m.1 T7TT-4 1 I UtTVIYTT LIGHTED FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF TAR HEELS, BOTH NATIVE AND ADOPTED. VOL. I. SOUTHERN PINES,-N.-C,- SATURDAY, DECEMBER, I 1, 1886. NO. 1 1. The. Pine Khot. . -.'. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MOUSING AT ; ' ; Southern Pines, Moore Co., I. C. .;: B A. GOODRIDGE, Editor. . ' ;': xox 1 TERMS-$ 1 .OOPer Year in Advance. Single Copies 5 Cents. -tot . t3Br,ADVERTisiG Rates promptly furnished upon application. V. tyJoa Printing of every description done No loss without seme gain. The re cent unprecedented December storm must have served as a pretty effectual cooler to the forest fires in some sec tions of the State. ! from it. In a region where the thier- read? Of course the answer to this mometer nevet records zero, there is question must be general rather than no excuse for an uncomfortably cold particular. It would be impossible to house. Yet it is a fact that in many give, within the limit of a newspaper places in the South, people suffer more article, the names of all the books that from cold than they do in the North, ought to be read. If we should at- There are too, many houses like the , tempt to enumerate all the books that 9: This woman had ought not to he read ' we fear' that life terms. the paper: be brief and to the point. ign your it will come, tana will be of mestim- nnmo und att whttthr VOU wish it UUbllShed or not. a Die advantage to tne orate. " Entered at the Postomce at Southern Pines, -N. C, as second class matter BRANSON HOUSE, RALEIGH, N. C. In a letter to the editor, dated Dec ember 1st, Hon. K. P. Battle, Presi- Florida woman's. dent of the State University, writes; the misfortune! to lose her house bv 1 would be too short for the task. with neatness and despatch, and on reasonable "I have been advocating immigration fire an(i sympathizing Northern visi-1 IQ the first place, don't read trash. CoRREsroxDEscE on all topios of gen- from the North since 1865. I believe tors were making un a purs? to enable ! FJashy, trashy reading has its flashi- int.u.l- ;n.r4tn IV Anlv fill nn O fit I r " . i CIUUllCICDllUlllCU. miiw, vmj ..v w I . n 1 J - Ml 1 ' . x ' I 1 ' ' . J i 1 , 1. , , , her to rebuild. Thev inquired bow j "Cf?.s auu irasumess muinpiiea oy the much she would need. ! number of listeners to whom it is dis- We believe it is even now coming; "Wal," said she, "ef I build a ; pensed. In the second place, read with some definite aim. Get all the good you can out of the reading. If you read Scott, find out all you can of the his tory which forms the background of his stories. Don't be content to read Dickens without a knowledge of the author himself. If you are a lover of nature and can find an appreciative audience, read John Burroughs "Pe pacton", "Winter Sunshine" and Oth ers; also Maurice Thompson's "Byways and Bird-notes" and learn something from them. If you want history and can't endure "dry bones" there is noth ing better than McMaster's "History of the People of the United States", and Green's "History of the English People". If you yearn for poetry, be sure and satisfy yourself with strong meat, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Gathe, Longfellow, Lowell, Lanier and Whit tier. Don't spend much time' upon the pretty little kickshaws of our mod ern makers of ; dainty devices. We are just now having a superabundance that it is not only of inestimable ad- house just like ther old 'un I reckin. vantage to the State, but also to those hit mout tek 'bout three dollars, but ef who come. We come not as aliens, I bild 'un ter jist suit me hit'll tek five, but as brothers, not desiring to reap sartiu." Central Location. "'Good board by the Day where we have not sown, but to help Week or Month. . . r " i ! f -. ' m the sowing, hoping that ini due have described is far more comfortable I- ' ( i season we, with you, may also reap, than one which protects the tenant. We come not to crowd anybody out, simply by one thickness of boards. but to be neighbors where neighbors There is nothing warmer, nothing are needed. We come with no more cooler, nothing cleaner, nothing every thought of being strangers in a strange Way more satisfactory than a plaster land than if we had moved rrom one ed wall. I We are happy to say that Offers at all times a full and cp.m- j portion of our native State to another. Northern visitors can find comfortable It it is not necessary to state that ' we houses at Southern Pines. believe in North Carolina its pres ent earnest endeavour and its grand future. . We congratulate President Battle 'Special terms to Northern Prospec and Tourists. Kept by Mrs. L. BRANSON, , fi d w a f d 5 . far-di ; No. 210 Fayetteville St. RALEIGH, N, C. pie te stock of - Groceries: & Provisions nf Rvpirv descriotiou. suited to the wants of a first class family trade. All eroods thoroughly guaranteed as to quality, and sold at lowest possible prices. WINTER READING. Fine Teas and Coffees, GFlour, Sugars, Meats, Choice Butter, Preserves and Jellies, Pickles, Sauces, Spices, Soaps and Starches, Cahned foods and everything else m the way of table supplies. Orders for goods by Express' or Freight carefully filled. 