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Your Business
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% 1 IV2 2-Ton ). j 1 /
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Come and see a man that knows all things about shoes. }
> \ r , ' ? ; ^ ^
Panco Soles $1.00
' )
?) V ? " :
In J. R. Cochran's Old Stand J SYLVA, N. C,
u . >
Hotlpra lag
. .j i > ? ? ? -?
Books interest when all else bores. Books are a relaxation
when your body and mind are tired. In books yon find romance,
adventure, life. ir) ? .
? < Everybody enjoys a boob, from the child who hesitates Cjver
syllables to the grandmother, or grandfather, who peers over the
tpps of eye-glasses. Books are the most enduring of gifts, the
( <> . ?
most appreciated. Come in and browse around. We have the
latest books, whether it be fietion or non-fiction.
? * v.v.v?'.:* w\v. lfof_; vf'- -f
Mr. Blackmere Gave the
Matter Serious Thought
. ! *' " (
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?- ' -? ^ A ? 1
Ten different presentations of a subject in ten different let
ters on a proposition which involves business1 andi letter heads and
printing play an important part in, final decision. It may be sub
consciously so, nevertheless it has been proved time npon number.
Therefore the importance of care in selection of letter heads,
printed sales matter or literature concerning your business.
We do good printing and it costs no more than inferior
workmanship. Selection of ]>apers, type faces, inks and composi
tion is wherfi we can serve you to your distinct advantage. Bring
your next job and let us show you "Character Printing." '
Our Experience is a big part of the job for which you do not
have to pay extra. / .
By Arthur Bnskne
IvKtntly Mr." Gifford, head of the
kphone company, proved that
television," making it possible to
:s and hear individuals or crowds
.iindredscpf miles away, is practical.
The question, "How can that be
iadc i'sstiii ?" is answered in a way
:at in centuries to come will shed
"-<Jit on our civilization.
"There is no doubt about it," you
f* re told, "the only way in which
'cvision can be made profitable i3
;UZE FIGHTS." People will pay
:ll to see men fighting ami to hear
yells of the mob gathered
'?>und the prize ring. Would tele
ion make money enabling distant
>wds to see and hear great
tachers or college professors? It
uld NOT. r
V conference of college students
(5 decided against trial marriage,
.'.e solemnly, by a vote of 16 to 7.
ise ' Providence has decided
linst it by a vote of about 100
?. ?./
Vhen the seven young gentlemen
?> think they believe iu trial mar
ie fall m love, they will know
itively the marriage they pian is
last forever, would detest the
;ry of a trial, and insult any
)'y suggesting it.
;>>r if not, they would not be
:h marrying.
\ 1 \
1 would be better for Massa
' elts and the administration of
ice generally, if a commission
id be appointed to inves'igat:
evidence on which Sacco and
izetti are condemned to di-."
it is the opinion of the Rev.
md D. Sawyer, Congressional
?yman and member of the ?
achusetts Legislature. The
?mission, for which he intro
?s a bill, would consist of the ?
-t Justfee_of the Massachusetts
<? b
Fire of undetermined damage est
mated at $15,000 to $20,000 Sunday
ni?ht tcj three buildings ion Main
street in Waynesville. The loss is
believed to be covered by insurance.
The flames , starting in the base
ment of the Sloan-Plott Hardware
Company, in the heart of town,
threatened a part of the business dis
trict before being brought under con
trol after a sharp fight by volunteer
fire forces which lastcj for nearly
an hour. The blaze, which appar
ently smouldered for some time be
fore breaking out, was discovered
about 10:30 o'clock. A large crowd
watched the progrdss of the flames,
which spread to the Old Victory
Theatre, next door, doing considera
ble damage, then up to the D. A.
Howell department store, where con
siderable damage was reported from
smoke and water.
The Howell store was of brick,
while the theatre and hardware build-<
ings were of brick and frame con
*struction. All were a single story in
Mr. Howell had $3,000 insurance on
his stock and $3,000 on the building.
The theatre, which had not been used
for two or more years, and the hard
ware building, were owned by Mrs.
G. C. Briggs, who carried $4,000 in
surance. There was $2,000 insurance
on the hardware stock.
On April 2 the Death Angel came
and took from us Robert Bramlett.1
He was well known, having lived j
here since he was quite a young man,
and was loved by all who knew him,
having always a smile f>r everyone.!
