-v LIGHTED FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF TAR HEELS, BOTH NATIVE AND ADOPTED. VOL. 1. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C, SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 1887. NO. 17. The Pine Knot. I LBUSKF.D EVKRT SATURDAY MOKN1NG AT 'Santa Pines, .Moor Co., i, C. B. A. GOODRIDGE, Editor. Iii the death of Gen. Hazen the ! which blinds to tlje real meaning, the rubies let ns not refuse the help she i .Mmo-ip I JJ rer t ear in u vcince. i 1 Single Copies 5 Cents. l-HT" Advertising Rates promptly furnished up ,n application. - V tyjoB Printing of etery description dene' country has, lost an efficient public of-I fact of which the word is only . !'!;. i : '- i ficer. He may have been a trifle symbol. cranky on some, points, but a man who has to deal constantly with the weath- bill seem to have j spent most of their ; er can hardly be expected to be other wise. offers toward wisdom. the attainment of It seems that . Mr. Kope Elias can In fact the opponents of the Blair strength in an ingenious ball-play of MINING NOTES. Probably the largest known depos- words. "Paternal Pedagogy" they its of talc are found iu the Western cry and seem to think that somewhere aunties of North Carolina. The talc hidden in the twists of this uncouth ith neatness and despatch, and on reasonable not claim to be the original and only ! alliteration is the -fatal explosiva that iTiai. tCoRRF.8PONDKNCE on alt - topics of pen--1 Hebrew who has sat (or tried to) in shall blow the Blair bill into the realm fr q Kinsev7' ci-ut interest invited.'-' Write only on one side of r - j- 1 " - " ! - . " 3 ' t.ie paper; be brief and to the point. Sijrn your , the legislative halls of North Carolina, of the never-to-be-attained hereafter. Notla river, about fiv ume and state whether you wish it published ii ; not. The! original was a Mr. Jacob Henry Literally interpre s ' . f r.ntered at the rostofiicc; at Southern P;rtes, N. C, as second class matter. found there differs from most masses of this character by virtue of its pe culiar freedom from impurities. s quarry, on the e miles from Mur ed what does Pater- P".v, in Cherokee county, is one of the who was returned from Carteret county : nal Pedagogy mean? Simply this: oi siriKing masses i laic in mo ! about ISOS.j H j Education by a parent. Applied to ' 4 , , V . , . -;- i f mous Nantahaheh river deposits. Mr. ;! j , j the Blair bill it means tiiat the general Kinsey has put this quarry in condi- ' i For a moving panorama of progress government shall distribute a portion tion for rapid handling: and has. in j in the South we know of nothing bet- i of its surplus to the States, in proper- this way, thrown on the dumps more Central Location. Good board by the Day' ; ter than thd Manufacturers Record, of tion to' their needs for the purpose of man a thousand tons of talc. He has r-X. 11. ....V. . i J 7 : . I 1 I'l l. aiso accomplished the teat of reducing quarrying to the minimum cost. Think BRANSOM HOUSE, RALEIGH, N. C. " TFi'eek cJr Mouth. ry-Special ternis to Northern Prospectors Baltimore. ; It crivfs fiftv-two scenes ! education. - And I why not? As we j-iul Tourists. Kent bv ; - i j i ...'.'.. : - Kept by Mrs. L. BRANSON, lcui, rtuuyucii is vanox auu.ua,, juujh . of 25 cents per ton ! Besides talc, both striking representation.- of material national defence against the dangers ! ron aufj marble are found on this I advancement in the South. It is in- ! of an ignorant and degraded popula- property and in sufficient quantity to j valuable to the business man and the ! tion. There can be no doubt of its wort. liiivestor. ; r ! constitutionality.! ; There is a large area in western j I j , ! . . . North Carolina where talc is encoun- i j . ! But another cry is raised: Dema- . , , , . . . . ! ! t r tered bv the explorer; in fact, it may I It is sickening' to read as in the case gism! The RepuWican Pa, ty wan be found there in any desired quanti- of Cluveiiuslthat "after the drop fell S to retain the Waij Taiiff, therefore the J ty-enough to supply the demands of 4, ! . . i i Blair bill is presented and if carried tlie whole world tor a number of years, there were violent struggles lasting; . 1 ; tint death givo a ood !excuse for continued I A new find or magnetic iron ore is h taxes and consequent surplus rePonea near eustcr, in JacKson fidWard iJ. Bapdi, No. 210 Fayettfa ille St. RALEIGH. N, C. Offers at all times a full and com plete stock of Groceries & Frcvisicns i several minutes, showincr of every description, suited to the r i , i V . ' , .. ., T ,hig wants of a first class family traded ! s Produced ,by strangulation. If j - revenue. Now dear reader let us rea- ! county. It was found by a miner nani- All iroods thoroughly guaranteed as to i torture is one of the objects of the! " T "3 1 l : ed Schreiber. who has been exolorinlr . - - - . w ' . .. I. ' ft O quality, and sold at lowest possible tear the vietim son together. Frobably