Tee Mm LIGHTED FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF TAR HEELS, BOTH NATIVE AND ADOPTED. !.-.. t j . 4 VOL. I. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C., OCTOBER 9, 1 886. NO 3- The Pike Khqt. l'L'BUSHED 'EVERY SATURDAY MORXIKG AT j 1 Southern Pines, Mcorc Co., t C, B. A. GOODRIDGE, Editor. !' n '' tf : TERMS-$ 1 .OO Per Year in Advance. Single Copies 5 Cents. . "Advertising Rates promptly furnished upon application. TJob Printing of every description dene with neatness and despatch, and on reasonable terms, ' Z Correspondence on"all topics of gen eral interest inited. Write only on one side of the paper; be brief and to the point. Sign your name and state whether you wish it published or not. ! I Entered at the Postoffice a Southern Pines, N. C , as second class matter. be expended for instruments and flags This explains the necessity for a to be used and kept at your place, local or State Weather Service, whose Sometimes Khe observers prefer to own twofold duty should be: ; their instruments, costing about 1st. The collection of accurate, 617.00. Often the money necessary is sufficently detailed weather statistics, provided by the town or raised by pri- and 2nd: the dissemination, widely yat$ subscription.! In some cases tho and efficiently, of the practical infor money is raised at a public meeting mation, weather "indications" or called for the purpose. warnings which are j secured by a sci- If you can provide these things, we entiflc study of such statistics. are prepared to telegraph you, free of It would seem eminently appropriate cost, the daily weather Indications, in- that the Agricultural department of eluding the "Farmers Bulletins," the State, .should undertake to collect frost and storin warnings. these statistics and to give out this We urge you to call attention to information. Through the agency of this matter and let us hear promptly the Agricultural Experiment Station We wish to call attention to the fol lowing communication from Prof. Dabney, State Chemist. i V' The importance of such a service as is herein set forth must be obvious to every one, and it is to be hoped that sufficient funds may bej raise'd at :.once for the purchase of the necessary in struments. ' Let us not allow this matter to go by default. fc- The editor of this paper will under- - ' 1 , ' ' take to provide competent; observer and display-man and to contribute a . ;; ' I ' ' i fair proportion of the fund necessary for the purchase of instruments. what you can do. Yours respectfully, Chas. W. Dabney. Jr;. Director. It is hard to believe that anybody the Department has undertaken this work and intends to push it just as far as the means at hand and the facilities of communication will permit. Some of the ' benefits of such a could be such a; depraved worshipper Weather-Service may, oniy be briefly ! . , , , , touched upon here. I of his own stomach as to sacrifice mock- . J . -. . 1. it will bring the ben enits ot the weather " indications," storm warn- insatiable pot hunter (spares not even mgs, flood warnings, "Farmers' Bulle- us, the towns or communities raise a small amount of money sufficieut to purchase the necessary j instruments ! and signal flags, the railroads forward j the daily'weather warnings and the 1 observers keep the records and report f monthly all for the general public good and without charge. The central office will be at the Ex periment Station in Raleigh. The preliminary arrangements for observ ing stations and flag stations are being made is rapidly as possible. ; We are now prepared to organize the stations along the line of the Raleigh and Au- gusta, and Raleigh and Gaston system of railoads,; We expect to make the necessary arrangements with other railroads and extend the system all over the State within three . or four months at the latest. N. C. Agricultural Bulletin. these, much For shame!. Is there too tins, etc., to bear directly upon the in- oyou's music in the ' world! Is terests and daily lives ot a great many the momentarv tkline- o sorh .nnr. more-oi our people. mand's palate to be accounted of more worth than the life of one of God's sweetest singei to for example, twelve hours in advance If the : svstem is carried out as we desire it shall be, af ter a sufficient time for organization and experience, it should bring the IMPORTANCE OF CLEANLINESS. Keeping the pores of farm animals open is as essential to their' thrift . as bathing is to pur; health. The skin performs an office more essential to life and health; than even digestion; and it is even more important that the horse be thoroughly groomed than would eat a mocking bird deserves Raleigh. N. C, Sett. '80. Editor Pine Knot: V . Dear Sir: We take the liberty of applying to youjfor assistanc in es tablishing a Weather Observing and Sig nal Station, in connection with our State Weather Service, at your place. For the workings and benefit of such a service, we ask you to refer to the accompanying paper. If we are to give your community the immediate benefits of this system there are two duties whkh will have to be performed ,' i. ' ' there. ,1 , 1st. We will want a reliable; and accurate, educated man or woman there who will take charge of the in strumentsthermometers and rain- iruaire . keep a careful record of their readings and report the same to us once a month. It must be a person who goes into it to stick and will be reg ular in it. This person is called the Voluntary Weather Observer. 