. Mike
Brown, H. E. Monteith, J. S. Higdon.
It i3 expected that there will be
much work for the several commit
tees to do during the year, and a
report from each, at every meeting |
of the chamber will be askej for,;
the president stated.
Mr.'D. G. Bryson offered a siie
for a manufacturing enterprise, at
Foster's Siding, a short distance out
side the city limits, and placed it
at the disposal of the committee on
Industries and Commerce.
It is the intention of the Chamber
to stage a membership drive, in a
short time, and Mr. D. G. Bryson
has been appointed as commanding
general, with J. F. Freeze and H. E.
Monteith as captains o? the two teams
that arc to do the work.
Announcement was made at the
meeting of the American Forest Pro
ducts Company having subscribed for
ten memberships in the Chamber for
the year.
A dinner meeting .will be held ev
ery two weeks, the board of directors
has decided, and the plan of app oint
ing go-getters to get the membership
of the chamber out to the meetings,
has been adopted. The membership
committee was appointed as the go
getters for the next meeting.
A concerted effort on the part of
the local Methodist tnd Baptist
churches to increase the attendance
and interest in the local Sunday
Schools, will be launches next Mon
day afternoon, when teams composed
of fourteen members from cach school
will make a canvass of the entire
town and community and ascertain
the number of people not now at
tending any Sunday School.. The com
mittee has been divided into teams
of two cach, one from cither school,
and the plan is start at 2:00 o'clock
Monday and complete the canvass in
a short time. It is hoped that the
ladies of the community will co-op
erate with tlic workers by making
it a point to be at home at the time
the census is bcingtaken.
The teams and their districts are:
Jtrs. I. H. Powell and Mrs. Came
McKee, from the tannery to the
Moody farm; Mrs. Mvra Loftis and
Mrs. Annie Tompkins, Courtlani
Heights; Mrs. J. F. Freeze and Mis
A. J. Dills, Sylvan Heights; Miss
I Louise Stein and Mr. A. J. Dills, Dills
i Cove to W. E. Grindstaff's; Mrs
J. R. Buchanan and Mr. L A. Buc
hanan, College Hill; Mrs. W. M
Brown and Mrs. Walter Dean, West
j College Hill; Mrs. D. D. Hooper and
! Mi's. J. T. Gribble, from Mr. John
j H. Wilson's residence, on Keener
| street, to Mr. C. M. Wells,' on Main;
Mrs. E. Ford King anj Mr. Geo. ?Y.
Sutton, from Mr. T. 0. Wilson's
on Keener street to Mr. S. C. Alli
son's; Mrs. J. B. Ensley and Mrs.
J. L. Dillard, from Mr. M. D. Cowan's
to Mr. Ben N. Queen's; Mrs. W. E.
Grindstaff and Mrs. W. H. Rhodes,
Railroad street; Mrs. M. Bucbamn
| and Mr. E. E. Brown, Btichanan's
Garage to the Carolina Pole Company
Mrs. John V. Ashe and Mr. J. B. Ens
ley, Rhodes Cove; Mrs. C. Z. Cand
ler and Miss. Sadie Luck, Early's
Service Station to Garrett's Service
Station; Mrs. A. S. Nichols and Mrs.
W. C. Ree^ from the corner of Main
street to the Buchanan Garage.
Breaking by 51 minUtis the fast
est previous motor ear record fce
tween Ashevilie and Murphy, two
stock Whippet Foots rolled into
Murphy Saturday morning and were
greeted by Mayor F. F. Hill, of Mur
phy at 7:46 a. m., after leaving Ashe
time at 5:07 a. m. The speed of those
cars at times reached 75 miles per
This trip was made in exactly 15?
minutes by both ears, an average of
47.73 miles per "hour for the entire
One ear was driven by Howard
Justice, assistant used car manager,
accompanied by J. M. MacHale,
wholesale manager, the other by
Dennis Rogers, assistant service man
ager, accompanied by Ernest Anders,
new car inspector.
Not content with this performance,
the Whippet cars, piloted by Ella
worth Lyman, sales, manager, and
Howard Justice, started back imme
diately on the return trip to Ashe
vilie and completed the trip with an
average of 33 1-3 miles to the galloa
of gasoline, according to their report*
This trip is up the famous Nantfc
hala gorge consisted chiefly of ateep
mountains and dangerolnsly 'sharp
curves, with very few stretches of
straight or level* country.v
Checked out of Ashevilie by A.
Nowell, of the Postal Telegraph
checked in by H. C. Rogers, of tbt
Western Union Telegraph, at Mur
phy, "N7 cr, the two cars were checked
back into Ashevilie ai d the econ
omy record recorded by Commission*
or Bartlett an?l representatives froog
Ashevilie newspapers.
The chamber of commerce at its
Tuesday evening dinner meeting, un
animously passed a resolution urging
the county commissioners to co-op
erate with the state and federal gov
ernment in forest tire prevention,
and extended an invitation to the
forestry service of the stats, to es
tablish its district officii in'
Miss Nell Cowan, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. M. D. Cowan, who was
voted the prettiest girl at Greens
boro College for Women, will be (ho
, May Queen at the college fete to bo
held, Saturday.
Joseph Hensley died at his homo
near Wilmot, April 15, at the age of
48 years and eight .months. Mr.
Hensley ^as known to his neighbors
as a good citizen and loyal friend.
He is survived by his widow,, who
before her marriage was Miss Callie
Nation, and four children, Theodore,
Bert, Jewel and Hazel Hensley.
The funeral was conducted by Rev.
Thad Watson, Rev. Wesley. Green
and Rev. Clon Brown and the inter
ment was in the burying ground, se
lected by himself some four yeais
' ago, on his own farm.
According to reports from Frank
lin, Judge A. M. Stack has been im
posing some strange sentences upon
those convicte^ of minor violations
of the prohibition laws, if indeed
there be esuch a thing as H minor
violation of the dry statutes. It is
said that in some cases he has im
posed fines, or suspended senteneee,
requiring good behavior bonds, and
has ordered that those convicted stay
out of the state of Georgia for a per
iod of twelve months.
The Parent-Teacher Association of
Bryscn City invitos eveiy reader of
this paper fo join them in a May IXiyj
Celebration on Friday afternoon^
April 29th, at three. o'clock. There
will be a parade of the school chil
dren, the crowning of a May Queen,
a May-pole dance anj games of var
ious kinds. Every woman and every
girl is requested to wear' a cotton
dress. A prize will W gifren to the
visitor wearing .the most attractive
dress. Just follow No. 10 and you
will find the place near the Cowl*
house. _ j

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