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    The Press and Carolinian.
Oolnme is.
local flews.
"Taffy takes—people in.
Listen for wedding bells soon.
I he Liiicolnton people are moving
for a roller mill.
Rev Mr. Pearson, the Evangelist
is preaching in Statesville this week.
Royster & Martin have the lowest
price •*clothing."
S"rvi-(- - in the Reformed Chnrch
Sun 1 iv b\ Rev. L. Reiter.
Our Hotel men tell ib that they
are crowded most ot the time.
An as.->ertment of school books at
Rovster'n I)rug Store *
ii' -it and corn taken iu exchange
'.othing at Ro\>ter & Martin's.
Mi,s 1 ;innie Eckard of Conover is
visiting Miss Fannie Payne.
I or oils, paints, varnishes, paint
briiohe-, Ac., call at Roaster's. *
There are more strangers in town
just now than at any time this win
t r.
11' >y :il and Patapsco baking pow
ders at Rwyster's Drug Store. *
Mr. B. P. Beard, a former town*-
man spent a day or two in tow»
this wt'fk.
We notice neveral large droves of
mules aiul horses going through |
t'>wn this week.
For pure and fre»h drugs call at
Royster's Drug Store. *
Our manufacturers report that
tliuy ar« selling their stock vert rap
idly now.
Mr. Johnston say* he will *OOll
have Asheville uiado a free delivery
* »
T.andreth* garden seads —throe
five cent papers for ten cents.
(). M RoYftTHK.*
After 27 deaths in* Asheville from
Meningitis the papers say the disease
has been stayed.
The editor was telegraphed for at
tend court m (ioldsboro this week
and left Monday night.
■K full an 1 complete line of ladies
and gentlemen > purses, pocket books 
iVc.. at Royster's Drugstore.
It is said shwrifYTuttle of Caldwell
will soon resign and prepare himself
for trie ministry.
Overcoats mark down to $2.50 at
lievater iV Murtiu'a White Front
Clothing Store. Hickorv. N. C.
v M unroe Brothers repre
senting the "Imputable Life Insur
ance Company ' of New \ork. are in
tow 11
A fud Hue of stationary, box paper,
r*Mii >rand u m books, blank booK-\
visiting card-', :it Roy>ter a Drug
I have sold Harrison Rros'. ready
mixed paint for the last eight or t«u
years, and I am willing to guarantee
every gallon of it. O 11. Ro\>iik
Mr. Will H. IVackin is on a trip
through Alexander. \\ likes and s 1-
ioining counties in the interests of
the Haithcock Tobacco warehouse.
- The celebrated " W. L Douolas T*
Sh >e," also a full line of his other ad
vertised goods may be found at Link
Co s. Agents. Hickorv •
Runaways are getting fashionable
La>t week two teams ran away, doing
some damage to wagon-, but not in
juring any person.
A lady in Arkansas wants a bottle
cf Mrs. Gtier's Hair Restorer be
cause she saw it advertised in this
\ i|>er, and yet some people *ay ad
vertising don t pay-
All the latest styles of lamps and
lamp goods just received at ROTS
ter's Drug Store. *
Jesse' Huwn killed ft pig last week
ten months old that weighed 11*7
pounds net, and yet many of our
people eat western bacon.
The celebrated pearl top lamp
chimneys (same price a- the old
nt ▼]o, at Koyster's Drug Store.
Mr. L. M. Totten. WHO has 1»PPII
confined to his room some weeks i
siowly improving and we hope will
be out in a few days.
It seems the Watauga Journal hag
died iu infancy. We expected
much and predict a similar fate for
Home other new ventures in the same
Some body says Newton has the
largest bar room of any place cover
ing two and a half ftcres. He had
be*n idown on the u swapping
Royster tries to keep everything
to be found in a dr«g store, and you
can rest assured so far as the price
is concerned the bottom will be
knocked out. *
Engineer. Charley Edmunds died
' in Salisbury Sunday the 20th of Jan
uary. He is said to have been one
of the best railroad men in the ser
An Alabama paper says that the
man who deesn t advertise because
times are dull is about as wise as tne
one who won't eat because bis stom
aehe is empty.
Married, at tke residence of Mr.
J. E. Keever, in this place, on the
26th instant, by Her. J. E. Bristowe,
Mr. H. Mclnturff and Mrs. Laura
K fever.
