LIGHTED F.OR: THE ILL UMIXA TIOX OF TAR HEELS, BOTIt XATIVE AXD ADOPTED. -4- VOL. I. SOUTHERN -PINES, N. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1886. NO. 7. ' ' J i i 4 J. . i ( 1 i The Pike Knot!. PUBl.It-HED EVERY SAIURI'AY MORNING'. AT Soulhsrn Pines, Moore Co,, K..C. Mr ........... v.- VI- B A. GOODRIDGE, Edjtor.; . TERMS-$1 .OO Per Year In Advance. Single Copies 5 Cents. jf ' J3gT"ADVERTisiNti,RATp promptly .furufefted' HponTtpplication. . . ; " . ?H 3p-joB PR4NTIXO jf every description jdpne with neatness and despatch, and on reasotjttle terms. ' -; .. .-. :Jf"CoRRESPt)NiKNCK on .all, topics df gen eral interest invited. Write only on one 'suit T the paper; be brief arid to t he point. Sifcn m.-r uaiiiejind state whether you wish it published or not. ' . :i ' - '-" Kutered at the Postoffice at Southern Hues, N. C, as second class matter. like the region you came from. Useii I relapsed into silence and dullness, what little common sense- you have.i The forest' had been on . fire at one n ml h an ww'. Win Vnnnr what vnn nroii point which we passed.- Here and talking about i before,, you pour forth youi eloquence too abundantly. ' CONCERNING FAIRS- - 'I - " 1 Why can't something be, done jvith persimmons? Hereabout the trees are loaded with them, but no one makes any use of the fruit, excep mon beer ''. for ' ' 'sim- this for ""drear November"? Sky a brilliant blue, wth scarcely a cloud to be seeu. air as pure and sveet as untrammeled, upland air can be,' woods aglow with vivid green: and, rt d. Surelvki this latitude, Novem ber is a month to be thankful for and not sneered at. Let in more light. There, is no; doubt that window glass costs more ! , - i -. f than plain boards, but, on the ptherj hand, it is not so expensive as doctor's iilltt !m,1 medicine. There are not enough windows in most of the houses' . of this section. The people complain of colds, and no wonder r when joften ' t ' ! the greater portion of the light lias to . -i ' come through an open door, instead of a closed window. The .North" Carolina Exposition was a success, as were those held I in New Orleans, Louisville and Atlanta, in so far as the show, of products was con cerned. But financially all of them were" not a success .It turns out that the -New Orleans Exposition was a des perate ; financial failure, while the - . Southern Exposition at Louisville, after four years of trial,, winds' up' with a clear loss of a h If million dollars , The-.Georgia State Fair at Macon falls far below the; former exhibits.; Why this failure, to take a deeper interest in such useful and needed expositions? "We think it probable that if all the! counties would institute fairs, which is; certainly most desirable, and wohld i i -l j i ii j i ' i . i nom tnem ait ine same weeK m tne Fall to be known in the State, calen dar as the County Pair Week and from. these various fairslhe best spec-! imetis should be selected -and sent at onqe to. the Statje Fair at Raleign. to meet u-port the ..week following., that aT great display would, be made arid a creat impetus be given to both the! State Fair and all of the) county fairs We really believeWliis suggestion i: there great pines were still burning, ij some at the base, but most of them i! among the branches, at., the top. As I we rushed by, these fireis looked like the thousand twinkling lights of - a great city. A Jittle farther, on, fields and meadows frosted white began to peer out of the morning! gray ness aiid slowly the day. ' dawned. .. As sharp a frost as one often sees at tlAs time of year, was the verdictof everyone. At the station in Raleigh. I "had .an opportunity to observe two specimens. of the genus Snob. V I hope they don't'l live in the city- of Ralefgd, indeed I ieve that they sojourners in worthy of the attention of the farmer We saw a man from a populous nor thern state, not long ago, whose nose was very High in air. He couldn't find anything in North Carolina that was good enough for him. He .was a f.-trmpr and he waxed very '-.sarcastic concerning the farming lands of this state. His pr neipal criticism seemed to be that land here is not exactly the same as what he had been accustomed to all his life. He was such an admir- i - ;. . ' ; er of his own conversational powers I' ' " ' ' . I . that he could not spare time to listen to what might be said on the other side! It was very clear in hisj mind that nothing of any value could be i " ' i ' -." " " i said on the other side, f ; We couldn't think of any argument that' would fit his case except the in- controvertible one that he was a jack- So we left him haranguing, and and editors and public spirited men generally. Let the leading spiritfj in each county tfike tlie "matter in hand, and about the middle of 0ct4 ober let a fair be held at everv countv seat, and about Qctober 20th let the. Statu Fair onen. and imnovtatit rp .V -r - 7 - - -v - j suits will follow. Every county would be spurred to make tho best possible exhibit of its chief productions, and then let the best of these be selected for the State Fair. Wilmington Star. have every reason to be were, merely temporary the State Capital. Thev had installed theinselvee in a carriage, occupied two seat with t e f Yer ons and the other two with their luggage for which there "... ' j . J .