1 What do you read? The long win on his clearness of insight and the ter evenings at hand make the inquiry breadth of his .view. Not many men pertinent. - It is to be hoped that they would have taKen the stana ne am m nra mninlv rMit in srm nf net ful reading. Games-and amusements are well enough occasionally, but too much time spejit in that way is exceed ingly profitless. Newspaper reading, i 1 L: i t i: !i Savin0' luu uejuuu n txiiaiu luuuc.nl iuuu is 1863. HOUSES IN THE SOUTH. " If the wind blows on you through a hole, Go tell your beads and shrive your soul 1 .' - ! - I old is the substance of an which we commend to the attention of worse E. J. HARDIN. W, H. WETMORE &Go. Factory C RALEIGH, N.C., br. HargetSt Salisbury Sts. newspapers each day. They shotld good as can he Finally, don't read a thing for the i sake of saying you have read it; don't - Manufacturers of . - ' Hand Sewed Gaiters, Button, "Congress and l-ace. ; Made to order, of the best material, at short notice. We also manufacture a lull line of Pegged and Standard Screw Shoes- : - : ". ' Our Northern friends at Southern Pit e can have their shoes made to order at very reasonable prices. Every pair will give satisfaction. : Prlco3 for Men's Sewed Shoes, $ 3.00 to 9 6.00 ..e i . . ..... ban useless. No better brain-! OL rarat'1 poeiry. f or forcible, help- xti Tu i.nUA0 ; seatterins?: -nrocess was ever .rvsp, 4UlcOBa.,8'uu"8" vn mo inresii CVCI V luau nuu uuuus m mv r o it - r 1 . ' c..u ! than the faithful readinir of Roveral "1U """I i ams ' are ax You will find people here who will tell you that its is more healthful to live in houses which give you, a good view of the landscape through cracks in the walls; that a little rain I driving - , " - ; : - i in under a door or over au ill-fitting! f ' i window does no harm. Don't you be- llieve it. A good substantial frame,, well Covered with clapboards, tho roughly lathed and plastered tightly shingled, and with chimneys enough so that everv room can be warmed if nec essarjr, is a good thing in North Car olina, Georgia or Florida, as well as in New Hampshire, Vermont or Mass achusetts. Suppose we . do have six weeks of winter instead of six months, is it worth while to be blue with cold be simply tasted, not devoured. Reading to one's self tends to un sociability, and where there is time j rea1 fast for the 8ake of gating over for the exercise, reading aloud should j the ground, and above all things, always be as much a part of the fam- j lon,t atfcmPt threat elocutionary dis iiy life as the meals. We have seen j pIa when reading in the family circle, whole families.sitting around the cen-1 The secolume"ofColonial Re tre table, each deeply absorbed in his j COrds of North Carolina," compiled by separate book pr paper, about as , soci-i CoL V . L. Saunders, Secretary of able as the inhabitants of a crypt in State, has just been published, the catacombs. One of the group ; r i HFAVV QTH a Kit AT ACUtfil I r- and then! " ' would perhaps look up around on the silent circle. He had! Ashville, "N. C, Dec. 0. Snow found something interesting or amus-! liasa,len here to a depth of twenty- ing in his book or paper and would j4 , -,,,., ri v ) -.u v. . .1 lt travel of all kinds are suspended. like to shaeit with the rest, but all . The weight of the snow eruRhed in the are so intent-that he does not dare j roof of the Ashville Tobacco rks all that time when a little pains and a break the stillness, and so, with a : and a large stock of smoking tobacco few dollars extra would make you per- sigh, he settles back and goes on with : The loss is vy. The i f ' rww i 1 his reading I old bhelton factory, with a large stock fectlv comfortable! When people come , ms reaaing. , l f . , . 1 i ! ! ' OI tobacco stored m it, was crushed to here for the sake of the climate they Granted now that we have time e-' the irround- also the whnlL r.v ought to come prepared to take ad-' nough, disposition and voice as well, ion house of Dickson ii Watson. vantage of every benefit to bet gained the question arises. What shall we Netcs and Olecrvcr.

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