you are a i in 'that of thc.State. The ore i limb from limb! We think the French. ta"ch Republican or a stanch Demo- j is said to form a bed covering a large crat. If so, we ihay respect yon sin-; area, and is claimed to be highly prices. Fine teas and Coffees, Flour, Sugars, Meats, Choice Butter, i Preserves and Jellies, Pickles, Sauces, j Kpices, Soaps and Starches, Canned j foods and everything else in the way I of table' supplies. j - i , Orders for goods by Express or ! " .. ... FrelgrhtarefUliy filled. do better with Madainoiselle Guillotine. FLAYING WITH WORDS. cerely but cau't fi'ce with either of ma&nctic. I you. We think t I - m hat both parties have r KOM ALIj SI1)ES come iavorable re- j ' considerably outlived their usefulness, , . . : , ! i, h , i . . , . , ' , ! mining for the precious metals; for It is e-ratifvin" to note that the that, having had their day, thev ought i,' r i i ii. ia giiiiiviun iu Jiuie nic , o , jf . o cODDor: For iron : fir nscfnl minimis I Blair bill is making good progress in 1 to be ready to join i - i ; the favor of state legislatures. It is a "The innumerable-caravan that moves to' i mica, corundum, asbestos, chromic , oxide; ; for gems hiddenite, beryls, E J. HARDIN. W, H. WETMORE &Co. RAUUGH, N.C., Factory Cor. Harget&. Salisbury Sts. Manufacturers of , ; Hand Sewed Gaiters, Button, Congress and Lace.. i i -i r .i i ii IworthybiU and ought to become an j But stubborI) fact u h,t wh Kc- p' ,h . (T -,rl it . i , , .1 a 'a. s rrom the Lharlotte assay oflice act. Unpromulgated land Democrats are here, ! comes the cheering report thlt busi- : of the entire nation, North, East, : and are ag hftrd ftt u a poundinj? , ness with that oflice was brik during South and West. There is in it, there- each with bladders The further December of the old year, that the de ;fore, no idea of charity from the ; fact remainS that the best men in both i lsitS ot"1Jpn bar re a third North to the South, and the South , t;- a - . t, greater than for the same month last . . ' i parties are m fayor of the tSlair bill. - . i. .v, - , i u i i ii 4. i i i u i year; that the business of the vear iut shou d not let false pride stand in the o ! n i i i i ' "'c.aijun ! - ' rbo.you see that bad word Demagogism !gone was nearly double that of the way of accepting this much needed i mugti Hke ft WnJ f Paradise, either j year previous. That is moving! assistance. National ignorance is a j ; -Flit for ayt, but never light," j Activity in mining, both in practical national menace, and the surplus in j or else 5 is as likeiy to descend upon a ; work and in transfer of real estate, is 1 our treasury cannot be better applied Democrat as a Republican. There is j ""usual for the season. It points to J tWn ilpf6;, - nf ih nonnlo1,,. Au i..,f i.f.'i, n.ief 4 ' far JiTeater results for our new year of K7. against the -perils of illiteracy. We high, that it ought to be immediately: i 1 t . . i i i ' ' . j At an early day the results of the suppose there would be no question of revised; that both. Ropublicans and past vear win be -dcat whh in ft moro constitutionality if, in providing for Democrats have promised to revise, ' statistical manner, and the fori-cast for i our coast defences, it were fonnd nec- but have not done it; but is that any ; this year can be made with more aecu- should reject much lac" tliau the ""nation at hand now Will JUS11IV. ": , . .i i . 4 - l essa. y to draw on this surplus or to , reason ' whv we Afnde to order, of the best material, , t i VT .! n mi f n s4n o tir.viirivio tu i 1 ! rfYar dim ff mMlPV f"l tmulul o i? fm r1ittli t 11 i irT ? T ? o I i i .,i ! All newspapers should warn forest a full line of I egged and , the Souththan.for the North A too ; duce the cost of -the necessaries of life j owners in theSouth ainst M.mnK fttr ! ; . .sensitive pride and a sort of fe- by all means. Takeoff this wretched i a song the 'best timber standing in Standard Screw Shoes- tich-worship of the constitution seem war tariff. But while this is being their forests, and als.i against tho Our Northern friends at Southern to be the failings of our honest friends done let us not sjtand off and iout, re- wanton Jtnictiou of timW in clear Piueil can have their hv made to who honestly oppose this bill. We 1 fusing to take what is offered. The i siUtU' A gentleman in Watauga order at very reasonable prices. Eyery . .. . . , j . . . 1 . , . ; eunty sold .0 worth of wild cheiry T . . J V. V - believe in ' the constitution too, and price f wisdom is far above rubies, ; rjM. . , .. . pair will give satisfaction. r V j lelled fae or six years ago and rolled have great regard for it, but we do and if we feel agrievel becauo the into heaps on the side of the field. Prices for Men's Sewed Shoes,' . . ; t i t . . wco t0 $6 00 , not beneve in a worship of. the word , government has taken from us our J . A. Lrutirt tn ?(uHufvAnrrrt RecrJ. V

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