iniTTV-TTT- ' 1 1 LlqHTED FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF TAB HEELS, BOTH NATIVE AND ADOPTED. VOL, I. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C.f SATURDAY, DECEMBER, 4, 1886. NO. lO The f t I ranee. The Pihe KHpT. rCBLIBHEI) EVXHY SATTTKDAV.MORSING AT Southern Pines, Moore Co., I. C, B. A. GOODRIDGE, Editpr. TERMS-S 1 .OO Per Year In Ady Single Copies 5 Cents. 1 XoX ; "Advertising Rates promptly fern ished uoon application; f 1 tT Job Printing of every descriptipn done with neatness and despatch, and on reasonable terms. J f"ConRESPONi)KNCKon all topics lot gen eral interest invited. Write only on out side of the paper; be brief and to the point. Sign your name and state wnetner you wisu it, uumbucu or not. ICntered at 'the Postoffice at Southern N. C, as second class matter. BRANSON HOUSE, RALEIGH, N. C. ! Pines, f Central Location. Good board by the Day Htt'k or Mouth. 1 fcSpecial terms to Northern Prospectors nud Tourists. Kept by Mrs. L. BRANSON. Bdwapd 3. ar-dil, No. 210 Fayetteville St. RALEIGH, N. C. Offers at all times a full and com f leto stock of i 1 Groceries. &j Provisions of every ' description, suited tb Ihe wants of a first class family trade. All goods thoroughly guaranteed as to quality, and sold at 'lowest possible 'prices: ' . .; ' ; ', Fine Teas .and Coffeei, Flour, Sugars Meats, Choice Butter? Preserves and Jellies, Pickles, Sajuces? Spices, Soaps and Starches, Cammed Goods and everything else in thef of table, supplies. j . Orders for goods by Express Freight carefully filled. "He who gives promptly gives twice" is an old and true saying, and he who pays promptly pays at least once and a half is not less true if mot as old. ' . As the time for high winds is now upon us people can not be too caul tious in the use of jfire. A little care iessness, especially in making fires out of doors, may cause untold destruction. It seems a marvel to anyone who has observed the construction of chimneys in the negro cabins that they do not burn up at once. It is no uncommon sight to 1 see flames .bursting out through the cracks where the mud-aijd-stick ; chimney is boarded up with pine. What keeps these boards from catching fire oftener than they do is a mystery. : Speaking of fire reminds us that the terrible fires that j have occurred at Durham, Oxford and Franklinton ought to serve as a warning to other towns not to neglect proper precau tions against fire. 1 But they don't. The rest of the towns will move j right on in the calm consciousness thai they are too good to be ; burnt, until they find the Devourer u pori them. Every town, however small, should " have at way or E.J. HARDIN. W, H. WETMORE &Co. RALEIGH, N C , Factory Cor. Harget& Salisbury Sts. Manufacturers of Hand Sewed Gaiters,; Button, Congress and; Lacel Made to order, of the best material, at short notice. ; We also manufacture a full line of Pegged and , "; I -. .. . '.. I:" Standard Screw Shoes ! i Our Northern, friends at Southern Pines can have their shoes made to order at very reasonable prices. Every pair will give satisfaction ! least a public reservoir and a engine if nothing more. haud Prices for Men's Sewed Shoe's, $ 3.00 to $6 00 i The entire civilivized world is prob- stbly just now watching with strained eyes for the ome time heralded Amer ican Navy. We hope we shall get it and that it will be something tb be proud of. We believe the situation to be somewhat thus: If we can only have it we shall not need it, but if we don't'have it we. shall need it terribly and before long too. It's been prom ised so long however and so little pro gress has been made that sometimes a cold fear chills our spinal" cord when we; think of the possibility that the mulenium may dawn just as our i new war ships, shining with fresh paint, shall glide forth upon the deep. Think over the situation! AH the nations of the world at peace with each other; the lamb reposing ' by the lion's side; the chicken roosting on our colored brother's hat brim without fear of molestation; Lord Randolph Churchill arid W. E. Gladstone chopping on op posite sides of the same tree, and the United State just sending forth its In vincibles, Terrors, Destructions and Thunderers Well it would be a good joke of huge dimensions, and no great j loss would be entailed either, for no doubt the new cruisers could be made over into Mississippi fiat boats without much change. " TO WHAT GOOD END ? i j We have hoped that the generation of fools was dying out; We even al lowed ourselves to believe that the! children of this generation are wiser! than their fathers. But we incline to the opposite belief no. The number of fools is increasing. Vicked, tricksy Puck cannot keep pace with this folly by saying once: "What fools these