7rz I LIGHTED FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF TAR HEELS, BOTH NATIVE AND ADOPTED. VOL. I. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1 886. NO 5. I The Pink Knot. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MOUSING AT Southern Pines, Moore Co,, 1. C. . B. A. GOODRIDGE, Editor. three months. " pretty darned late in tarium, Dr. Morrill of Concord, N. H., the fall."j ! and others declare that the natural Catarrh, rheumatism throat and sanitary conditions of Southern Pines ! lung diseases of every kind keep up are more perfect than those of any ! this dance of Death the whole year other place iu the U. S., TERMS-$1 .OO Per Year In Advance. ; roumd. Go the rounds once with them. -Jot- Single Copies 5 Cents. visited by your busy physician in the city or Springs of the purest water gush tot- t2AtvERTisiN; rates promptly furnished country, note the hacking cough, the from every hill pon application. . . , ., . . . .. . pamtui Dreaming, tne tnicK, unnat- times never tail 1Tob Printing of every description done with neatness and despatch, and on reasonable terms. . ' j , . Correspondence on all topics of gen eral interest invited. Write only on one side of the paper; b; brief and to the point. Sijrn your name and state whether you wish it published or not. ural tones Some of you nnu tnem every- tarn valuable medicinal side and in driest them con-properties. Entered at the Postoffiee at Southern Pines, " N. C, as second class matter. f ' THE REASONABLENESS OF SOUTHERN PJNES. , An address delivered by H. A. Goodridce be fore the Northern Men's Convention at Raleigh. where. New York city loses more From February to December flowers But the Every place where people gather in community, build dwellings and r es tablish homes must have a reason for its existence. That reason may be plain to all or it may be far to seek. Here, it may be1 that a magnificent harbor and a' confluence of far reach ing water-ways will determine the site of a nations metropolis; there, the swift rush of a mighty stream will prefigure the future city of whizzing looms and spindles; and, again, when ' we find groups of human beings dwel ling iij regions most unpromising, we may be sure that nature, having de nied all else, has here bestowed her treasures of gold and silver. ; But ships loaded with richest freight safe in harbor, huge factories siinning fabric sufficient to clothe the nation, untold treasures of the mine cannot bring comfort to their owner if with all hese he have not the blessing of health. ! When we Americans get through our everlasting .hurry, take longer than ten minutes for dinner, stop run ning after trains, (by which we get heart disease more often, than t be train ) leave off bouncing up stairs two steps at a time, wear sensible clot hing cease to act like candidates f or a lunatic asylum, then it may be I that every man's home will be his best and surest health resort. .But the millen ium is not here, and the malonehoiy fact remains that our country, espec ially the northern and middle states, is full of invalids. It is perhaps unfair to attribute all this invalidism to our manner of liv ing. A fierce and impaleable climate is responsible for much of it. A -commercial traveler was asked about; New England, and replied that it was a imntry wherej there was nine months of winter every year, and the other people from pneumonia than from bloom upon these ridges any. disease on the list. Consumption crowning glory is the long leaved is slaying her thousands, catarrh is pines. Towering upward I 00, 70, .80 rendering life a burden to thousands feet, clear of branches until far above more, and rheumatism is breaking the ground, bearing leaves or spills" upon the wheel her tortured victims, often 16 inches in length, it is a strik even in lands flowing with "streams ing figure in our landscape. But the of St. Jacobs Oil. poetical aspect of these trees is not Well, what's the remedy! Shall I the one in which we are most inter stay here and die, or shall I flee to ested. We are here for health, and to some more favored land? the business the long leaved pine must we look for man in the North asks himself . His those active healing properties which, doctor has shaken his- head over him co-operating with a perfectly drained three times and he knows that it is a soil, ant i- malarious air and the purest matter otj lite and death, lie must go. Gf water, effect those wonderful cures that is settled. But to what point? for which many people must thank Florida or Southern California? He God until the latest day of life. groans at the thought of either place, Everywhere the healing virtues of for they are far, very far, from his be- the pine are known and recognized loved Northern home. To make such but all authorities agree; that the cur-. a pilgrimage means a breaking up of ative properties of the long leaf pine home ties, a wearisome journey, and are far superior to those