1 2nd. The R. R. or telegraph agent or some person with them is to be designated to receive the daily 8.30 a. m. weather indications and warn ings, and to put up the signal flags. This is the Display man. If conven ient, the first person may do this. This is a purely volunteer enterprise and.we have no funds to expend for it. We will supply instructions,; blank forms and stationery, -franked envel opes to mail reports to us, and we will 'secure the instruments and flags for you at cost; , j But we will only be able to extend the benefits of this svstem to vpur . community in case you can get the i nri, 1, rpi ,,,1,-1 j . i -i t-u.u.1. "I; JC XCU. J. UUiUULU ITlUOUliUlT llie man WhO knnwlPrfo'A nt an PvrPotA1 nnlr? wava . ! & fr ; , '.'i . . . , , ' does not mean l only the removal of . 1 1 -m . ' . , auuiu. V -X ViIA XI. CI xx n iiu Of be choked , to death by the first mouth- 01 me coia wave lo ttU Ine people or comb. it means that thorough brush A- l Lij . I - i 1 - i - m - me oiaie wno are wnnin six nours' nn,i i time by the ordinary means our branch signal stations. We desire to have such fulJ THE STATE WEATHER SERVICE. A A Ot One Ol li5r?o vommn'nrr rvl-cf ti o the pores. It is more necessary to groom the horse; than any other farm a signal are like mi A. - - A I T I-'- II 11' .Li 1 I 1 1 1 I I s f - i au umeb a year me u. o. oigiiai station ax au teiegrapn .stations six animal, because he is th last tnnnm at M a3ulugluu BCUUO uu wuay mes auu ovBr apart, xms is wnat himself. Cattle will sn-oom them- we shall strive to attain; but it is evi- selves to a certain extent; yet there aenttnat it win taKe a considerable can be no more profitable work than time and very general assistance from brushinglhem, though it is so rarely i-i i -a T nO Till rkll9 Q T I Q lCTCX T T CI TATM1 thrt 0 1 I II fmi 1 . a wave nag has oeen.orderd up -o,x- a0ne. ane nog, the dirtiest ot all and the temperature will prob- road and legraph companies, before farm ahimals, is really the most ably fall - degrees in the next xmSs can accompiisnea. , cleanly, and if allowed to do so will twenty four hours." ; ll oe tne means ot securing ke'ep ins iU(le ciean This he does by Many a time this means frost and much better knowledge ot the meteor- nrst putting on a coat of mud. This oiogy ot our btate, which, lor one he scratches off and with it removes thing, will give us the data for mak- the impurities which have adhered to ing better predictions of weather his hide nnd whieh iho v:t wrih V,n changes etc. r loosened. Wallowino- not onlv o.on- 4. It will give the people of all ' . . iiiriii x 1 1 1 in.n i r i .1 11 1 1 i i ii 1 .sit vw uir. ri called 4 ' Farmars' Bulletins the following: ;' : j " Cold Wave Coming. Cold at1 the; destruction, jor injuryrof vast am ounts of fruit. At how many places in North Caro lina have these i" Farmers' Bulletins" vegetables, tobaceo, etc been received, and how many farmers have ever derived any benefits from Parts of tne btate reliable standards but is of the utmost importance to their health. American Agricutyuralist A. A l 11 . I " ' them? Certainly very few indeed, ior temperature, rainraii, numiaity. And this is through no fault of the wind-velocity, etc., which are sources Signal Officer or any one else. This ot varied, useful mtormation. officer cannot be expected to send this 4- Xt Put within the reach of information to every point in the local agricultural clubs and thought- country and to publish it to the farm- tul individuals the. means of accurate ers at every such, place. The U. S. observations upon the relations of the (JmrornmoTit flros Tint eimnlv liim tci weather to iour y ' VX AX AX V A.V VkJ V J X X 7 til crops. Without ; a The Fayetteville Observer and Gaz ette gives the information that Messrs. A. S. Huske & Co. have shipped im mense quantities of the Scuppernong grape this season.; These shipments have been made to New York. Phila- funds necessary to do this, and if it did weather record m hgures, our concep- delphia Washington, Massachusetts. it would be impossible to do it effect- tlon of what the weather was during Riehmond) Va., Greensboro, Durham ually from his bureiau in Washington, any particular season are sure to. be other points in North Carolina. This illustration is cited to show very wild and unreliable, i The grapes are shipped in the cheap thkt a local, or adjunct organization 5. It will educate the people at splint baskets which are sold so exten is necessary in order to deliver this large on the subjects in science which sively throughout jthe country, and an- and all other similar information to have the most important bearing upon Swer the purpose admirably. In takinir the people in an efficient manner. , It their pterests, comforts and lives, hold of the enterprise Messrs. Huske will also be evident to the thoughtful Wherever possible we desire to con- and Co. contemplated only a small reader that such a local or State nect the local observing stations with business, but thev find that the ' de- Service can, besides applying schools so that their teachers and pu- mand is limited only by the supply, Weather the knowledge obtained in an effectual pils may be induced to form habits of manner J local sta do much to collect detailed observing these natural phenomena. istics, the basis of future This is to be all purely voluntary and they have orders to ship all they can get. ; . services of the above persons and can i work, which a general office could not labor. The Chief Signal Officer at Come South, young man! Come! raise t.he sum of twenty-five dollars to ! get. Washington does all he can to help j Ghost of Horace Greeley,

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