Tm PraE i LIGHTED FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF TAR HEELS, BOTH NATIVE AND ADOPTED, VOL. I. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1886. NO. 9. The Pine Knot.: m:uijsiiki) tvEKY satckday MORNING at Southern Pines, Moore Co,, K. C, B. A, GOODRIDGE, Eiitor. -.,--r-:o? TERMS-$ l .OOPer Year in Advance.' Single Copies 5 Cents. -tot "Advertising Rates promptly furnished upon application. fc-Jon Printing of every description done with neatness and despatch and on reasonable terms. . ; . SfCORRESPONDKXCE Oil all topics Of JfCIl- ci-ul interest invited. Write onl ; on one side of the paper; be brief and to. the point- Sign your imme and state whether you wish it published or not. K It is at this season of the year that the difference between the climate of the North and that of this, section of thfr South is most noticeable. It ought to be a cause of devout thankfulness to us who dwell in North Caroliua that te are not confronting a six. months' desperate struggle with the demons of ice and siiow. lvntered at the PostofHee at ; Southern Pints, N. C, as second class matter. BRANSON HOUSE, RALEIGH, N. C. j may w cApevieu, prouuees nrsi inai i gestion, then inflamation of the diges- i Northern Settlers of North Carolina, don't forget that what helps one sec tion helps the whole state! If you are riot generous enough to forward any enterprise, that does not immediately benefit yom own neighborhood, at least show good sense enough to keep open to argument, for we are totally are weakened vicious breeding, ex opposed to the hog as an article of di- I posure, and ' starvation; and when the et, but many people do believe in him j mast fal1 il w 'greedily eaten, with its mi "au il ! hard, fibrous, astringent husk, and as and so we 11 debate the cmestion from i . " "s their standpoint. It is claimed that itjeosts nothing to ! tive organs, disturbance of their func raise hogs in this wa'y; therefore all 1 tions blooJ poisoning, and the febrile the returns must be ''clear profit. Is! disease which is known as cholera. No ... , . , J. j doubt this is a most virulent contag- thisia fact of observation, or is it only j- , , 4, . t . ' J ious disease, especially when the am- guess-work? Does it :Cost nothing to mals are prepared for the sowing of its raise them t So far as we have ob-! seeds in their system, by a feverish served it is the custom during ten or j condition brought on by unwholesome 4i..v, feeding. i - - - either not at all or just enough to- rouse their ambition, go that they run would otherwise Then, a month Good board .'by the Day ! from disparaging anything that is a "Special terms to Northern Prospectors ' real belt) to the State. We are led to and Tourists. Kept by ! Central .Location. Week or Month. Mrs. L. BRANSON, Edward Dardii, No. 210 Fayettkville St. RALEIGH, N, C. Offers at all times a full arid com plete stock of Groceries Provisions of every description, suited to the wants of a first class f amjily trade. All goods thoroughly guaranteed as to quality, .and sold at lowest possible prices. . - ' Fine Teas and Coffees, Flour, Sugars, Meats, Choice Butter, Preserves and $ ellies, Pickles, Sauces, Spices, Soaps and Starches, Canned (iood and everything else in the way of taljle supplies. j : - - ' -l-.-'v. ' ;, Orders for goods by Express or Freight carefully filled. i paper comment which displayed that j narrow-mindedness to which we have alluded. ' off all the fat they gain from the food. or six weeks before his carcass is re- FROM CHARLOTTE TO SOUTH ERN PINES. On Saturday night the excursionists j returned eastward from Charlotte to Southern Pinps wlipr ?r quired, the ".razor-back", is kept 1 to spend Sunday. Railroad travelling j say this from having seen some news--! and fed. How he does eat! It is no j is not very' rapid in this section and it- trifle of corn that he consumes in that ! was 4: 30 on Sunday morning when )ecks and bush- ! we had made the 107 miles between , , the two points and turned out of the mndred pounds ? sleo per berths into the more comfort- of poor, flabby pork from an animal j able beds at the hotel. Some three - -v , hours sleep however brouglrt us into furnished three i vi.. , i- I IK llrlllllV TtllllNMIIIK III H II llUlimi1 j - ' CftlttlKUWA time,. but substantial els. The result is a There-is said to be a movement on foot among: the '. colored people to that ought to have hundred. immigrate to Southern .California. It 1 . j . . , , i , . , . ' . i reveal the fact that this little mess of iney go. we suoiuun i oe surpriseu;; to see movement on foot among them to get back. Southern California is not the paradise for-working. people that many think it is. As for the colored people being. welcomed as servants in the place of the Chinese, it is'our opiiir ion that they yill require a great deal I of training before thev are very, eu- r thusiastically received as servants in any part of the1 country. We believe that they are better off where they are. E. J. HARDIN. W; H. WETMORE &Co. RALEIGH, N.C., Factory Cor. Hargetfit Salisbury Sts. Manufacturers of 'Hand-Sewed Gaiters. Button, Congress and Lace.; We are glad to see that the question of