-. ' V was plenty of room elsewhere." When a lady anl gentleman were given seats in the same carnage, the ' male Snob objected audibly to being "so crowded'' and the female Snob seconded his ob jections. The lady and gentleman, having no liking for the society of Snobs, seemed glad to take refuge in another carriage. The -writer made diligent inqury,j but could not learn that these parties paid 'or more than two seats, although, occupying four. Carriages haven't gone entirely out of style yet, though the track for the new horse-railroad is b&rrg laid. It is to be hoped that after' this - enterprise gets well under; way it 'j. will be made BROOM CORN. . A new enterprise in North Carolina is a broom factory, lately established in Asheville by J. Straith & Co. These gentlemen distributed a great many seeds of the broom corn in that vicin- v ity with.ptructions how cultivate and cure the same, with a View to making a market" for the product. They state that on good ordinary land, farmers in that vicinity have realized from 30 to 80 per acre, As broom corn grows very; weU almost anywhere in thcstatc and the cultivation is both easy and profitable; it might be well for many of. our people to investigate the matter. . FOR THOUGHT., Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. B. Franl- Un. . ''. They do most by books who could do much without them. Sir TTtoma Jiroicne. . -In all matters, before beginning, a diligent preparation slnould be. made. Cicero. - . . Dne of the grandest things in hav ing rights is, that being your rights, -you may give them up. 6o. , Mile-Donalds How happy is he born and taught, That serveth not another's will; , Whose armor is his honest thought. And simple truth his utmost skill. - Sir Henry Wotlon. AT THE CITY OF OAKS. a criminal offense for anvone to sinsr 1, lUfl slip &c, &c." The colored people's Fair opens well. Processions arej parading the streets, bands playing,! chicke;ns squawking,' pigs squealing &c. &c.' Tbere are some handsome horses. displayed upon the street, their blankets embroidered with temperance mottoes. We hope to see'this movement ih favor of tem perance universal throughout the land. ! The 'hearts of men are their books; events are their tutors; great actions are their eloquence. 7'. H; Macanlay. The more difficulties one has to en counter, within and without, the morv significant and the higher in inspira tion his life will be. H. Jii'shnell fe I hate a fellow whom pride, or cow aadice, or laziness, drives into, a cor- j ner, and who does nothing when he is The new cotton compress is just get- j there but sit and grow l. Dr. Johnson. of over its head. It works! ting a roof over its well and doesn't mak4 so much fuss j ' When a resolute young fellow steps auoutitasat nrst. l lie continuous line ; Up to the bullv, the World, and takes I weather has been favorable for pick- ! ' . . ' - 1 i ' . ' i 1 in cotton and great q brought in. Akmg the streets ev uantities are be- Raleigh, N. C. Nov. 9th. lS8f: ; . ' ' .' ".Sleeping with one eye open" may be a pleasant variation from the usual custom of employing both optics for that purpose, but attempting to sleep with both eyes open isn't so funny. The great Napolen wouldn't have been j b'. Trade appears toi be brisk and the foolish enough to lie awake all the j merchants are already making prepar time after one o'clock in the morning in order to catch a train at 4-30, even if there had been any trains to catcli in his dav, but Napoleon and I differ ; . j ' in this as well as in some other minor characteristics. I got the train, however,- even i I didn't get much sleep and was soon jogging toward Raleigh. him boldly'by the beard, he is' often surprised to find it come off in his hand, and. that it was only tied on to ervthing is live- J scare, away timid adventurers. 0. W. Holmes, ass foi st ill In the car k- pleasant faced gentleman au4it we know he may U at it inquired about Southern Pines and, . The moral is this: When for the holidavs. Of course it is- not necessary to mention the names of No man canuaufe the value, at this present critical time; of a- steadv these live merchants, j Many of them j stream of young men, flowing into all are advertising in the Pine Knot, 1 professions and all industries, who and sooner or later al) their names ; have learned fo speak in a soeietv will appear. such As ours, " I can't, afford.' 'Tho. 6 . 1 . ' . .. -,; v.' H lights. . The presentj cost of operating the j 'Versatility is overpraised. There is railroads of the country with steam is ; a certain value in having many strings coine from an v state that differs ma- teriallv from this, don't, quarrel with 1 i North "Carolina, -for not being exactly ! tnterin- into r.onrersntion with him ; I you i i - ' learneu mat ne was tne itev. ;ir. o- ble, a Presbyterian clergyman of Larj rinburg. . After a half hour's pleasant chat, he left the train at Cameron, and -502,000,000 numbers: but Ier annum, in round ; to one's bow, but there is more value to carry on the same j in having a bow and a string, a hand amount of work withjmen and horses j and an eye, that will every time send would .cost 'the 'country 811,300.-100, 1 the arrow into the ball's eve of the 000. Exchange. j target. T.r T. Munger. ! V .'.

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