He told his friends he wai> ready to!
go and asked them to meet him on.
the other shore. r
He was married to Miss Lottie
Turpin, 011 April 4, 1897. He leaves1
Ids widow and one child, besides
many friends,, to mourn his going.
He was laid to rest in DickB Creek
cemetery, the funeral havliicj been cou
ducted by Rev. William Atl:ins, of
Shoal Creek.
Many Irish potato growers in Eas
tern Carolina complain that their
seed are rotting in the ground.
( ' '
Many goo,j farmers of North Car
olina are mixing their fertilizer at
home this year in spite of the pre
vailing low prices.
- t.i-i>*? <St?-???? ? *0" "??? ?
Supreme Court, ar?<! futa o!i:*..*s to
b: appointed by the C-VV.-J.
The i.'.?n>i?s?oh would bt *t;ihor
i '.;d !c> rccommcnd tc ifao Governor
a mvf trial or such course a* might
iccm necessary.
The impression that jartice in
the United States is in a iu-.y to
execute anybody or determined to
do so should be carefully avoided.
This is a case that has never been
p?.ssed upon, as regards tht evi
dence, by any but one judge, and a
case in which after-ihe-war excite
ment played a considerable part.
An Egyptian tomb near the Gixa
Pyramids, opened by Vienna scien
tists, contains the record and mum
my of a very rich dwarf married
to an impoverished princess, thou
sands of years ago.
Our rich princesses marry mental
dwarfs, rich in titles. Thai's tho
ojfferencc, and that Egyptian prin
cess had the better of it. She got
something in exchange for her band,
with the long, tapering fingers.
Interest yourself in vitamlnsj
Dr. H. C. Sherman, learned pro-*
fessor of chemistryt proves thati
vitamins bring maturity earlier and
l.iakte it last longer. Vitamins ard
found in milk, butter, lettuce and all
green vegetables, cod liver oil, red
wine (barred here), fruits, yeast;
etc. f ? . '
In addition to vitamins, mineral
salts are absolutely necessary to?
life. No animal can live without
1'ublic school education should
include information on diet.
Mothers especially are interested
iu > vitamins. Experiments with
animals show vitamins influence:'
the number of the young and suc
cessful rearing after birth.
There is much prosperity in thi^
country and, fortunately for us, it it
not all basfed on "natural resources"
?oil, iron, coal, forests, good soil,
etc. ' Most of it comes from inside
the national skull. Sir Ernest Benii
observes that Amcripan prosperity is,
in many cases, five per cent natural ,
resources, ninety-five per cent work'
intelligently organized. If natural
resources alone counted, "Brazil, Li
beria and Iceland would be the-,
world's most prosperous countries."
Commander Udet, greatest G~f-|
man flier left over from the war,
will fly in a gliding plane without
any engine from a mountain peak in
Bavaria, 2.0C0 feet high.
This means literally tobogganing
from the top of a mountain to the
valley below on thin air. It would
astonish those long dead and buried .
that used to smile at the poem de- ?
scribing Darius Green and his flying
citizen interested in the work of the
Station may have a copy, however, if
ho will apply to Director Winters.
JWtters of Ansan Cotlhty sold to
one another several hundred dollars
worth of implements, livestock, hay
and other farm products at the Far*
mere' Auction Sale held in Wadesboro
recently. - ,
V i
Fertilizer and cultivation will not
make up for poor soil preparation.
Mr. Punk AdvUer s&ya it's too
much trouble to mix feeds at home*
buy them in the sack even if it d<*s
cost mote. ,.
The Jackson Comity Journal 1S
the mostly wide read paper west ,,f
. /
(f i.
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<> J
; 1 , * ? ? ,
salesman claims
ashis final aigu
meiit that his $
? product is as
good 3SAA
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. ? V ? ? ' ? \
List Your Taxes
NORTH CAROLINA, Jackson County.
?\? ?.' . V-: > ?
We will be on second floor A, J, Dills Build
ing, Sylva, N, C., Mjay, 5, 6, 7, 9,10,11,12,1927
for the purpose of listing taxes for Sylva Town
ship for the year 1927. ! ? i
You are required by law to meet at the above
place on dates named to list your property to avoid
i j , i'
This 23rd day of April, 1927
? Vai.
' ; .* * \
Tax Listers and Appraisers.

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