Solomon Stinsou of Iredell ('enti
ty, aged 75 years hung himself on
the 25th ult. lie is reported one of
the best citizens in the county and
no cauee is known for his act.
Greeley, the " clerk of the weather
was put to his wits last week to keep
the proper signal up, and kept them
running up and down nearly as fast
a> an old up and down saw.
The Stafcesville Mail alludes to a
man who walked out of John Latti
mors socond story window H.- a
" Ilickoryite. " He was from Moi
gantoti, ami full of their whisk v.
Thanks to Senator Vance for a
copy of his speech on the abolition
of internal revenue and tariff reform.
L,ik« all of Zeb s speeches it is good
reading and sound politics.
T1 • Mariou Bugle has res«>lv«d to
•'O out for cash onlv. Sad experi
P •
ence teacher us that is the only way
to keep even, and we have resolved
on the same plan.
At Black Mouutaiu la*t Thursday
Januarv 20>tb. Henry Vungam sh
Bull Wells three times, one ball en
tering the left breast and lodging in
the back, but not considered fatal.
The cause ws.i -a;d to be trivial
Uvular services. on next Sun lav
are to be heid at • the
Church. Rev. J. C Pastor:
the' Methodist Kpiscopal Church,
Bev.J.E Bristowe, Pastor; the Pre
byterian Church, Bev. C. A. Monroe.
IMcherv, llorth Carolina, Cburstviv, jfcbruatr 2. ISSS.
Take Police.
Let all the overseers of Public
Roads remember the Board of Su
per visers will meet in Hickory, Sat- ,
urday. February 4th 188 S.
The Marion Bugle say-, the ware- '
house at Mr. J. L. Morgan's distille
ry two and a half mile- from town
wfi» broken into Sunday night by
some unknown fiends and übout fiftv
gallons of whiskey wu* destroyed,
and carried away They were a>
44 dry set
On the headwaters of the Top rtv
•r, in Yancey county, a few days
since, \V in. M. Stepp, while hunting
crows in company with John Stepp,
was caught in a steel trap that had
been set in the brush to catch bears.
But for the trash on the trap his
legs would have been cut off. His
companion released him. Mr. Stepp
made a bad step.
A ragged boy. about fifteen years
old. and a blind man, said to have
lost his eyes in a mine explosion in
Georgia, were begging in Hickory
Monday. The paper the boy exhib
its looks very much like a put up
job. If the man did lose his eyrs in
a mine, it is a shame on the mine
owners and the State of Georgia
that hs is left to this means of avoid
ing starvation. There are so many
frauds now it is difficult to know a
real ebject of charity.
Married, Oil Wednesday, Jauuary
25th, at the residence of Mr. J. F.
Click, Mr. Charlie Fry and Miba Mat
tie Davis. Miss Davis is of Rowan,
and Mr. Fry of Catawba county. !
The attendants were 0. G. Watson j
and Miss Nettie Adams, Jeff Fry J
and Miss Delin Hosier, O. Click and
Miss Etta Murchison, and Avery
Whitener and Miss Bessie Fry. Th e
reception was at the resilience of the
• 'room's father. Mr. John Frv.
MetliocliHl Quarterly Meeting.
Tliere was a fine congregation at
the M. K. Churcli last Sunday night,
it being the first quarterly meeting '
for the current year, and the new
Presiding Klder, Kev. R. A. \\ ill 1
preached a good -ertnon. and made
a fine impression. NN predict a
successful year.
The paint has been secured for the
new parsonage, and the bru-h ik now
in motion. " X".
CoiiTent Sold.
We only had time to -ay last week
that the Catholic property in Hic"kv>-
ry had been *o!d to the Ohio Lutheran
Svnod. The paper* were signed
Inst Frid tv an 1 $">00 of ti.* money
paid The balance to be
paid ill .Jtilv or :i» soon a» p>s-essien
of the ] ropertT is surrendered A
13 -ard of Practical Seminary of Hiek
orv hai been npj ointed by the Ohio
Svnod to hold the property a:. 1 run
a school.