reducing the, legal rate of interest in North Carolina ; is being agitated. A lower rate would help all parties, the lender a well as the boiTower, be cause there would be greater induce ment to enga-ge in new enterprises if capital could be obtained on reason able terms, and the consequence would be increased demand for money and j ' f . m increased profit to the lender. DOES IT PAY? A careful balancing of re-j mornings with atmosphere redolent of the odor of pines and the light wind plj-iug a' quiet anthem among the nee dles. This point is a new enterprise I l i :.i ii , ., scrawny pork has costi more per pound : ait 1 V" rmT l"rugn the 1 , . I pine belt, and turpentine and rosin thau a good quality of the same arti- j manufacturing region of the State. It cle, obtained from an janimal that has ' is intended as a sanitarium and resort , , I , i ' for persons with weak lungs, and those been kept up and fed hgularly. iiere report a marked success in this The following fromja writer in thej respect. It has one hotel and another .v':.;.-.:.. ,L:; . u 1 one nearl.V completed, and a number X, . i . ,u imu iUC i wiut, ami m.uuiu , of new c ,t a -es building and projected be read and pondered of these miserable creatures by 'every owner! 'A walk first to the Shaw farm on which bhermau s army at onetime en- 'i filttirifid flirt iratlminnii rt These Noj-th Carolina swine are half button snake root and other botanical starved during the summer, living up on roos, and , often roots of trees, which digging up the thev follow for! specimens, the testing of mineral wat ers and general ramble through the pine forest put one in good shape to enjoy dinner. In the afternoon some many feet until the Wjholly uneatable j of the crowd walked to Manly, a mile woody tioer ot the solid part is reached, j and half distant to inspect In the fall, when the mast falls, they j llot mo' h-jhine but turpt consume the chestnuts and acorns, fill ing themselves to repl ietion and gorg ing Sunday they were of but the riiodus operandi i ent, being similar to the operation of some stills ntine. Ie- pourse idle. vas appar- ing their shrunken bellies with the ; making any other distilled liquor. Th unwholesome food. turpentine which collects in the . . . notches of tapped irees is heated in a l he condition of semi-starvaton m ; retort, and the volatile matter being which these wretched icreatures live is driven o. I in the form of gas is con . . . i. ... . ! .1 i j p ...r : i. such that a three months' old pig some times weighs no more thau eight or ten i)ounds, and in spring those which' densed in a worm from which it issues as turpentine. The best of the resi due is the resin of commerce, and the balance refuse. In 1880 this State j Does it pay j to raise "razor-back" hogsf This is not a conundrum, but a ;serious question. Nobody doubts that these hogs, running wild about the couutry, are a nuisance. They are covered with vermin; thev are of- ten diseased; they are always an eye- Our Northern friends at Southern sore. As an offset to these serious Pines can have theirshcs made to disadvantages it ought to be proveabha order at very reasonable prices, hvery pair will give satisfaction.. that there is large profit in keeping V ' them. But can this be proved? Per- ' Prices for Men's Sewed Shoes. . $3 00 to $ 6 OO sonallv, we don t consider the question Made to order, of the best material, at short notice. We also manufacture a full line of Pegged and ' Standard Screw Shoes- survive the wiuter arejmere skeletons, j manufactured 0,27J),000 gallons of tur vearling pigs frequently weighing no ! pentine, (m:,U07 barrels of rosin and more than twentv-fiveor thirty pounds. ! 80'0(! tar, quite an import Tt . . J , . ant mdustrj'. Southern Pines rejoi- It is a common tlnngo see the swine in neWspaper, the iW W, wandering about the yoods with bells, edited by H. A. (ioxlridge, a bright around their necks, thje slender necks j young New Englander. Society here and big jaws forming iv safe and ex- j V"rh limited is nd congenial, ii j. e t. J' i-i-i 11 i " hue passing one of the cottages the ellent fitting for the strap which holds . . . . i ... p , 1 ' proprietor was observed cutting wood. the bell. The miserable, beasts have j -This is Sunday," remarked one of no shelter from the cold rains of win- the- passers. Ex necessitate laborein' ter but a shelving rock, and no food! quickly came the response, but the husks of the dried and dead I Ordinarily we would nc.t ha ye Wen , . ,' 4 - . able to leave Southern Pines for the mast. Many perished of starvation j East until Tuesday . mooning, but F. last winter when the unexampled; W. Clark, (Jeneral Passenger Agent of snow covered the ground for two I tne Seaboard Air-Line, having come weeks, and left them with onlv such I l? his ' Private car a train was - , ii r i I- ! ordered, to run East on rhedule time food as could be found by ruotmg in j on Monday morning, so that we got the snow. j j back to Raleigh without further delay. Under these conditons. what else is ! Correnpondeiue in Strulmrillr, (Ohio) to be expected but disease! The hogs ? Daily Herald.

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