mortals be," but on wiigs swifter than the wind he must traverse.all lands and shout with mocking laughter "What fools, what fools, what fools these i- - . mortals be !" The latest foolishness in this coun- try seems to be irresistiblv drawn to-! ward Niagara. When, lome vears ago, ! L 5 Capt. Webb lost his life in attempting to swim the rapids there was a thrill of horror all over the land1; and a general cry of protest against such exhibitions of foolhardiness. There was a feeline: of pity for his bereaved family, but no admiration for jthe bravery of the act. Even if he had passed through safely, nothing would have been, proved except that he was a lucky man. Since then there have been numerous attempts at- the same feat, ' some successful,! others fatal. - it Hitherto this particulaij kind of fool ishness has been confined to the male sex, but now a young woman springs into unenviable notoriety according to the following: i Niagara Falls, N. Y., November 2S. G'eorge Hazlett aiid Miss Sadie Allen, of Buffalo, went through the rapids and whirlpool this afternoon in the torpedo-shaped barrel used by Hazlett and Potts last summer. They were in the rapids and whirlpool five minutes, and were- taken out of the eddy on the Canadian side, just below the whirlpool, three-quarters of an hour later in good condition. Miss Allen is a respectable girl, eighteen years old. petite, a brunette and rather pretty. j Who next ? Will it become as com mon for young "men and maidens to go through Niagara rapids together as to go driving or boating ! Will the phrase be "Miss. A., will you take a bump in a barrel with me through the rapids this afternoon !"j or "May I have the pleasure of escorting you through the winding mazes of the whirlpool V1 We are accustomed to, smile at the extravagances of the knights of old, their absurd vows; their vainglorious boasting; their displays of useless bravery, but withal we j can but ad mire their sincerity and honest en deavor to do worthy deeds. Our modern knights of thj barrel and cork suit are not in any wise to be compared with those of old. They have no lofty aim, no self-sacrificing purpose. It generally transpires that the only object is money or notoriety, or both. It is to be hoped that if peo ple will take such criminal liberties with their own fives more stringent precautions, will ; bo ; taken by the authorities at Niagara Falls to pre vent the carrying out of their plans. RAILROAD MOVEMENT IN THE SOUTH. Lynchburg, November, 27. Track laying on the South Atlantic and Ohio railroad began yesterday. The work will be pushed forward to Cum berland Gap as rapidly as possible. Immense coal and iron beds are found on the line of the road. . A proposition from the London Investment Company has been received to extend the road from Bristol to Statesville, North Car olina, which will take it through im mense fields of the magnetic iron belt. Investments in mineral . and timber lands are being made daily by north era capitalists The Pennsylvania Railroad Com pany and the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Line have had a misunderstanding, the latter, it is stated, having gone so a.r as to. refuse a bill of lading from tlie former. Thisisone of the principal reasons, it is understood, why the Pennsylvania Railroad Company will enter cordially into the scheme pro posed by the friends of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company to extend that line South,, from Norfolk to Jacksonville, Fla. It is understood that this new road will pass through North Carolina, near Charlotte, possibly tlirough Monroe. The route from that place to Atlanta,5 it is stated, has already been surveyed. Rockingliam Bocket;Onr county commissioners will be solicited to or der an election to be held in the coun ty on the proposition to subscribe a stated amount to aid in the construc tion of the railroad f rom Smithville, N. C via Rockingham and M. Gilead to Bristol, Tenn., the terminal point of the line. The county of Montgomery will hold an election on December 7th. Stanly has already voted its bonds to the amount of one hundred thousand dollars in aid of the project, a two thirds majority of the registered voters in the county having declared iif favof of the specified amount, i i Forest fires that have been burning in Brunswick county for some time past broke out with renewed fury the past week, swept over a great extent of conntry and caused no inconsidera ble amount of damage to farmers. Barns and out-houses and a great deal of fencing have been destroyed, as well as much valuable timber. Th J prolonged drought has made everv- thing as dry as tinder and a fire once started spreads with astonishing rapidity. Y

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