Tne j a j en- are publishing a state
ment that Kd Kay. the mica-mine
murderer was Been in Biker->vii!e ;n
1 Deeembei. and to"k his family away
: t h hiuj We don Ib ,iuve aw'>r 1
'of it rL t-r '• are as > 1 citiz* ns in
Bakwrsvillt- a- live in the State. an 1
if Y. \ Ray w*rt> to ma »■ hi- i; ; *ar
! ance there he would b_* arrested or
s me bo iy woul I bt» k;ae 1. It
' iiae the story that g >t in the
papers s >:w n. t_"•> »nat Lay
an i An lerson were liv.Dg in H:. 0
land ti.eir f*mil.* -. *h'-n »»«
know the families were
I ville.
liev. Mr. iionner of MorgauUm
wfi» down last Saturday to Lave a
; tooth pulled He wanted l>r. Mar
j ;er to pull the wrong tooth, but the
Doctor insisted on pulling the one
1 that was causing the pain, and after
it was ili hn Mr. Ltouner wri-, more
than ever oonviueed that it i.> best
to go to one who understand?- hi-. «
business than to a Jack-leg.
I -
Important Mrilliic.
The Catawba Industrial A-s'>c;>»
tion will meet m Hickor? at the
• Mayors Oftue en Thursday. Feb
INBB, at one o clock, p. in. Kvetv
body that feels an interest in tin-
Association is invited to attend the
meeting, as matters of importance
will come beforw it. The mutter of
the old fair ground is to be decided;
and, also, steps taken in regard to
' holding our next Annual Fair. Let
everybody come.
S. K. Kili.ian, See.
An luiiocrui HM in Trouble.
, , .. 1
Mr. F. A. Wiley stopped a day in
town last week, passing down from
Asbeville, where he was called in be
' Lalf of his son John, in trouble on
account of having traded for a stolen
watch. The Asbeville Citizen says:
" The case of Wiley, charged with
t the theft of a watch belonging
| to Air. \V. S. Thomas, was tried m
the Inferior Court yesterday. The
evidence pointing to the absolute
iunocence of the accused was so
clear and positive that Judge Moore
did not gi\x* the case to the jurv, but
ordered the discharge of the prison
er. We ire glad of it for his sake
and that of his father. We did not
believe so good a father could have
a son who would dishonor him.
A l usr for tlie .rancl Jur> .
We heard for the first time la»t
week of a serious ca>« of alleged
homicide, which occurred jint before
Christmas on Zach'a Fork. Two
nieu of this county went at night to
ilia hous« of Thomas Absher, and.
knocking him up, were admitted.
They were drinking ami ha i a jug
of whisky or brandy with them Mr.
Absher dia* !: with them and they
gave an oh 1 , tniu i:'r: ? et. an
idi > 11C  I I*\'. ) w who h • 1 :: * -
Absher'*. some of tiie-pmi* ' n"v
insiste-l on his drin'ing an \ ph® t
him w.ih it aud hu contin :e I to
driliK a good deai of tii» ni"-
th" ugh Mr. Absher tiatf 1
with hi:n and alv:>ed him t» «»j l ,
After awhile Swe-t b«*« une in•**-iih:-
ble and remained in that con !:t; n
until he died next d-tv at t i»» t; »-h'-
t*•! n •>ii. - Lenoir To[ ic
If iK li la ltd.
lhepatr-»ns and fi iejjdi of H igi -
la:. i A . le:ij\ a:e 1 r .« ».ie \
l-i Tjwit !!.• -*lj »>\ :t!; ; an i h* at
n then ! >y- ai e*r/• ss i ,
company with Hi., ai. i
I lev I. j ii'i o -.r f.r-t % -»t
i ii-4 »v an * *.» .*. . -i iecitat. »ii
from a Latin c..i-- thai ei 1
UjaLv a in the h.gbei
Cohere- Al. iUibel of the b\•» h -
claimed with credit-* to t'.em* ve
and honor to their teacher. Our
people do not 1 *>k enough after
the educati >na. interest of i:.*.r
children and not a tenth ■! them
know to day. anything of the quali
fications of the teacher we have at
Highland, or the encouragement an J
suj port he leserre- The doors are
o\ •-!. to friend.y ▼.-.its at a., ti:n**i.
a:. 1 patrons and fr:ei. i- are only do
mg the±r duty A they r:-it the *• boo!
. in re than thev Lav© in tn© past.
We tee to Professor W. i..
A - rcj .\ to
.-«»ue without rep*st or
tion It i> tho b*-t thing w«> ha?e
-••en fr«»:n Kuther'or 1 loll.aud
shou. 1 br r» nil by ft . who w,i:;t h.-ht
oti ihis'nnportant question.