of the white. perhaps years of exile from all that he Generation of ozone, the great disin holds dear. Then, too, if the point f octant gas, is much greater here than aimed at is Florida which, as Charles n white pine countries. Its presence pine knots upon the broad hearth. You are enveloped, saturated, steeped in pine. The consequence is that you forget all about that pet cough in a week or two. You eat all you can get. You lose your languor and lack ! T m a i or mteresi. lne laxes on a new aspect. In fact you are a new man. Possibly some of you who listen to me may say, "This man speaks con fidently, but where are his proofs! We are Yankees, and we won't believe that story of George Washington un- ess we. see the hatchet. Well, I'm a. i Yankee too. Born in N. H.. wore pinafores in Mass. jacket ariJ red- top boots in Maine, ,fell in love once in Vt., (got out all right that time) tried to live in Rhode Island but f ound there wasn't room enough and so took to an island off the coast, and passed through Conn., on my way to Dudley Warner says, will be a good state when they get it finished, there is a grave doubt as to the beneficial is the best evidence of atmospheric purity. Kemember now that you are' at N. C, I know my audience, there fore, and shall proceed to show proofs of all that I have hitherto claimed. The parties whose names I tshall mention are either now livincr at Southern Pines, or their addresses can ( 1 . -4' be furnished if correspondence is' de sired. ' I will not ask your indulgence for statements personal to myself and family. I aim to give facts about Southern Pines, and ' I cannot reach that end more directly than by relat ing some personal experience. In April 1883 I came to Southern Pines from Mass. In August of the same year Mrs. Goodridge arrived. A disease of the lungs had fastened upon her and fcr more than a year she had scarcely drawn a breath free from pain. r Physicians said she could eueci or us enmare upon consump- Southern Pines, and, standing up lives. Of the many that go there, straight with shoulders well thrown fe return except to die. But I am back, take such a breath as you have A 1 '-i. l...!ll AT a. rt V noi nere 10 uuuti up .onn Carolina not taken for years. Inhale the rich by trying to tear down Florida or any aroma of the pine, let it tingle through oiner oouinern siaie. it is not neces- l - j vwi. j uui rjjk iaiL suti t cu sary. Morover, you may think that iullgs. Don't you feel better already! from the North to Southern Pines, N. Certainlv vou do. ' You walked half a C., via Southern California and Flori- mile to-day. That was pretty well for j day is not the most direct route. you, but tomorrow you will walk a But don't be impatient for here we mile, and before; you've been here six! are at last. We are 68 miles south- weeks youM1 walk ten at a stretch and j west from Raleigh, in the heart of the not brag of it either. " ttinov " woods. GOO feet ahnvo th. ti . I . t - ---- ii.nierprising manuiacturers in tne. sea level. Here a town of about 800 North have mad a succiss 6cII. j ot acres has been laid out on the top of a huge sand ridge. This ridge slopes away in all directions, with beautiful undulations here and there which give a pleasing variety to the landscape. This sand is of great depth and acts Water dis- soon as it strikes the ground, mud is a thing unknown and as a perfect natural filter. appears as ing mattrasses filled with jine I leaves. Here, not only the bed you sleep on may be of pine, but the house you dwell in, the chairs you sit upon, the r not survive another winter in New England. She began to improve at once and in three months her lung disease was practically cured. She is not a strong woman, never was, and i it is not probable that she ever will be But I know that Southern Pines has saved her life and that her health is better now than ever before. I speak of her case first as she is a lady in whom I've taken more; or less interest Dr. G. H. Saddleson came to this ! place in 1881. That was before South ! era Pines was known or even thought ; of and it is very largely due ho his table from which you eat, all are of; ! sagacity in perceiving the remarkable pine. Day and night you must breathe i its life giving odor. The morning fire '; is kindled with it. The fresh morning air brings its fragerance to you from ' . advantages of the place for a health resort that the enterprise was under taken and carried on. The Doctor received such marked benefit himself there are no standing pookto breed the forest at noon the hot sun draws . ry severe case of pulmonarj' disease. Eminent j ' that fragrance forth and multiplies it physicians, such as Dj. A. ! a hundred fold; at night, if it is cool, W. Bell, editor of the N. Y. Sni- you draw up beside a blazing fire of ' ' disease, that he wrote and talked on j the subject until the matter drew the Continued on last pagt. . J

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