Mlart a I'uprr Mill.
W hi.© ot %r 01 ties aud t> •w : - u. t!,«'
Slut*- an- building up lunnuf tcturn g
r*i :tl !..«*.. t * of . UtV i *:. l .« i|
1 >t-1 i HUfip i 1 a .a i I T 1, • nud.
It -t iSI t itic i n"j> in the liaii,
• t liit- ui i .n;i▼ instance*. in th*
bui.imj uj> of iut old. Mat#
Ltlid bOftl All) >hg .1.. tin- \at~toUs
establishm* i> t• •>w proj ctfel iu thf
Statu wt do not lttneiaber to ha*«
ti.*i an* ii*\s j aper imiis ha?*«
l>vn mentioned. Hickory Las many
m Wantages for a } apet Mill and a
-mall capital would j ay ui such an
in*o-tiu«nt. \N ate: j o*tr ih abund
ant aii 1 can !>• HOC ured on ea*r
t• :: jl. -. The country i» full of
a'il the demand f• >i' j tj>« ris increas
ing every day rhere m no over-
Htocking the j«n.j»«»r maiket, and be
f m * > >mo other j»1 *• ♦ ■ -t'uts :t paper
rnill. th*« enterprising m*n of capital
in Hickory should tiio?«« on tl nt line.
Ihe Horse ford Mill property, threr
miles from town, can be bought
cheap, and i- a ii>o»t excellent place
for any machinery t» be run bt wn
The l.«prr l.lceanf.
lii the " I'rrsa ai 1 Carolinian of
the l'Jth, you say "it i.-> \teli knowi
that Mr. Lopur ha* u >t l eeti a resi
dent in Hickory for t-onn month*.''
And the* the law require- an appli
carl for license to retail liquor, to
protc a j>o! moral rh>irict*r be
foie the c 1 11111 \ coinniiH^if)!if»r-
lit'fiiKf. Mr Clin*', Attorney
at Law, of Hickory, represented Mr
r.Djxr I>• f« »i»• the board of r#»uiitT
commissioners on th Ist Holds? "i
t!iiyear. and I mi|>j»o»;* the hoar !.
(at tliosf who *oted f.»r
inferred that the applicant wan u re*
i lent of Hickory, and ri"t of Winn
ton. or tt.»'»- w uI 1 hu\«- heen a lih
\oi(- I do i: t retnemher
of h»-;trii 0 ' i t > t ; .a;' -'i! 1 about lit in
be:n c r iti Win-'*!., I»\ to repre«eu
t l • "! »': V •
!'- t' (■ l 4] it-# r.tutive. pro
! . • 1 a -•'•rt.fwate 'if I re Hit* ruber
t l . - ;'?:#'l } v rr.• of Hickory h
i• J'- it me:; with whom I
am uur» rjuasiit# 1 AH to j>ro# >1 of a
fj ../ in d  /iir«irf. r, I ha**
!. i i '"•\ii-h • to Mti*f} rr.i that
H'j a I n rttl ■h• Ir• i■ t*T mil dtl
out 'A »/''/»/ j- >i" ' t i-tt f w I.jUTi
A:. 1 •*a «..»• :« *ii :r: ' . _'ior
or #Lo!#«aling th « s • . I • i i«lei
1. i; to b- -I i„' ti* vt rv thjnj;.
'! !. law u.r- ct ,• i ji t infi.i -l
i. :- » chi 11 \! * s». t ■ l. :!./*• it
■ iv i f the
" 1 ■ a- i. >ii t\ •» {/r#v..i. i, I i,* \«r
i. i»- *ll I by '# i „rar*. MrlT,
w , v i!c f/ia' v 'il l ! . !l JOT
.:i H. «> i * i a \.* i.«-1 w • - * c
you an -a_\ t • u.l aj j '.:(*nhi * inJ
th*%r represent/it!?*--, t? ht tl.« re li
one ol the " Loar i who wiii mt it *.
wbeneTei j ati r:.a 1« . v e
L.-* term iaht-
M A A; v k i. :>! l.
. M, N. (', JauutUT 1 %>>.
I bare 5->r -a.e 10HJ i>rv 4 .t
Hides Also oii»- tir.e
Jersey bull, tire*- fun .. L Will
cL#*aj for cafct, or for
grxxi faxuily lio-r.
J Caas .11,
CLe«t«r S ('
Humlvr 3.

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